Sudden Hearing Loss After Wax Removal

May 28, 2016

I lost 50% hearing in right ear after having wax removed by irrigation with syringe. Seems like the water pressure was excessive. Now, hearing is muffled, nasally and distorted. MRI of brain was OK. Must use hearing aids now to hear anything. Have not used hearing protection in drum and bugle corps. Previous violin player 7 years ago so left ear shows 35% in audio test.

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Sudden Hearing Loss

Last thursday all of a sudden i heard a echo sound in my right ear trying all the normal stuff popping ears blowing nose checking for wax etc nothing worked so i went to bed and noticed i could not hear at all out of this ear so i waited til in the morning and still the same so i checked like with phone and could not hear anything so i went to see my gp and she checked and said nothing looks wrong so they referred me to a ent which i could not get into see till later this week on top of not hearing i have what i assume is tinnitus anyone else had this happen to them..

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Hearing Loss :: Partial Hearing Loss With Clogged-up Ear

About a week ago, I was at home at the computer (I believe I was listening to music at the time), and I noticed that the hearing in my left ear had been significantly diminished (but not completely gone). About a minute (perhaps even less than a minute) later, it returned completely to normal, and so I assumed that it was just ear wax or something, and everything was fine now. However, a few seconds to a minute later, it went back to being diminished again. I can't remember for certain if I felt anything physically when all of this happened, but there may have been something that I felt in my ear - which led me to believe it was probably just ear wax.

I have researched on-line for possible solutions to this kind of problem, and I have tried every possibility that I could - peroxide, warm olive oil, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth shut, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth and other (good) ear shut, nasal decongestant (which successfully clears up my nose, but doesn't have any effect on the ear), hot steam bath, Similasan Ear Relief drops that are supposed to clear up water in the ears, jumping up and down with my bad ear tilted toward the ground, jogging, and of course trying to dig out ear wax with the ear wax curette that I have. Unfortunately, nothing has worked, and my hearing has been about the same ever since a week ago when it went out (diminished) for the second time.

I have been able to remove a lot of ear wax with the curette, and sometimes it seems to make it a little better, but it never restores my hearing to normal. Sometimes I feel like I am right at the spot where it is clogged up (if indeed clogged ear wax is the problem), because the curette seems to be hitting a spot that's clogged with ear wax (judging from what it feels and sounds like), but then when I dig out a bunch of ear wax at that spot, my hearing is still the same or perhaps only slightly better. Perhaps I am actually pushing the ear wax further inside, which was mentioned as a possible negative effect of trying to remove the ear wax yourself. Also, I am wary of not poking too hard or too deep, as that was also a warning given at the sites I visited in my research.

Swallowing never seems to do anything, but it's interesting that when I have a strong belch, I can feel pressure inside that left (bad) ear, and it really feels like it's about to burst out and expel whatever is stuck (if it's the case that something is stuck), but it never does. Maybe whatever is stuck in there [ear wax, presumably] is just in so tight that nothing seems to be able to remove it. However, the odd circumstance that occurred when the problem first originated - which is the fact that it got better right after getting clogged up, and then got clogged up again - would seem to suggest that there may be another reason for this happening, other than plugged-up ear wax.

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Neurological Disorders :: Choroidal Fissure Cyst Loss Of Taste, Hearing Loss

Last year(2014) I started having some health issues. In March I was diagnosed with Mastoiditis. After that I began to have vision issues with pain and was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis in my left eye. I did 3 days of Solumedrol at home and followed with oral steroids. Since then I have had on and off hearing loss on left side and have lost my sense of taste 3 times for a few weeks. I recently had a mri and they found a 12mm choroidal fissure cyst on my left side. I also have tingling and numbness in my left foot and leg. I still have blurry and double vision in my left eye at times. I had previous ct scans and mris and there was no cyst present. Could this newly found cyst be causing my issues?

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Is Hearing Loss Reversible?

do you know anyone who completely lost their hearing and got it back? im 22 and i lost my hearing in March this year

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Tinnitus And Hearing Loss At 17

i loss my hearing at the age of 17, doctors were shocked because this usually happens to people over 30... they said that the loss was due to stress and sadness but i couldn't figure out what exactly i was stressed about. i lost 98% of my hearing in the left ear and they send me to therapy straight away, i missed a month and a half of my senior year of high school due to this. after the therapy my ear improved drastically and now i can hear 40% and have completely lost 60%. i'm 18 now and there isn't much i can do anymore. i will soon go and get a hearing aid but i still am not so sure about it. i have coped with the loss off hearing but the ringing in my ear makes me go crazy. so my question is, do you recommend a hearing aid? will it stop of perhaps lessen the ringing in my ear?

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Lupus :: Hearing Loss?

In the spring of 2015, I noticed that there was a constant ringing in my right ear. Around June, I got in with an ENT, who referred me to an audiologist, who diagnosed me with hearing loss. Progressively, the hearing loss has gotten worse. I am a teen, so to me, this seems quite uncommon.

In the fall of 2015, I noticed a constant ringing in my left ear, as well as my right. I checked with my audiologist, and I had a mild hearing loss in my left ear, and a moderate/major hearing loss in my right.

I have also been having these dizzy spells that I like to call "flares", for the past year or so. During these "flares", I get extreme vertigo, fullness in my ear, and obnoxiously loud ringing in my ear. These attacks normally happen in only one ear at a time.

On top of all of this, I have been dealing with joint pain, fatigue, and muscle pain. My memory has gotten awful, and I like I'm in a brain fog all the time. My mom has lupus, so we are thinking it could be autoimmune.

My rhuematologist, ENT, and general doctor sent me for blood work, and my ANA was positive, along with my heat shock protein. This is all so confusing!

Does anyone advice, suggestions, or personal experiences they'd like to share? I have no idea what to do! I am on 500mg of naproxen and turmeric for my joint pain/inflammation, and a bunch of natural supplements in hopes of feeling a little bit better.

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Devices For Hearing Loss?

What are the devices for hearing loss?

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Hearing Loss From Eczema In My Ears

I have had a long term battle (6 1/2 years) with eczema in my ears with no relief. Recently I have had Major hearing loss in both ears due to outer ear infections. I was given oral antibiotics (2x a day) and ear drops (4 drops 4x a day) to help with the infection. It has been 5 days since I started both and I still have none of my hearing back. This is affecting my Job as I work at the front desk of a Hotel! When will I start to get some hearing back?

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Meniere's Disease Without Hearing Loss?

In Jan 2016 I experienced minor episodes of vertigo on a near daily basis, which I believed was remnant of motion sickness during a traumatic sea crossing! I noticed they continued weeks after and seemed to correlate with instances where I was feeling stressed. During this time I moved to the other side of the world and began a new job. I was previously living at 2800 m and spending my weekend’s alternating between the high Andes and the beach (involving lots of air travel). I am now living in the humidity at sea level and wonder if this could have provided sufficient trauma to initiate these attacks. 

After a night of moderate drinking I had my first and only severe episode of vertigo, which left me violently vomiting and unable to walk. After which, I experienced a month or so of very mild vertigo attacks, lasting 4-5 hours at a time. I felt unable to exercise and spent a lot more time at home. Throughout this time I always felt unbalanced and even a drop of alcohol would exaggerate symptoms. 

A hearing test came back fine, to my surprise, and I was treated for vestibular neurosis and given Betaserc for almost 3 months. I had no vertigo whilst on the medication but have had two or three minor episodes since coming off it (during yoga classes, playing football but also when lying in bed). The first specialist was happy the vestibular neurosis had been treated and any imbalance etc. was a product of my body overcompensating or lasting damage. I continued to turn to the extreme right when trying the Unterberg test. Now, my symptoms are fullness in my left ear, which occasionally proves painful and some mild tinnitus. The persistent fullness led my GP to refer me to another specialist, concerned it sounded like MD. Another hearing test and a pressure test both came back fine. I would suggest my hearing is more muffled but could this just be a sensation I notice because of the fullness? I am adamant my hearing suffered immediately after the vertigo attacks (before being treated) because I remember it being relatively distressing. I have been given Vinpocetine to try and hasten recovery of what the specialist believes is just a viral infection and to help with the tinnitus but I have seen no difference. I feel largely like I am not being taken seriously. It is coming up to 6 months now and I am desperate for some resolution or diagnosis that I can work with to try manage these symptoms. I am really active and travel a lot. If I should expect vertigo symptoms to return, I feel I would need to adjust or review my lifestyle as to not take unnecessary risks. Any one else in such situation? Or know anything about altitude and ear issues? Any advice or opinions are very much welcomed. Specifically, I was searching for information on whether it is possible to have MD but without suffering hearing loss? I am only 24 and so had wondered if my hearing could have been affected but remained within the so-called ‘normal’ range?  

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Crohn's Disease :: Hearing Loss?

I've had hearing loss now for a few years but don't know whether it's down to Work, crohn's or chemotherapy, anyone else?

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Ear Problems :: Hearing Loss And Dizziness

I woke up and was dizzy and being sick for the whole day, I have lost 30% of hearing in my left ear.

Previous to this for a year I was getting sudden dizziness that lasted for about 30 seconds and my hearing would go funny! I guess this was do to with it because I've not had it since the big attack on New Year's Day!

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Ear Problems :: Hearing Loss In Four Year Old

My four year old son had an infection in his ear and the drum burst. Afterwards he could not hear properly but his Doc said it would sort itself out. This was a good 5 months ago now and he's just failed his school hearing test. They have said they will test it again in three months but i'm wondering if it needs addressing sooner. Has anybody had any experience of this kind of thing ?

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Anxiety :: Temporary Hearing Loss.

So, I'm back on Mirtazapine 15MG but these past few months I have halved the pill as I discovered 15MG was causing my panic attacks and high anxiety. I also tried to stop Mirtazapine completely and it was the worst time of my life, never want to experience that again but I know I did it all wrong (stopping suddenly). 

Anyway, these past few months I have been doing much better. No panic attacks. Still some anxiety there but not as bad as before. However, I have found new symptoms I have been experiencing  and I am unsure if it is anxiety-related. For the two months I have been experiencing this sudden loss of hearing in one ear which lasts a few seconds and then comes back. I went to the hospital about this, had my ears checked and he said everything was fine and it could just be a sinus problem where I have congestion and it can affect my hearing sometimes as the tube in my ear opens/closes , if that makes sense? I don't know the correct medical terms so that's as best as I can describe it. He prescribed me Beacons and told me to take it for 4 weeks. Also, he told me because it only lasts a few seconds and comes and goes it's nothing to worry about. Phew.

However, my anxiety has me convinced I have a brain tumor. I had headaches for a while but then they stopped completely and I haven't had one in a few weeks. Then I had this hearing problem and my anxiety told me again, "brain tumor". I went and got an eye test done because I have one or two floaters I've recently noticed and my eyes were perfect, she said. Of course, my anxiety made me ask her about if they could tell if someone has a brain tumor and she said she's only had to do that twice in her career and if there was something wrong she would definitely be able to tell.

My symptoms have definitely improved, but why am I always worrying? Why is my anxiety making me tell myself I have a brain tumor when I have no symptoms of a brain tumor? Such as seizures, constant headaches, nausea, etc? It's so annoying. 

Does anyone else suffer from this problem? Or do you suffer from the same symptoms like a sudden temporary loss of hearing?

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Cholesteatoma :: Permanent Hearing Loss

I am a 25 year old male and have recently been diagnosed with Cholesteatoma in my left ear. My case is a bit different it seems as until July 2015 I had a perfectly good left ear. I picked up a cold and ear infection while on holiday in Spain in July 2015 to which a week or so later I was hearing bells going off in my ear constantly. I was put on three different doses of antibiotics and ear drops between July and October. I began to get white discharge from my ear about a month after I had the infection and this discharge turned yellow a month or so later. It was not until January 2016 that I was able to see a ENT specialist who diagnosed me and this was confirmed with a recent CT scan. I have not had any hearing (besides the bells going off in my ear) since I first got the infection back in July. After I had the CT scan and hearing tests I have been told that my ossicles have been eroded and I am very unlikely to get hearing in my left ear again. The infection has dried a little bit from some ear drops which the ENT specialist gave me and I have an MRI scan this week as they want to determine if surgery is absolutely necessary before going ahead. I have seen two ENT specialists at this NHS hospital. This morning I woke to find my ear slightly wet again and with a tiny bit of blood which prompted me to go and see the hospital to which they assured me that this was normal and can happen.

It it seems as though a lot of people have problems with their ears in childhood which leads to cholesteatoma. Has anyone been in a similar situation to myself? The more information the better. 

Note: I had sinus surgery in February 2014 and the CT scan I had in preparation to that operation has shown no signs of cholesteatoma.

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Perilymph Fistula - Progressive Hearing Loss

Though I am actually considering that I have something called basilar migraines, which in many ways can mimic fistulas, I want to make sure that there is no chance of small bilateral fistulas in my ears.

Essentially, I have had progressive hearing loss for 11 months now, along with a number of other symptoms that began to flare up in August. I have a history of 3 separate acoustic traumas that occurred earlier last year, and I have heard that under extraordinary circumstances acoustic traumas can cause fistulas at the oval window.

My triggers have included loudish noise above 80 decibels, middle ear pressure changes from flying on an airplane or wearing earplugs, strenuous exercise, lifting heavy objects, and clenching my teeth too hard at one point (I was angry).

Most times when I have an extended exposure to any of these factors, I am usually left with a small degree of permanent bilateral hearing loss. I am also often left with dizziness/imbalance symptoms, rocking boat vertigo, roaring or very high pitched tinnitus, parathesia in my hands and feet, pressure headaches that start at the temples and migrate to the sinuses, pressure behind my eyes and occasional aura, hyperacusis, middle ear myoclonus (muscle fluttering), feelings of cold liquid deep in my ears, and on a few occasions, a fuzzy lightheaded feeling that makes me feel I am going to pass out.
Many of these symptoms resolve, but some, like the vertigo and ear fullness, often stay around long term and present in daily episodes.

Do these sound like familiar symptoms to anyone who has (or has had) a PLF? Please do let me know of any similar experiences! Am on the verge of needing hearing aids, so I am trying to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Viagra Can Cause Hearing Loss?

New research had announced that Viagra causes many side effects and added hearing loss as one of them. In the last ten years FDA received about 30 complains of people that are using Viagra about sudden hearing loss.

FDA will now add a warning to Viagra and other drugs for pulmonary hypertension which contain the same ingredient as Viagra such as Cialis, Levitra and Revatio.

But, there are differences in opinions within the experts. Some of them say that the risk is too small and that is no direct link between these drugs and hearing loss. They say the research needs time to establish whether the connection exists or not. However, agency add the warning to the drug labels because the period between patients taking the drug and loss of hearing was temporary.

Experts say that there’s no need to panic because in most of the reported cases, loss of hearing wasn’t temporary and it involved just one ear.

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Ears :: Avoid Hearing Loss When Using Headphones?

I used to use headphones a lot... but my research showed that significant hearing loss has troubled most headphones users so what can I do about it? Like putting a carved block of foam inside???!!! C'mon, guys, help me out, giving up is not an opinion, not when listening to music...

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Hearing Loss And Pain In My Jaw

I have noticed that I have a hearing loss in one ear along with a lot of pain from my jaw which is dislocated (same side). What can I do?

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Meniere's Disease :: Significant Hearing Loss?

i have had Meniere's for well over 20 years. In the early years the attacks were horrendous and frequent but gradually settled down to one or two a year. More recently they have returned with avengence. This is not the normal pattern of the disease from what i have read. Also my hearing remains almost perfect despite having suffered with tinnitus daily from the onset of this disease. Obviously i am grateful for this but was just wondering what pattern the disease is taking with others? Has anyone noticed significant hearing loss? 


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Dizziness For A Week - Sore Ear And Hearing Loss

I woke up 7 days ago with a sore left ear and hearing loss in the same ear. When I got out of bed I felt a bit dizzy and disorientated. I went to the doc the following day who referred me to ENT. They don't think that it is to do with my ear which I don't understand as my ear was sore and I felt my hearing had deteriorated (results from hearing test showed my hearing was equal on both sides.) they have referred me to neurology and to have an MRI scan. They don't seem to know what it is. When I say dizziness it isn't classic dizziness. I've had that before with low blood pressure. It's almost a drunk feeling. I am absolutely fine when I am sitting down or lying down. It is just when I get up. It isn't severe to the point that I fall over but I need to guide myself through corridors holding onto walls and things. Does anyone have this symptom? The pain in my ear stopped after 4 days and my hearing feels normal now.

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