Lipitor Side Effects - Dementia

Jun 21, 2015

My husband has been taking lipitor for about 10 years. About a year & a half ago he started showing signs of what I thought was dementia until I researched it online. I couldn't believe my eyes....he was a poster boy for the side effects of lipitor! I contacted our doctor about it but he wouldn't hear of him trying to quit taking it. I know we don't have to take the meds that doctors prescribe but they're supposed to be the experts & have our best interests at heart but I'm so worried that my husband will get worse.

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Lipitor Side Effects - Constantly Tired

Since I got diagnosed with high cholesterol last year and was prescribed Lipitor it seems my health is getting worse and I am constantly tired. I sleep 8 to 10 hours and yet feel as though I have not slept. My doctor thinks it is my body adjusting to my new meds and told me to quit smoking and reduce caffeine. So I still feel so tired.

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Lipitor Side Effects - Horrible Muscle Tiredness And Aches

I know that it's known that lipitor has the side-effect of muscle tiredness and aches. Has anyone else have to deal with this? Man it's off the hook. I almost am paralyzed fro, lipitor. This horrible and I would like to talk to someone who's been through it. This is a very under-rated affliction IMO. I've been tested and it doesn't look like I have the Rabadolosis<sp? That spelling isn't even close. I was very scared before I realized what was causing this severe problem.. Now I know that lipitor has helped a lot of people, it brought my cholesterol down a bunch very quickly. Frankly i would rather have high cholesterol. I did have a stroke at the end of November, small, deep in the cerebellum. Hence the lipitor.

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Lipitor Side Effects - Physically And Mentally Exhausted On A Daily Basis

I have recently been taking 40mg lipitor meds due to raised cholesterol. I have been on these for several months and recently have noticed that I an physically and mentally exhausted on a daily basis. I feel light headed and nauseas, sometimes I vomit. I have no appetite. I am struggling to complete my daily job and my social life as ended up non existent. I am always tired to the extent of I have a sleep in my car for half hour before going to pick my wife up from work. She finishes an hour later than me. Before I used to come home tidy up do some chores etc. Now there is no chance. Can lipitor side effects actually be this bad? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Breathless :: Side Effect Of Lipitor OR Lisinopril(ACE) OR Anxiety?

I had a heart attack in mid October due to a congenital enlarged artery. The stent was unsuccessful and I lost 10-15% of my heart. My EF is around 46/48 and the doctor has never mentioned heart failure, but I know I need to do all I can to try to prevent that from happening.

Anyway I am on metoprolol tartrate (beta) 12.5 twice a day, plavix, aspirin, lipitor, and in December the dr put me on a very low dose of lisinopril (Ace) 5 mg.

Lately my back has been aching as the day goes on and I feel like I can't take a deep breath. Let me clarify, when I sleep and when I first wake up I feel good and normal. But as the day goes on I start to get some muscle aches and my breathing seems weird. I don't feel like I'm about to suffocate and I can breath normally fine, but it's like I feel the need every few minutes to take a big deep breath and when I try I can't totally get a full really deep breath like I used to.

Could this be the lipitor or the lisinopril or maybe it's anxiety and it's all in my head because sometimes I don't even notice it. I take the lipitor and the lisinopril at bedtime and sleep well and wake up feeling well, this usually happens about mid-day or so.

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Ramipril :: Side Effects

I am a 47 year old male (right weight for height) and reasonably fit running three times a week who has recently had to visit the doctor (first time in years) for severe neck pain caused by strenuous gardening work -so called leisure.

However my blood pressure was checked over the past few weeks and has found to be continuously very high ranging 190/115 to 150/90. My GP has decided to put me on ramipril starting with 2.5mg increasing to 5 mg and then 10mg over six weeks. On reading the comments about side effects I am really concerned which has now possibly increased my blood pressure further - really concerned on what to do, should I get a second opinion through my private medical before starting this treatment?

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Orlistat :: Really Bad Side Effects ?

I'm looking to start orlistat this week but after reading over everyone's experiences I'm a bit nervous to start. Are the side effects really that bad as I don't want to make a fool out of myself at work!

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Nortriptyline - Was There Any Side Effects

I have just been put on nortriptyline for my pain has anyone else had this and did it work was there any side effects.

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Viagra :: Any Serious Side Effects?

I am about to use Viagra and I am a lot scared. I have never needed it but I guess I do now. So who knows about this drug, are there serious side effects. I do not want to trade one problem for another due to the drug itself.

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Oxytetracycline Bad Side Effects

I used the tablets for 5 months and a bit, should be taking it for 6 months but i decide to give into not taking them due to really bad side effects.

When i started, i took 2 TWICE a day for 4 months but, rashes appeared on my cheeks, completely red and skin dried also on my nose. I couldn't bear the suffering, i applied creams like E45 (made things worse for me) then i switched to sudocrem, applying it to my face where the rashes were. this seemed to help stop the rash from getting any worse. I went to see the doctor who said i should cut down on the tabs to 1 Twice a day so i finally started to heal from the rashes. I carried on using the tabs this way until the rashes appeared on my nose again, it was really bad.

To those who suffer from Eczema, be warned as this course may effect it, making it really bad. This is the reason why i have to quit from this 6 month course (am finishing on 5 and a bit months) As for acne, it helped clear it up nicely even old scars until a point where my skin could heal no further ( i stayed the same after the 3rd month) so hopefully, changes are permanent and my side effects will go away from stopping this course.

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Alcoholism Induced Dementia

My father in law has always been an alcoholic. Over the past couple of years, his drinking got out of control and his behavior was increasingly strange. My mother in law left him several times, but returned with his promises to cut back on the booze. Right around this past Christmas, we managed to keep him sober for several days, long enough to see that his behavior problems were not the result of being drunk. He was diagnosed with alcohol induced dementia.

Since then, we've been on a roller coaster of good and bad days, but the bad days are now the norm. He lives with my MIL, who is younger than him and in good health. He does a lot of screaming at her, says he hates her and wants her to die. He says he wants a divorce and wants to move to be near his favorite drinking spot. Usually these fits are preceded by his request to go out for a drink, which she denies.

A few months ago, my FIL figured out he could walk to a somewhat close area of restaurants and liquor stores. He will provoke my MIL until she gets fed up and leaves for a break, then he starts the long walk to get a drink. MIL used to follow him in her car and go into the liquor stores and restaurants ahead of him and ask that he not be served alcohol. This would lead to him calling her and screaming at her. Now she just lets him go but refuses to pick him up and drive him home after he has his drinks. Once, she wasn't home when he arrived from a drinking binge so he took all of her clothes and threw them in the back yard. He tried to dismantle her computer and threw away any food in the house that he saw as "hers." We are very concerned for his safety, obviously, and for MIL's emotional and mental well being.

Lately MIL is at her breaking point. She wants to leave. FIL is very demanding, verbally abusive. We try to give MIL a break by taking FIL shopping, going over for meals, taking the kids to see him, etc. He can't live on his own because he can't manage his meds (yesterday he took two days of his blood pressure, antipsychotic, and antianxiety meds because he kicked MIL out of the house and she wasn't there to help him). He does OK cooking for himself but can't pay bills, no longer can drive, needs help shopping, and is just starting to have issues with managing his own hygiene. His short term memory is bad. He will call each of us in the family over and over again, especially when he's been drinking. He seems to want to have MIL around to entertain him and drive him places, but then drives her away so he can attempt to drink. He has fallen more than once -- one time, he fell while walking home from the liquor store and a passing driver called an ambulance.

FIL is not bad enough to qualify for any services, even home care. He flat out refuses to cooperate with any sort of caregiver or adult day care. He thinks the doctors are wrong about the dementia and insists he can take care of himself. Every attempt at getting help for him has been a dead end, from social services to Alz. support groups. MIL is working on getting POA and conservatorship so she can control his access to money. She is thinking of getting FIL his own small place (which he wants), managing his finances, and giving him a small allowance that we all know he will quickly spend on booze (he averages $30 a day on "lunch" when he is alone and walks to restaurants). We feel like we can't control him and have no options and just have to wait for him to decline further or land himself in the hospital. MIL will have to go back to work, at least part time, to be able to afford to support him as well as have her own place.

Does anyone who's been through this have any ideas on options for us? FIL can't live with any of us because we have kids, jobs, etc. and aren't around to monitor him. I also can't have him behaving and talking the way he does around my kids -- it's bad enough what they see and hear when we visit. My in laws' income is limited to social security (less than 2500/mo total), plus my MIL has about $60,000 in a retirement fund. They don't own their home.

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Ramipril :: Problematic Side Effects

Put on this drug for HBP 2.5mg then 5 mgs had various problematic side effects went to doctor to advise him of my problems with this drug. He then increased the dosage to 10 mgs which I have taken now for 2 months and the problems have multiplied to a point when I have become so ill with all the problems highlighted in these messages that I stopped taking the drug and started to feel better within 3 days. I wonder now what the reaction will be from my GP when I tell him that I want to try an alternative drug. Having high blood pressure I could do without worrying about his comments which other people have endured when they have asked to have an alternative drug.

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Pernicious Anaemia :: What Are B12 Side Effects?

I have found reading the posts about PA very helpful, i was diagnosed early last year with PA and have injections every 3 months they have helped enormously with my symptoms, please could any one tell me about the side effects of the B12 injection, i have had various syptoms which i have just put down to the whole PA thing, but would like to know....

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Citalopram :: 7 Weeks - Side Effects Almost Gone

I'm on week 7 of 10 mg, and am pleased to say that my pounding heart, dry mouth and nausea have disappeared, I've only had a couple of headaches, my jaw clenching and tensing up have almost gone.  I'm still struggling sleeping but I've never been good at that anyway, so I'll just see how that goes.  I don't feel like skipping through life every day, but I certainly don't feel really low any more, I just feel 'steady'.  Stick with it everyone, and thank you for your support.

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Pregnancy :: Side Effects Of Omeprazole?

I'm on my 12th week. I've been diagnosed before with GERD. Now due to the pregnancy, it seemed to worsen as I experience painful heartburns. My doctor recommends I take omeprazole along with antacids. I've been taking antacids because I know they don't bare side effects on pregnancy. I am not sure though with omeprazole. I'm scared. I am afraid it might harm the baby. Anyone here experienced the same?

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Side Effects :: Amitriptyline With Fluoxetine

I've been on Amitriptyline for 6 months for pain management - lowest dose 10 mg in evening and I am getting on fine after the side effects at the start!

This week I've been started on fluoxetine 20 mg per day for other issues. GP said it might interact with the Amitriptyline but might not so give it a go.

Has anyone else taken these two medicines at the same time? How did you feel?

I've taken fluoxetine before so I'm ready for the crazy initial side effects (off work for 4 weeks so I can get through it!)

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Anxiety :: Zoloft - Any Bad Side Effects?

Has anyone had luck with Zoloft ? Any bad side effects ?

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Ramipril And Viagra - Side Effects?

Just in case that side effect sets in - does anyone know the effect of taking sildenafil citrate (viagra) when on ramipril??

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Vasectomy :: Beware Of The Side Effects

Don't do it. The operation went as expected. The side effects were not explained at all. First it does change sex. The tingling feeling that occurs when achieving orgasm will never happen again. Not what was stated by the nurses who obviously were fed a lie, how would a female know? The second thing was urinating problems. Don't be in a hurry because gravity is the master now. The day I went home I found out that pushing only made the flow stop. That was only part of the problem since I now could not hold as much as could previously. It will be that way forever. So now how to I get it reversed at the cost of the insurance? I have been to a urologist but cannot get them to admit that those are serious problem. The year I got my vasectomy I was told I have Multiple Sclerosis.

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Diabetes :: Side Effects Of Metformin?

Anyone out there use metformin if so what side effects r u feeling currently taking metformin 1000 mg once a day 

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Hepatitis B :: Viread Side Effects?

I have hepatitis b infection in the liver. I need your advise if I should take viread medication if I have osteopenia and my kidney is not the best? I am currently taking osteopenia pill. Please advise and help. Thanks a lot. I am worried about viread side effects on me. Another question is if I take the medicine, can I ever stop taking the medicine? Is it a life term medicine I have to take?

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