Started Mastrubating And Getting Late Menstrual Cycles?

Mar 27, 2016

Since I have started masturbating, I'm getting late for my monthly cycles so is daily masturbating a reason for my late monthly cycles ? What should I do ? What are the reasons for getting them late ?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Alternating Between 19 Day Cycles And 44+ Day Cycles

Lately my periods have become increasingly strange. (I'm 22).

They have always been irregular (23-34) day cycles, 4-7 days long and moderately heavy but not horrible.

The past few months they have been alternating between 19 day cycles and 44+ day cycles.

Periods from the long ones start of so heavy that soak through tampons because I can't keep up with changing them for the first 2-3 days. I'm dizzy, nauseated, I can barely breathe when I stand up and almost black out even just walking around sometimes, intense migraines, indigestion, constipation, need to pee all night and my entire pelvis hurts, my hips hurt and pain shoots down both legs. My lower back aches but not horribly until after my period is over.

The short cycle is such a light period I barely have any blood on a tampon after 12 hours for the first 4-5 days and that's it, occasionally it will end in a single day of heavy bleeding and then be over. The pain is still there 2 weeks before these periods and is so bad in my hips that just standing or sitting for too long makes it worse, same with laying face down. I have intermittent pains in my left pelvis. I haven't been able to get pregnant in 2 1/2 years after having a child 6 years ago without a problem.

I had a pelvic exam done and my gyno said my uterus was enlarged and ordered an ultrasound. I had my hormones tested but they looked normal and I'm so confused by this. I had a csection 6 years ago could this be the cause of it since it doesn't seem to be hormonal?

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Menstruation :: Abnormal Menstrual Cycles And Severe Pain

should i see a doctor because i haven't had my period in 6 months and experience moderate to severe pain in abdominal area?

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Acne And Black Hairs On Chin, Long Menstrual Cycles

Is it normal for menstrual cycles to be 36-59 days in length? For the past year this is what I've been dealing with, sometimes I will get a couple months where my cycle is 28 days but then the next 2 or 3 months it's out of whack again.

I've also got acne all over my chin, lower cheeks, and jawline. Before I started my period at age 13 I had perfect, almost porcelain skin. In the past year it's gone from bad to worse.

On my chin and neck I keep getting coarse black stray hairs that I have to constantly pluck. I've also got hair all over my neck that is so long I have to shave it. Is this "normal" for some women?

I also have those same black hairs on my breasts and chest area, not really patches but just random black hairs all over that I have to pluck (OUCH!).

My weight is also a problem, I was a small child but when became a teenager I started putting on weight, I am currently 5'1" and 160 lbs. Last June I put on about 15lbs in a week and a half without doing anything differently. I have worked out, tried to eat right and nothing will help me lose the weight.

I made an appointment with my doctor to address these issues but I just want to know, am I crazy? Are these things that happen to everyone or could there be something wrong with me? I don't want to go to his office and be looked at like a hypochondriac.

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Menstrual Cycle :: Started Bleeding 3 Days After My Period

I started bleeding 3 days after my period it started light but continued to get very heavy using 3-4 pads a day then a few days ago it started to slow down and showed signs of stopping when the red turned to brown but restarted again, My period is due in 9 days and this definitely doesn't feel like a period too me.

I'm not on the pill as i was having issues and came off it last year since i stopped using the combined pill my period has sorted itself out a lot.

I don't think i am pregnant as even if i was bleeding for this long would mean a issue?

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Early Puberty At 10? First Menstrual Cycle (menses) Started

I am a mother of 12 year old girl from india. My daughter got her first menstrual cycle at the age of 10.9. Is it the normal age for puberty?

I am worried that she may get some health problem because of this early puberty. please help me to grow her without any health issues in future because of this early puberty.

I heard that early puberty is one of the factors in getting breast cancer in future. how far it is true??what is the percentage of getting ? what should i do avoid that.

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Hyperthyroidism :: Shortened Menstrual Cycle With Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

I need to adjust my thyroid supplement therapy. I won't be able to see any of my doctors (GP, gynecologist, endocrinologist) for at least a month. Waiting list is that long.

I have PCOS and Hashimoto's (treated with T4 and T3). My periods have been regular (between 28 and 35 days) since I was 12. However, this month I had my period barely three weeks after the last one. It usually lasts for about 5 days, however today's my 7th day and it doesn't look as if it's going to stop. I've seen my gynecologist twice this august, and all the results were fine.

It's certainly due to overmedication. My endo increased the dosage of my medication 4 months ago. Since then, I tested my TSH and got bad result - 0,1. 

She has decreased my dose since, but the result remains the same - 0,1. I'm aware that I need professional help, but I must do something. I can't continue my therapy like this. Any advice on how to decrease the dosage from 50 mg levothyroxine (T3) and 50 mg euthyral (T4 and T3) would save me.

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Getting Pregnant :: Mastrubating With Precum On Hands And Fingers

I'm really worried of being pregnant and need an expert's opinion. So me and my boyfriend were making out. We never got naked, thus leaving us with no skin to skin or genital to genital contact. I did, however, rub his penis through his pants and felt some fluid (precum) on the fabric. He did not have an orgasm it really was merely precum. And it wasn't soaking either, just a small area of the pants. It dried within a few seconds of being exposed to the air, being only on my fingers. 5-10 minutes later I went to the bathroom to masturbate. Now, I know precum contains almost no sperm. I also know that it was dry on my fingers and I definitely rubbed whatever could have remained, off on my pants as I pulled it down. But I'm really worried. I know it might sound silly. But I'm really stressing here.

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Am I Pregnant? :: With Semen Left On Towel - Mastrubating (with Fingers)

Is it possible to get pregnant by masturbating (with fingers) after having touched bathtub/shower floor where there still might be some semen left from a man who took a shower there approximately 6 hours before?

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Contraception :: Meaning Of Perfect Birth Control Use, And How Late Is Too Late?

I know that I am meant to take the pill at the same time every day. I usually take it at 6:30, but sometimes I am 15 minutes off, sometimes half an hour off. But it is always between 6 and 7. I know that typical use reduces the effectiveness of the pill to 91-92%.

What I would like to know is: is taking the pill within 15 minutes or half an hour of your usual time still perfect use?

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Menstruation :: Late Periods Last Months - Late Next Month?

I never really get my period late until last month. I usually get my period on the 13th (how ironic) and well, today is the 13th of a new month and I haven't gotten it today. Is this normal? I'm a virgin and all so, I don't know what do/ what's going on.

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Trying To Ovulate After 2 Depo Cycles

I am normally extremely fertile. I have been on the depo shot for only two cycles. Due to having two kids back to back i needed a small break. Its been a month i have been off. The ovulation strips show a faint line for a day or two then disappears. I'm on my second bottle of strips now. I have had 5 occasions of spotting ranging from bright red to dark brown, and some have had clots. I have also had two occasions of mild pain and cramping around my ovaries but nothing yet. I have been taking prenatal pills for a month and started maca root pills for a week now. My mother went through the change in her mid thirties and i'm currently 34. I really want to try to have this last baby we want to complete our family before or around my 35th birthday so that i don't have any problems health wise. I've been online looking at numerous ways to jump start ovulation, but i'm sure my doc wont give me clomid. Is there anything i can do to help it along?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Sleeping And Not Sleeping Cycles With CFS/ME

I had a very restless night last night and ended up taking a sleeping tablet in desperation at around 3am... the trouble is I still have the side effects going on the next day 12 /14 hours later, I only take a sleeping pill when all else fails and I have gone well past/beyond the nodding off stage.

On other days, I just sleep a lot of the time and have a trouble staying awake. Goodness only knows what people think one minute I’m too tired the next I’m saying I can’t sleep

Does anybody have any wisdom on this issue of sleeping and not sleeping cycles with CFS/ME.


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Menstrual Cycle Twice A Month?

I got my menstrual cycle twice for the month. Just wondering what could cause it to occur and has this happened to anyone else on here?

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Hypertension During Or Around Menstrual Cycle

I have had high blood pressure since 2009. My medication will control it until around my menstrual cycle. I will have horrible headaches that turn into migraines and my blood pressure will jump to 180/110 and stay there for a few days. My doctor stated that it is stress related, but my question is: if it is stress related, why do I just have these horrific headaches and my blood pressure skyrocket just around my menstrual? I can't find the answer. I have researched it and have ask my physician, but no new light has been shed. Does anyone have any information?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Dodgy Periods

Ok so last month my periods were a week later than usual, does this mean my periods will remain late all the time now? Or should they go back to normal?

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Nortriptyline Will Affect My Menstrual Cycle?

I've been on 100 mg Nortriptyline for months now for my chronic migraines and one night I felt like I was suffocating so I stopped taking them cold turkey. It's been about a week since I stopped them. Is there any chance it will affect my menstrual cycle? While taking them, it was never at the same time, it was always early or late so I'm not sure what to do.

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Menstrual Cycle :: Periods Every Day For Last 7 Months

I've been on my period for about 7 months now. However I've been on my period once before for a entire year. I don't remember when I started or when it stopped, considering remembering things isn't on the top of my to do list. I'm 20 years old and since I started 7 months ago, I've only had one day without a period. Since then, it's been a constant heavy flow.

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Menstrual Cycle :: On My Periods For 12 Days

I've been on my period for 12 days. I've been on birth control for 4 months now and the previous 2 months my period has come a week early, so I've just keep taking the pills as usual (so the first week of my period I was taking the birth control and the second week were placebo pills). This month it was a week and a half early and I'm still having heavy bleeding and clotting. What could be going on and what can I do?

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STD :: Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding After Fingering

when my boyfriend fingered me last week , it bled , and i thought it's cuz it was pretty hard that my cherry popped, but this week, he did it again ,
and it bled again, and im really scared, i know it's abnormal but is there any advice or anyone who has gone through this that knows that it is or knows how to help me?

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Menstruation :: YAZ - Abnormal Menstrual Cycle And Sex

I am 19 years old and was taking yaz (which worked very well in regulating my period). I happened to loose the pack of pills with two weeks remaining. Since then, I have had sex with him ejaculating and my menstrual cycle has not come in 6 weeks? Is there a possibility that i may be pregnant?

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