Saab - 9-3 :: Key Won't Move In Ignition From Locked Position At All

Oct 16, 2014

I have a 2002 Saab 9-3. I tried starting it this morning but the key won't move from the locked position at all! What should I do? The steering wheel doesn't seem to be locked and I had the battery changed not to long ago.

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Phaeton :: Move Selector Lever To Position P - Key Stuck In Ignition

I have a European Phaeton 3.2 litre V6 (gasoline) from 2003 that is giving me some problems. When I am finished driving I put the gear lever to parking position and turn off the ignition. I then get a message "Move selector lever to position p" and the key is stuck in the ignition.

So far, I have been able to get the error message away (and with that also been able to get the key out) by starting the car and move the gear lever around. Some times I have managed by only starting the system (by not holding my foot on the brake pedal). But tonight I couldn't get it fixed after numerous tries. I then simply waited in the car, because I didn't really know what to do, and after maybe five minutes the system shut down (energy saving mode?) and I could finally get the key out.

When I tried google the error message I found some topics about it on the Touareg forums, but they got the error message while driving and it had to do with the keyless system (which my car doesn't have).

What might be causing this problem? My local VW dealer is not very used to Phaetons (I am the only on in my town with one).

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Accent LC (2000-05) :: 2004 - Key Stuck In Lock Position In Ignition / Wheel Locked

My 2004 Accent is stuck in the "lock" position in the ignition, and the wheel is locked and barely turns in either direction. I know this is supposed to be an anti-theft feature and I've tried all of the solutions listed here...

Turning the wheel hard and soft in either direction while holding the brake all the way down and trying to turn the key. Putting the car in neutral and then park and trying the above Disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and trying the above Jacking the car up on one side to release the tension on the pin.

My question is can I remove the spring at the bottom of the locking pin by drilling a hole in the center of the plate? I've seen a few youtube videos of this done on BMW's. It will cost me $500 minimum to replace the ignition or steering column based on quotes I got.

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Ford - Ranger :: 1994 - New Ignition Key Lock Cylinder / Steering Wheel Not In Locked Position

I easily removed the key lock cylinder but when I went to put the new one in I cannot get it to turn all the way back to lock the pin in place. The steering wheel is not in the locked position nor can I get it to lock. I have turned the steering wheel as far left and right as I could go with no success on getting it to lock or on getting the ignition key lock cylinder to turn back securing the actuator pin. The old key lock cylinder won't go back in either. What am I doing wrong?

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Saab - 9-5 :: 2001 - Key Won't Turn The Ignition

My 2001 Saab 9-5 wagon has ignition problems. The key will not turn the ignition. It fits in but will not turn. It's a manual, so I can't get out of reverse. It will not move and I'm a long way from a Saab dealer. The key will activate the locks, etc., and the radio will come on.

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Nissan - Frontier :: 1992 Truck Won't Move - Wheels Locked Up

My 92 nissan truck 4x4 won't move. engine runs fine but after a couple stream crossings and parking it I can't get it to roll. It happened a few years ago and a mech. said it was rust lock in the brakes?

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Ford Ranger / B-Series :: Transmission Locked Out - Truck Would Not Move When Put In Drive

Last night I backed up out of a parking space and when I put it in drive it wouldn't move. It seemed like the transmission was locked up. What happened? The truck was running fine. It's a 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0 with auto transmission. Getting it serviced? I'm tempted to go to a dealer. What the problem is? Repair costs? The fluid looks good - no burning smell.

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Jeep - Cherokee :: Steering Wheel Locked In One Position

I have a 1999 jeep cherokee 4 liter in line 6.tilt steering wheel is lock in one position. The handle that you release to move the steering wheel up or down don't have any tension on it.

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Jeep - Liberty :: Steering Wheel Locked Or Hard To Move When It Is Cold And Car Sitting For A While

I have a Jeep Liberty 2002 Sports. When it is cold and the car has been sitting for a while, when I start the car, the steering wheel is locked or hard to move. I have not tried to force it. But it will move if I rev the engine to a certain point. Once I rev the engine I can move the steering wheel again. I have left the car to warm up before revving the engine, but this does not work with the steering, I have to rev the engine in order to "unlocked" the wheel.

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Volvo :: 1995 850 - ABS Light On And Gear Locked At Parking Position

This morning I drove the car for about 40 mins and everything was fine.

In the afternoon, I tried to start the car. Just found the ABS light was on and the gear was locked at the parking position. I couldn't push down the small button that releases the gear. Of course I was pressing the brake pad when I did this, but it seemed like the system did NOT know it, so it wouldn't allow me to change the gear. I tried several times but no luck.

At night, I tried again. This time the ABS light was off and the gear moved as normal.

I have the feeling that it's due to some sensor, but not sure. What shall I do to make sure this won't happen.

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Golf/GTI VII :: Trunk Won't Open While Car Is Locked From A Normal Standing Position

I can't get the trunk to open while the car is locked from a normal standing position. I used to be able to, but now I have to rub up against my car to open it. gotta hump the back of my gti to open trunk... its been 3 months. is the key already dead?

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Ford Excursion :: 4WD - Driver Side Hub Seems To Be Stuck In Locked Position

The drivers side Hub seems to be stuck in Locked Position. I lifted the Wheel and when I turn it the Front Drive shaft turns and you can feel a fair amount of resistance.

I lifted the Passenger side and it spins free. I then started it and put it in 4WD and the passenger side engaged and i could not free spin the wheel. I then lifted the drivers side again and it would not spin. Turned off 4WD and it spun again but moved the shaft.

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Touareg :: V8 Would Not Start - Key Locked In The Ignition

MY V8 Touareg with P+, Nav etc is in the shop today...My wife went to start it yesterday and the car completely went would not start, the lights went crazy and finally the key was locked in the ignition....This is the second time this has happened...I'm getting pretty frustrated. Dealer was no support, they think we don't know how to start the car!

Anyway, looking into my State Lemon Law. Car is great, but don't want to spend $50K on a car that won't start and cause so many issues! Roadside has been called twice thus far. Tha car has 1,900 miles on it. The Tire gauge does not work, the memory seats don't work. I think the car is great, but too many issues.

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Lincoln - Towncar :: Ignition Key Is Locked

I have a 95 Town car that we use in Florida and yes my wife can see over the steering wheel. The ignition key is locked. I can get the key in and out but it will not turn at all. I've tried wiggling both the wheel and shifter with no luck. What do I do??

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Ford Super Duty (1999-2016) :: 22K With Hubs In Locked Position

Its a 2016 F-250, 6.2L gas truck with the electronic shift on the fly transfer case.

I have put right at 22,000 miles on it like this, frequently at 70-80 mph.

What are the odds I have damaged it and is there anything I should do now that I discovered it - other than put them both in "AUTO".

Truck has been to the dealer twice and not once was this noticed. They blamed the squealing on the brakes which I knew it wasn't.

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Touareg :: V6 Dead / Key Got Locked In The Ignition When Tried To Start It

I have a 2.5 years old V6 Touareg with 56k miles. I went out of town for 5 days........Come back and the car is dead: meaning nothing is working, no electrical, nothing. I had to use the physical key to open the door lock. I then tried to start it - nothing and the key got locked in the ignition.

My question is - what can this be? A battery? If yes, how do I replace it? Any other resolutions? This never happened before in 56k miles. Not quite sure what to think. Is there a way to jump this car?

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Honda - Cr-v :: 2001 - Locked Ignition / Key Will Not Turn

2001 Honda CRV. Key will not turn. Lights work, steering wheel is not locked up, clutch in but key will not respond.Interior light goes on when key removed. Key will simply not turn.

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Lexus GX 2004-09 :: Ignition Switch Locked Up

After a morning of errands, my wife parked our 03 GX in the driveway. When I went out to start it, the ignition switch locked up. Would not budge! I finally had to have it towed to the dealer.

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Phaeton :: Error Message - Move Selector Lever To Position P/N

I am Having a problem on my 2005 Phaeton which has a 3.2 engine. Last time I drove it was yesterday and had no problems. This morning, I'd turn the key and it give me various error message."Move selector lever to position P/N" ...

I tried to move it but with no luck , the message is still there and I also noticed that the light on the shift that indicates that I need to press on the break to start is not glowing. This is not the 1st time I had this error but before I had to leave it for a while and it will start ...

I really love my Phaeton and it has only 75,774 kilometres on , so it is quite new ...

You can see the error message and the light indication below in the pictures ....

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Mazda - 626 :: 2003 Slow To Move Forward When Placed In Drive Position

2003 Maxda 6 automatic transmission with 167k miles and in the past 2 days has been slow to move forward when placed in the drive position. Only happens when first starting after sitting cold all night and after sitting all day after work. The fluid level is good and clean with no "burnt" smell nor signs of metallic particles. Are the bands getting loose? If so, are they adjustable without removing transmission? Do they have to be replaced and at what cos? Is there another issue occurring?

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Elantra MD (2010-15) :: Shift Lever Unable To Move From P And D Position

I have 2013 elentra just about a year old, (Took delivery june/2012). Recently some thing happen on the Shift lever, can't shift to "R" for back in parking, Shift to "N" is OK.

Some time it can't shift out from PARK to "R" or "N" or "D" ... Under any of this situation,car engine would not start.

Sound like the SHIFT LOCK did not release properly, or the Brake paddle position switch input did not send to Computer for engine Start.

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