Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Bruise Or Vein? Tender Spot On The Back Of My Thigh

Jan 30, 2016

I have pretty bad anxiety but I've been noticing some strange things lately. Sometimes after being on my feet all day my left calf will burn and pulse with pain until i sleep and then its gone in the morning. had a blood clot test performed for it before and it came clear, although its happened even worse afterwards. my family does have a history of varicose veins/vein problems and yesterday i noticed a tender spot on the back of my thigh (left side) , about the size of a penny. it doesn't hurt unless pressed or moves. i didn't look at it until today, and the tender spot looks like a purple little circle at the end of a larger vein. the veins in my legs are pretty visible but they don't really pop up or anything. i do have this strange, painless, green mark on the backside area of my knee though. im just freaking out bc i cant identify this. im only about 20 but i've been fairly inactive the past few years due to my anxiety. i also get this pulsing/pumping feeling through my legs, esp the left, when im laying down but im aware that can be a symptom of anxiety. does this look like a bad vein... or perhaps a bruise i don't remember getting? its easier to see from far away. sorry, im freaking out.

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Stinging Pain - Back Of My Left Knee - Deep Vein Thrombosis?

I'm freaking out so I'll try to make sense. I woke up this morning with a stinging pain in the back of my left knee and I read that this might be a symptom of Deep Vein Thrombosis and it has scared me. I had blood tests done a month ago and they all came back clear. I don't sit too long, don't travel on planes and have no prior family history of clots if that helps.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis - On Innohep For 3 Months

I had dvts and pes during my pregnancy, I've been on innohep for 3 months and due to finish in 2 days. The last 10 days I've had bad calf pain, pain behind my knee palpitations, headaches and really bad tiredness. So worried I've got clots again.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Warfarin And Smoking

My husband had an idiopathic DVT in late 2012. He has been taking

Warfarin ever since, and has recently been told he will be on it for life due

to being a smoker. He is desperate to be in a position to stop taking it and has recently stopped smoking. He realises this won't happen immediately but has no idea how long it is likely to take to get to that position. Does anyone have any idea what kind of time frame for coming off the Warfarin after stopping smoking is likely? He won't be starting smoking again!

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Will Be On Blood Thinners For Whole Life?

My calf and foot are swollen (the foot is the worst). I am just wondering what the chances are of this going down eventually or is it going to be like this for rest of my life?

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Deep Vein Thrombosis Post Thrombotic Syndrome - Minor Surgery

My son had a large DVT in his left leg and was told to take Warfarin and wear compression stocking but nothing else could be done. We have learnt through Thrombosis UK charity  that there is treatment available at St Thomas' Hospital in London. My son has had several visits for tests and now is going to have minor surgery to stent his blocked and scarred veins to improve his blood flow and alleviate swelling. Good news for a change.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Nagging And Annoying Slightly Painful Weakness In The Knee

i have a had a behind the knee DVT (4 weeks) diagnosed by Doppler scan, started heparin and now warfarin, swelling and pain has subsided quickly but I still have a nagging and annoying slightly painful weakness in the knee, annoying when out straight and weak when turning, it just doesn't feel like in used to, is this normal this early on and will it be staying?

i was lucky, D-DImer was 378, the nurse wasn't going to send me for a scan as I didn't fit all the symptoms on the day of referral but she said something was nagging at her about it, I think all the photos of my swollen calf swayed it.

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Varicose Vein - 23 Years Of Age

I have problem with my legs, i have 23 and i'm not overweight i think i'm active. i already have treatment - sclerotherapy on one leg and now it's ok. Recently i sign up at the gym and i saw that if i'm do e.g squats or stand long time, some veins on my second leg, near tibia are getting protrusion and soft when touching. so i guess it's early stage of varicose vein.

Now i wonder what to do, wear some compression on leg while being on the gym and everything will be fine? or just let go going to gym.

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Varicose Vein :: A Lump Which Is Sore And Hot At Times On Leg

I had vein in right leg stripped on Xmas eve all went well and seemed recovery good but for last week or so I've noticed where bruising is on thigh I've got a lump which is sore and hot at times. Is this normal?

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Varicose Vein :: Unsuccessful Local Anaesthesia

Has anyone had varicose vein surgery under local anaesthetic? and if so did they experience a situation where the anaesthetic did not `take` ?

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Stress / Anxiety :: Numbness/Tingling In Vein In My Head

I have always had pretty bad anxiety. Recently, I had an episode of Atrial Fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat) which I think was primarily due to my anxiety.

Anyways, since then (about 4 weeks ago), I have had severe health anxiety, and starting about a week ago, I've had this feeling of impending doom, like I'm about to have a stroke or a heart attack or something.

What happened about a week ago was, ever since my ER visit for my AFib episode, I've been obsessively checking my pulse in the vein on the right side of my head. About a week ago, I started feeling numb/tingling exactly along the length of that vein. While I am assuming it is just due to irritation from me constantly touching it, I would like some reassurance. It has been causing me major anxiety to a point where it's almost disabling.

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Varicose Vein Treatment Under General Anaesthetic Fear

I'm due in for varicose vein treatment this week and I have been advised to have this done under a General Anaesthetic because all of my veins cannot be treated under a Local. I'm also super anxious that even under a local I'll need chilling out!

I'm absolutely petrified, I've called the hospital, spoken to my gp etc and all seem so unworried and matter of fact about it. I just want to talk to someone and not go into detail on their responses to help me get through this. I'm not sleeping, I'm so anxious that weight is falling off me, I am really really scared. It's not the procedure, I am at ease with that element, it is having the anaesthetic and I'm worried something will go wrong that is concerning me. What's worse is I know I'm ridiculous and that makes me worse. I've asked for sedation but I'm told this is dangerous. I've been told I'm more likely to have a real bad car accident etc but this doesn't help me because if there is a risk then it can happen.

I just feel like I'm not going to be able to go into the hospital on the day. I know that I need to get a grip but I just can't, I really cant.

For reference I'm a 40 yo male and have never had a General Anaesthetic before.

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Varicose Vein :: Legs Gone Black Upto Knees - What's The Treatment?

My mum suffers from severe varicose veins and all her legs have gone black all round upto her knees. She is in alot of pain and has arthritis as well which does not help

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Bruising/broken Blood Vessels Of Fingers - Also Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

I have had blood tests to investigate the central retinal vein occlusion I had in September. Apparently the tests were okay - slightly raised in one area but not bad enough for the haematologist to get back to me, when my eye consultant asked for advice. I commented that I. Bruise easily but my consultant said the raised level would indicate the opposite.  The CRVO was caused by haemorrhaging in the eye.  I quite often get bruising/broken blood vessels in my fingers - got one today on the middle section of my ring finger, by applying my handbrake! Does this make sense to anybody? I'm fed up of explaining this to the various medics I see, who just look at me with a bemused expression!  Am I going mad here??

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Skin :: Tender Red / Purple Lump On Inner Thigh

I have had this bump under my skin on my inner thigh for about 36 hours. It's more dark red/purple and tender to touch. It's also hard/more firm around it. It looks more like a pimple under the skin, but no whitehead or anything has appeared above the skin (at least not yet.) Other than that, I have no symptoms. It hasn't itched and I can't see any bite marks, not that there necessarily has to be any in order to be a bite.

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HIV :: Tender Glands Back And Biceps

Exactly two months from exposure i started to have tender glands on my neck/ a little above my back and biceps. No fever. No sore throat. No Rash. Is this common for Hiv?

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Nerve Damage In The Lower Back Cause Pain In The Thigh?

I have nerve damage in my lower back due to four back surgeries. Now I am beginning to have pain deep within my thigh on the same side where my disks were herniated. Anyone experienced this?

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Severe Low Back, Thigh And Groin Pain After Radical Prostatectomy

Does anyone suffer with the same severe low back, thigh and groin pain as I have been for the past seventeen months following my radical prostatectomy. I am fine for the first twenty minutes of walking or general activity before the pains starts and increases in intensity if I don't stop.  I have had M.R.I's and scans. The spinal consultant said it is caused by a lymphocele which I have had drained once, but urology don't think this is the cause. Can anyone offer any suggestions please. The nerve pain can get unbearable.

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Sciatica ? Pain In Buttock Muscles, Knee And Bubbling On Back Of Thigh

Pain in buttock muscles, knee (with additional feeling of bubbling on back of thigh) and groin, is this sciatica?

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Lyme Disease :: Small Flat Dark Brown Tick On The Back Of My Upper Thigh

I found a small flat dark brown tick on the back of my upper thigh on 7/22. I went to see a doctor at MedExpress and she told me that the tick was engorged and that she believed that it could be a deer tick. We estimated that the tick had been on me for over 72 hours based on the time I was in wooded areas. As a precaution she put me on 200mg daily of doxycycline. I have been tracking the bite via pictures and there appears to be a bulls eye forming but I may just be paranoid. I know several people who have Lyme disease with varying forms of diligence for care. I have seen how it can ravage a person's body and mind. I want to make sure I am doing everything I possible can to help myself. What, if anything should I be doing from here?

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Shingles? Painful Spot On My Back

I have a very painful spot on my back between my shoulder blade and my spine. It hurts just for my hair, clothing, or even a good breeze to touch it. It is not red or warm to the touch. It is accompanied by a rash that will spread from shoulder to shoulder and up my neck. The rash is very fine and comes and goes. It itches and burns and is painful also. The rash is not red or warm to the touch either.

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