Chevrolet - Trailblazer :: 2007 - Headlights Go Out At Random While Driving At Night

Aug 25, 2014

While driving at night time the headlights will go out at random. The marker lights will stay on and the lights will still not turn on if I switch the light switch from "automatic" to "on". When the lights are out I can use the high beams while in "automatic" or "on".

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Santa Fe (CM - 2007-12) :: Headlights Dim / Flicker When Bakes Depressed - Random Stalling While Driving

Had the following problems with my 2009 Santa Fe: Audio system would randomly reset when playing MP3 from USB drive, Headlights would dim/flicker when bakes depressed, LED lights on dash would flicker, random stalling while driving. Finally just died and would not start. The Hazard lights would not work only a bit of buzzing from the relay. Checked Battery, connectors, etc. All looked good. Measured voltage at fusebox (inside) and found it dropped from 12v to 4v when I put the hazard switch on. Showed there was a connection problem of some kind.

Finally used a jumper cable from the battery negative terminal to an ground point inside the cabin. Bingo that fixed all the problems, car started, lights were good, hazards worked. As a permanent fix I ran a wire from where the negative terminal of the battery connects to the frame, then drilled a hole in the firewall and ran the wire into the cabin. Connected the wire to a ground point in the cabin. Used a heavy gauge stranded wire. you can try this out with lamp cord as a temporary fix, but I'd use something heavier for a permanent fix. All problems have gone. No flickering, no stalling... This may be a problem on other models from what I've read in some forums (unexplained stalling - check the grounding in the cabin..).

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Touareg :: How To Turn Headlights Off While Driving At Night

I really like that my headlights are always on but I can't figure out how to turn them off at night, for those rare occasions at the drive-in theater.

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Volkswagen - Cabrio :: Both Headlights Go Out While Driving At Night On A Curvy State Highway

My '98 Cabrio recently had the headlights both go out while driving at night on a curvy state highway. I pulled onto a side street and tried to figure out a way to be able to continue my drive home safely with lights. I found that by turning the ignition key to the right and jiggling the key I could get it to temporarily stay in a position to allow my lights to remain on.

In time, that solution was no longer an option and I discovered that by pulling the brights lever (it should be noted that it usually clicks into place) and holding it towards me, the lights would work, albeit on bright mode which tends to irritate fellow motorists. Strangely, the heater fan and wipers would only work while in this new found method of illuminated driving by releasing the brights switch and pulling it a second time towards me (remember, it doesn't lock into place as it should). How to repair this problem? It defies all logic as to why things on this car work or don't work.

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Chevrolet - Trailblazer :: Horrible Sound Happens Intermittently When Driving

I’m hearing a horrible sound when I drive my 2002 Trailblazer. It has 250,000 miles and we have babied it since the first day we bought it. I’m hoping it will last another year. The sound I’m hearing happens intermittently. I took it by a mechanic, and of course it didn’t make the sound. It sounds like you are driving over rumple strips found on the shoulder of expressways. I then feel a “drag” and it goes away. What’s going on?

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Golf IV / Jetta IV :: Power Loss At Random Times While Driving Or Idling / Headlights Flickering

I've been experiencing power loss at random times while driving, idling, With almost always flickering headlights on my mkiv 1.8t gti. Also on what always seems like the exact same spot on the freeway I'm losing all power to the wheels and it feels as if my plugs aren't firing for about 10 seconds Which causes me to bog down. At which point I down shift and play the throttle until my motor then begins running normally again.

I've semi recently replaced my battery and terminals, due to corroded terminals and worn out battery. Is is possible a ecu reset could solve this problem?

Also when the power surges during driving my traction control and hand-brake lights on the tachometer will flash and the car will beep three or four times (same as when the hand-brake on beep).

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Lexus LS 2007+ :: LS460 Yellow Fault Triangle Together With PCS Warning When Driving At Night

I have a 2007 LS 460 with active cruise and lane keep assist (LKA). All works fine during daylight hours but if I drive at night I get the yellow Fault Triangle together with pcs warning and instruction to have system checked by the dealer. The dealer says that there are no fault codes showing on the diagnostic system.

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Chevrolet :: 1990 Truck Dies At Random While Driving

My truck is having a problem lately where it will suddenly die while driving. It feels like it loses either spark or fuel and happens about 20-30 minutes after I drive it. Once it dies you can turn the key off and restart it and it will fire up and run again, for how long I'm not sure because I'm almost home about that time. It has a fairly new fuel pump, 2 years old, a fuel filter the same age, new cap and rotor, new air filter, probably could use some new plugs. I replaced the TPS with an older one that I had laying around and had no change in performance. I get a 34 and 43 code (MAP and knock sensor) when I do a diagnostic on it.My question is do you think a MAP sensor or knock sensor would cause this kind of failure before I go out and buy them? I'm leaning towards the MAP sensor but not sure that it would have this kind of an effect on the engine.

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Chevrolet - Lumina :: 1991 - Stalls While Driving At Random Intervals Between 1 To10 Minutes - Unplugged Wire

I have a 1991 Chevy Lumina and I believe this wire is the root of my problems. I

wasn't the one who unplugged it but it seems it was unplugged as an easy way to get around a problem. When unplugged the car runs but the performance is off, It doesn't feel like it has the same power as it does when it's plugged in and it also sounds different when in idle. When the wire is plugged in the car stalls while driving at random intervals between 1 and 10 minutes and needs to be jumped to start it back up. I will attach pictures of the wire and its location within the surrounding area.

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TrailBlazer :: Random Misfire And Code P0300 - Rough Idle

'02 TB w/ code P0300 / Random misfire. Started the other day when it was very damp out, FWIW. Feels like ur driving on rumble strips during acceleration. Rough idle also. It does not do this continually though as after a while (minute) it clears up and runs smooth for a while then runs rough & light will again for a while. I seafoamed it today since it been about 60k since last seafoam. I thought that might have worked until I drove about 20 mile and it went rough again. I also cleaned the oil out of the cam sensor elect connector, since that caused rough running before, although it didn't throw that code. It seems to be very intermittent. '02 TB, 185k miles, orig plugs changed at 125k. Is it actually just going in & out of a limp-mode? O2 since it's random ???

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Chevy - Trailblazer :: Transmission Component Slipping - Random Clunk Noise

Chevy trailblazer 2007

Between 1,000 and 2,000 rpm (only 20% of the time) I hear, and feel, a clunk that seems to emanate somewhere near / behind the driver seat. The error code (an 834 ? possibly but I forget exactly...but def in the 800 series) says " transmission component slipping".

Trans oil full, and clear.

The clunk sound happens on any terrain, and is very random. And going up-hill does not bring it on. The clunk's been happening for about 2,000 miles.

The orig transmission was replaced 15,000 miles ago.With a used one. Total mileage on car now 75,000.

Mechanics give varied explanations, and prognoses (none are good) but no one knows what's going on for sure.

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Prius (Gen 2) :: Headlights Randomly Turn Off At Night Time

I'm a proud owner of a 2005 prius which until recently ran flawlessly. For the past 2 mos, one of both of the headlights randomly turn off at nighttime. If I turn the knob off, then back on, they both work.

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Santa Fe (CM - 2007-12) :: 2008 - Random Stalling After 15 Minutes Of Driving

Our santa fe 2008 diesel randomly stalls. Most of the time the stall happens after at least 15mins of driving but I am not sure if its just a coincidence. It only happens when the car is stopped. When it happens, i put the car in park, turn off AC, then turn the car back on. It starts right up but is a bit rumbling like it will stall again. When i press the accelerator there is no response.

If I turn on the AC or turn the wheels, it dies. If i put it in drive or reverse it also dies. That happens around 3-5 times, then after that, everything is good again. Accelerator responds normally, car doesn't stall. Its driving me crazy! Whats worse is sometimes it doesn't occur for 1month! Then all of a sudden it stalls again. Bought the car 2nd hand and since january it died around 8-10 times.

I brought it to a reputable mechanic and they checked the fuel system. Replaced the fuel filter, fuel sensor. They even tried a different pump and sanction valve and it still didn't fix it. They kinda concluded that its not in the fuel system already, but they are at a loss. Its very hard to trigger since we don't know what really causes the stalling. All we know is that it only occurred when the car is stopped.

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TrailBlazer :: 2002 LS - Truck Sound Extremely Rough At Random Periods When Off Gas Pedal

I own a Trailblazer 02' LS and its at 152,000 miles at this point. I am currently debating on whether its a better strategy to fix this current issue (explained further below) or start saving for another vehicle.

The problem I am having is the truck will sound extremely rough at random periods when im off the gas pedal. Sometimes it will try and shut off but comes back to me when jam on the gas pedal. Also sometimes during all of this, The oil pressure gauge will drop to 0 and go back up once I hit the gas pedal.

Random things: AC buttons 1-4 don't work but 5 does sometimes. It also Idles at 500 RPM's instead of 1000 like I've seen on other newer cars.

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Prius (2004-09) :: Auto Mode - Headlights Do Not Turn On In Pitch Black Night

I recently purchased an 05 prius pack 4, it has an Auto mode on the headlight switch that does not work. as in the headlights do not turn on in pitch black night... From the searches I have done it appears that the car should not have auto headlights and yet it has the switch... I dont think its canadian because it does not have DRLs... if some models DO have auto headlights then what would cause them to not work.

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Golf IV / Jetta IV :: 2007 - Display Seems To Be Fading - Showing Random Icons - Radio Dies While Driving

While I drove to and from the dog park yesterday - a total of 25 minutes - several alarming things happened to my 2007 Jetta (2.5L, 4 Dr, single owner = me). On the way there, a yellow icon popped up on the instrument display, and since I'd never seen it before, I looked it up in the manual after we parked and went into the park. It was the power steering icon - not low fluid, but your power steering may stop working, better get it checked. (!) Yellow is the warning, and red with noises is the serious problem level. But it also said sometimes that symbol shows up and then goes away. After 90 minutes in the park, I started the car and it wasn't there. And I didn't feel any problem with the steering. Then, after 3 minutes of very low speed driving, the radio display started to flicker, and the radio popped and then shut off by itself. Then the instrument display that shows the mileage, the tank mileage, the temperature and the time in red numbers started to fade, I noticed the A/C was blowing warm air, and three more icons showed up: the power steering one, the ABS brakes, and another one I didn't recognize. I kept driving because I was in traffic, and then after about 2 - 3 minutes, the A/C got cool, the radio came back on, and the icons went away. I haven't started the car yet today, but it drove all the way home last night with no weird episodes.I was in an accident in June that required both drivers side doors to be replaced and a lot of cosmetic work on the back bumper, but no impact to the engine area or front of the car. Any thoughts on what's causing this? I have a long freeway commute and I am worried about driving with things just cutting out like that.

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Santa Fe (CM - 2007-12) :: 2008 - Random Cylinder Misfire / Vehicle Shuttered And Driving Power Lost

I have 62,500 on my 08 Santa Fe... never had any engine problems, but today, started the vehicle, drove 1/2 mile in town at 25 mph, turned a corner and the vehicle shuttered and lost driving power. At the same time, the check engine light came on and flashed continuously. I drove 1/2 block (around two corners in town) with the on/off studder and loss of power. I pumped the accelerator just to keep it from killing. As I stopped at the next corner and idled the vehicle regained power. I pulled over and called the dealership service department and they recommended I drive it home (blocks away) and turn the engine off, then try to restart it and if it started drive it 30 miles to dealership.

Did that, engine light came on steady and vehicle had full power. Long and short... the code was P0300 Random CYL Miss Fire Fault (random cylinder miss fire). After scanning the vehicle, test driving it and inspecting it as they do, they could not find a source of the problem or duplicate it. They cleared the code and promised that if it happened again they would credit me the $90 diagnostic fee I paid today for them to find nothing and apply it to a problem they couldn't find. They were willing to try and warranty it even though it is 2,500 over warranty if it had needed parts. Has this cylinder misfire happened to any of you? I've never had a problem like this really go away, so I'm expecting it will show up again. Also, they want to replace the timing belt (at 60K) as a preventative measure. What do you think? Can I wait till 80K?

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TrailBlazer :: Pulsating Headlights - Battery Gauge Drops Several Amps

I have an 05 trailblazer with 99k 4.2 4wd. The headlights flicker sometimes at night when I let of the gas. Tonight was by far the worst. It looked like I had pulsating headlights. The dashboard lights do it as well. When it occurs the battery gauge drops several amps as well but returns to 14ish amps after things level out.

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Lexus SC430 :: 2007 - Headlights Turn Off On Their Own While Driving

I have a 2007 and I've just developed my first problem since I purchased the car new in 2007. While driving, my headlight(s) will turn off by themselves.

Sometimes it's the right one, sometimes it's the left one, and sometimes they will both stop working. Turning the headlight switch off and then on brings them back to life.

What part in the headlight system is causing this?

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Chevrolet - Trailblazer :: Misfiring And Hesitating When Hit The Gas

I changed my plugs recently in my 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer 4.2l I6 with the coil on plug setup, and now it is misfiring and hesitating when I hit the gas. All the spark plugs have the proper gap and torqued down properly. I tried tightening down the ignition coils and on one I snapped the bolt. Of course my truck is staying parked until I replace the part which I have to order online. The only thing I can think of as far as the misfiring is not having a proper seat with the coils, my question is, how to get a better seating or if there are any other possible issues I could have over looked at all?

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Chevrolet - Trailblazer :: 2008 AC / Heater Doesn't Always Come On?

I have a 2008 trailblazer that the ac/heater doesn't always come on. When it does come on it wont stop blowing until the battery dies.

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