Varicose Vein :: Legs Gone Black Upto Knees - What's The Treatment?

Mar 25, 2015

My mum suffers from severe varicose veins and all her legs have gone black all round upto her knees. She is in alot of pain and has arthritis as well which does not help

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Pregnancy :: Varicose Veins On My Legs And Knees

I have them bad in the front of my leg right where my ankles are. I have a cluster of ones that stick out near my knee. Any way to get them to go away?

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Varicose Vein Treatment Under General Anaesthetic Fear

I'm due in for varicose vein treatment this week and I have been advised to have this done under a General Anaesthetic because all of my veins cannot be treated under a Local. I'm also super anxious that even under a local I'll need chilling out!

I'm absolutely petrified, I've called the hospital, spoken to my gp etc and all seem so unworried and matter of fact about it. I just want to talk to someone and not go into detail on their responses to help me get through this. I'm not sleeping, I'm so anxious that weight is falling off me, I am really really scared. It's not the procedure, I am at ease with that element, it is having the anaesthetic and I'm worried something will go wrong that is concerning me. What's worse is I know I'm ridiculous and that makes me worse. I've asked for sedation but I'm told this is dangerous. I've been told I'm more likely to have a real bad car accident etc but this doesn't help me because if there is a risk then it can happen.

I just feel like I'm not going to be able to go into the hospital on the day. I know that I need to get a grip but I just can't, I really cant.

For reference I'm a 40 yo male and have never had a General Anaesthetic before.

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Varicose Vein - 23 Years Of Age

I have problem with my legs, i have 23 and i'm not overweight i think i'm active. i already have treatment - sclerotherapy on one leg and now it's ok. Recently i sign up at the gym and i saw that if i'm do e.g squats or stand long time, some veins on my second leg, near tibia are getting protrusion and soft when touching. so i guess it's early stage of varicose vein.

Now i wonder what to do, wear some compression on leg while being on the gym and everything will be fine? or just let go going to gym.

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Varicose Vein :: A Lump Which Is Sore And Hot At Times On Leg

I had vein in right leg stripped on Xmas eve all went well and seemed recovery good but for last week or so I've noticed where bruising is on thigh I've got a lump which is sore and hot at times. Is this normal?

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Varicose Vein :: Unsuccessful Local Anaesthesia

Has anyone had varicose vein surgery under local anaesthetic? and if so did they experience a situation where the anaesthetic did not `take` ?

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Sciatica :: Muscle Weakness And Pain In Legs And Knees

I have always had the same symptoms with my right sided sciatica being buttock and calf pain worse on sitting but for the last few months intermittently and permanently for the last couple of weeks I have also been getting knee pain in both knees and leg / thigh muscle weakness worse on walking.

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Varicose Veins :: An Overview And Treatment Options

Varicose veins are in some cases unavoidable.  Many times, there are ways to naturally prevent and soothe them.

Get plenty of exercise to get your blood circulating, Elevate your legs on pillows daily for 10 minutes or more, Avoid excess weight gain, Dry-brush your legs daily to improve circulation. (This can prevent varicose veins from forming.) Use a natural-bristle brush with a long handle that allows you to reach all parts of your body. Gently brush your legs from the ankles up in a circular motion. Do this before you shower, so you can wash off any dead skin you brush off. Follow with moisturizer or body oil. Don't brush areas with existing varicose veins because you may irritate them.

Take sociable garlic and vitamin E capsules to improve circulation and vitamin C and B-complex vitamins to strengthen your blood vessels, Massage your legs with upward strokes, flushing your blood up to your heart. Use a massage oil made with 3 drops of lavender oil and 1 drop of peppermint oil in a coconut oil base (use unscented coconut oil), or put only the essential oils into a small spray bottle filled with water and spray directly on your legs.
St. John's wort oil helps with inflammation of veins. Avoid sitting for too long, especially with your legs crossed,
Wear loose clothing.

Try acupuncture or reflexology treatments to get your circulation moving and to move any stagnant energy.

After a bath, apply castor oil directly onto the veins. Massage using upward strokes from your feet straight up your legs. Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time.

Apply a cool compress soaked in witch hazel on your legs. Add a few drops of rosemary oil to stimulate circulation.

Flex your feet up and down and circle your ankles to the left and to the right twice a day.

To help varicose veins, make sure you're getting enough of the following:

Calcium-rich foods, since varicose veins are aggravated by a calcium deficiency

Pineapple, to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Berries such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and cherries, as they contain a pigment that strengthens the walls of the veins

Foods high in fiber Plenty of water, to keep your bowels moving.

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Varicose And Spider Veins Treatment Options?

How do you treat spider veins and varicose veins without vein clinics?

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Varicose / Thread Veins In Lower Leg - Treatment?

I have a large number of what I call thread veins that are in clusters throughout my lower calf area.  I first got one when I was in my 20s but then they started to erupt more frequently from my 40s onwards.

I did see a consultant privately via Bupa and had an ultrasound scan but because they were not varicose Bupa would not treat them.  The consultant suggested having them injected but I would have to pay for the treatment myself.

I would be prepared to pay but new ones keep breaking out so I cannot see the point.

I use a herbal vein gel with horse chestnut and Hirudoid cream that the consultant recommended but neither do anything. What do others use.

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Menstruation :: Varicose Veins, Bruises On Legs After Hysterectomy

I had the big cut hysterectomy in 2007 for uterine cancer.  3 weeks after my operation, my doctor started doing the 3 tiny holes surgery for hysterectomy for uterine cancer, but she never mentioned the option to me.   Every since the hysterectomy, I have felt bad.  I cannot lose weight.    My back hurts, I cannot stand up straight without pain, My right hip hurts.  I leak urine all the time.     Low libido & I cannot experience satisfaction in the BR, I have low energy and depression.  My legs never had any visible veins, but since my operation, my legs look like road maps of varicose veins.  If I had to advise a woman, I would say do not agree to a hysterectomy.

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Swollen Varicose Veins In My Legs - Natural Remedies Or Painless Surgery?

I have varicose veins in my legs and both are swollen. I feel itchy and got purple coloured on lower side. I am afraid of operation or any painful treatment. Please tell me about any painless surgery/treatment or naturally method.

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Deep Vein Thrombosis :: Bruise Or Vein? Tender Spot On The Back Of My Thigh

I have pretty bad anxiety but I've been noticing some strange things lately. Sometimes after being on my feet all day my left calf will burn and pulse with pain until i sleep and then its gone in the morning. had a blood clot test performed for it before and it came clear, although its happened even worse afterwards. my family does have a history of varicose veins/vein problems and yesterday i noticed a tender spot on the back of my thigh (left side) , about the size of a penny. it doesn't hurt unless pressed or moves. i didn't look at it until today, and the tender spot looks like a purple little circle at the end of a larger vein. the veins in my legs are pretty visible but they don't really pop up or anything. i do have this strange, painless, green mark on the backside area of my knee though. im just freaking out bc i cant identify this. im only about 20 but i've been fairly inactive the past few years due to my anxiety. i also get this pulsing/pumping feeling through my legs, esp the left, when im laying down but im aware that can be a symptom of anxiety. does this look like a bad vein... or perhaps a bruise i don't remember getting? its easier to see from far away. sorry, im freaking out.

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Perimenopause :: Bruising And Black / Blue Marks On Legs?

I seem to be getting more bruises or just recently noticed quite a few on my legs mostly. Have no idea where they came from either. Is bruising or black/blue marks common in peri?

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Night Leg Cramps Increased In Both Legs After Injections For Disc Treatment

I have had injections in my back because i have disc problems. i used to suffer from cramp occasionally but after the above procedure in Oct 2014 the night leg cramps increased in both legs, which leave me limping for a day or so. I have started to massage both my legs with any oil though preferably olive oil or black seed oil and i have noticed a great improvement. i have not suffered from cramps since i started doing this every night.

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HIV :: Takes Upto 3 Months To Test Positive?

well a few months ago at 18 i lost my virginity to my first girlfriend she had no stds or anything we both went to get checked.. so i know its not from here

anyway about 3 weeks ago i had protected anal sex with a female police escort and the condom broke i was not aware until i pulled out and im really paranoid i have hiv i went to clinic got tested for everything all came back negative but this was a few days after it happened i heard hiv takes upto 3 months to test positive.

and im getting some symtoms i have diarrhea went to doctors he said i have sinus now i feel dizzy randomly light headed it stings when i pee sometimes i get random red spots on head of my penis and they go i am so paranoid i don't know how i can make it upto 3 months im 19 and im scared of dying of hiv i feel like killing myself

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Pain In Neck Upto Head

Has anyone ever had ra pains in their neck and up their head.

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Severe Knee Pain That Runs Upto My Back

With my knee pain it hurts the most when I lay down with leg straight out, then it starts to stiffen and pain runs down to the top of my foot up my hip, butt bone from my knee cap. What is my diagnostic and whats the worst condition this can cause if not treated or taken care of.? Please I need advise. I live with a severe ,chronic pain. Even ibuprofen and tramadol pain meds.does not ease the pain..

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Abortion - Misoprostol (cytotec) :: 16 Weeks - Upto Which Month?

hey my name is Mai, im about 16 weeks pregnant. The question here is up to how many months can i take misoprostol , how much of a dose am i allowed to take & what are the side effects to this procedure ?

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Trimethoprim :: Unable To Bend My Swollen Knees

Took 2 tablets on the first day (a friday) went to sleep and then woke up the next morning unable to bend my knees. Assumed i had maybe slept funny. Kept taking the tablets but by monday morning my knees were a lot worse, slightly swollen, couldn't get up and down stairs, couldn't kneel on them and they also would give way without warning, basically had to walk with straight legs not good when i've got a 15 month old baby to look after.

Spoke to the doctor and he asked me to go in and he checked my knees and said to continue with the trimethoprim as it could be a secondary infection in my joints which can occur when you get another main infection. He gave me some strong Ibuprofen and some other tablets to take at night to stop the Ibuprofen from causing an ulcer in my stomach. So took these but had to stop as they made me feel nauseous and very dizzy (later told that this is a common side effect of Ibuprofen). Anyway got to thursday and finished my last 2 tablets. Woke up them Friday morning to absolute agony in my knees, so bad i couldn't even drive the car, which i had been struggling to do as had to run my 4 year old to school every day etc. Had to get a lift into the doctors and i saw a different one this time and he said that it seemed a very strange coincidence that i got this while taking the tablets and that it was probably an allergic reaction to the tablets. (at this point the UTI hadn't cleared up but did a couple of days later!!!) He sent me for blood tests to make sure that the pain in my knees etc wasn't something else and said that if i was still in paint in a week's time to go back. Well a week later my knees were 50% less painful so went back and saw yet another doctor who said my blood test results were ok, so definitely an allergic reaction and would make a note on my file not to prescribe again. He said that it could take a while for my knees to come right. well its not 7 weeks later and they still aint 100% right. They still ache when i get up, hurt when i kneel on them and lock when i stand in 1 position for a while, like when im washing the dishes etc. They are also still giving way occasionally. They feel incredibly week, like i've lost all my muscle round my knees so guess when the pain is a little better ill have to start doing some exercises to strengthen them up again.

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Cortisone Injections In Knees Causing Swelling?

I had cortisone injections in both knees 5 days ago and both of my feet are really swollen. Is this a normal side effect of injections in knees?

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