HIV :: Tender Glands Back And Biceps

May 23, 2015

Exactly two months from exposure i started to have tender glands on my neck/ a little above my back and biceps. No fever. No sore throat. No Rash. Is this common for Hiv?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Groin Swollen Glands - Tender And Warm

swollen neck glands are pretty common I know, but do many of you also get swelling in the groin area as well?  This is new to me.  I have not had a good week and earlier in the week I had swollen neck glands which I am familiar with, sore throat, aching muscles etc but today found a swelling in my groin which is tender and warm. Should I be worried?

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Bruise Or Vein? Tender Spot On The Back Of My Thigh

I have pretty bad anxiety but I've been noticing some strange things lately. Sometimes after being on my feet all day my left calf will burn and pulse with pain until i sleep and then its gone in the morning. had a blood clot test performed for it before and it came clear, although its happened even worse afterwards. my family does have a history of varicose veins/vein problems and yesterday i noticed a tender spot on the back of my thigh (left side) , about the size of a penny. it doesn't hurt unless pressed or moves. i didn't look at it until today, and the tender spot looks like a purple little circle at the end of a larger vein. the veins in my legs are pretty visible but they don't really pop up or anything. i do have this strange, painless, green mark on the backside area of my knee though. im just freaking out bc i cant identify this. im only about 20 but i've been fairly inactive the past few years due to my anxiety. i also get this pulsing/pumping feeling through my legs, esp the left, when im laying down but im aware that can be a symptom of anxiety. does this look like a bad vein... or perhaps a bruise i don't remember getting? its easier to see from far away. sorry, im freaking out.

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Propranolol :: Dizziness, Neck And Upper Back Pain, Tingling Gums, Sore Neck Glands

Had stroke 13 years ago. Have suffered anxiety ever since. Mainly dizziness. Recently came off citalopram after 8 years, started on sertraline. Never felt worse in my life......including severe diarrhea. Dr now stopped sertraline and put me on propranolol one week ago. Still feel awful and dizziness possibly worse. Will anything ever work?

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Tender And Discolored Left Underarm And Tender/painful Left Breast

What could it be?

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Went Up A Size And Are Very Tender - Not Pregnant

Past two months boobs have went up a size and are very tender I'm not prego I'm 23 5'7 130 lbs what's going on

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Fibromyalgia - Have 16 Of The 18 Tender Points

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have 16 of the 18 tender points, I'm tired, I have headaches, my muscles and joints ache and, occasionally, my fingers and toes get tingly. Oh, and I'm cold all the time. The only actual test I had done was a blood test, which came back perfect. The problem is, my lymph nodes are sore. Not swollen, really, just sore. My doc told me it's from the fibro, but I'm not finding any info to support this online. Also, sometimes I wake up with a headache. Is this normal? I should add, my left side feels IDENTICAL to my right. The pain, lymph node soreness, etc...It's all perfectly symmetrical. Is this normal for fibro? I am 36 years old. I would really appreciate any advice from someone who actually HAS fibromyalgia. My friends/family think I must be dying with all these symptoms, and that fibro can't really cause so much discomfort. My doctor, who is generally on top of things, is certain it's fibromyalgia. He said the tender points are what really tipped it off for him. I should add...this is causing me a lot of anxiety which seems to be making the symptoms worse.

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Possible Mild Frostbite At -22 - Hands Red And Tender

I work in a freezer at -22 and yesterday stupidly without gloves I moved some metal shelving around. My hands were really red after and today are tender and have a tingling sensation. could I have possible mild frostbite, I felt a sharp burning pain at the time but there is no pain now.

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Eyes :: Conjunctivitis - Tender And Watery

For the past full week, I think I've been suffering from conjunctivitis. I was wondering how I can determine what type I have and if there's anything I can do/purchase for it.

-  I had a feeling as if something was in my left eye for a couple of days, but this has finally gone!

-  Both my left and right eyes seem to be a little tender and watery. They are a tiny bit sensitive to light but not by much at all. They are generally white but both with some blood shot areas.

- I have experienced no pain or loss of vision (Fingers Crossed!). I also have cold like symptoms such as a runny nose, varying temperture, watery eyes. But, I would say these are mild to minor. I've seen a small improvement since I got it a week a go and it's defintley got a tiny bit better. Should I give it another week before I see a doctor because it says to give it about two weeks to go away? Is it worth buying some eye drops from the pharmacist? And, what kind of conjunctivitis do I have?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Boobs Hurt And Feel Tender

So my girlfriend and I already had a miscarriage earlier and that was about a year ago.

She says she thinks she's pregnant, we did have unprotected sex, two weeks ago.

her last period was March 15th. She's never felt her boobs hurt or feel tender, it's been doing this for 5 days. She hasn't felt nausea or hungry, or lack of appetite. She hasn't been throwing up.

She has been drinking a lot of coffee and having anxiety about thinking she's pregnant. She hasn't missed a BC day since she started... which was about a year ago.

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Itchy, Tender, Slight Peeling Off The Clitoris

For the past 3 days now my clitoral region has been very itchy and tender. Yesterday it had dead skin peeling off when I wiped after urination. I always use condoms and my last pap, came out clean, and I've been with the same man 2 years now. There's no discharge, just itching and tenderness now, What could it be?

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Bartholin's Cyst :: Drained Two Days Ago - Tender

I just had my bartholin's cyst drained two days ago. I know it's healing there is no pain and the swelling has gotten smaller. But! Sometimes it hurts because it's kinda dry and tender and my skin is moving like it might be trying to go back to it original form. Is it normal that it hurts a lot when healing? I'm scared it might be because it's getting worst and not actually healing. Please help!

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Skin :: Tender Red / Purple Lump On Inner Thigh

I have had this bump under my skin on my inner thigh for about 36 hours. It's more dark red/purple and tender to touch. It's also hard/more firm around it. It looks more like a pimple under the skin, but no whitehead or anything has appeared above the skin (at least not yet.) Other than that, I have no symptoms. It hasn't itched and I can't see any bite marks, not that there necessarily has to be any in order to be a bite.

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Cervix Is Soft/high And Slightly Tender After Sex

I just wanted to know if your cervix changes feel or positions after intercourse.

I know the normal routine is low/firm after period, high/soft during fertile days, low/firm before period.

But my boyfriend and I had sex yesterday and today my . But if i touch it i can still feel it kind of firm beneath.

So i'm just wondering if intercouse can shift the positions after sex because im pretty sure i'm still a week early for my ovulation.

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Breast :: Tender And Pain - Intercourse A Week Ago

I'm seventeen and I had sex with my boyfriend almost a week ago (this isn't our first time) and after we..did it. I had tender breast I couldn't even touch them they hurt that bad and he didn't touch them during the intercourse I also have had insanely sore sides to the point I have to hold my sides when going to the washroom because the pain is so bad , what is wrong..

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Lymphadenopathy :: Swollen Glands

So I've been feeling really lightheaded and dazed for the last 5 months! I'm constantly tired and just feeling really weak mentally, emotionally and physically! I went to the doctors on Feb and they said my glands were swollen in the neck, when in returned a few months later they had gone down but my symptoms persisted! I again went to the doctors in April and my glands have been up ever since and I've now been referred to see an ent? I have had all blood tests which have come back clear!

Does anyone know what this could be?

What will the ent do?

I am so scared it is something bad and so frustrated of feeling so rubbish!

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HIV :: Harmless Swollen Glands?

I am an 18 year old heterosexual female. 8 months ago I engaged in unprotected oral sex, with no ejaculation, both giving and receiving. I know this male has had previous partners, but claims he has no STDs or anything. I had no symptoms of anything after. Since then I had kissed people and still no symptoms. I recently got involved in a relationship with a boy my age and I am his first. We have engaged in unprotected oral sex (with ejaculation) and protected sex. We have been together 5 months. I was tested negative for STDs. I did have a yeast infection but was caused by using a certain cream on the area that moisturized. Recently in the past 3-4 weeks my lymph nodes in my neck have swollen. They are about 1-1.5cm and I feel tired and no appetite. I recently got a blood test done for mono, and deficiencies, etc, but not HIV and I also fainted. The blood test came back with the result of a slightly high WBC count. My doctor said I shouldn't be worried and do not need a test. My boyfriend had cut me while fingering me and then ate me out, but neither of us had noticed. I have no fever, no headaches, no cough, chills, or anything... Just fatigue and swollen glands. Should I be worried about HIV? Is this a cause for concern? Do I need a test?

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Birth Control :: Nipples And Breast Very Tender - Growing?

To start off, I've been on birth control for longer than a year now. And I am two weeks away from my period. So last week Saturday my boyfriend and I had protected and unprotected sex. Then Monday afternoon I realized my nipples were very tender and they hurt to squeeze or touch. Today is Friday and they still hurt. I do not have any other pregnancy symptoms. But I would just like to make sure im not pregnant. And what other cause is there? My boobs have been growing so is it possible my nipples are growing too?

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Vaginal Health :: Clitoris Swollen After Sex - Tender To Touch

I’ve noticed that my clitoris has become swollen the day after last time I had intercourse. I guess that I couldn’t get std because we used condom. I’ve not noticed to have vaginal discharge. The only symptom is swollen clitoris that is tender to touch. It is a bit itchy when urinate. What to do?

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Swollen And Tender Lymph Node In Neck And Under Armpit

I am a 22 year old female. Since November I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck. Under my jaw is quite puffy. My doctor keeps saying oh it's a isn't and antibiotics did not clear it up either. And what is more worrisome now is for over a month near slash under my left armpit is a swollen lump and it is very tender. It is soft which is good..but still..what could be causing these?

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Testicular Disorders :: Dull Ache - Tender Epididymis

I've had a dull ache in my left testicle for 2 weeks. I seem to feel it more when I sit or lie down.

I've spoken to my GP who checked and confirmed both testicles seemed healthy. However there was a tenderness when he held the epididymis.

He took urine samples to check for any infection which all came back clear. I am now waiting for an ultrasound.

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