Allergies :: Instant Or Filter Coffee? ( Itchy Legs )

Nov 17, 2015

Baffled my GP, but eventually I found that the cause of my itchy legs (mainly around the joints) was when I changed employer, and started drinking instant coffee all day instead of filter coffee.

I 'cured' myself by going onto green tea for a few weeks, then changed to filter coffee - and hey presto, no itchy legs any more, and have been fine now for 11 years.

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Food Allergies :: When Drink Alcohol Or Coffee Throats Starts To Have Mucus

when i drink alcohol or coffee my throats starts to have mucus frequently

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Skin :: Itchy / Pimple Like Bumps On The Backs Of My Legs

I 'm a 16 year old girl and for the past 2 months or so i've been getting these strange bumps on the backs of my legs. at first they started out as no big deal on the back of my right thigh. i can't remember how itchy or painful they were at first, but i occasionally put cooling cortisone gel on them. they started to get a little worse and since it's summer, they would become more visible since i was wearing shorts, so i started to make sure i scrubbed the back of my thigh with body wash and i used an acne scrub on it. i only did this on my right leg, since my left leg seemed to be fine. soon, it spread to my left leg, but still not as bad as the right. and now it occasionally pops up on the front of my thighs. i don't think it's contagious really, because it hasn't spread to anywhere on my body besides my thighs. the bumps are really strange too. they start out itchy, but they don't constantly itch (once they start, they itch like crazy though. like if you itch a bug bite once, you can't stop itching it) then they turn sort of pimple like. they feel like a pimple that you know is going to be big, like there's a lot of pus under the surface of the bump. they get a tiny white head at one point, but never actually pop except a teeny tiny amount of liquid. some bumps are much bigger than others and some leave a scar for a while before finally going away. i haven't found anything that stops them from popping up, but sometimes they'll go away completely for a couple of days, then they always end up coming back. tonight i think it's the worst they've ever been. my legs look disgusting and i'm embarrassed to wear shorts in public. i plan on going to the doctor soon, but every time i've made an appointment before, they're cleared up right before i go. has anyone else had this problem? i cannot find anything that can help it and i've tried a lot. i really don't think it could be bed bugs or flea bites or anything, because it doesn't show up anywhere besides my thighs.

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Prostate :: Coffee And Prostatitis?

I suffer from prostatitis. I am on therapy now, but my doctor didn’t give me any instructions on what I should avoid drinking or eating. Anyway, my main concern is coffee. Can I drink coffee if I suffer from prostatitis?

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Pregnancy :: Tea, Coffee And Hot Chocolate?

Where i live it's about 20 degrees outside and we have to limit coffee intake, we have to avoid tea,, is there anything wrong w hot chocolate or can i drink as much as i want,, i have been drinking my morning cup but i wonder if i can have one in the afternoon as well,, or is that too much?

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Cardiovascular :: Instant Fatigue When Doing Explosive Exercise

I'm male 26. I'm a boxer training 4 times a week and i've done so for many years. I'm in very good physical condition but around 8-10 months ago I started noticing I was getting tired and lacking energy during training.  This has got dramatically worse to the point that 2 minutes into my first round of pad work my muscles instantly fatigue and I have to stop. 20 seconds of rest and im back to normal, but it happens again and again. It's become so bad that I have to go down on one knee to recover and sometimes I feel dizzy. I can normally do 12 three minute rounds on pads with ease. I feel completely fine other than this. I can jog 5km no problem, I only seem to have the problem with explosive exercises. I've been to my GP but I don't think she knows what's wrong with me. I had blood tests which showed I had a virus but at that time I had flu for two week so I think that was more to do with that. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? 

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42 Women Developed Instant Spontaneous Pneumothorax

I am a woman of 42 very energetic but one morning I woke up with the most severe pain in my right shoulder and pain down my arm I started crying because I was scared my husband told me to get an ambulance but I said I would be ok, I got dressed for work I dropped the twins off at school then went to work, I walked down to the hospital that is where I work and my boss took one look at me and told me to get to a&e, I went for the x ray then was taken straight to HDU and they told me my lung had collapsed and they needed to put a tube in god I have never felt pain like it, I cried and screamed all the way through, after that I was put on the ward and 6 days later it had not healed up there was a hole in it so they had to transfer me to leeds where I could have the operation done, I had a tiny bit of my lung removed and it was stuck on to my chest wall with irritant powder it helps the lung stick better, when I came to after the operation I was in so much pain and the tablets were not helping they were trying all sorts to get it right, I have been home nearly two weeks and the pain is still there but not has bad its more my ribs and across my stomach and that is what is worrying me and the chance that I might have to have it done again and also there is a 40% chance it can happen to my left lung, I am so scared to do anything in case it happens again, but I am glad I had it done, but it goes to show it can happen to anyone.

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Venlafaxine :: Does Coffee Make Withdrawal Worse?

I'm so used to having a couple of cups of coffee a day but since i started withdrawing it seems to make my symptoms worse...especially the buzzing in my brain. Has anyone else found this? Any tips?

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Kidney Stones :: Triggered By Caffeine /coffee /cokes ?

i've had severe kidney stone pain recently and already had two water infections as a result, I don't have my CT scan till next week so I will have to wait to see where they are and whether they are small or big etc and how to move forward.

The question I have is what is most likely triggering them?

Last week I spent 5 days with no pain I felt on top of the world, I returned to work and after doing my shift all hell broke loose and my pains were severe enough for me to go to A&e. i again got an infection which meant i've been bedridden for the last 5 days.

I'm terrified of what to eat and drink.

the only thing i can say i've been drinking a lot of recently is diet cokes and plenty of coffee.

if someone can tell me that these types of drinks or caffeine is general can be a trigger i will have to give them up as i cannot just have one or two a day.

Can someone who has maybe been through my kind of circumstances give me advice on foods or drinks which may cause these triggers?

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Sudden / Instant Fall To Sleep

I have had c/s at levels C4,5,6 and 7 for 5 years now. It is progressively getting worse. Instant sleep- I sleep between 6 to 8 hours on average each night, sometimes solid, thanks to my meds, sometimes not. However over the last 10 to 12 weeks something weird is happening. I suddenly fall asleep. Not a few winks but solid sleep, instantly. So I get up , walk around and pick up my laptop and go to my Emails or whatever and sit down to read, only I instantly fall asleep again, wake up looking at my laptop, tell myself to "buck up" and fall back into a sleep. If I sit down to watch t.v. with my wife we will be watching something, chatting about it and suddenly I am asleep again. Could it be that the osteophytes at levels C6 and C7 which are pushing into my spinal cord are progressing to the point that my brain is becoming starved of oxygen?

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HIV :: Instant Tests (1-2 Spots) Are Valid? 4-5 Weeks After Exposure?

I would like to ask if these instant tests (those with the one spot - two spots) are valid 4-5 weeks post exposure.

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Bartholin's Cyst :: Instant Relief With Q-tips And Cotton Swabs

Every time I feel an abscess coming I do this very simple steps and trust me! Trust me! when I say INSTANT RELIEF! I've had bartholin abscess recurrence since 8 years ago. I've had it maybe 15 times. I've tried everything except surgery. I just did these steps literally 10 minutes ago because I felt an abscess coming and when I checked my vagina I was right my right labia was starting to swell up.

All you need is q-tips or cotton swabs, and a mirror. (I use the magnifying mirror it's easier to see) Sit on the toilet, place the mirror in front of your vagina so you can see. Find your bartholin duct/opening... Using your index and middle finger spread the labia - I don't know if it's the same for everyone but my bartholin opening is just right beside my clitoris. It's a very small hole. Position the q-tip/swab on the swollen gland then press to squeeze the puss out. Keep doing it until the gland is empty. The relief ahhhh if I had known this procedure 8 years ago (I discovered it by accident -(tried everything out of desperation) omg all those suffering from pain and not being able to walk and sit.

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Anxiety :: Stiff Legs / Jelly Legs

I always get stiff legs/weak legs (it is hard to describe) when i walk past people.

I know they probably aren't even looking at me but if there's a chance they could be, I find it hard to put one foot in front of the other and walk normally.

Does anyone else get this?

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Cats Are The Main Cause To My Allergies

I have asthma, we own a cat which we keep downstairs and don't allow it in the bathroom and any bedrooms and for 5+ years I've been having gew build ups in my eyes with some residue on and around the eyes, especially when waking it's a nuisance and at night time my eyes feel very dry and can feel much residue on my eye lashes. I also suffer with a blocked nose especially when waking.

I also suffered with a bad case of eczema this summer, having extreme flare ups on my cheeks (just below my eyes), neck (closer to under the chin), chest and the back of my knees, I also get urticaria especially just below my eyes.

suffering so badly I went for a rast/immunoglobulin test for eggs, milk, wheat and cat and finally received the results. my total ku/l level was over 1,000 and deemed abnormally high. eggs, milk and wheat were all within the 0.01 - 0.1 range with no additional comments. cat was over 100 and deemed very high and higher than the limit

would this be lead to believe cats are the main cause to my allergies and judging by such high readings I would need to avoid cats to get the best clear up of my allergies? we are currently using hypo-allergenic wipes for the cat but too early to see any results

I want dust mites and dogs tested too so I might go for further testing but as of right now it would seem the cat is the number one cause to my high symptoms, would anyone recommend completely avoiding cats with such high results or could there be work arounds? I high feel I will be wanting to move into a cat free home soon which I hope will help a lot

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Allergies :: Hives Or Scabies?

Ok so I've been trying to get rid of my hives for a little over a week now. This is the first time I've had them. I've gone to the doctor twice and the ER once for them. The doctor gave me 2 steroid shots and gave me some scripts. I'm using Triamcinolone Acetonide cream, I'm on day 4/6 MethylPREDNISolone pills, and I'm taking Hydroxyzine pills 4x daily. The ER suggested that it may be scabies and prescribed me the cream which I've already used and am through with. The ER also gave me a shot of meds that was suppose to kill the scabies if there were any and gave me a shot of benadryl. The ER wasn't sure if I actually had scabies or not but went ahead and treated me for them just in case. I live in my apartment with my boyfriend and he has been untouched. I've washed everything washable in hot water twice now and I've been staying at my grandmother's house until I can get rid of them. But they're still popping up. I haven't changed anything in my diet. I do own 3 cats but have never had problems with them. They are indoor cats and I haven't seen them in 4 days. I haven't changed anything in my daily routine. I'm just completely out of ideas for why/how I've gotten them and why I can't get rid of them. I have another prednisone treatment waiting at the pharmacy for me prescribed by the ER but haven't picked it up yet because I'm still taking the Methyl. I have been to an allergist but all the tests came back negative.

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Allergies :: Rash Or Hives Only In USA

I am an Australian who has been travelling to USA annually for the last 6 years.

Every time I visit the USA, after approx 4 or 5 days I break out in itchy, red bumps (hives?) all over my torso and upper arms. The outbreak lasts as long as I stay in the USA, and subsides almost completely within 24-48hrs after returning to Australia.

I have stayed at different hotels each time, so I don't think bedding can be blamed, and there is not a particular food I believe triggers this...

What could it be in USA that I am so allergic to, that does not exist in Australia. I travel the world extensively for work and have not experienced the rash in any other region either.

Antihistamines (Benadryl) does not seem to help at all.

Is there some food additives/preservatives that are unique to USA that I may be sensitive to?

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Allergies :: Difficulty To Speak

I have to force much effort to speak sometime because extra spit in my mouth like allergy and my word are out of order and missing.

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Allergies :: Red Eye And Steroids Rebound Effects

I am affected by red eye for almost two years and used 3 to 4 steroids prescribed by doctors( But then I was not aware of the rebound effects it can cause ) and one of this steroids (Fluorometholone and Tetrahydrozoline HCl) has really caused some damage in my right eye. On 23rd June I had color Fundus Photography on both eyes And luckily the test shown that it is not rebound effect which I am suffering from. And after some trial and error I have found that it is nothing but Cigarette smoke which is causing all those problems. That is I am an eye allergy patient.

now my medicines are Alcaftadine 0.25% and systane.

How much they can help me to get rid of this allergic problem?

"In fact I would like to know if eye allergy is curable?

And I have heard that by injecting the allergen agent into the eyes starting with a low amount and gradually increasing the amount immunity can be achieved. Is it a option for me to Inject tobacco in this way, while tobacco is poisonous. If no, than what are the alternative treatments. Do not advice to give up smoking. I am not being arrogant here I know it shall be impossible for me.

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Allergies :: Swollen Lips Due To Pets?

Was wandering if anyone has ever had a problem with their mouth due to having pets. I have had this problem since I was 12 and always had a dog on the house.

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Allergies :: Dehydration Could Be Causing Hives?

I have been breaking out in hives for 11 months. They started shortly after I had some surgery. Sometimes they cover most of my body, and the itch keeps me awake at night. Other times they are tolerable. I have read every blog I could find on the subject looking for some help. Last week I stumbled on some posting on this site which was worth giving a try. In short, it said that dehydration could be causing my problem. Well, I have always had a hard time drinking much water in a day and relied mostly on diet sodas for my liquid consumption. So on Friday, I started drinking 64oz of water each day and am cutting out the soda for now. Well, I am only 3 days into this plan, but it is really helping. I know it will take some time to hydrate my body, but I am very optimistic. I thought I would post this in case there is anyone out there the is struggling like I have been.

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Allergies :: Hives - No Effect Of Prednisone

I'm going on a month now prednisone didn't do anything nothing is working and I can't find the trigger of them they constantly burn help!

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