Undiagnosed :: Low White Blood Cell, Spleen Inflamed, Fever, No Cancer

May 19, 2016

I am writing to see if anyone has any ideas for my father in law in Japan.  He is in the hospital and the oncologists, and disease specialists cannot diagnose his condition.  He has had a fever for over a month, diminishing strength, trouble breathing, and inflamed lymph nodes and spleen.  It is my understanding that he has a low white blood cell count as well. 

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Fatty Liver And Enlarged Spleen Elevated White Blood Cell Count

I had gastric bypass and was found to have a fatty liver and enlarged spleen elevated white blood cell count and pain when I take a deep breath..should I be super worried?

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High White Blood Cell Count Combined Large Red Blood Cells

I can find information on high white count and enlarged red blood cell separately. I can not get the information on combination of both. I see a Hematologist/Oncologist tomorrow. I need to be prepared if I am going to labeled an alcoholic. Anyone have both of these issues?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome - Elevated White Blood Cell Count?

This may be a daft question but I can't help wondering if anyone else has had blood test results where your white blood cell count was elevated? It seems mine are always out? It's not crazy high but high enough the doctor calls me in.

Is there any links between wbc and Fibro?

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Cirrhosis Of The Liver :: Hepatitis B For 8 Years - Spleen Is Inflamed

I have been diagnosed chronic hepB for 8 years now my spleen is inflamed.

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Prostate Cancer :: Bladder Sphincter Inflamed By Radiation

My bladder sphincter is inflamed with the radiation. I have been using Ibuprofen eight hourly to reduce the inflammation for over 24 hours. Yesterday morning when I awoke after sleeping deeply about 3am and this morning about 5am I had very great difficulty starting at all. Other times if I am prompt I get started more easily with a poor flow. I don't know what the options are. I have read of others who have had treatment suspended because of side effects. That is my worst nightmare. Anyone experienced this problem. My rectum is producing excess mucus, otherwise the treatment seems to be going well. I have had 8 treatments of the planned 37. I am very alarmed and do not know what options if any there are. Are there any exercises that might help? 

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Cancer :: Raised IGM/ESR And Enlarged Spleen

My better half has the following issues:

Enlarged spleen for over a year

Raised IGM 2.5 g/l

Raised ESR of 22mm/h

Does anyone know what this could be caused by?

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Cancer :: Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of Lip

Just diagnosed, surgery this coming week. Anyone have experience with this? Don't feel confident in doctors, have lots of questions.

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Skin Cancer :: Merkel Cell Carcinoma Diagnoses

My husband was just diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer of the skin called Merkel Cell Carcinoma on his forehead. It was seen previously by our family physician who thought it was just a cyst.

He has received a wide excision of the tumour, but they did not do a SLNB ( sentinel lymph node biopsy).

Though we've been told the borders are clear, from all the research we have been reading, a lymph node biopsy is recommended for accurate staging of the disease and better survival. We are currently awaiting an appointment with an oncologist at Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We'd love to hear from anyone with information regarding Canadian expertise in this area and failing that, any info. or recommendations to clinics known for their knowledge in treating this. There are many doctors who just don't know anything about it and we are searching for the doctor with experience treating MCC. We are already behind because the plastic surgeon didn't automatically forward the initial biopsy report to our family physician and we went back to the office to request a follow-up with the Cancer Clinic. In the meantime, we hope we will hear soon from Juravinski, since we'd like to get going if he's to do that biopsy and any radiation follow-up treatment.

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Skin Cancer :: Basal Cell Carcinoma On Face

Definitely have the Mohs procedure done and not radiation on the face. I had it just done, they had to cut the size of a nickel out, and did a skin graft over. But it's gone, and over. I am healing now.

New to the forum..and quite frankly this is all still a bit surreal to me. I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my face above my lip. I never knew it was cancer and initially, when it first appeared on my face (when I was 18!), I thought it was a huge pimple. Eventually it healed into a flesh toned bump and it looked like a raised flesh colored mole, about 0.3 cm in its largest surface dimension.

This whole time I thought it was a poorly healed acne spot and now that I am 24, I decided to go see a dermatologist to have this removed (for cosmetic reasons). He ended up sending it to get biopsied to be safe and it ended up being cancer!

Now, I'm torn between doing Mohs or proceeding with radiation. Since it was in my face for 6 years, I'm afraid maybe the root grew deeper into my skin and they would have to cut out more tissue. All the Google images of post Mohs surgeries look so scary and I'm beginning to feel a bit traumatized that I'll have to go through this on my face.

Can anyone weigh in on how their Mohs surgery/scar healed? If they were to cut out a dime-sized area on your face, would they stitch you up after or would they leave it as an open wound and let it heal that way? What are the implications of how they close the surgery on the scar you are left with afterward? How many days/weeks do you have to wait for the open wound to start looking like a healing scar?

Because of this, I almost want to proceed with radiation so that I don't have to deal with waiting weeks for the scar to heal (I work full time in an office and enjoy going out to hang out in my leisure time, I would not want to be out if I had an open wound healing on my face). I like that it's less invasive and I know that they won't be cutting out a huge part of my face. What worries me about Mohs is that I won't know how big of a chunk they'll be taking off my face. I know Mohs is the gold standard for removing all of the cancer, but radiation treatments can have up to 95%-98% cure rate. IF my basal cell were to recur after proceeding with radiation treatments, would it recur in the same place or would it pop up somewhere else on my face? How does recurrence usually work with basal cell carcinoma?

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Cancer :: Lump In Throat, No Swelling, No Fever, Just Discomfort

I  have  a  feeling  of  a  lump  in  my  esophagus   every  time  I  swallow.  I  have  note  noticed  any  swelling, no  fever,  just  discomfort,   and  I  am  coughing  more  than  usual.   I  am   really  concerned  about  cancer.  

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Hypochondria :: Blood Cancer Detection - Scared Of Blood Work Tests

Does anyone else dread Routine Blood Tests scared that they are going to detect some "Blood Cancer"? I've been looking up Leukemia and Lymphoma symptoms all morning. I'm getting a CBC for Fertility treatments.

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Stopped Taking Testosterone Due To High Red Blood Cell Count

I am a 59 yr. old male and a disabled Veteran. I have been taking Testosterone for the past 15 years every 2 weeks. My doctor took me off of it on June 4th because my red blood count was too high. My body doesn't produce Testosterone anymore because of Hemochromatosis, which is a blood disease which produces too much iron in my blood.

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Enlarged Liver And Spleen With Normal Blood Work?

I went to the doctor for burning when I urinate. She said I had high WBC in my urine. She sent off for a culture. It came back neg for infection. She sent me to kidney doctor to check for stones and ordered a CT scan. The kidney doc said I still have high WBC in my urine and checked my prostate for infection which hurt really BAD. No infection there. The CT scan showed an enlarged spleen and liver. I have been having a low grade temp and pain in my left and right side and low energy. My blood panel came back normal but the doctor is sending me to a liver doctor for a biopsy. She thinks my liver is causing me problems for my spleen. My question is with normal liver blood work how can my liver still be enlarged and causing me problems?

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Oral Lichen Planus Can Lead To Cancer? Cheek Sores With White Lines

I think I have Oral Lichen Planus but I can't get a doctor to confirm it.  I have had mouth sores in my cheek area since 2009 and now my gums are very red and inflamed and have been told that I have white lines on my inside cheek area.  When I go to a dentist to have my teeth cleaned, I am always turned away because they don't like the looks of my mouth sores.  In 2013 I had doctor swab my mouth and send for testing and also did blood work but was told nothing showed up. I think she was looking for bacterial infection.  In the mean time, I continue with a very sore mouth.

I have a hard time eating anything because the sores are next to my bottom back teeth so eating irritates the sores a lot at night I sometimes bite the area with sores due to swelling so they pretty much never heal. 

I recently went to a new dentist and she too wouldn't work on my teeth but she gave me details as to her concerns and told me to get checked for an Auto Immune disorder.  I have since been to a doctor and had blood taken to check for that and then they sent me to  ENT.  He mentioned Oral Lichen Planus which was the first time I have heard of it.  He wants to do a biopsy and then he mentioned a steroid rinse. 

I also researched OLP and I have all the symptoms listed so I just don't understand how going to doctors since 2010 about the mouth sores, no one can figure it out?  Am I finally heading in the right directions for diagnosis?  I scares me that it has been left un treated for 5 years when I read that sometimes those with OPL can lead to mouth cancer. 

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Spleen :: Enlarged Spleen - 15cm Normal CBC

i had my annual physical exam month ago. CBC was normal, but on ultrasound my spleen appeared enlarged, approx. 15cm. Month later my spleen was still enlarged, 14cm. I did a CBC + LDH blood test again. Again everything appeared normal on CBC and LDH was 200 (it said that under 330 it was OK). Doc told me not to worry but to have a new ultrasound and CBC (+LDH) in 6 months. I really do not feel like waiting that long. Sometimes during the day I feel extremely tired and sleepy. Any suggestions what to do next other than waiting for 6 months.

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Spleen Hemangiomas, How To Reduce The Size Of My Spleen?

Why is there NO RESEARCH being done on Spleen Hemangiomas? Are doctors making more money by just removing them and then dealing with the poor health thereafter? I want to know how to reduce the size of my spleen that is full of large hemangiomas. Anyone know anything about this. I also have them in my liver.

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Menopause :: Do Mild Hot Flashes Feel Like You Have A Fever Without A Fever?

I previously posted about my night sweats but now I have a new symptom. Mostly in the morning, my forehead and sometimes my face feels hot but I don't have a fever. In fact my temp. will be a degree below normal. My body will feel a little warm but not as much as my face and forehead. Does this sound like mild hot flashes?

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Hyperthyroidism :: PTU 50mg 3xs A Day - White Blood Cells Low?

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in September by my  family physician he put me on PTU 50mg 3xs a day in early November. I went and saw endocrinologist on Christmas eve says my white blood cells are low i was wondering could this be a result of the meds. He took me off PTU and placed me on methimazole 10mg twice a day,   please help because it seems the  more questions i ask my endocrinologist the more upset he becomes him and my family dr.

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Increased Potassium And White Blood Cells?

i had a full health check up and i had a fasting blood test it came bk as increased white blood cells and increased potassium levels just would like to know what could be wrong because doc asked did i have a cold or infection?

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Blood Pressure :: 26 Years Old - White Coat Syndrome

I'm 26 years of age, im 250 lbs and 6ft 1in tall. I know that sounds really fat and im no underwear model but i have a big frame and don't look fat as much as strong. I've recently gotten a few BP readings. the low was 152/85 the higher one i just tried at walmart to help with white coat syndrome, it was 165/88 but my resting heart rate is 59. I can't seem to get a BP reading without first being ****** off by kids playing on the BP machine at walmart while i stand there or waiting 2 hours in a doctor's office. My doctor just seemed to think nothing of my high numbers, "oh it's just white coat syndrome, plus the bottom numbers the real important one". Do i need to wait until im in my 40's to be taken seriously or should i just induce a minor heart attack now? lol

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