TKR :: Difficulty Sleeping - 6 Weeks Post Op

Sep 15, 2015

I'm 6 weeks post TKR, my extension is 0 & flexion is 148°, returning to work this week, can only sleep when I take Lorazepam at bedtime. Unable to sleep on my side yet, pillow doesn't help, having to drink Tonic water to get the cramps and spasms away at night and having to cover my scar with a telfa pad so I can cover up with a sheet. I have worked very hard and cried with every PT session, last professional PT session was 2 weeks ago,I'm doing them on my own now, twice a day.Off all medications including all over the counter meds.... What else should I expect when I return to work this week???? Would love to stop the sleep medication..

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Hip Replacement :: Difficulty Sleeping 8 Weeks Post Op

Have other people had difficulty getting back into a reasonable sleep pattern after a THR? I'm now 8 weeks post op. I'm cleared to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs to stop my operated on leg rolling forward - which it does of course when the pillow dislodges! I'm trying not to take any painkillers (paracetamol) during the day and that's fine as I have little pain moving around. But still discomfort when I don't move for any period of time - hence feeling uncomfortable at night. I do often take a couple of paracetamols at bedtime but this doesn't seem to make sleeping any better. I'm often awake in the small hours and increasingly tired during the day.

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Trouble / Difficulty Sleeping Due To Exams

I’m a student à 21 years old. In two weeks, I will be on exams. It's a very stressful period for me. It’s a period during which I’ve some sleep issues. I’ve some difficulties in order to fall asleep. And when I finally fell asleep, I wake up between two and three times a night.

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Sleep Disorders :: Difficulty In Sleeping For Several

i am having difficulty in sleeping for several days already. the doctor prescribed me with seroxat 25mg, had taken only one but causes me jerky movements and confusions. i am afraid to take another. had slept for only 6 hours the most. the drug that helped me sleep were hydroxyzine and benadryl but no pharmacy sell these products in Ar-Ar city, KSA. it cause me anxiety. i can still focused on my job but the thought of not able to sleep results in sleepless nights.

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Mirtazapine :: Awful Insomnia - Difficulty Sleeping

Back to having awful insomnia again. It's 4am and i haven't been able to fall asleep at all yet. Been taking mirtazapine for almost 8 weeks now and it has been great at helping me to fall asleep, but now i have suddenly gone back to this dreadful insomnia, i feel like it's impossible for me to fall asleep. Has this happened to anyone else after a couple of months? I don't know where i can go from here now what else can i do? I don't want to go through the whole thing of changing meds again, i can't go through that again, but being able to sleep was the only thing keeping me sane and now i've got this shi**y insomnia again, it's frustrating after feeling well for a while.

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Anticonvulsants :: Klonopin Withdrawal And Difficulty Sleeping

I started taking klonopin in 1996, 5mg at night for fibromyalgia. My doctor said that  should get off the medication as it would effect my memory. I am 71 years old. I started withdrawing gradually about 1 1/2 years ago. In May i was down to .25 every 5 days. The doctor said that I could stop taking
the klonopin. I did. My main problem is that I have difficulty sleeping. Most night I go to bed around 10-11pm and by at about 2pm I am awake. The rest of the night i am awake or have very short restless periods of sleep. I work as a tutor and it plays havoc with my day. I take a short nap during the day (about an hour) if I can. I also have unresolved TMJ. I were a mouthguard but it provides only limited relief.

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Difficulty Sleeping :: Frequent Waking Up And Cannot Go Back To Sleep

Since Late January 2014 I have been having problems sleeping, some nights I can sleep 7 hours, some nights 4hrs. I go off to sleep then wake an hour later for bathroom seem to do this a few times and always around the same time , I have to then look at the clock, then my mind starts working overtime and I tell myself i won't go back to sleep  what happens I cannot get back to sleep.

I have tried taking herbal sleeping tablets sometimes it helps other times nothing doing.

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Cardiovascular :: Difficulty Sleeping After Bypass Heart Surgery

had bypass heart surgery two months ago and was told that it was normal to experience some difficulty sleeping following the surgery. am noticing though that it is not getting better and i am assuming the effects of the anesthesia are no longer a possible reason for my problems. it is ridiculous really. go to bed at midnight, find myself still awake at 2 am, then go read a book or watch some show, and for some reason still awake at 5 am most days. i am now retired so there is no reason for getting up but certainly have the feeling that this routine is far from healthy. what can i do?

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Hip Replacement :: Post Op Sleeping Position

I am beginning to see the wisdom of practicing sleeping on one's back pre op.  It may mean a couple of bad nights, but at least, over time, it will become the norm, and hopefully, the body will adjust.  My problem is that my Maine Coon, may leap on top of me.  She is a "whopper" so I may have to keep her out my bedroom for the first few nights, post op!  I have read websites that say that it is possible to sleep on the unoperated side, with a bolster between the legs so that the operated leg is kept in the right position, but again, the wisdom of this is up for debate.

Ear plugs sound to be a good idea, to screen out any background noise, and my Kindle will be a good "screen" with earphones, of course!

I am, of course, pre op, so do not fully understand what is considered to be the "norm" in terms of patient's' experiences for the first few days in hospital post op.  It rather looks as though a lot of post op care and monitoring depends on the patient's  general state of health, pre op, and any extenuating medical circumstances that require extra care and vigilance.  

I am "psyching" myself up for almost anything, at this point!  I do not do well without at least seven hours' sleep per night, and it does sound as though sleep deprivation whilst trying to recover in hospital is a necessary "nuisance!"

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Nasal Polyps :: Breathing Difficulty, Stuffy Nose, Facial Pain And Post Nasal Drip

I have just been diagnosed has having Nasal polyps. My symptoms have been so bad that I haven't worked in 14 years.  I have the usual symptoms of breathing difficulty, stuffy nose, facial pain & a post nasal drip.  I also have other symptoms like dizziness/lightheadedness, blurry vision, pressure in my head.  I feel like I am walking on a bouncy castle 24/7.  i wanted to know if anyone else who has nasal polyps, has ever experienced any dizziness or eye sight problems. I have had my eyesight checked recently and its near perfect yet I cannot see properly.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain / Periods Every 2 Weeks - 10 Weeks Post Op

I am 10 weeks post op and I am getting periods every 2 weeks. Not as heavy as before no flooding it's the frequency that bothers me. Pretty bad period pains as well in my lower back today yesterday it was both sides of my bikini line. Everything else is better I can now walk my dog for an hour without coming home and having to sleep. My energy levels are getting better all the time. My tummy is going down as well ( although the period has made me bloated again) also I am having discharge between each period where I have to wear panty liners.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - 3 Periods In 6 Weeks - 7 Weeks Post Op

I am nearly 7 weeks post op UFE. The pain I had for a few days has gone. My leg ache has almost gone as well. My periods are strange but better than pre op. Before UFE my periods were every 3 weeks and lasted 10 days. In that 10 days I had 2 days of flooding and 1 day of pain so bad I couldn't leave the house. Now I have had 3 periods in 6 weeks. The first one was heavy no flooding and no pain and lasted 4 days (2 light days) last one was in 2nd March. Heavy and painful for 3days but the pain wasn't in my tummy it was on my bikini line all 3 days. Day 4 was normal flow then it just stopped.

So if I could just get to 3 or 4 weeks between each one I will be happy. So if that continues then my iron levels will improve. All that is left then is the stomach which is going down gradually.

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Tuberculosis? Difficulty Swallowing , Difficulty Breathing

tuberculosis..? difficulty swallowing , difficulty breathing, cough out blood, dark-brown phlegm, cough doesn't go and mucus, weight loss,tired always......

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Back Issues :: Trouble Sleeping After Spinal Fusion 11 Weeks Ago

I had an l4/l5 fusion 11 weeks ago. During the day I'm doing really well. Starting my phased return to work and going on my exercise bike. Have little discomfort during the day other than if I reach incorrectly or sit for too long etc.

I am really struggling at night. As soon as I get into bed in any position I am in immense pain. I struggle to sleep and wake up constantly through the night. My physio has changed all my exercises to ensure nine involve laying down so at least now I only have to worry about night times.

Has anyone else had this problem?? Anyone got any advice?? Am taking ibuprofen during the day and codydramol at night but doesn't seen to help.

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Sleep Disorders :: Too Cold Sleeping In Afternoon, Too Hot Sleeping At Night

can you help me, when I sleep in the afternoon I get cold and wake up shivering but when I sleep at night I get to hot and have to sleep on top of the blankets

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Sleeping And Not Sleeping Cycles With CFS/ME

I had a very restless night last night and ended up taking a sleeping tablet in desperation at around 3am... the trouble is I still have the side effects going on the next day 12 /14 hours later, I only take a sleeping pill when all else fails and I have gone well past/beyond the nodding off stage.

On other days, I just sleep a lot of the time and have a trouble staying awake. Goodness only knows what people think one minute I’m too tired the next I’m saying I can’t sleep

Does anybody have any wisdom on this issue of sleeping and not sleeping cycles with CFS/ME.


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8 Weeks Post TKR - Feeling Down

Don't know what has just come over me. I am nearly 8 weeks post . Operation on second tkr and have managed to stop all my pain meds. I got up put some washing out and because it's a lovely sunny day decided to go shopping and then have a sit out in the sun this afternoon. However something just came over me quite unexpectedly and I started to cry. What is happening?

I feel that only the people on here understand exactly what we have gone through and don't feel that I can talk to my family because they think that I am doing so well and now should be back to normal. I wish people on here lived nearby and we could meet up because some days I feel so lonely. I don't give off this impression but I think it's the shock of the operation and trying to get on with things. Anyway must pull myself together and

put on my coping face. Does anyone else feel like this?

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6 Weeks Post Myomectomy :: Bleeding After/during Sex

Im am 6 weeks post. I had my myomectomy on December 18th. I had sex last night (2/10/2015). I started bleeding while having sex but no pain. The blood was bright red/pink. Is this normal? I had sex before 2/10 and I didnt have any problems, no bleeding no pain. Just this one time I start bleeding.

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Hip Replacement :: Follow Up - 12 Weeks Post Op

12 wks post op.

Check up by stand in consultant, not so good!!!

As still having probs with stairs, socks and cutting toenails, was put through a few checks, conclusion was, despite walking and exercises, my bum cheek muscle, for some reason , has collapsed!!

( I did ask him if he was insinuating I had a saggy arse?)

Been referred back to original surgeon, with recommendation of intensive physio. That's me off work now till Jan.

Am questioning whether I should have had this op, more importantly, should I go ahead with left hip, which I've been told, will need replacing in the future!

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TKR (6 Weeks Post Op) :: Walking With A Limp

I am 6 weeks post tkr, I am managing without crutches indoors but still use 1 outdoors.I am walking with quite a pronounced limp, and I am having trouble bending my knee when walking (during excercise my bend is 90) any thoughts anyone ? How long is it likely to take to walk normally ?

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Hip Replacement :: Still Limping - 12 Weeks Post Op

I am 12 weeks today post op. Was due to go back to work today, but still not had my 6 week check up. Finally going this wednesday. I have lots of questions and concerns, which i am hoping will be answered.

I wanted to ask though, how people felt after 12 weeks? I still suffer with pain, particularly in my back. I am trying not to use my crutch, but walking with with a gaping limp still, which is affecting my knees, which was the same pre op. My right knee crunches and swells as the day goes on. Plus i have a compressed nerve still in my non op side, which keeps me awake most nights. Thought by now i would be getting back to normal and ready for work.

Anyone else still suffering at 12 weeks?

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