Suffering Health Anxiety Regarding My Heart

Feb 6, 2014

Really suffering and struggling with health anxiety regarding my heart. Is anyone going through anything similar?

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Health Anxiety - Hypochondria - Obsessed Getting A Heart Attack

I'm 23 yo with pretty bad OCD/anxiety and a whole lot of hypochondria. It's getting out of control. I've been obsessed with my heart for weeks now because it's always beating fast. And then of course I'll get the chest pain. And then I'll get pains in my arms and what I think are pains in my jaw which then makes me freakout and think I'm having a heart attack.... At 23 years old.

I've had a complete blood count test done to check my thyroid (mom has issues with hers) and everything came back perfect my cholesterol my triglycerides everything. Blood pressure is always perfect I eat healthy I've never smoked I could lose a good 5 lbs but I'm not overweight etc. I've had two ekgs done a chest X-ray but everyday I'm still convinced I'm going to have a heart attack or something because the aches and pains are still there. I'm starting to go crazy. I've been to the ER like 3 times this past week and have seen my regular doctor. I keep freaking myself because I tell myself "oh but you haven't seen a cardiologist". It's driving everyone around me insane and it's making it hard for me to be the mother and wife I was before all of this stuff started

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations And The Feeling Of Heart Attack

Has anyone experienced heart palpitations throughout the day and a fast heart beat that wakes you up in the morning. I'm going to the doc to make sure its nothing serious but i have suffered with panic attacks and hypochondria for years this is just new symptoms.

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations And Nausea - Heart Attack?

hi for about 8 weeks now i have been having what feels like heart palpitations,i have visited my gp and 2 said they thought i was having panic attacks and 1 thought a stomach ulcer i have ended up in hospital twice due to me going light headed feeling sick and having numbness down both arms and racing heart both times i was watching tv when it happened! its driving me insane i have had 3 ECG's all came back normal i sometimes have pain in my left shoulder or in my upper back around shoulder blades or in my upper stomach both sides, i have sat and taken my pulse when it happens but my heart rate doesn't seem to change, i have another appointment with the doctor on monday but feel like im being laughed at and not listened to!

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Anxiety :: Physical Anxiety - Pain And Pressure Around Heart

I've had some really strange physical symptoms. I feel a lot of pressure around my heart. I feel pain in my heart area and fear that it will stop beating. I've had my heart checked out and they found nothing. I constantly fear they missed something. Also feel like my heart twitches at times. But I think it's my chest muscles that twitch. It's really hard to explain. Anyone else feel this?

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Health Anxiety - Obsessed With My Health / Death - Agoraphobic

I've suffered from severe anxiety for about six months now. It started with headaches and fatigue, then I started getting panic attacks a couple of months later and now I am obsessed with my health and when I might die.

Today, for example, I woke up with a heavy right leg and also pain in my thigh and calf. My first thought was blood clot and now I've wasted another whole day worrying about it. This happens all the time to the point where I've become agoraphobic and find it very difficult to continue with work and any activities I used to enjoy.

I've had six sessions of CBT so far and I'm not finding it great to be honest. I'm just so so tired of constantly being aware of my mortality and scanning my body for symptoms 24/7. Even when I'm out, like last night when I went to a comedy gig, the whole night I was scanning my body checking everything was ok and preparing to make a quick escape if necessary.

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Anxiety :: Heart Palpitations

So I just got back from a ER a few hours ago. Why? Well I'll tell you. About 3 days ago or so I started getting heart palpitations while laying down after I took my Seroquel to get ready to sleep. They would last about a half hour to a hour and 15 or 20 so palpitations I would eventually fall asleep. I thought nothing of it but then it happened again the next night and the next ect. I started developing panic attacks cause I was concerned that I had a heart problem or something was wrong. I couldn't tell if my anxiety was causing the palpitations or the palpitations developing the anxiety ugh. So tonight I started getting them and they just wouldn't stop and then I went into full panic mode. I thought oh god im gonna have a heart attack I know it. So I begged my dad to take me to the ER and they assessed me and my vitals were about 60-70 BPM when I got there and then they took some blood and I got a EEG or EKG? Not sure I've never had one before but it was the one with the cords they put on your chest, legs, sides and it literally takes 10 seconds and it came out perfect and so did the blood work. The doctor said because of the propanol that I take which calms the heart down during a panic attack that I'm having "extra beats"  because of the calm when I take my propanol. I asked him why this came on all of a sudden and he doesn't know it just happens. He said they're usually benign but to make a appointment with my GP to get a heart monitor to wear for a week just as a safety precaution. I asked him what causes this and he said caffeine, sugar, smoking ect. I asked him what about not eating and drinking enough because I haven't been doing much due to my IBS being pretty bad recently. He said that could be it as well but to still follow up with my doctor. I'm still scared cause im still having them (well I had 1 since I got home) i keep constantly checking my pulse and worrying when the next one will come that it's making my anxiety sky rocket. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I'm still afraid even though I was told it was ok. My anxiety brain is saying that the tests were wrong and they missed something ect. Ugh I hate anxiety. It seems like it's one thing after another. Id love to hear what you guys think of this. Thanks.

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Anxiety :: Enlarged Heart

I had a ecg and they've referred me for an echogram because they think although the ecg said normal they think I could have an enlarged heart and I'm literally so scared. Can you live with an enlarged heart? I heard that it causes cardiac arrests I'm literally so scared I'm gonna have a cardiac arrest any second

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Anxiety :: How To Differentiate It From Heart Issues?

I have had quite a few ECG's and blood tests but doctors say it is just anxiety but when you're experiencing symptoms without a panic attack how do you really know it's anxiety and not an underlying heart problem ?

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Trimethoprim :: Racing Heart And Anxiety

i've recently been given trimethoprim for water infection i also take citalopram 1st time i took this antibiotic had racing heart and anxiety 2nd day same again and jittery feeling light headed and weak went back to drs told 2 stop taking them as they might affect the dosage of citalopram it is just like having withdrawal symptoms not very nice as any 1 ad same reactions.

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Anxiety :: Phobia Of Having A Heart Attack

For about the last 8 months or so I have developed a phobia of having a heart attack. I have heard of and know some people who have had them and one was a close cousin of mine who was only 41 years old when she died from it. She also had other medical problems also. Just the other day I had my annual check up with my primary doctor and found out I suffer from high cholesterol. This is new for me so of course now I'm really scared. I have already changed my diet to lower it but still the thought of a heart attack won't leave my mind. Always afraid that any minute I may have one.

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Anxiety Or Real Heart Pains?

Anyone ever had heart pains or aches with their anxiety? Feels so real mine do and doctors say its anxiety related but I'm so sure they are real. Had bloods and 3 ecgs done all were fine though they were done 3 months ago. It's ruining my life and constantly scared I'm going to die, its started to affect my relationship with my kids 3 yr old boy and 10 month old girl. I'm 28 years old not overweight eat healthy and do only little bit of exercise walking mainly, don't have any family or friends around as moved in January away for partners work.

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Constantly Lightheaded - Is This Heart, Anxiety, Or Vertigo?

I am 24 and female. Lately, I have been getting lightheaded when I get out of bed in the morning, or lay down. Occasionally, if I am lying in bed reading or watching TV I will feel disoriented or lightheaded, near greying-out. I put my hand above my head, like putting my hair up in a bun, I feel dizzy. A few times, my friends or It's Always Sunny make me laugh really hard, I feel lightheaded. It is winter in New England and when I go indoors from walking outside, I feel like I could fall over. This also sometimes occurs in the bath or shower. If I am laying down and I adjust my neck, sometimes I get what feels like a headrush. I have minor jaw pain, that comes and goes, and is probably unrelated. I am overweight (I have always struggled to lose weight), but I am in good shape. I ran a half-marathon a few months ago. This isn't constant, I would say this happens about 60-70% of the time. I feel better when I push fluids, but it is markedly worse when I am menstruating. It's not debilitating, but it is worrisome.

I went to see a nurse practitioner and she ran a few blood tests - iron, metabolic, and thyroid - they all came back normal. She also listened to my heart, and told me that sounded normal. My blood pressure is typically in the 103/61-64 range. The NP wants me to see an ENT, but I do not think it is vertigo.

(I have always had strange bouts of medical mysteries that have all be chopped up to anxiety. As a child, from about nine to ten, my earlobes, throat, and feet would swell for seemingly no reason. At seventeen, my left pupil would hyper-dilated. Never figured out why any of that was happening. Last summer, I was admitted to the ER for having chest and left arm pain. That was determined to be muscle spasms.)

Does this sound like anxiety, or something else? I'm sure it is nothing, but my mother is a nurse and she is decidedly concerned. Thanks for any help.

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Anxiety :: Heart Skips A Beat When Trying To Sleep?

I recently noticed that when I try to go to sleep or wake up to use bathroom then lay back down my heart starts skipping beats and it feels like a hiccup. It just does it when I am trying to sleep. Is this an anxiety symptom or do I need to worry ?

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Anxiety :: Headaches - Racing Heart And Migraine

Over the past year and a half, I have been struggling with headaches every other day.  I also have been having a racing heart, but not as often.  Once a month or so.  I've been to a PT, massage therapist, a headache specialist, and a chiropractor.  My chiropractor thinks it is from stress, but when I am visibly stressed - I don't get a headache.  I was thinking it was from something that I am eating, but I cannot find a common pattern in my food diaries.  Maybe gluten or dairy? or is it really stress??  

I did notice today that I had a monster migraine when I got to work.  I was anticipating a very stressful day at work (it was fine though) and after I got home and had dinner - my headache was gone.

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Anxiety :: Enlarged Heart - Chest Pains

I went to urgent care for chest pains I was having the night before. The doctor did an EKG, blood test, and chest X-ray. He went over all the results and said everything was okay. He went over the chest x ray and said my heart was a little bit above average size and said it was no big deal. But I went home and looked that up and it seems like a pretty big deal. Now I can't stop stressing about it and my anxiety has been awful all night and day.

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Menopause :: Perimenopause - Heart Palpitations And Anxiety

This has been the worst 3 weeks of my life with these perimenopause symptoms. I'm soon to be 49. I thought my symptoms were getting better. Then on March 8th started having bad stomach cramps and low back pain which lasted 2 1/2 weeks. Then the terrible indigestion started with heart palpitations and then of course major anxiety. My period which has been about every 18 days since December is now late. I live each day in fear and terror of heart palpitations and anxiety. I seriously feel like I might die everyday. This is absolutely no way to live. I feel bad for my poor husband and daughter. I am no wife and mother at this time. My daughter is 21 but I still feel horrible about the state I'm in. Sorry for the vent. Feeling hopeless like this journey will never ever end.

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Cannabis :: Anxiety And Racing Heart After Smoking Weed

I'm 15, I started smoking weed around December. I smoked every weekend, and I woke smoke 2 - 4 joints at a time. I continued to do it until around April, when I stopped because every time I smoked I would get anxiety and my heart would race. at the time, i didn't let it bother me because I believed it was normal. I quit 3 weeks ago, and I have been having signs of depersonalization and anxiety. My heart has been beating very fast and hard for the past 48 hours, and I had an anxiety attack last night.

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Cannabis - Anxiety :: Mini Heart Attack With Weed

I'm 15 years old, the first time i tried weed was when i was 13. i have started smoking weed a lot more when i was 14 , i always got nervous to speak in front of a large group like a school presentation, but that nervous became more serious turned into anxiety, i just went to doc. today, my anxiety gets so bad at school i ask to go home because of it i look for every chance i can get to "escape" the uncomfortableness. i won't even read out loud at my own desk. i don't know if weed caused this because i love weed. i'm not a person that freaks out if i don't have it but if its in my face ill hit it. i went to a physiatrist for my first time she said i need to go to the docs.(which i did). IDK for sure but i think the doc. will give me med. i am just wondering if i can still smoke weed and take the med. without having my mini "heart attack''.

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack - Heart Started Racing

So last weekend I was out with friends we had had a nice dinner and we're sitting talking when suddenly my heart started racing I wasn't panicked or anything and didn't really have any other symptoms bit short of breath and chest was bit tight my heart rate was 120 this last for about an hour and was nearly 2 hrs before my heart rate slowed to normal. Does this happen to you guys. I did go and get checked out and all okay.

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Propranolol Slowing Down Heart Rate - Causing Further Anxiety

I'm been put on 10mg of propranolol daily for palpitations and pulse rate normal sits between 60-70 BPM and when I take these propranolol I feel like my heart beat is just going to stop which is making my anxiety 100% question is can't my heart just stop beating ? Can I half these tablets down to 5mg? Can't get this shaky constant panicky feeling away..

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