Spine Arthritis :: Frequent Electrical Vibrations Coming Off

Jan 1, 2016

I know that I have severe Arthritis in my spine. That was clarified back in 2013 from an MRI. However, I have not been able to get further testing. As time has went on, I have gotten some other symptoms that quite frankly scare me. Approximately six months ago, I noticed electrical vibrations coming off my spine...mainly between my shoulder blades. The feeling is somewhat like electrical impulses shooting out from my spine. It's not that it hurts so awful bad, but is a bizarre sensation that is very uncomfortable. Now, after six months they are coming quite frequently and are so prevalent, that it is maddening to say the least. It is now very much in my neck area. I'm having bad headaches. The whole right side of my body has a numb feeling 24/7...especially my right foot. Another symptom is (embarrassed to say), I can no longer control my bladder. I've lost complete control and have to where something in order to not be humiliated in public. I have horrible bowel issues also. If the bladder thing could not be bad enough! Last week I had several bowel issues that I won't even go into. Seriously?? I told my husband that I'm losing complete control of my body, or at least it appears it's going haywire! I just won my social security disability case after a couple of years of not working...which will allow me to get proper testing. I had to quit work because I was going into such horrible spasms at night, that I was screaming through the night and not getting any sleep. I'm still uncertain as to why it was the nighttime that all my horrible symptoms came on. When I stopped working, after a few months, many of those spasms resided. But if I do anything that puts too much pressure on my back, it returns. What kind of pressure? Let's just say that picking up a gallon of milk will do it...not good! Right now, it's the electrical vibrations that are freaking me out, along with losing control of extremities. This has taken on a whole new level of something I just don't want to deal with. I was just wondering who else out there might be experiencing these kind of symptoms and give me some clues as to what it might be?

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Spinal Cord :: Electrical Pains Through Spine?

Does anyone have sort of fierce electrical pains travelling through spine lasts some short time and returns months later. I am 54 and have had these since my mid forties.

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Post Streptococcal Reactive Arthritis - Frequent Attacks

I'm a 35 year old woman and last year I was diagnosed with Post Streptococcal Reactive Arthritis. I also have ME/CFS which was diagnosed when I was 15 years old.

In July I had sore throat that lasted for 3 weeks and wasn't getting any better so I visited my GP. She thought it was a virus but did a swab anyway. Over the next few days I noticed weakness, pain and swelling in my hands and knees, worse on the right side of my body. The pain got so severe I could not stand or use my hands. I went back to the GP and was told my swab tested positive for strep. I was given a course of penicillin and told to take ibuprofen and co-codamol for the pain. I was also given omeprazole to protect my stomach as I had gastritis a few years ago.

The pain continued for 2 weeks, I had another course of antibiotics but it wasn't helping so I was admitted to hospital where I was diagnosed with Post Streptococcal Reactive Arthritis. I was given stronger antibiotics and painkillers and a steroid injection (kenalog) and discharged. I gradually improved over the next few weeks but then in October I got a chest infection and another throat infection. 3 weeks later the Reactive Arthritis flared up again.

I was referred to a rheumatologist who examined me and said there was nothing wrong with my joints. He did lots of blood tests but they all came back negative except for a borderline strep count. I was discharged back to my GP as the rheumatologist couldn't help me because my arthritis was caused by infections. He said I needed investigations to find out why I was getting so many strep infections. I went to see my GP but she said there is nothing they can do. She said there is nothing wrong with my immune system because my blood tests are normal.

I had another throat infection in January and another in March, both of which lead to reactive arthritis flare ups. I am very fed up of being ill and in pain all the time. The doctors don't seem to be taking me seriously at all and the only treatment I've been given is codeine and paracetamol for the pain.

I would very much appreciate any help or advice. Surely the medical profession can do more than just give me painkillers?

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Pregnancy :: Spine To Spine Labor

Anyone else have babies back lined up to yours?

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Pregnancy :: 29 Weeks Baby Movement Like Vibrations

Is it normal to really only actually feel my baby move around kinda like vibration fast moves when i'm laying down on my side then when i'm up walking around or sitting down watching tv.

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Alternative Therapies :: The Device Reads Energy And Vibrations

I went today to a doctors appointment, he placed a headband on me hooked to a device. The device was then hooked to a computer, he said the device reads my energy and my vibrations. He said he detected many things. Like an allergy I did not know I had to bread. He also said I had blood in my urine. Also, he said that I consumed too much sugar, which I found strange since I drink mostly water and eat very healthy to my knowledge. After he was done with the test, he placed some pills, with no information on the bottle, on top of the device. He claimed that the device gave frequency from the reading in his computer into the pills, and that the pills will now work with the problems I had. I know about the placebo effect.

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Undiagnosed Electrical Shock In My Brain

I have a question for all of you, I have had these very strange symptoms for the last year, year and a half and I can't tell my primary care doctor because he is treating, or barely treating me for chronic pain due to a pretty bad car accident years ago, (I was holding on to the steering wheel watching this guy drive right into the back of my car and was hit with so much pressure that I clenched up , went forward and when I came back I actually bent the steering wheel in half.  I now have severe pain in my neck and lower back.  After the accident I went to a chiropractor for 3 years 2 x a week, but only got worse.  My PC doc for 8 years told me my pain had more to do with my emotional problems than anything else (I was continually raped by my father and then periodically beaten by my mother for being a ****, starting very early in childhood, also suffered a lot of physical abuse by both, I am really pissed that I have to apologize to the world that this happened to me and that my doctor would blame my pain on this), and always threatened to take me off all my pain meds if I complained about any other pain and symptoms.  At one point 3-4 years ago I had such horrible pain in my lower left leg I thought I had bone cancer, it was the first time he ordered an MRI and when he got the results he sent me to a neurosurgeon immediately who told me if I move the wrong way they will never be able to stop the pain.  When I told my PCP he dismissed it, but never put me down as having chronic pain syndrome anymore, but now he is taking my pain meds away slowly because he say the CDC is making him do it???  Anyway, I dare not tell him anything else cause I can't walk and do much of anything without a lot of pain in my lower back.
But a couple years, 1 1/2, I started to have this weird feeling of "something not right" in my head, I can't really explain it.  Then I got this strong ZAP, like a strong electrical jolt in my brain. It took a while for the sensation to go away, but I ignored it.  I also noticed I was "forgetting how to swallow", weird right?  Since the ZAP wasn't really painful, but if it was I would be too afraid to tell my doctor, especially if it was painful, so I did nothing.  Every few months this would happen again, maybe 4 times total.  Last week, I could "feel" something in my head not right, Like something was going to happen, then I got that powerful zap, like an explosion in my head, and it took a little longer to feel okay again, then I got another one, and felt extremely fatigued after this one, and it took longer to "clear" my head.  My blood pressure has been rather high lately too, in fact I've noticed my blood pressure goes up the more pain I'm in and since he's lowering my medication, my blood pressure had been around 164/90 to 175/90 from around 128-138/80 normally.  My mother died of a brain aneurysm.  I don't know if this is something I should worry about and maybe find another doctor, but then I'm afraid I'll be accused of doctor shopping...

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Interstim Device - Nerve Damage From Micro Electrical Shock

I had an Interstim device and the lead was moved during a different surgery. the lead was move into a nerve root in my lower back and I was electrocuted by the device for more than 60 min.  this was over a year ago and I am still in extreme pain every day and have yet to be diagnosed with anything.  will an MRI show nerve damage in my lower back and leg area?

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Nerve Disorders :: Lump On Lower Right Leg Causes Electrical Shock When Bumped

I have a lump on the outside of my lower right leg towards the front. It doesn't bother me at all until I accidentally bump it. Then it sends a pain like an electrical shock down through my foot that brings me to my knees. Any ideas what it could be?

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Arthritis :: Mild Arthritis - Skin Feels Sore

After MRI my diagnosis was "Lots of mileage left, another 10 years, at least!" (I am 75)! Good to hear but still have to be careful going DOWN stairs! Not too bad going up! Some pain now and again. BUT I sometimes get a strange feeling on upper left thigh, (the worst knee), as if it is wet but when I touch the skin it is totally dry! Happens after I have been standing for a couple of hours.Also, sometimes the skin feels sore, but there is no evidence to show. Has anyone had similar feelings?.

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Spine Surgery, ALIF At L4 &5 - S1 :: Leg Cramps

I am 18 months out from my 4 th spine surgery, ALIF at L4&5-s1. The surgery has been a huge success, no back pain and only occasional mild aching in my legs with ibuprofen for pain control as needed.

My problem is the continuing cramping in my foot, calf, back of the thigh and buttock on the affected side. One or more of those areas cramp multiple times a day. I lay in bed at night and can feel the Calf muscle twitching, have to keep my foot flexed to prevent cramping. As soon as I doze off, my foot relaxes and the calf immediately cramps, meaning I have to get up and walk to stop the cramping. Anyone else have this issue? Any insight? Muscle relaxants have only minimal effect, and I hate the thought of taking them every night. The problem intensifies the more exercise I get, which is discouraging.

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Scoliosis :: Rods Down My Spine Experience

I had a scoliosis curvature of the spine & had 2 rods placed on my spine to correct it, I had this op 11 years ago & I was wondering if anyone else has had this are you still in pain in the years to follow the op. I've had to have the top cut off them as they came away & were sticking out the top of my back, I have lower back pain & pains down my legs & the rods restrict me from doing everyday things without comfort, I was thinking of having them removed as I struggle to find work that's suitable for me to do without being in some discomfort ...

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Neck Pain :: Osteoarthritis In My Spine

The thing is my neck makes a grinding noise all day and every day , is this normal ? And my lower back is so unbelievably in chronic pain , I can't do anything without it hurting , it gets to the point where my back locks itself and I can't move and every now and then my back goes into a spasm and I end up in hospital because I go into shock and my lips turn blue , but all they do is inject me with some relaxant and send me home , I've asked my dr to get me an X-ray but all they give me is more and more morphine .

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Osteoarthritis :: Hip And Spine Wear And Tear

I have Osteoarthritis I think, although the doctor didn't really do any tests to confirm it.  Perhaps there's nothing they can do, I don't know.  Anyway, it started out when I had a frozen shoulder when I was sixty from fracturing a small bone without realizing it.  Because of the strain on the other shoulder that subsequently froze up as well.  I had to sleep on my back for nearly a year, but after two lots of cortisone injections into the joints and lots of active dancing in my bedroom whilst in agony, they finally freed themselves and got back to normal.  After that episode I found that my lower back was painful when I got out of bed in the mornings, and my right knee would collapse with pain up and down the stairs. My right hip now gives me a lot of pain too, and sometimes all of these joints play up together, leaving me in lots of pain. I do find that paracetamol helps, and I do use voltarol etc. I have tried using flexiseq also, which is a topical treatment that is supposed to lubricate the joint, but it is very expensive at £18 a tube and I'm not really sure whether it works or not. It seems to work sometimes, but not others.

Also, I find that I can wake up occasionally with more or less no pain at all for no reason that I can make out.  I wish I knew what it was! Perhaps something I ate, or just didn't do the previous day??  who knows??

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Degenerative Change Is Present In The Thoracic Spine?

The doctor said the lung tissue is possible (mild) pneumonia. I'm less concerned about that, and I'm being treated with antibiotics. However, I have no idea what "degenerative change is present in the thoracic spine" means. He said nothing about that, but he's an allergy/asthma specialist, so it's not really his field...

Here's what the whole thing says:

"Minimal linear infiltrate is present in the left base. The lungs are otherwise clear. The cardiomediastinal silhouette is normal size and configuration. No pneumothorax or pleural effusion is identified. The pulmonary vascularity is normal. Minimal degenerative change is present in the thoracic spine."

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Cramping Pain On My Left Side Towards The Spine

I was wondering if anyone as similar problems to me. I have had alot of cramping pain on my left side towards the spine I have seen a gp about it and says it's musculoskeletal. A few days ago I woke up with the opposite side in agony and I phone the docs but they just said it is muscle spasm. I find it quite strange that the pain from my left seems to of gone and now it's top right of my back. Also how long does a spasm take to go thanks tracy

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DISH Syndrome :: Cervical And Lumbar Spine Is Fused

I am diagnosed with DISH about 10 years back. My cervical and lumbar spine is fused due growth of calcifications and having lot of pain. my neck movements are restricted and with lot of pain. my posture is also disturbed and could not walk straight. My neck is bent forward and could not lift it straight to its original position. I underwent laminectomy surgery for lumbar spine L3 to L5 and S1 and its is fused by fixing pedicle screws. At present i am not taking any medicine for DISH. of course i am diabetic and hypertensive but under control. Recently a stunt is implanted as there was a block in LCX vessel.


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Spinal Surgery :: Solid Rod From Top Of Spine And To Pelvic Bone

I would like to hear from someone who has had one solid rod from top of spine and pelvis where it is attached to pelvic bone...I would like to know how it affects them and what their quality of life is like...I'm not sure if I should have this second surgery or just stay on my crutches for rest of my life...

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Orthopedics :: Lumbar Spine X Ray - What Are The Dark Or Black Spot?

What are the dark or black spots that are shown on my lumbar spine x Ray? I have arthritis & degenerative disc. I saw some spots that are of concern to me

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Should I Remove My Retroflexed Uterus? Pressure On Spine And Rectum

I have a dilemma, my uterus is retroflexed and enlarged due to 3 walnut size fibroids and 6 smaller ones. Since my uterus is retroflexed it is pushing on my spine and rectum. So I get lower back and leg pain. I also get done pressure on rectum sometimes as well. Anyway I gave been going through this for about 2 years hoping everything will shrink due to menopause. Have any of you had partial hysterectomies where you just removed uterus? Anyway just want some advice. Have been debating this for awhile.

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Back Issues :: Bruised Feeling On The Side Of My Spine

I have back ache on the right side and when i lift my right arm up it hurts in my shoulder area. The bottom of my back on the right aches too. If i touch a certain spot on the right side of my spine it feels like it's bruised but it isn't. Also if i sit a certain way when i get up my right leg feels stiff and sore. Basically the right side of my body doesn't feel right from my neck to my hip but i can't pinpoint where it's originating from apart from the bruised feeling on the side of my spine.

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