HIV :: Instant Tests (1-2 Spots) Are Valid? 4-5 Weeks After Exposure?

Feb 22, 2016

I would like to ask if these instant tests (those with the one spot - two spots) are valid 4-5 weeks post exposure.

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Scabies :: No Spots Or Itching For Several Weeks Now - Cured?

After fighting this for four months I have had no spots or itching for several weeks now. I have however kept applying the cream (lyclear ) every second day. For the past three days i have not applied cream. Tonight checking my skin (as i do every night) to my horror i have found a spot with a white dot in the middle. I am devastated. I have not been in contact with anyone who has scabies. Do i have to go through all this again. Can i ever be free of this.

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Broken Humerus (3 Spots) - Lots Of Pain After Plate And Screws (3 Weeks Post Op)

3 weeks I broke my humerus in 3 spots and had surgery to have a plate and screws installed after that I was sent home with a one week prescription to pain meds and I ran out last week so this past week has been hell, lots of pain. I see the surgeon in 2 days any chance he'll prescribe me more meds for the pain or do I gotta live like this for who knows how long?

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Penis :: Flesh Coloured Bumps/spots On Shaft - Fordyce Spots?

I have flesh coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis i haven't been sexually active so i have read that it's rare that they are genital warts but i'm still scared, i am hoping that they are just fordyce spots ...

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Penis :: White Spots On Shaft And Scrotum - Fordyce Spots?

Well Im a male and Im 16 and not sexually active. I have these a bunch of white spots at the base of my shaft and like two mid shaft. and they are all over my scrotum. When they are popped, a white pus type stuff comes out (like popping a whitehead on your face or nose or whatever) I don't pop them, but i did when i first noticed it when I was about 13 years old. I've looked around and the closest thing i can come to is that it's fordyce spots? I really don't want to go to a doctor as this is pretty embarrassing even though its their jobs and all but yeah. Btw when i was taking accutane for my acne they sorta went away? Idk i cant remember clearly but i think i saw less of them but i don't remember. I'm off accutane now but yeah.

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Cardiovascular :: Instant Fatigue When Doing Explosive Exercise

I'm male 26. I'm a boxer training 4 times a week and i've done so for many years. I'm in very good physical condition but around 8-10 months ago I started noticing I was getting tired and lacking energy during training.  This has got dramatically worse to the point that 2 minutes into my first round of pad work my muscles instantly fatigue and I have to stop. 20 seconds of rest and im back to normal, but it happens again and again. It's become so bad that I have to go down on one knee to recover and sometimes I feel dizzy. I can normally do 12 three minute rounds on pads with ease. I feel completely fine other than this. I can jog 5km no problem, I only seem to have the problem with explosive exercises. I've been to my GP but I don't think she knows what's wrong with me. I had blood tests which showed I had a virus but at that time I had flu for two week so I think that was more to do with that. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? 

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42 Women Developed Instant Spontaneous Pneumothorax

I am a woman of 42 very energetic but one morning I woke up with the most severe pain in my right shoulder and pain down my arm I started crying because I was scared my husband told me to get an ambulance but I said I would be ok, I got dressed for work I dropped the twins off at school then went to work, I walked down to the hospital that is where I work and my boss took one look at me and told me to get to a&e, I went for the x ray then was taken straight to HDU and they told me my lung had collapsed and they needed to put a tube in god I have never felt pain like it, I cried and screamed all the way through, after that I was put on the ward and 6 days later it had not healed up there was a hole in it so they had to transfer me to leeds where I could have the operation done, I had a tiny bit of my lung removed and it was stuck on to my chest wall with irritant powder it helps the lung stick better, when I came to after the operation I was in so much pain and the tablets were not helping they were trying all sorts to get it right, I have been home nearly two weeks and the pain is still there but not has bad its more my ribs and across my stomach and that is what is worrying me and the chance that I might have to have it done again and also there is a 40% chance it can happen to my left lung, I am so scared to do anything in case it happens again, but I am glad I had it done, but it goes to show it can happen to anyone.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Sudden / Instant Fall To Sleep

I have had c/s at levels C4,5,6 and 7 for 5 years now. It is progressively getting worse. Instant sleep- I sleep between 6 to 8 hours on average each night, sometimes solid, thanks to my meds, sometimes not. However over the last 10 to 12 weeks something weird is happening. I suddenly fall asleep. Not a few winks but solid sleep, instantly. So I get up , walk around and pick up my laptop and go to my Emails or whatever and sit down to read, only I instantly fall asleep again, wake up looking at my laptop, tell myself to "buck up" and fall back into a sleep. If I sit down to watch t.v. with my wife we will be watching something, chatting about it and suddenly I am asleep again. Could it be that the osteophytes at levels C6 and C7 which are pushing into my spinal cord are progressing to the point that my brain is becoming starved of oxygen?

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Allergies :: Instant Or Filter Coffee? ( Itchy Legs )

Baffled my GP, but eventually I found that the cause of my itchy legs (mainly around the joints) was when I changed employer, and started drinking instant coffee all day instead of filter coffee.

I 'cured' myself by going onto green tea for a few weeks, then changed to filter coffee - and hey presto, no itchy legs any more, and have been fine now for 11 years.

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Bartholin's Cyst :: Instant Relief With Q-tips And Cotton Swabs

Every time I feel an abscess coming I do this very simple steps and trust me! Trust me! when I say INSTANT RELIEF! I've had bartholin abscess recurrence since 8 years ago. I've had it maybe 15 times. I've tried everything except surgery. I just did these steps literally 10 minutes ago because I felt an abscess coming and when I checked my vagina I was right my right labia was starting to swell up.

All you need is q-tips or cotton swabs, and a mirror. (I use the magnifying mirror it's easier to see) Sit on the toilet, place the mirror in front of your vagina so you can see. Find your bartholin duct/opening... Using your index and middle finger spread the labia - I don't know if it's the same for everyone but my bartholin opening is just right beside my clitoris. It's a very small hole. Position the q-tip/swab on the swollen gland then press to squeeze the puss out. Keep doing it until the gland is empty. The relief ahhhh if I had known this procedure 8 years ago (I discovered it by accident -(tried everything out of desperation) omg all those suffering from pain and not being able to walk and sit.

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Syphilis Or HIV Exposure?

I am a 26 usually healthy male. Almost four weeks ago had sex with a 37 year old woman, condom broke unnoticed for we don't know how long. I panicked. 48 hours later was started on pep treatment for possible hiv exposure for 28 days.

10 days later an open sore emerged on the bottom of my penis along with swollen non painful pelvic lymph glands on both sides. Went to an std doctor who said it doesn't look like syphilis but i should get tested in a month. Got tested on 14 day after exposure blood and urine for all std, all negative. Today is 25 days after exposure and i have a few questions :

1. Are 4 weeks after exposure enough for blood and urine tests to show std infections such as syphilis? By the way the sore didn't hurt and was gone after a week.

2. If it is syphilis what are the chances she gave me hiv along with it.? i read a lot and am petrified about this.

3. What are the chances that pep would work if taken 48~50 hours after incident?

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STDs :: Precum And Exposure

I received a lap dance in an adult bookstore.

There was no touching (of me) but by me, save rubbing the legs of my jeans or me touching/ untangling some jeweled thingy from her lingerie.
BUT I did masterbate and at one point even rubbed the tip of my penis head which was soaked with precum, with my hand.  She had touched herself a few times but never touched me and never anywhere near my penis.

My specific question is this.  

Because of the fluid from my penis is there a "way in," for any stds?  Or is Precum something that only goes out not back in.  Does Me touching my penis especially the Precum make me at risk for any stds?

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Infertility? Too Much Laser Exposure?

I had IPL laser hair removal at a local salon. The technician gave me 5 sessions (each which included a free retouch session meaning a total of 10) with an interval of two weeks. Obviously i hadn't done my research well and it didn't work. I am going to the leading laser hair removal in my country concern is that too much laser exposure to my area and my ovaries? Would this cause infertility or anything of that matter? It's not about the laser itself but to the amount of exposure that i am being exposed to.

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Unprotected Sex :: Fearing The HIV Exposure

I'm a female, had unprotected vaginal and oral sex 4 weeks ago. Two days after that a guy told me he was sick (sore throat and lite fever). A week after that I got sick (sore throat, stuffed nose and cough), which passed in about a week and felt like a usual cold. However, I am fearing the HIV exposure. Had two negative oraquick tests (3 and 4 weeks), had complete blood work at the doctors (including NAT) 5 days ago, but the results are not in yet. I have bouts of panic and anxiety over this. Why does it take such a long time for the results to arrive (I did the whole STD panel, some results are in but they won't tell me which ones)? Does it mean that I tested positive and the lab is confirming the results which takes additional time, or is it normal to take that long? How reliable is the negative oraquick test at 4 weeks? Please help!

P.S. The guy says he's clean, supposedly he's just got off the LTR and his ex has recently tested negative for everything. I know for sure I was clean too, haven't had sex for almost a year prior to that and donate blood regularly.

P.S.2 My only symptoms were sore throat, cough and runny nose. I didn't have rash, swollen lymph nodes, fever and all that... I understand this is consistent with the common cold, but yet don't know how to survive till Monday. How do I stop myself from compulsive oraquick testing?

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Kidney Inflammation After Exposure To Low Temperatures

can someone get kidney inflammation after exposure to low temperatures 

one day i was sleeping under the AC wearing very light clothes i woke up with right sided flank pain it felt like someone was taking a knife and pressing it against my back at the kidney area. i went to a urologist and he did tests and everything was normal except i had blood in urine can exposure to cold weather or exposing the kidney area to direct cold cause it to inflame cos we know the kidney is somewhat superficial at the back side and can a spastic bowel cause similar symptoms the pain stayed for approximately a week and a half.

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Gonorrhea From Oral Exposure Only? Chlamydia?

Has anyone here ever gotten positive gonorrhea after unprotected oral sex ?

There seems to be conflicting information. For chlamydia and trichomoniasis it is said that these bacteria do not survive in mouth. Gonorrhea affects the back of throat and can be acquired more easily with deep-throat only.

So my question is , has anyone here caught gonorrhea from oral exposure only ?

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HIV :: Sore Throat After 4-5 Days Of Possible Exposure

I had a non sexual encounter with a bar girl some days back. During the process she gave me a hand job and we had smooched for a couple of times. After 4-5 days of this incident, I got some sore throat which got aggravated to running nose and some light cold as I was sleeping in air conditioning environment. Since then I have been extremely worried if there is even a slightest possibility that it is due to the transmission of HIV virus. I am not able to correlate the occurrence of sore throat and extremely worried because of that.

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HIV :: Oraquick Reliable After A Year Of Exposure?

I was just wondering could oraquick be used after a year of exposure or what kind of test could be used after a year?

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HIV Risk Assessment :: Oral Sex, Pre-Ejaculate Exposure

I know my question may have been asked a million times before but I want to get a first hand assessment of my potential risk with HIV based from the series of events that acquired during that night. I was firm to believe that oral sex is safe - up until I read some articles on the internet. Some websites say it's low-risk. Some say it is moderate risk. I do not know which claim is more true than the other

So how this is my last sexual encounter went:

- So I met guys
- I did brush my teeth lightly.
- We basically did give and receive oral sex. No anal sex was done .
- One of the two guys did finger me.
- The whole act last around 30 - 40 minutes
- he ejaculated 5-10 minutes after through masturbation. He "unleashed" it in my legs or in my chest.
- About a minute or two, I gargled water
- We had a small talk after the deed. I was kind of hesitant to believe that he was negative although that's what he did told me. Aside from that, he told me that what we did was a low-risk activity.

Now for my questions:

- Let' say he was indeed positive, what are the chances of him passing the virus on this one time incident?
- From what I have read over at the internet, saliva has a capability to deactivate the virus once any fluid comes contact to it. Is this accurate? Does brushing one's teeth lessen this saliva's capability?
- Is pre-ejaculate just as infectious as semen or blood?
- Would brushing my teeth before or after the act really create cuts/bleeds deep enough that some pre-ejaculate may come in contact with my bloodstream?
- What about deep throat oral sex. What are the risks say he had pre-ejaculate if I was doing it to him?
- Let's also assume that he had a soaring viral load, will this affect my chances? Again, some websites argue that the higher the VL, the higher the risk one is exposed to.
- What are your thoughts about fingering. Is this safer than say, oral and anal sex?
- where I live we have Rapid ICT for testing. How conclusive is it on 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks of testing? Should I be tested after 12 weeks for it to be definitely conclusive or 12 weeks is more than enough?

I know that the only way to know my status is to get tested. It was only been six weeks since the act happened and my anxiety has been killing me to death regarding this incident. I do not want to be the first person documented to have contracted the disease through oral sex.

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HIV :: Oraquick Test Reliable After Years Of Exposure?

I am struggling with a concern I have been having for about two weeks. I have taken the oraquick at home oral swab 4 times And tested negative 4 times.. I feel as though my first result wasn't completely followed as directed so really only 3 negative results.. It has been 3 years since I would have came in contact with HIV.. So I guess my question is..Can I trust these results?

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HIV Exposure A Week Ago :: Tender Lymph Nodes, Fever And Sore Throat

Exactly one week and 1 day ago I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker in South Africa (known for HIV). It lasted for about 30 minutes. I know I made a major mistake. Statistically she had HIV as 70% of sex workers are positive. She had false teeth in her mouth and removed it for the purposes of the ******* which means she definitely had blood in her mouth and there was deep throating involved. I am more than certain I got the virus and don't know how to deal with it. I know many people experience phantom pains but I definitely have tender lymph nodes in my face and neck, fever, sore throat, all the typical signs I contracted the virus. I took a test 2 days after and of course it was negative due to the window period and no prior sexual experience (NONE). I am considering taking my own life due to this issue. I come from a VERY conservative family and they would never be able to deal with this. What should I do?

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