Physiotherapy To Get A Good ROM After Humerus Fracture?

Mar 11, 2014

On January the 19th I broke my humerus - transverse fracture, slightly not aligned -(I'm 23). I had a surgery after a couple of days with percutaneous fixation with wires, then I was put in a sling for over a month. About two weeks ago I removed the wires in day surgery and was told to try and remove the sling and make some pendulum exercise with my arm.

At the moment I've recovered the elbow movement nearly at 100%, but I can't raise my arm nor move it anywhere. In a couple of days I'll have another X Ray, then an orthopedic examination.

I think and hope the doctor will tell me to start physiotherapy... I'd like to ask you how much time I will need to recover a good range of movement for ordinary life activities (like driving, wearing normally, running)

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Stiff Elbow After A Humerus Fracture

My elbow become very stiff after a humerus fracture, especially after elbow immobilization for an extended period of time, I was trying to practice a Six Pack Active Hand Exercises but i can't execute an exercises number : (3) and (4) because i can't bend my fingers more than 90 ; and i can't make a fist .

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Broken Humerus Spiral Fracture

On January 31, I fell on ice walking my dogs and fractured my surgical neck of my arm and have a very large spiral fracture down my humorous. Initially the pain was pretty bad, I struggled with sleeping, but after day seven it started feeling a little less painful. But then I met with orthopedic again and he put me in a plastic brace to help align the bone and now the pain is almost unbelievable. The only thing I am taking is Tylenol because any kind of opiate makes me very nauseous, and I have a history stomach ulcer so I cannot take Ibuprofen. This whole ordeal has been a huge struggle for me to go from a very active person to sitting in the recliner all day long. I am alone also most of the days because my husband has to go to work. It's been really hard for me not to become overwhelmingly depressed. I'm dealing with the guilt of not being able to go to work as I am a supervisor of a program. In addition I have four animals that are being neglected because I don't have the energy and stamina to do anything with them. Not being able to be self-sufficient is also extremely saddening to me. It is hard for me to see the future when when the orthopedic is saying it will be at least six weeks before I will start seeing some changes. I have tried to keep my mind occupied with things but all I want to do is get better. How has other folks dealt with the pain, the lack of independence and the feeling of being cooped up?

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Humerus Fracture Heals Without A Permanent deformity?

Four months ago I fractured my humerus in a car accident and got taken to hospital where I had my arm put in a sling. After a month the bone had begun to heal, but very slowly. My doctor said he wasn't sure whether my arm would fully heal without a permanent deformity. I have displayed a picture of the x ray for the last 2 months x rays and any opinions on what I should do would be much appreciated. I am begining to lose faith in my doctors decision to leave it. I have told him that I want the bone replacing but he said it would be risky going through surgery but I have been put on a waiting list nonetheless.

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Proximal Humerus Fracture And Dislocation Of Shoulder

On the 30th November I was crossing a road and was struck by a car.

I was knocked unconscious, but after getting taken to a&e and CT scans and xrays they found I had a proximal humerus fracture

The hospital I was admitted to were terrible at giving me information, but I was told I needed it fixed with an operation. Turns out the shoulder was dislocated and the humerus broken right by it.

Eventually they took me down to surgery on the 4th December (was in hospital the whole time)

The next day I was sent home, being told just to flex and move fingers and straighten my arm from the elbow.

2 weeks later I had a check up, doctor was happy but told me very little. I asked if I should be doing anything else, he said nothing.

After 4 weeks, when no NHS physiotherapy appointment had been scheduled, I went private and started doing pendulum exercises. A week later, I was told to assist my injured arm in moving while lying down and the arm being bent at the elbow.

Today I received a very last minute NHS physiotherapy appointment, I went and it appears if I lie down and move my injured arm (assisted or not) the shoulder moves fine, but if I'm standing it is as if the shoulder isn't moving inside, like the ball isn't moving and the shoulder physically moves up.

I haven't got another appointment with the hospital until the 16th

The NHS physiotherapist was worried about my range of motion and said it needs to be weekly appointments.

I'm 24 years old, not over or under weight, fairly good diet, smoke (have cut down) rarely drink

I normally ride a motorbike and drive a car and I really miss being able to!

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Dislocation Of Shoulder Joint With Fracture In Humerus

last month i met with an accident. Then i undergone the k-wire surjury.after the surjery the docter Mr.vedamoorthy from tenkasi,who done the surgery he teken the x-ray.The x-ray is like this.Now 38 days dislocated hemerrus bone is like this. Now what to do?. 

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Proximal Humerus Fracture 4 Parts - How Long Will It Take For A Union

I'm 30, have proximal humerus fracture 4part & ORIF with plate,

Now I'm in the 7 week I started therapy before 2 weeks ago, I'm concerned about the union of fracture the doctor said it may take 2-3 months tile unite.

Should I keep taking therapy or wait till healing of fracture?

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Mid Shaft Humerus Fracture - Itching And Fluid Build Up Under Brace

I'm a 19 year old girl in good health and no previous broken bones or medical conditions. 8 days ago

I fractured my humerus, mid shaft. Its an oblique fracture. I had an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon and

The bone is perfectly aligned now and the feeling in my fingers and wrist is back. I still cannot move my lower arm.

I was fitted with a brace about 13 hours into the break, and I can no longer feel the bones clicking. The past couple days I

Have had an intense itching under the brace and tonight it got so bad I stuck a cotton swab under the mesh slip to itch it. When I looked at the swab it was a little bloody and had puss and what looked like peeling skin on it. When I looked on the back of my arm under the mesh slip I saw a red rash. It looks and feels very raw. Is this normal?

Also, my elbow and lower arm is extremely swollen. I know this is from the buildup of fluids. But on the underside of my elbow there is a huge bluish purplish reddish bruise. Is this normal?

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Humerus Fracture - Limited Hand And Wrist Movement Due To Nerve Damage

I am 2 week into my broken fracture in my humerus just above the elbow

The doctors undertook surgery and after the surgery they did say my nerve was damaged in the process as I had a metal plate inserted to put back the broken bones together if that make sense.

Whilst I understand the fracture will take a while to heal I am real concerned about my nerve injury I can't move my thumb freely, I can't move wrist at all I can bend my fingers but I can't straighten

My splint is tight so I do loosen this and try to do exercise with my hand.

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Physiotherapy For Vestibular Dysfunction?

After my ENT said my vertigo/dizziness was caused by BPPV, I was sent to see a physical therapist. The PT did a lot of testing and actually ruled out BPPV (which I suspected would happen), and said I most likely have a unilateral vestibular deficit. (I had a bad sinus infection a few months ago that took forever to get better which caused some ear issues, including diagnosed Eustachian Tube Dysfunction). She explained things very well (much better than my ENT ever did...) and has started me on some therapy exercises to help me get used to/help make the vertigo better.

Has anyone else gone through this type of physical therapy? Has it worked in helping you feel better (less dizzy/vertigo)?

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FlatFoot :: Reconstruction Or Physiotherapy?

I'm 16 years old and have severe flat feet. i have a lot of pain in my feet, legs, knees, hips and back. i started to go to physiotherapy and the doctors said i had the worst feet he had ever seen (he was surprised i could still walk) i then went to one of the best orthopedic surgeons in my area. after looking at my Xrays he said that there were 2 options 1. surgery and 2. intensive physiotherapy. my parents decided that surgery would be a better fit as physio may not work. after getting an MRI the surgeon has again returned with 2 options surgery or orthotics. my parents now want to see if orthotics will work. But i want the surgery i have had 3 sets of orthotics already (custom made) and they don't seem to work. i really want the surgery and i don't know how to tell my parents i am going into grade 12 (senior year) and my parents believe it will affect my studies but i have maintained good grade. should i have a say? how can i convince them to get the surgery?

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Hip Replacement :: Severe Pain From Physiotherapy On Other Hip

I am feeling quite distraught after my appointment with the physio, she assessed my penguin walking which I am quite proud of, it is a tiny bit of progress - I thought I was doing okay....I am managing well given I am looking after two young children with no help, the house and a house full of animals - she told me off for prioritising the children which is impossible for me to do otherwise at the moment.

But the worst of it is when she corrected my posture has caused so much pain in my non operated hip, groin and back, it has left me in agony, I actually feel sick.

I have never felt so despondent in my life, she made me feel terrible, and finished by saying that I probably need a hip replacement for the left hip just like that! As if it was nothing. I felt slapped by that casual comment - given what we all go through it is not the best news, and I could have done with her breaking it to me a little more gently.

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Perthes' Disease :: Diagnosis At 50 - Physiotherapy Rather Hip Replacement?

After recent x-rays for chronic hip pain, (as well as frequent knee and lower back pain),, my GP diagnosed me today with Perthes' Disease. Several years ago, after a fall in a martial arts class that hurt my back. My chiropractor had x-rays performed, which showed that I had, indeed, bent my tail bone at a right angle... as well as revealing my malformed hip joint for the first time.

I am a 50 y.o. female. For a variety of reasons, my GP is opting for the physiotherapy route for treatment/management, rather than hip replacement surgery. My femoral head is flattened (the X-ray Technician even exclaimed, "Oh! I've never seen one shaped like THAT before!", and even showed me the x-ray film.

I have been doing some further research about the disease, which mentioned a link with hypothyroidism, delayed bone growth - I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was about 11/12 y.o., at which time the specialist told my mum that I had the bone structure of a 9 y.o.

I used to be quite active, and used to run, practised martial arts, bicycling... Since the pain worsened and is now pretty much a daily thing, I have eliminated those activities. I do walk fairly frequently now; but, I often wind up in pain that keeps me awake at night. Now, I am curious to know how successful and helpful physiotherapy is likely to be at my age, and what I can, reasonably expect. At what stage, will hip replacement be the "best" option?

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Bell's Palsy :: How Long Physiotherapy Will Take To Recover?

I have bells palsy since from 25 years  and i have taken lot of treatments for that like ayurvedic medicine but it is not recovered.Now im taking physiotherapy for face its showing some improvement  from 32days but mouth not deviated properly ...

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Bell's Palsy - Physiotherapy- 60% Recovered - Acupuncture?

I got bells palsy worse condition on my face. I was under physiotherapy treatment for 10-15 days.But still i haven't recovered completely from it i can say only 60% has recovered till the date i have same issue .

1. When i smile my eyes sinks it looks like its almost closed but its not.

2. when i speak lower lid of the eye part goes up and down.

3. My  left eye looks little smaller than the other.

4. If i try to pucker my lips the affected part(leftist part of the lips will always move to the righter part) this is not normal

I am planning to go for acupuncture treatment i am confused.

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Opinions? Physiotherapy After Total Knee Replacement

I would like to ask a question re Physio.  Some of you seem to think your PT has been superb.  Can I ask what he/she does with you.  I feel that mine has been a total waste of space and I'm not sure what to do yo try to improve the angle of the bend in my knee.

I go back on Thursday to see my surgeon, it will be 7.5 weeks since the op.  I want to be able to speak honestly to him about my experience.

Today I went into town with my daughter and 5 year old granddaughter.  Hitchin is an old market town with cobble streets and lots of steps up and down on and off pavements.  I went without a stick, big big regret.  I am almost 7 weeks post-TKR.  My leg was in agony and I couldn't wait to get home.  That was really depressing as I thought I was doing so much better.

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Ischial Tuberosity (sitting-bone) Pain :: Physiotherapy Aggravated The Issue

I've been having pain sitting, standing, & walking very far (at all) for over a year now. I had a spinal fusion done at the L -5/S -1 level back in 2002, & my docs keep close tabs on my back. I've had a tiny tear in the L-4 for many years, but most the docs feel my current problem has absolutely nothing to do with my spine - I agree. I have been diagnosed with a hip labral tear in my right hip socket about 4 months ago, but not bothered enough to do the drastic surgery. Doc injected left hip socket due to pain, but again, not my main problem.

I've had physical therapy (which aggravated the left socket), steroid injections into the ischial tuberosity bursa (both sides) - due to the doc thinking probable ischial tuberosity bursitis, which it is not, & am scheduled for an EMG down both sides of my lumbar spine (I hate those tests - they really hurt!). Meanwhile, I've been working with my chiropractor who does adjustments, percussion massage, iontophoresis, & cold laser treatment on me twice a week.

NO ONE knows what this is, WHERE to send me, or how to FIX it!

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Osteomyelitis In Right Arm Bone (Humerus)

In early January of this year (2008) I was working out at the gym one day with weights. I heard a "pop" in my upper right arm. Did not think much of it. Continued working out with weights for another 3 days. One night a terrible throbbing pain started in my upper right arm. It was bad. I knew it was not a "normal" pain. I went to my family doctor and had xrays. Everything came back normal. The pain continued. It was terrible. I went back to my family doctor the next week. By this time, I had terrible pain in my arm, and lost some range of motion in my shoulder. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound. It showed that I had a Shoulder Impingement/Frozen Shoulder. I thought, at the time, that this was the most terrible thing in the world. Boy, was I wrong. I began physio on my arm, took anti-inflammatories and painkillers. My ROOM came back, shoulder got better. I was still having terrible pain in my arm. That same "throbbing, pulsating" pain. I was not sleeping at this point. I went to see a few sports and rehabilitation doctors. I got a cortizone shot in my shoulder for the pain. Did not work. I requested another ultrasound from my doctor. It showed that I had a partial bicep tear. I thought that that was the cause of all my problems in the first place. So I began treating that. I had another cortisone shot in my bicep. It made things worse. I was a terrible mess. On painkillers, NSAIDS, anti-depressants, etc. I was at my "witts-end". On another last ditch attempt visit with my family doctor, he prescribed me antibiotics because he believed that I had an infection. My arm was swollen, sore to the touch, very painful, I had a fever, etc. The antibiotics worked. My swelling went down, the pain started to go away, I started to feel like myself again. I thought I was cured. In the meanwhile I had a bone scan. It came back "not normal". My pain doctor who made me have the bone scan told me to go to the hospital right away because he thought that I had cancer in my bone. At this point I was feeling better after being on antibiotics for only a few days. I was devastated. I could barely even believe it - in fact - I did not believe it. I was admitted to the hospital where I had numerous testing done. MRI, CT Scans, Xrays, bloodwork, etc. I was being treated for a bone infection and was on intravenous meds for 4 days. On my fifth day in the hospital, my doctor changed her diagnosis and told me out of the blue that she believed that I had cancer in my arm bone. Either Lymphoma or Sarcoma. Needless to say - I was in a state of shock. I was sent for a biopsy of my arm bone. I had to wait approximately 3 weeks from the date I was told that I had cancer until the day I received the results from the biopsy. I was told that I did not have cancer and had chronic Osteomyelitis. I was so happy to hear this news. I just went to go see an infectious disease doctor today. She told me that the damage to my humerus was bad and that it would not be "the same"anymore. I can't do any weightlifting anymore. I am on oral antibiotics for at least three months. I have a Staph bacteria that somehow nested in my arm bone. I am just thankful that it is not cancer. I do hope though that my infection goes away and NEVER comes back and that the damage to my humerus does not affect my every day to day life.

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How To Get Rid Of Fluid Caused By Humerus Break

My husband humerus was broken six weeks ago on left arm.  Doctor is trying to heal with brace.  He has stopped wearing the sling, and his hand and arm are extremely swollen.  Is that normal? What can he do to reduce the swelling.  How long before the brace comes off?

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Broken Humerus Bone In Half

I broke my humerus (upper arm) bone in half about two weeks ago. It is a oblique break in the middle of the bone. They had me take x-rays yesterday so they expected me to straighten my arm. Well buddy my bones started grinding and popping and OW! needless to say say they didn't didn't get me to straighten it... Ah whatever they got pictures of it straight the day I broke it thanks to painkillers. It is in a sling and perfectly aligned according to what they did get yesterday and two weeks ago. I am 20 I don't smoke and i don't drink. That is my story now my questions are. 1: how long until I can straighten my arm without the bone moving and snapping? They expect more x-rays in 2 weeks but if this thing moves its not happening! (because I'm a wuss I know) 2: how terrible does therapy really hurt? Should I take pain pills beforehand? I've heard some scary stories about therapy after a break. 3: do I I have have to worry about breaking it again in therapy or when I do decide to straighten it out? May be a stupid question but last time my arm was broken i was 2 so... 4: I have a numb spot on my arm, that from the bone or did I give myself frostbite from non stop ice packs? It's above my elbow, below the break. And lastly how long until it's completely healed? I'm a CNA I kinda need the thing :/ thanks for taking taking time to read this please help me out a little. I have borderline PPD and a hint of wimp so I appreciate any HONEST information!

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Broken Humerus Healed Crooked

I fractured my Humerus back in February playing hockey, not exactly sure how it happened that night is pretty foggy for me. It took a long time to heal but that is not the issue.

My concern is how crooked the bone is when my arm is hanging at my side. When my elbow is bent 90 degrees the bone is almost completely straight, but the second it's at my side it's pretty far off. I can feel it when I touch my arm. Should I be concerned with it? The doctor wasn't at all saying it will be fine and said I am free to go and no need for any more appointments.

Any risks from having the bone healed crooked mid-shaft?

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