Gasoline - Nissan - Sentra - Gauges :: Gas Gauge Incorrect / False Reading

Feb 8, 2011

When I fill my gas tank (in other words, until the pump clicks off on its own) the dashboard gas tank gauge is at only at about 3/4 full. Itdoesn't seem to be the type of needle that shleps its way up after a few minutes. So I continue filling on my own until I have as close to a full tank as I can get without any overspill. What's up with that?

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Silverado :: 2004 - Gas Gauge Incorrect Reading But Still Calculating MPG?

My '04 gas gauge started moving around, slowly rising from empty with low fuel light on to the correct position, a few days later it would rise to less than the correct reading, and now it's just parked on empty with the low fuel light on constantly.

After reading all the similar complaints, I'm guessing it's the fuel sensor. I've been using the "personal" trip odometer to monitor my miles so I don't run out of fuel. I cycled through the odometer settings and it's showing a mpg reading (which clears when I resent the personal trip odometer) so I'm wondering if it may be the gauge instead of the sender. How it determines how much fuel is consumed in order to calculate the mpg? I would think that if the sensor is not working, it would not be able to calculate mpg. Or does it use another method?

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GMC :: Yukon SLE 1999 - Fuel Gauge Incorrect Reading

I have a 1999 GMC Yukon SLE. I've recently noticed that I appear to be running out of gas at the 1/2 tank mark. When I go to fill it, it seems I really do still have 1/2 a tank of gas (so it doesn't seem to be just a bad gauge). As long as I keep the tank above 1/2, everything is well. What might be causing this?

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Cutlass - Supreme :: 1967 - Fuel Gauge Giving False Reading?

i own a 67 old cutlass supreme and the fuel gauge, as you turn off the car goes down to 3/4 of a tank, when you start it up it goes to full. But the car is really empty! That is the only reading I get, no matter how much gas I have. I replaced the sending unit and I cleaned the ground wire, it still does the same.

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 2002 V6 - Low Oil Pressure / False Reading On Gauge?

I have a 2002 Ranger V6 3000 with 100K miles. Can I add a higher viscosity oil since my pressure gauge is acting up. I changed the sending switch twice but the gauge still acts up occasionally. I was thinking of adding 10/ 30 on my next oil change. I do live in the area where the air temp is quite high in the summer. The truck runs well except for the oil gauge, in my opinion, is giving false readings.

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Gmc - Jimmy :: 1997 - Gas Gauge Reading Incorrect And Needle Oscillates While Turning?

My '97 Jimmy has had an inaccurate gas gauge for several years now. Initially, it would read accurately until approximately 1/4 of the tank of fuel remained. After this point it would read full regardless of how much gas was in the tank. Over time this has progressed so the gauge only reads accurately until approximately 3/4 of the tank of fuel remains and most of the time the gauge reads full. I have simply been refilling every 200 miles during this time but I have forgotten a few times and been stranded so I would like to address it now. The gauge needle also oscillates in time with the turn signal when it is activated which may or may not be related. I am having no fuel supply issues so I don't think there is an issue with the fuel pump but I believe the pump and fuel sender are integrated in my model year so it may be necessary to replace it anyway.

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Engines - Gasoline - Lights - Nissan - Sentra - Sensors :: CEL Code - Lean Air / Fuel Ratio Mixture

After my 2005 Nissan Sentra check engine light came on I had the codes read. The code is indicating that there is a lean air/fuel ratio mixture. I'm thinking this may be a false positive(bad sensor), clogged fuel injector, etc. The light has gone off and come back on. I live in Utah where the cold weather may play a factor. How to diagnose the real problem, or where I should start?

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Nissan - Sentra :: 2002 - No Heat And Temperature Gauge Going Up And Down

I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra. In Nov. 2010 had inspection done and replaced upper radiator hose at that time. Right after that, I had no heat and the temperature gauge would go up to hot but then come right back down. Brought it back to mechanic, changed thermostat and both things ok only part way home. Started riding with coworker only driving to her house 7 miles away and still temperature gauge up and down, stopped driving completely in Feb. Just brought it to dealer who replaced thermostat and worked fine all the way home and then started all over again the next day. Seems to happen faster at higher speed but will eventually do it in any driving conditions. Today service engine soon light came on. Obviously not thermostat problem. Could it be water pump? Dealer did pressure test and that came back fine so no head gasket problem although don't have a lot of faith in that since problem still exists and they thought thermostat would fix it.

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Nissan - Sentra :: 2001 GXE Temp Gauge Not Moving While Driving

I had to have my transmission replaced after i lent my car to my dad who then hit a massive pothole and destroyed my transmission along with tire and rim. Got my car back and while driving home, I noticed my temperature gauge didn't move. Got home, parked the car and let it run and no movement from the gauge at all. Unfortunately, I retrieved my car shortly before the shop closed so I can't call them until tomorrow but what this could possibly be?

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Nissan - Sentra :: 2004 - No Heat And Stay In The Middle On Temp Gauge?

I have an '04 Nissan Sentra. I know there is a problem with my fuel pump, which can delay the start on my car, but that is not my real problem. My problem is I have no heat. My car starts fine and never moves above or below the middle on the temperature gauge, but it almost never warms up. The only time it seems to is if I am going over 55 mph and that is only the first time I go over that speed. Once I slow down it stops working and does not come back. The air blows out, but the air is colder than my A/C. I have looked at the coolant and that seems to be fine, so I am not sure where to look next.

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Acceleration - Gasoline - Pedal - Sentra :: No Reaction When Step On Gas

I have an 03 Nissan Sentra 1.8 with 200k miles. A year ago I started having an issue with the accelerator. When I drive the car the accelerator stops working. It idles perfectly, but when I step on the gas, I get almost no reaction. It does increase RPM about 200, but that is all. When I first start the car, the accelerator works for the first five to eight seconds, which leads me to think it is some kind of sensor. There is no check engine light.

I've tried replacing the throttle body (which includes the throttle position sensor), mass airflow sensor, and the fuel pump. I had it on to the dealership and they reprogrammed the computer, but the issue persists. Last bit of information I can think of is that the problem used to disappear when the car sat for a few days. So I had been driving it only once or twice a week. Unfortunately, the problem is now constant.

Many people talked about the throttle position sensor, which I replaced, but to no avail.

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Suburban :: 90 - All Fuel Gauges Reading Low / Oil Press Is Only A Quarter Up

I purchased a 90 Suburban and the fuel gauge reads low. I then changed the fuel pump and sending unit. The fuel gauge still reads low.

Then I noticed that all the gauges read low. Temp is low. Oil press is only a quarter up, the ammeter reads zero.

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Cavalier - Chevrolet :: Fuel And RPM Gauges Not Showing The Right Reading

When I start the car the fuel gauge sometimes goes past F and interferes with the water temp gauge. Also noticed recently that the RPM is not reading correctly.

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Ford - Focus :: 2003 - Speedometer And RPM Gauges Dropping Down To 0 - No Reading?

I have a 2003 Ford Focus ZX5 automatic with 143k miles on it. Recently I've run into a problem with the speedometer and RPM gauges dropping down to 0, no reading. It is an intermittent problem and has no logical connection to any of the other functions of the vehicle (it can happen while the car is idling, in motion, upon startup, etc etc.) Everything else on the instrument cluster works perfectly fine, (odometer still reads correctly and works, gas gauge is fine, etc). I'm thinking maybe it is an electrical issue since the car seems to be in fine working condition other than that, even when it drops out. The gauges won't start reading again until I start the car up...and sometimes that is not a guarantee. I use this vehicle to commute locally 4 days a week and I've already put a lot of money into new components for the vehicle.

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Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel :: Incorrect Fuel Gauge In Cluster?

My 2005 is doing strange things. The fuel gauge is always incorrect. I have done the following:

1. Replaced fuel level sensor.

2. Inspected and tested wiring from the firewall to the tank.

There are no codes present and the fuel % listed in torque is always correct. The gauge sometimes reads 1/2 above full, nearly all of the time it's above the 3/4 tank mark. I have an android head unit that I am using to gauge fuel level right now. I believe the cluster is bad.

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Santa Fe (DM - 2013+) :: 2015 - Gas Gauge Incorrect / Stay On Full For Few Miles And Then Quickly Go Down

I've read all about the 2013 model having issues with the gas gauge being off...where it would only stay on "full" for a few miles and then quickly go down. I'm having the opposite problem. My gauge is staying on "full" for forever. Right now I've driven about 80 miles and it's still on "full". I accidentally reset the "tripometer" today and then I suddenly had even more miles to empty!!!! I went from 220 to 291 MTE!! Meanwhile my gauge is still on "full"...... Only 600 miles on the car so far......

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Nissan - Sentra :: 1998 Won't Start Every Now And Then

I have a 98 Nissan Sentra every now and then when I get in it to start it I get nothing but if I hold it or turn it to the off position a few times it will start, what this could be....

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Nissan - Sentra :: Not Starting Just Crank?

I have a 2000 Nissan sentra and I have times when I will drive for couple days and then it won't start it will just crank over and over but won't fire I have had it to several people but no answer replaced the fuel pump relay switch but nothing

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Gasoline - Nissan - 300zx :: Gas Tank Leaking From The Bottom

I have a Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo 1993, the gas Tank was leaking gas at the bottom of the tank, and I patched the leak with regular materials I found in Advance Auto Parts. But after few weeks, the gas tank leaked again. The question is it easy to remove the Fuel Tank and replace it with a new Fuel Tank? or how should I repair it without removing it, before I patched it. I am savvy enough to work in cars, but I never removed Fuel Tank before.

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Nissan - Sentra :: 1997 GXE Won't Turn Off While Go Down A Hill

I've got a 1997 Nissan Sentra GXE (Standard). Recently, my car decided to stop starting. Here are some of the symptoms:

1) If I would go down a hill and come to a stop, or even if I was slowing down to come to a stop at a stop sign or light, my car would turn off over 50% of the time. It would usually always start back up, until last week. My car turned off as I was slowing down to turn into the mall. I was able to coast into the parking lot.

2) When I turn the key it clicks and makes a "rrrrrr" "rrrrrrr" sound.

3) I was able to get the car started once after I pumped the gas so I don't think it's a fuel pump issue.

4) The automatic windows, lights, and radio still work so I'm ruling out a battery or alternator issue either.

5) My car couldn't be jumped or push-started.

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Nissan - Sentra :: 2007 - Brakes Are Squealing

My brakes are squealing; going to replace pad or lining; what is typical cost?

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