Vitamin D Deficiency? Pain In My Ribs And Arms

Feb 13, 2014

Hi I have been having pain in my ribs and arms and shoulders for 4 months I don't seem to be getting anywhere with doctors I do have vitamin d deficiency and was Just wondering if it's anything to do with that?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Pain And Weakness In Arms And Legs

Symptoms I been having. ..

*Weakness in arms and legs
*Pain in both legs and arm, worse when walking/working

Also in my feet.

* Frequent bladder
*Random muscle twitching all over the body, especially feet
*Eye sight slightly worse (need glasses now)

A doctor I saw was just at a regular clinic and he did blood work and it came back fine beside that my Vit D level was at 7 which he had the nurse call me and immediately gave a prescription over the phone for V2 vitamin 10,000unit pills and been working on that. Anybody know if my symptoms sound like a legit cause of the vitamin d deficiency? Could it really cause pain and muscle twitching?

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency :: Pain In My Both Calves

i had a vitamin b12 test yesterday. the result recd today is 277. i am having pain in my both calves and i get tired very quickly. please suggest what it is ?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Pain And Fatigue Are Becoming Unbearable

Had a letter from the rheumatologist to say that I have vitamin D deficiency which I can't understand because I get plenty of sunlight and I have a good diet.Going to GP today to discuss supplements.Rheumatologist also suggests that my GP checks my PTH which I assume is parathyroid hormone.Does anyone have any experience of this.My pain and fatigue are becoming unbearable and if vitamin D supplements could alleviate some of it this would be wonderful,but I Don't want to get my hopes up only to be let down again.

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Chronic Pain :: Fibromyalgia Or Vitamin D Deficiency? Or Both?

Okay so I'm feeling really down at the moment due to chronic pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago but can't tolerate all the medications such as gabapentin, pregabalin and amitriptyline so I'm basically just taking solpadol 30/500s and tramadol 50 mg if it gets really bad.  I've now been diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency and all they would tell me it was below 20 so I've been started on 60000 units of cholecalciferol per week. I'm now getting sharp pains in my feet which I can only describe as a cross between a bee sting and an electric shock in my heels and feet, and a constant ache of calf muscles and bad bone pain to my shins. Everything is getting me down

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Vitamin D3 Deficiency :: Muscle Pain (mostly Upper Back And Neck)

I've had some blood work done because I was extremely tired and have been for the last couple of months, muscle pain (mostly upper back and neck), headaches, muscle weakness, being emotional (bursting into tears) mostly because extremely tired. digestive issues etc.

Results came back, only thing wrong is D3 level at 6 ng/ml (minimum should be 30). I was prescribed 25000 UI a week for three months. I also sent a mail with the results to my endocrinologist. She says she doesn't think my symptoms come from a vitamin D deficiency. Now I respect the woman a LOT. She has helped me in many ways in the past and she's been the only one to find what was wrong with me years back when I had severe health issues and every other doctor thought I was just "depressed".

I am though very surprised by her answer. I've read of a lot of people having very similar symptoms with vitamin D deficiency, and for most of them the symptoms just flew away when their vitamin D level went back up.

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Terrible Bone Pain Lasting Months

My doctor told me today I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. I had been to see her because of terrible bone pain lasting months. She told me this could be the cause.

I'm currently taking 20,000 units of vit D for 15 days, then down to 800 for maintenance.

I'm not expecting results straight away, but the problem is, the pain has gotten 10x worse since my first dose today, and it was already pretty bad. I can't find pain as a side effect anywhere so I'm just seriously confused as to why this has happened. I've never felt pain like this before, so I'm assuming it's related to the vit D.

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Neck And Shoulder Pain - Tired And Dizzy

I've been unwell for on and off now for almost a year. I remember phoning off sick a couple of times before feeling tired and 'achy'. I thought I was just being lazy and this was psychosomatic. Then I started getting really ill when I developed a sudden onset of neck/shoulder pain which is still an ongoing problem now although the pain has turned into discomfort/ache which I have learned to manage doing exercise and stretches. I also feel sensitivity on other parts of my body (like invisible bruises.For 6 months I was coping with my neck/shoulder problem (symptoms are crawling/tingling sensation in the arm, sensitivity to touch like its bruised and cold feeling and dull ache on my shoulder blade).

Then gradually I started developing 'flu like symptoms' without cough or cold but with tiredness/fatigue and dizzy headache which are intermittent throughout the day, until 2 weeks later I started getting throbbing ache in my legs and eventually I couldn't sit all day without getting restless legs and crawling/tingling sensation in my legs which caused weakness in my legs and worse when I'm going upstairs - and my knees keeps clicking. I went to my doctors who prescribed me with naproxen. And told me that I had something called Reactive Arthritis, which i thought was a misdiagnosis. Overall I thought that it could be viral related

This time I've been off work for a week when I started to feel better after a week on naproxen. I came back to work for a week feeling like i thought I recovered. Then boom 2 weeks later gradually the flu like symptom came back with extreme tiredness / fatigue and I've been in bed since. I'm still achy all the time regardless. I have no energy to do anything, even showering is a struggle. I've been in bed most of the time, sometimes I try to go out with my husband for a few hours but I come back home absolutely exhausted and the soreness/headache i get is a different level. Most of the time I feel like my body is inflamed.

So i decided to get a second opinion and i went to see another GP who referred me for a blood test. A few days later, my results came through and I have Vitamin D deficiency. Everything else they tested seem fine. I have a better outlook now though after the diagnosis, apparently it will take months for the treatment to take effect. I guess now they found something they will stop investigating further (which worries me a little bit) but i guess its process of elimination so treat one thing at a time. Would be great to hear from others who also has this deficiency and whether the treatment was effective?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Severe Pain In Shoulders , Elbows And Hips 

I have recently been made aware that I am vit d deficient , following feeling extremely rough for a considerable period of time . 

Symptoms have included:

severe pain in my shoulders , elbows ,hips 

loss of muscle strength

poor coordination , very wobbly at times

excessive sweats 

fluctuating body temperature - sudden change from comfortable to freezing or the other extreme excessive Heat !!

extreme tiredness

lethargy..... To name a few 

I have found this forum really informative ,and reassuring hearing that with vit d supplements a lot of writers have noticed a big difference in their symptoms.

my question is once diagnosed as vit d deficiency is this something that is prone to drop in the future ?or following a course of supplements does your own immune system usually maintain its levels ? 

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Vitamin D Deficiency :: Always Tired, Weak And Suffer With Joint Stiffness And Pain

I'm 52 I went to Doctors because I'm always tired, weak & suffer with joint stiffness & pain. Couldn't find any thing wrong. I had a vitamin d blood test. My result was 40 which is a little low. I have been told to take a supplement 1000 iu. Has anyone else had this kind of reading and what us the best vit d supplement out there to take?

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Severe Vitamin D Deficiency - Fatigue, Depression - Joints / Arm / Legs Pain

I have recently been diagnosed with Vit D deficiency...the level in my blood was under 10 (it was actually at 3) when it should have been at least over 50.  I think it has been this low for at least a year. I didn't get any sunshine at all last year (severe hot flushes so avoided sunshine) without realising the consequences.  My diet has not been ideal either.  After several blood tests to test thyroid, and lots of other things, the locum GP came up with a severe Vitamin D deficiency.

Over the last 6 to 8 months my health has noticeably deteriorated with  severe tiredness, no energy, really bad aches and pains, with severe pain in my joints, disturbed sleep, very depressed, etc. Plus I am pre menopausal and have depression, all of which are being treated separately and fairly successfully.

Anyway a locum GP put me on 20000iu of Vit D daily for two weeks which I finished this week...and now my usual GP has put me on a long term daily maintenance dose of 800iu Vit D (and didn't seem sure why I was on a daily dose of the 20000).

Anyway I had a business trip yesterday, 6 hours total travelling and 6 hours in meeting, and half hour walks to the station and back....and the result on my body has been catastrophic.  Really aching all over, severe pains in my arms and legs, both much more than usual, bad back, and just generally feel awful.  Is this to be expected?  Is this normal with a vit D deficiency.  How long will it be before I start to see any benefits.  The doc mentioned it will be at least another 6 months before my blood levels are tested but I work full time, am a carer at home and really want to start feeling better soon.

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Vitamin B12 And Vitamin D Deficiency Experienced Nocturnal Anxiety?

I was diagnosed with with B12 and Vitamin D deficiency. Both levels quite low. I have been taking my Vitamin B12 shots for three weeks now. Also I am on supplements for Vitamin D 60000 IU once a week. Most of my symptoms like tingling numbness and headache have gone. But since a few days i have been experiencing this weird feeling in my chest and entire body, the kinds when we are nervous, with palpitation while sleeping. I wake up and sit for sometime and then I seem to be fine. However, it happens again when i am about fall asleep. My GP said its anxiety and prescribed clonazepam. It did help for three days. But yesterday I tried sleeping without taking clonazepam and the same feeling of anxiety and palpitation came back. Is it a part of the vitamin D recovery process? I don't want to take clonazepam regularly. Any suggestions? 

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Vitamin D Deficiency :: Pain, Numbness, Paralysis, Loss Of Mobility, Fatigue, Bladder And Collapse

I've been ill for over 12 months, with chronic pain, numbness, paralysis, loss of mobility, fatigue, bladder, bowel problems, Total collapse falling to floor, shaking, tremors, head nodding, slurring, drooling, speech problems sleep problems

Had ct, Mri, evoked potentials, numerous blood tests, all clear , now it appears according to neurologist that this is all down to vit d deficiency? It's 12 have got 40000 iu to take once a week and been told to go to gp as he no longer needs to see me ?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Below 30

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency after years of pain and tiredness. I have quite a long history but have had surgery twice on my right foot. The first time was a straightforward bunion op and the second one I am now wondering if was caused by Vit D Deficiency as I was in so much pain after first op I needed the 2/3/4 metatarsals cuttings and replacing into different positions.

I also have Carpel Tunnel in right hand and been told I need surgery on it due to muscle waste, inflamed tendons and slight loss of sensation.

There isn't a part of my body that doesn't hurt and I am a 36 year old female. I am self employed and a mum (which can be very challenging with all the pain and tiredness at times!).

I have been prescribed pre d3 20,000 iu 3 times a week.

It turns out that I had a blood test in 2011 that showed I was low on vit d then so I have spent the past week battling between my GP and hospital to try get the levels and find out who did the original test and find out why nothing was done years ago for me. I am starting to feel fobbed off as no one is giving me a clear answer. The hospital won't give me the answers and told me they have to be faxed to GP which I asked for and after waiting days for this and chasing up twice the GP rang today to tell me they have recent blood test result which showed vit D below 30 if that makes sense to anyone?

They weren't sent the 2011 results so have had to chase up again!

I am concerned after having pain for years that this may have done damage. How long does it take to see a difference on that dosage?

My main pains are in lower right back, back right rib, hips, feet, hands, neck.

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Vitamin D Deficiency Can Cause Depression

I know vitamin d deficiency can cause depression but can it affect anxiety. my doctor put me on vitamin d and i've noticed a drop in my anxiety. i am taking it once a week and forgot to take it yesterday. today i noticed my anxiety had increased. could it be related?

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Minerals :: Causes Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

What are the causes of vitamin B12 Deficiency? 

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Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Neuropathy?

In May I was told I had a vitamin d deficiency. My level was 11. Right before i was told about my low d i had burning pain throughout both of my thighs. If anything touched my thighs it felt like bees were stinging me. I went to the neurologist because I was also getting numbness in my arms. He told me i had mp or another name for it is lcpn from wearing tight pants. I bought new pants and waiting six weeks. Saw him again and now he thinks it's because my d levels were so low. D is up to 50 s now so why am i still in pain. I had an emg done on my legs and it was normal. Emg on arms showed mild carpal tunnel. I was tested for hiv 5 months after any exposure results were negative. He tested me for a bunch of other stuff all was negative. Could all of this be vit d

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Possible Damages Due To Vitamin D Deficiency?

I wanted to ask about vitamin d deficiency and possible side effects of it .

I am a 25 year old male , and my vitamin d level was very low (7ng/ml)

compared to the one I tested a year and a half ago that was 25 ng/ml.

The problem is that I had very little or even no sun exposure the past year and half because of medications I was taking for my acne including accutane , I wanted to test my levels six month ago but my doctor basically said that there was nothing to worry about , now that I know that my vitamin d levels were this low , I want to find out what is the possible damage that was caused by a year and a half of deficiency ?

and should I urge my doctor for more tests like calcium levels or bone density?

I'm just really worried that I've done damage to myself

of course now I'm taking supplements and I can also go back in the sun so I hope my vitamin d level will become normal , but it's very important for me to know if I need to have more tests done or what kind of damage may have been caused ?

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Pregnancy :: Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

my wife is 13 weeks pregnant. And her B12 levels are 81 and Ferritin is 31.2. kindly Suggest that is it ok or any treatment will be need to be taken for it as Haemoglobin is 12.2

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Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Reactive Hypoglycemia?

Have suffered from RH for 2 years very badly, it has basically taken over my life.

Recently I read somewhere that it can be caused by vitamin D deficiency. Well that would make sense timing wise, I live in Scotland (no sun here) and I stopped sun holidays 3 years ago due to drop in income.

I was excited by this discovery but well 8 days in (5000iu) and no improvement. I know it probably takes a lot longer and I'm still going, but I hope it's not just a red herring.

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Vitamin D Deficiency, Hyperparathyroidism And Heartburn

Can anyone relate to having muscle and bone pain with being deficient in vitamin D ?   I get severe pains in muscles down my back and this has spread into my shoulders and up my neck into my head at the back. The pains come and go but i always feel tender and stiff in these area's. I get sharp shooting pains, burning pains and the feeling that my muscles are sore to touch. I also have felt like the muscle is tearing when i turn to reach something, the tearing sensation is really painful. I get shooting pains in my right leg in the hip/buttock joint which makes walking difficult at times and causes my left knee to give as i try to keep weight off right leg. The bone pain is usually in my lower back. When the pains in my neck muscles started it seemed to be triggered after i heard a cracking sound and got sharp pains in the back of my neck.

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