Am I Pregnant? :: Boobs Hurt And Feel Tender

Apr 8, 2015

So my girlfriend and I already had a miscarriage earlier and that was about a year ago.

She says she thinks she's pregnant, we did have unprotected sex, two weeks ago.

her last period was March 15th. She's never felt her boobs hurt or feel tender, it's been doing this for 5 days. She hasn't felt nausea or hungry, or lack of appetite. She hasn't been throwing up.

She has been drinking a lot of coffee and having anxiety about thinking she's pregnant. She hasn't missed a BC day since she started... which was about a year ago.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Boobs Hurt - Periods Dark Red

On the 8th of October my boyfriend and I made love together, and I don't know if I am pregnant?? I don't have any of the pregnancy symptoms except i did pee a lot on October 11-12th AND my boobs barely hurt From October 10-11th (felt like how they would when I am PMSing) they aren't dark or swollen. On October 12-13 i had some bleeding but it was normal blood and it's coming off and on I'm still bleeding now (its not brown more like dark red and kinda light) and this is about 3 days before my period. I took a pregnancy test at night and it said negative, but later found out it's best to do the test first thing in the morning so I don't know for sure what the result is?

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Menstruation :: Tender Boobs, Cramps, Light Pink Discharge

I had my period 2 weeks ago which went for a few days like normal, a week later i got it again the same as the first time. It eventually went away and then it came to the next week...i had sex with my partner and after i went to the bathroom to go to the toilet i noticed there was light pink discharge... which then later on turned to red and brownish a little bit heavy. Now I'm onto day 2 with it and its still brownish and red very light. I have tender boobs, and mild cramps i've been searching the web to find answers. Ive also been braking out in pimples the last week and it's only just clearing up. Im also have the implanon which i got 2 years ago, usually u get my period for 2 days each few months lightly.

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Pregnancy :: Breast Size Same - But Feel Heavy And Hurt

Im 7 weeks 5 days ftm and my breasts feel really heavy lately. Like so heavy that it hurts to not wear a bra at all times, but they're the same size as before I got pregnant. Does anybody know what is causing this?

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Went Up A Size And Are Very Tender - Not Pregnant

Past two months boobs have went up a size and are very tender I'm not prego I'm 23 5'7 130 lbs what's going on

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Am I Pregnant? :: White Discharge, Tender / Itchy Breast

I started with white discharge for about three days. I have irregular period my last period Feb 4. I had cramping, pain in my lower left side of my back. I also had some nausea for 2 days tender sometime itchy breast and going to the bathroom more often took a test said negative.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge, Tender Breast, Headaches

last week was my period week, but i had brown discharge throughout the week, with tender breast, my emotions were uncontrollable, headaches, backaches. could this be implantation bleeding? also, i bleed somewhat the following week on that monday but stopped. but the next day i woke up and have been barely bleeding throughout the day. i figured it was just my late period but its irregular compared to my usual periods. could i be pregnant? note: i still have sore breasts and everything. (very sore breast) and faint cramps.

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Am I Pregnant? :: 13 I Have Cramps In My Stomach And I Feel Light Head

Im 13 I have cramps in my stomach and I feel light headed and I have to pee like every 30minutes. plus I have craving can I be pregnant

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Am I Pregnant? :: Constantly Feel Bloated, Heavy And Uncomfortable

For the past two weeks or so I have been feeling very bloated and "heavy", as well as general stomach discomfort in my lower abdomen (cramping at times, sometimes sharp pains, others times very gassy). I am 36 years old, 5'8" and 120 pounds and normally have a flat stomach unless I have eaten a big meal. When I first started to experience these symptoms I initially thought I was mildly constipated - even though my bowel movements haven't changed at all, I just never feel "empty." I decided to take a laxative tea which did make me go more, but I was still very bloated afterwards. In desperation I then did a salt water flush (two teaspoons of sea salt in 34 ounces of water, which is supposed to clean out your digestive system completely), which did make me go even more, but yet I was still very bloated and heavy-feeling after.

The discomfort extends to my lower back at times, and my belly is so distended that sometimes it feels somewhat difficult to breathe. I should note that about a week or two prior to these symptoms, I had completed a 20 day juice detox where all I ingested was fresh fruit and vegetable juices. While doing the detox I felt amazing, better than I ever have in my life. I gradually went back to eating food - first raw fruits and vegetables, then cooked - but the first thing I had that was cooked (a tiny portion of vegetable soup) didn't sit well with me and upset my stomach for about a day afterwards. I have eaten normal food since but it does seem like my bloating issue started around a week or two after completing my juice detox.

I should also note that for almost a year now I have been a vegan, so I have no meat, eggs or dairy in my diet. I have never felt this way before and am at a loss of what to do. The constant heaviness and discomfort is really starting to affect my mental state, not to mention I am so afraid to eat anything at all for fear of having cramps/gas and more bloating after. I have thought about doing another juice fast to try to fix my system again, but I want to be able to eat normally like I always have. I am going to see my general doctor tomorrow but to be honest I don't have much faith in doctors. I am thinking about taking a probiotic as well, but I just don't know. I feel lost and sad by the whole situation.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Feel Like Vomiting, Cramps And My Waist Its Paining I Am Eating

Dr I am having a problem I did more of pregnancy test 4 of them but they r neg & I feel like vomiting,cramps, my waist its paining I am eating too much,I feel Honey & my menstruation come only 1 day or I can say I can see then for 2 hours another 2 hours are not there I am I pregnant?

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Tender And Discolored Left Underarm And Tender/painful Left Breast

What could it be?

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Breasts :: Man Boobs At 13 - Puberty?

So I am 13 about 5 9. I have slight man boobs. It drives me insane because I have a skinny face. I have no sign of a double chin. I weigh 163 lbs. I feel out of proportion. I'm not so fat anywhere else but my upper chest. I started eating healthy and completely cut soda from my diet and only drink water. Is it because I'm in puberty or what? I wanna look normal!

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Breastfeeding :: Saggy Boobs Afterwards?

Did anyone breastfeed and didn't like the way they boob look after they breastfeed....they say if you breastfeed your boob sag if you do breastfeed is that true.....I want to breastfeed but I don't want my boob to sag after lol.....

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Smoking Heavy Weed Stop Your Boobs Growing?

i've just turned 17 im female, medium tall, my weight is  36kg and i can't seem to put any weight on im getting scared. I have about 4 seshs a day (bongs) average 6-7 cones a sesh? would this effect my weight gain and boobe growth??? oh and i smoke ciggys as well :L but i can't seem to stop the smoking and start the weight gaining.

i've had weight gaining formulas from hospitals but they don't work :l is their anything i can do to gain weight and makes my boobs bigger without a boobe job?

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Menopause 2 Years :: Crazy Itching On Boobs Sides And Armpits

I'm on meno and no period for 2 years. Out of the 37 meno symptoms sort of have 25. I'm GAD diagnosed and feel like i'm losing my mind. For the last 2 weeks i'm itching like crazy especially under/on my boobs sides and armpits. I'm a DD and it is summer here. It gets worse when i sweat but yet there is no rash or redness only redness when i scratch which i know i shouldn't. Its so embarassing. I tried coconut oil and fungus ointment which helps a bit but still itching.

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Pregnancy :: Stretch Marks - Inside Of My Thighs? Not On Boobs Or Belly

Im 14 weeks and most women get stretch marks on their boobs and belly. No i get mine on the inside of my thighs.

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Pregnancy :: Tingling/numb/burning/pressure Between Boobs And Bump

28 weeks.

Has anyone got a weird tingling/numb/burning/pressure between boobs and bump.

Its so irritating now I can hardly sleep!

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Prostate Cancer :: Hormone Therapy Side Effects - Casodex (man Boobs)

I have been on hormone therapy since May '06 (9 years) With a PSA of 28, I elected to do daily hormonal therapy along with Eligard injection every six months and have been EXTREMELY lucky that it continues to keep the beast at bay. (Undetectable) I feel fine but I have "man boobs" from the use of Casodex for so long and they are somewhat embarrassing. In a effort to reduce the size and tenderness, the Uro agreed to allow me to reduce my dosage in half and the last two checkups showed PSA still holding at "undetectable".

My question is this:

1. Has any members had this issue and Corrected it?
2. If I have orchiectomy surgery, would I STILL need to take Casodex to keep the PSA down?

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Fibromyalgia - Have 16 Of The 18 Tender Points

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have 16 of the 18 tender points, I'm tired, I have headaches, my muscles and joints ache and, occasionally, my fingers and toes get tingly. Oh, and I'm cold all the time. The only actual test I had done was a blood test, which came back perfect. The problem is, my lymph nodes are sore. Not swollen, really, just sore. My doc told me it's from the fibro, but I'm not finding any info to support this online. Also, sometimes I wake up with a headache. Is this normal? I should add, my left side feels IDENTICAL to my right. The pain, lymph node soreness, etc...It's all perfectly symmetrical. Is this normal for fibro? I am 36 years old. I would really appreciate any advice from someone who actually HAS fibromyalgia. My friends/family think I must be dying with all these symptoms, and that fibro can't really cause so much discomfort. My doctor, who is generally on top of things, is certain it's fibromyalgia. He said the tender points are what really tipped it off for him. I should add...this is causing me a lot of anxiety which seems to be making the symptoms worse.

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Possible Mild Frostbite At -22 - Hands Red And Tender

I work in a freezer at -22 and yesterday stupidly without gloves I moved some metal shelving around. My hands were really red after and today are tender and have a tingling sensation. could I have possible mild frostbite, I felt a sharp burning pain at the time but there is no pain now.

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HIV :: Tender Glands Back And Biceps

Exactly two months from exposure i started to have tender glands on my neck/ a little above my back and biceps. No fever. No sore throat. No Rash. Is this common for Hiv?

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