Sciatica :: Pregabalin And The Diazepam

Nov 24, 2015

I just want to get a feel of the pain differences... from, nah it's not so bad to how I am suffering .. where I cannot sit or stand, I am just laid flat, and have been for the last week. I'm on diazepam twice a day, pregabalin twice a day, Naproxen twice a day and paracetamol, And have just come off morphine.

I'll be upping my pregabalin in 3 days and the diazepam. .. I have never felt pain like it. My husband had to dress my bottom half, he has to help me in and out of the shower, and be around to make sure I don't slip..

I've been referred to the spine clinic who are ringing on 3rd Dec for a phone assessment. . They will then get me in for a scan.

I also have a bulging disc at L4... that didn't help either!

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Pregabalin :: Successfully Stopping It

i have been on Pregablin for 6 years  now. I'm an amputee and suffer badly with phantom pains. I want to stop taking them but fear not only the phantom pains becoming unbearable but also how I may react on other levels. I take 600mg daily. My memory has been badly affected as well as my concentration levels and I feel constantly tired. Has anyone on here sucessfully come off pregablin? I feel that I am a spectator watching my life pass by and all my emotions are very flat. Hoping someone can help me out with an answer.

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Alcohol :: Anyone Drink With Pregabalin?

anyone drink with pregabalin? 

is it safe? any side effects?


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Pregabalin :: Weight Gain?

Does anyone else feel they are putting weight on? I have only been on it for a couple of weeks but feel bloated and as if I am putting weight on fast.

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Pregabalin :: Weaning Of 75mg Lyrica

I've only been on lyrica for 6 days now. Im finding the 75mg dose to strong 1 a day is what i am taking.I was wondering if the capsule can be split in half so i take half of that per day .then was wondering how long does it take to wean off completely if i decide to come off completely off the lyrica. And is it safe to take half of the 75mg has i've noticed that dose is not listed on the patient sheet etc.

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Pregabalin And Sertraline - Diminished Libido - No Sex Desires

have been on Pregabalin and Sertraline for a combined issue of rapid cycling bipolar and Acute anxiety disorder. Whilst The meds keep things under control 60 per cent of the time, ( another story ) it is starting to get in the way of my sex life.

Without being crass, I'm sure a lot of men would love to be able to have sex for hours and not copulate, and when it first started I was of the same opinion , however, when you meet someone you really like and want to share intimate times with I'm finding this is becoming a problem.

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Pregabalin :: 600 Mg - Blurred Vision Side Effects

I'm currently on 600mg Pregabalin for anxiety, and it seems to be helping a little. The only side effects I seem to get is blurred vision and a little bit of tiredness. The tiredness doesn't bother me, as before taking this med I really struggled to sleep.. so this actually helps me a little.

Does anyone else get blurred vision?

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Pregabalin :: Limbs Aching And A Banging Headaches

So I'm on 4x75mg twice a day, still sleeping but the day does is a nightmare. I'm exhausted all the time, limbs aching and a banging headache. I honestly think the pain now is worse now then without the pills but I get to sleep 8hrs a night and need that. What to do? I'm seeing the neurologist at the start of June and I'm going to let him know the side effects and worried he will change my prescription because anything new might not let me sleep. I know there's no answer to it, just thought I would share and maybe someone has had the same experience

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Depression :: Mirtazapine -> Pregabalin -> Lofepramine - Nothing Worked

Have lost lots of time on medication that has not helped this year. From start of year have had depression/anxiety issues, for a time was on Mirtazapine, and then also Pregabalin. Things got worse and dose was upped of Mirt, progressively until we tapered me off it and moved me on to Lofepramine. The Preg/Life seemed to interact with negative side effects physically and I ran down the Preg, with no negative impact. So for a while was on Lofepramine only and I seem to have neither improved nor got disastrously worse, but have still really found the negative feelings a challenge. Sleep was patchy, but slowly improving, mornings though not as bad as when on the Mirt were still slow and tricky. I'm condensing months of this here. Sorry if its a bit of a brief summary.

The upshot was for a few weeks I was reduced down to half a 70g Lofepramine, and although things were still difficult my judgement was they were not particularly doing much to help step up from the mood I have had for quite some time now. So for 4 days I stopped it altogether. Now I have really struggled the last 2 mornings and have often been under a cloud. I think partly this could be just paranoia about stopping, but I gave in and took the decision to step the Lofepramine back up again and started on 70mg again today. At this point I am not really sure what to do and maybe need to reassess again with the doctor. Its probably fair to say Lofepramine may have helped more than anything else I have tried this year but I am not convinced it does enough.

So considering options. Have not yet gone down the road of an SSRI, so Sertraline, Escitalopram, or what or maybe I should have stayed off Lofepramine for longer to get a better view of whether I am just getting over some withdrawals from it and needed to persist.

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Pregabalin, Fluoxetine Withdrawal - Mirtazapine Symptoms

I have been taking fluoxetine on and off for roughly 3 years.  I was put on them following the death of my premature baby, I had turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism for 4 years when I finally admitted defeat and tried antidepressants..

However, My doctor and I came to the conclusion about 4 months ago that the fluoxetine was not working, we noticed the pattern that a week before my period I was still becoming suicidal, anxious, withdrawn and emotionally unstable (longer periods without alcohol have enabled me recognise my symptoms better).

We decided I needed to be treated for the anxiety and I was prescribed 150mg of pregabalin at night and beta blockers as and when needed for the anxiety..

A month ago my doc recommended that I reduce from 20mg of fluoxetine daily to one every other day, however, I stupidly just stopped them!

Since this I stopped sleeping, became severely anxious and withdrawn, began having panic attacks, been snappy, angry, had headaches, felt like i've had flu, extreme lows etc.

Bcus of this I stopped the pregabalin as well as I thought these symptoms were bcus of them, as it was the only thing id been taking and it had been 4 weeks since stopping the fluoxetine so I thought that the fluoxetine couldn't be causing any problems, as it would be out of my system and the symptoms did not start immediately after stopping the fluoxetine.

So, last Sunday I was extremely suicidal, depressed etc, a friend took me to the doc on Monday who prescribed me mirtazapine 15mg for the first 5 nights (to help me sleep) then 30 mg a night thereafter.

last night after my second dose I slept for 16 hours!! I awoke today feeling shaky, tired, clumsy, weak, blurred vision, spaced out etc so I called my doc who has advised me to stop the mirtazapine as I was having a bad reaction and restart the fluoxetine as I may be having withdrawals!!

I feel like im back to square one (back on the fluoxetine) which doesn't even work!! I dont know who I am anymore, whether im withdrawing, actually anxious or goodness knows what.  I don't want to be on any meds anymore bcuz I dont like the side affects but I also can't continue like this....

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Pregabalin :: Lyrica 75mg Twice A Day - Zombie Effect

Started on the above 10 days ago. First capsule i took i was asleep not long after, woke up feeling in a daze, doctor advised me to have one a day for few days. I have been taking two a day for 8 days. In this time, i have fell downstairs twice, developed a rash, past two days have had an intense pain above my right eye, not as bad as a migraine, but definitely more than a headache, im not due to see Dr until another two weeks.. Hopefully the side effects will go as time goes on. I am also taking sertaline with these, i must admit i feel more like a zombie than alive lol.

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How To Come Off The Diazepam?

I have been on diazepam 8 - 10 mg per day for over 10 years. I have been told that I have sleep apnea and I have to gradually stop the diazepam as it could have caused sleep apnea or be contributing to it. I am also on 40 mg per day of citalopram. I have a long history with social anxiety.

I work in a school and am supposed to be going back tomorrow but I just do not feel as though I could cope without my medication. I told my boss and have not received any support at all!

Is there anyone out there that knows how hard this will be to come off the Diazepam? Is there anyone that has been on it for as long as I have?

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Will It Be Hard To Come Off Diazepam - 2mg Five Day Course

Just started taking this yesterday got 15 2mg tablets only for anxiety and nerve pain caused by neck arthritis, concerned it will be hard to come off them even after this short time.

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Diazepam - Coming Off

After suffering 2 prolapsed discs I was prescribed maximum daily dosage of tramadol and pregabalin plus 30 mg amitriptyline 30mg diazepam and 15mg zopiclone, I'm surprised I could walk but I thought I was just fine! It was only when my son gave me a few home truths telling me I looked stoned, 100 years old and like a zombie (harsh but true!!) did I realise what a mess I was. Normally I am a bubbly person but all I wanted to do was lay and watch telly, so I decided to ct everything apart from the diazepam! Ouch!! After the first week, of physical symptoms of which the restless leg was the worst, came the awful depression. I have had 4 weeks off work because the anxiety has been bad and that's with me still taking the diazepam. Anyway I have dropped from 40 mg diazepam to 20 mg in 2 weeks. Way too fast I know but I just want off. I am slowing down now with the taper as I'm started to get scared as the last ct was hell on earth. However I don't want to follow the Ashton manual and still be on this in another 6 months.

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Anxiety :: Diazepam

Anyone else taking this?  I find it helps so much but am afraid of becoming dependent on it, I try to take as little as possible but as I am going through AD withdrawal my anxiety is very high at the moment, anyone else take it daily?

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Diazepam Is A Nightmare

does anyone else find that family and/or friends get fed up and walk away when you keep telling them how Ill you feel or are? People really don't know what they're getting themselves into with what seems an innocent looking magic pill. Then it reality hits you. It can take decades for the penny to drop! Yes! it's the pills. I don't know of one doctor or psychiatrist that understands.

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Diazepam Withdrawal

Withdrawing from diazepam is not as easy as some site may make out. I was taken off diazepam in 20 days. after being on it for four months. The senario was horrendous. After two months I was still experiencing withdrawal symptoms particularly anxiety and tremor. I contacted CITA and was told that I would have to reinstate and withdraw more slowly. THIS WAS TOTALLY INCORRECT ADVICE! I was not taking the drug and would eventually have ceased the symptoms. I am now back where I started. It is absolutely essential that anyone wishing to withdraw from diazepam should seek professional medical advice and ensure all senarios are discussed with the doctor or consultant. Diazepam is an evil drug and must be treated as such.

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Coming Off Diazepam - Not Able To Function

We'll I'm afraid iv had to go back up to 5mg again,I think I was trying to come of them to fast, after 22 years,I wish I'd never taken even one, I was told by my gp that cutting down 1 mg a month,I'd be fine,got down to 3 I've never experienced anything like this in my life,I was lying on the floor,not being able to function,I'm now being referred to a shrink,to see,what's wrong with me,when in fact there's nothing wrong with me,apart from,I can't seem to get of these tablets,as they do stuff to your brain,chemical imbalance or something,I'm, still going to try again,but,very slowly next time,

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Benzodiazepines :: Diazepam Alternatives

I have had to start taking Citalopram again after being off it for 6 months. I am taking around 2 to 3 5mg diazepam a week for anxiety while waiting for it to kick in.

I have been taking Citalopram for 18 days. Are there any natural or less addictive meds I can take instead of diazepam? Read some where people say there are alternatives but not sure what they are.

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Diazepam And Bupropion Interaction

I'm on 100mg of Bupropion a day...can I take .25 of Valium. Had a bad dizzy day but wanted to make sure that there are no interactions with that?

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Diazepam Elixir - Dosage?

Does everyone know that diazepam comes in liquid form, doctors must do. Guidelines state to drop at the patients pace and when they are ready. But if you drop 10% from say 10mg to 9 mg ><10% of 9 mg would not be another 1mg it's .9 this where the liquid comes in useful as its easier to be more accurate.

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