Tramadol :: Coming Off - Headaches, Nosebleeds, Sickness, Sweats, Freezing Cold

Apr 3, 2014

12 Jan I had a riding accident, hurt my shoulder. It was previously injured (dislocation/fracture of humerus) and it's been weak ever since. Doc put me on cocodamol as of 14th, and then on the 17th I was back at docs because they were making me sick. He put me on tramadol. 2x 50mg tablets three times a day.

I wasn't warned about any possible side effects, other than they may cause drowsiness.

11 weeks later, I can't kick it. I no longer require the tramadol for pain. They tried a weaning programme. I was given Tramadol SR tablets. I cut from 300mg a day to 200 mg. One tablet morning, one tablet evening for a week. The week after I was cut down to 100mg tablet in the morning, then nothing.

I lasted a day before I used some left over regular tramadol.

The effects were horrific when I initially changed the dosage, but I thought it would be okay with cutting down and then coming off completely. I was ready for some side effects, but not what happened in reality.

Headaches, nosebleeds, sickness, sweats, freezing cold, aggressiveness, exhaustion, tearful, restless, insomnia.

I had some very very dark thoughts that I haven't had in years. I took the tramadol and felt ten times better.

I have a doctor's appointment today, but they tend to be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

A nurse over the phone expressed she thought that the time frame for coming off them was too short, and the leap from 100mg to none was too much.

I know I have a problem, but I'm scared to come off them and become the horrid, nasty person I was at the weekend. My rational thoughts tell me once I stop for good I'll be back to normal, but I don't have those rational thoughts when I try and come off them. I need them to cope with the most simple of tasks.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Freezing Cold Tingling In Legs And Arms

Just wanted to know if anybody has this strange sensation as I have. A very cold tingling going down my legs arms and face more so on right side. Keep getting fobbed off at drs and hospital.

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Menopause :: Hot Then Freezing Cold, Panicking, Dry Hair And Sleep Problems

Anybody got these symptoms, hot then freezing cold feel like you're going to fall over, heart palps, feeling scared, Anxiety panicking,  feel bad, dry hair, sleep problems, nausea, tummy feeling weird let me know.

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Metronidazole :: Side Effects - Hot-flashes Combined With Freezing Cold Spells

I thought I was truly going round the bend after 2 and half days on Metronidazole. I slept for 10 hours last night, have had mega hot-flushes combined with freezing cold spells during the past 2 nights and feel like a total zombie. I am not going to take anymore of them as I'm also on penicillin 4 times a day for a tooth infection. If the tooth is still sore once I finish the pen. then I'll ask the Dr. for something else, but hopefully it won't come to that.

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Suboxone For Coming Off Norco And Tramadol

I'm so ready to get off everything and I wish I could hit rewind. I want to try Suboxone. I have an appt on Tues to get a script. I am currently on 50mg Norco, 150-300 mg Tramadol (usually 150) and 1-2mg Xanax per day. I was on 450 mg Tramadol for 10 yrs (150 mg day previous five years). Norco escalated up but daily last two years (sporadic before that) hence why I dropped down Tramadol. Xanax for 3-4 years.

So..with those meds will the doctor give me Suboxone? Will he take me off both Norco and Tram at same time (my hope)?

Also..if all goes as planned and I start on Suboxone, how long before I can stop Sub? A friend was only on it two months and then just stopped. I do not want to be on anything. At this point the way I feel is worse than the pain..and actually Norco in increased doses makes me hurt more.

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Tramadol (Opiate) Withdrawal - Marijuana Helped Me Coming Off It

I would like to first off say i did not relapse on opiates.  HOWEVER i ended up taking some tramadol after a few surgeries.  I asked for NON OPIATE pain relief afterwards.  That is what he gave me.  I took them did not get high i thought that was great! However a few months later i found myself dependent on it without the high its a stupid drug.  So i gradually cut back..i went back to my doc and told him it was not easy to come off of and could he help me.  He gave me a taper plan to work so i started working it.   I noticed as i reduced my dosage is was worse and worse like usual.. So i do smoke pot from time to time and the last time i got off subs Marijuana really helped me get off.

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Perimenopause At 39? Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Headaches, Ringing In My Ears

I've been to two gynos with my issues and I'm getting a little frustrated but I think I've figured this out on my own anyway. I'm 39, work out intensely 6 times a week, have 11 year old twins, no history of gynecological disease, and for the past year I've been experiencing signs of perimenopause. I haven't missed a period yet but sometimes I get two (yay me) and sometimes I get one that's either very light and short or very heavy and long. I have hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, headaches, ringing in my ears on a regular basis for about 4 months(that hasn't happened in a few months now), extreme breast tenderness, fatigue, itchy skin, aversion to odors that normally don't bother me, digestive issues, etc. I can go down a list of symptoms of perimenopause and I have at least 12 of them. The problem is that when I tell a dr these things, they don't offer much help and they basically dismiss the idea that I could be perimenopausal at 39. I want them to understand that I'm miserable and I feel like **** 50% of the time because of these symptoms. They offer me the pill or an IUD to which I politely decline, leave, and go to my local homeopathic pharmacy to have some compounds made to help me cope with these insane symptoms.

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Zoloft Bad Side Effects - Headaches, Sweats, Chills, Joint Pains, Confusions

Have anyone have these problems while on it are as the meds was increased.I have been taking it for two and a half year.Since my sister die from breast cancer.I started at 25mg it didn't work so they up it to 50mg it work for a few months then they up it to100.That work for about a year then that went up to 150. But between all that I have had bad headaches, sweats, chills, joint pains, confusions, filling lost, getting turned around and not remembering what I was doing are were I was going. Gaining .Lbs not eat then wanting to eat everything,can't sleep,then can't wake up at times zoning out.itching,yawing feeling like you're losing your mind. BUT THE WORST is the dr's is telling you it's not the meds and your family even though you know they have you and is therefore is starting to look at you like your losing it.

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Abdominal Pain :: Back And Side Pain With Spells Of Cold Sweats

For about 1 and a half years I have had constant stomach pain; from a few hours a day to whole days at a time. Some days the pain is bearable but other days I literally cannot move and have to go on my hands and knees to help shift the pain.

The doctors firstly diagnosed me with an acid issue and prescribed Omeprazole. This medication did not help me at all.

I was referred to the Gastroenterologist who done some checks and blood tests and thought it may be a bad case of IBS.

I have taken numerous IBS medication which has also failed to work for me. I am on Tramadol and Co-codamol to help relieve the pain but it only lasts so long.

Often when I get these stomach pains I get cold sweats and a temperature with nausea. The doctors are determined that the issue with IBS with acid issues but I don't have any of the symptoms of IBS besides stomach pain and no certain foods seem to bring the pain on.

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Coming Off Hydrocodone - Cold Turkey

I am on day 4 cold turkey off 10/325 anywhere from 8 to 14 a day along with fentanyl 25 some days 50 others and when things ran short I could find time release morphine or oxys. Long story short isn't it funny how like minded people always seem to find each other. I have been doing this now 4 LONG years. Although the first 6 months or so I was close to the prescribed amount. Then I went from 7.5 to 10 and that was the beginning of where I sit today. In the last 4 days I have slept a total of maybe 6 hours the RLS for me is the worst. I took sleep mere on day 2 but still the RLS kept me up and I walked around like even more of a zombie. Today I feel somewhat okay but we will see what the night brings. I am scared and hope to get some sleep. All of the encouraging posts have been a lifesaver at all hours of the day and night.

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Amitriptyline :: Coming Off Cold Turkey

I have spent 4 month trying to ween off, now its cold turkey. stopped taking amitriptyline last night. already feel slightly better, but heighten anxiety..Scale of 1-10...

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Benzodiazepines :: Coming Off 50mg Valium - Cold Turkey?

I'm currently a student and got valium off the internet to help me get to sleep. Because in halls as it's ridiculously loud, I ended up taking 50mg a night about 5 days a week..

Been doing this for the past 2 months and I've been reading stuff online about coming off it and it's frightened so much!

Should I just go cold turkey, how bad will it be and how long will it last? I really have the urge to go the doctors ASAP as I'm worried for my health but will this also go down on my health record and will it jeopardise being employed in the future if they ask to view my medical records? I can't believe I've gotten myself in this situation I feel so stupid and ashamed.

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Coming Off Suboxone And Headaches

I cant find current discussion on suboxone and headaches. I was on suboxone, by prescription for 3.5 years for back pain and to assist with getting off of the prescribed opiates for the surgery for the back pain. I detoxed from suboxone with methadone at our local hospitals detox unit for one week. That in itself was fine. No issues. Except on day two I woke with a terrible headache and it has been 8 months and I still have the migraine type headaches almost 24/7. I have been on a medical leave from work as they are so bad. Been to neurologists, they keep saying they are bounce back headaches due to the length of time on suboxone and will eventually pass. Have tried numerous drugs, most recently depakote and now nortriptyline without much success. I have read the posts about folks with migraines from this, but when will these ever end?? I do admit that the pain level as gone down a notch or two, but they still are there and driving me and my life crazy. Very frustrated that my neurologist and family doctor must think that I am some kind of hypochondriac. I have not seen posts about this length of time with the migraines due to the suboxone.

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Bisoprolol :: Coming Off And Extremely Tired, Have Headaches

I am new to this forum and really would welcome some advice..

In February following a period of sudden very high blood pressure I was put on Amlopidine 5mg and Bisoprolol 2.5mg. I had a few headaches, felt tired but my blood pressure and pulse reduced and was consistently at 128/72 and 66.

My gp suggested me reduce my bisoprolol to 1.25mg and as my blood pressure and pulse stayed pretty much the same has now suggested I stop taking the bisoprolol. I am now on day 3 of this and do not feel great. I am extremely tired, have headaches and although my blood pressure is slightly increased 132/80 pulse 76 I am concerned how I feel. I have also read that side effects can be serious.

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Citalopram Started Nosebleeds

I was on citalopram for a few days but I started getting nose bleeds so I just started 150mgs of trazodone yesterday and boy did I feel like shite! all I wanted to do was sleep so I slept all day even when I finally woke up I had no energy

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Tramadol :: Tramadol And Alcohol

I began tramadol in June 2014 after surgery. It subsided the pain and made me feel good. Like happy and optimistic about my recovery. I couldn't drive while recovering, so I walked everywhere, including to physical therapy appointments. That was all of last summer. I stayed on them until January to help with physical therapy discomfort. Then I suffered an elbow injury also in January, so stayed on them. My surgeon who originally prescribed them began cutting down on what he prescribed, so I found them elsewhere. This past spring, I began drinking alcoholic beverages after taking my last dose at around 5pm. Two months later was a disaster. Since, I have learned two very important things about Tramadol. One is that it's also an antidepressant and two, alcohol makes them even more addicting. This I learned through all the research I desperately sought. I am now 11 days without taking Tramadol and It's been hell. I spoke to a detox facility and they said that my insurance company would not pay for treatment for Tramadol because it is...wait for it... NOT ADDICTING. So here I am still trying to get this poison out of my system. It stinks because it is now I need something to calm my symptoms. Which is the lesser evil? I have no energy, depression, muscle weakness, no motivation and can cry at any given moment. Why me, why any of this? Doctors need to know what Tramadol truly is as do the insurance companies.

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Pregnancy :: Morning Sickness Has Nothing To With Gender

So many post having to do with gender. Morning sickness or lack of, carrying low vs high, how you feel in general, etc have NOTHING to do with if it's a boy or girl.

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Pregnancy :: Morning Sickness And Can't Eat Without Being Sick

So i'm 10 weeks and have really bad morning sickness and can't eat without being sick...made a stir fry... omg its so yummy and staying down!

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Pregnancy 13 Weeks :: Morning Sickness Won't Go Away

I'm a first time mommy and I'm 13 weeks already but my morning sickness seems to just not go away is there anything i can do for it to stop.

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Sickness And Nausea

Another thing to ask as I am trying to find out who has what with UC and who doesn't as it helps to talk to others.

Anyone had any problems with horrible feeling sick before eating or after eating? Or and this is the even sillier part feeling hungry and sick at the same time?

It is a vicious circle eat, feel sick, can't eat, still feel sick. It lasts around 2 hours or sometimes half the day and it is one of the many symptoms this annoying thing does.

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Gabapentin :: Sickness, Palpitations Dry Mouth Nervousness

I took gabapentin for one week only, having had severe burning pain in my leg, I had to come off abruptly due to a allergic rash, in total I took only 1500 mg. i am now five days in with the most horrible withdrawal side effects, so dizzy that I can hardly stand, sickness, palpitations dry mouth nervousness, not being able to function at all. I am at my wits end, despairing and wondering how long this will last!

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