Cataflam Causing Nausea - Pseudotumor Cerebri

Jan 2, 2008

I am 35 old and ten months ago doctor diagnosed pseudotumor cerebri. I have never had visual disturbances, but… My doctor prescribed me Diamox and I have responded very well on this drug. But, few months ago, my headaches started and doctor prescribed me Cataflam. But, Cataflam made me feel more nausea.

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Cataflam Causing Headaches With Birth Control Pills?

I am 29 years old and I take contraceptive pills. As I understood the doctor, those pills are mixture of estrogen and progesterone. But, since I have strong headaches from time to time, that usually happens in the period time, I take diclofenac (cataflam). Can you tell me if there is a relation between cataflam and birth control pills?

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Anxiety :: Antidepressant - Prozac Causing Nausea And Depersonalization

I was prescribed Prozac and and have been on 10 for 3 weeks then went up to 20 2 weeks ago. I've been so nauseous,feeling like I'm gonna throw up and worsened anxiety and depersonalization. So my doctor told me to stop and switched me to lexapro 10 mg when will I notice a change?

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AVOID Trimethoprim - Causing Nausea, Burning Skin, Sleeplessness

My wife ( in her 60's) went to the NHS GP with cystitis and after a urine test, was prescribed Trimethoprim. Less than twenty four hours later she started to experience abdominal and back pain. She persisted with the Trimethoprim but the pain intensified.She said she had never felt so ill in her life and her skin was fiercely hot.We called NHS Direct and they questioned whether my wife had been to the gym, advised to drink plenty of water and to drink a particular fruit juice. She drank the juice and was almost immediately sick. Then, to help matters,the battery failed on my newly purchased thermometer.Later on Sunday night she felt really bad, couldn't sleep, couldn't drink , her body felt it was on fire and felt sick all the time. We then read the Trimethoprim leaflet that said these tablets should not be taken if there is a kidney complaint.I was on the verge of taking her diet to A&E at three o'clock in the morning.

First thing on Monday morning I got her to the surgery again and in spite of telling he receptionist how urgent the situation had become, we had to wait one and a half hours before having a consultation with ( another) doctor. By now the full urine analysis indicated a kidney disease against which Trimethoprim was ineffective and was given an alternative antibiotic - which (five days later) has now cleared the signs of the kidney problem. She has been ill for about two weeks, lost half a stone and can only eat small quantities of food - but at least she is eating again in small quantities.

After all this, I suggest the kidney infection developed very rapidly shortly after the first consultation and :cry: Trimethoprim failed to tackle that problem. Now the side effects of the Trimethoprim have only just subsided we realise that the constant nausea, burning skin, sleeplessness,

body aches were due to the Trimethoprim. Coupled with the kidney pain, it explains why she has never felt so ill in her life. We would never entertain taking Trimethoprim ever again.

Should you suffer the symptoms of cystitis, I would recommend the full nature and extent of the problem is diagnosed without a four day delay,

the correct antibiotic is taken, don't take the advice of NHS direct without a second opinion and avoid Trimethoprim.

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Myositis :: Orbital Pseudotumor/ocular

I am absolutely discouraged, and distraught, with the progression of my disease. I was diagnosed with orbital pseudotumor/myositis in November 2012 at the age of 42. I have been on a high dose steroid since, had several surgeries, have seen physicians at Bascom Palmer in Miami and Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I have been on CellCept, methotrexate, Humira, Enbrel, Remicade, Rituxan, and have just completed 6 months of chemotherapy. I underwent radiation, retro and peribulbar steroid injections as well as steroid infusion. I lost my job and I'm unable to work. I also lost my license to drive, and now receive services through the division of blind services.

I am at a loss for words as to why this disease cannot be controlled, or cured.

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Omeprazole :: Causing Rash - Lapromazole Causing Diarrhoea

I have a horrendous rash on my feet, upper arms, back and hands. I have been taking Omeprazole for about 6 weeks, and am due to see a consultant in a few days. As no one had mentioned a rash to me, I assumed it was a heat rash, as I have a habit of warming my feet by the fire, but the rash has got much worse, and now I have ENORMOUS blisters on my big toes and small ones elsewhere on my feet and hands. I have phoned the GP surgery as I see this is listed as a possible side effect, and was told to stop taking the omeprazole which I did yesterday. So far there is no improvement, but it is only 24 hours, so I am hoping there will be some improvement very soon. I have also lost my sense of taste and smell which may be due to a bad cold, but I have a very dry mouth and a horrid taste in it when I wake up in the morning. This is also a listed side effect. The doctor I spoke to seemed to think the rash IS due to the omeprazole. Incidentally, I took lapromazole for 2 weeks previously, but it gave me dreadful diarrhoea, so the consultant changed me to omeprazole. I will post another message on here when I have seen the consultant.

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Does Cataflam Help Fever?

Sometimes when I get fever, I take Cataflam. Now, I have baby and he has fever and I am wondering does Cataflam help for baby fever. I did not take my boy to the doctor yet, because I know that is normal for baby to get sometimes fever and I do not want be paranoid mother. My boy is eleven months old.

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Nausea :: Past Few Months, Random Nausea Lasts A Day Or Two

Over the last few months I've been randomly getting nauseated. It usually lasts a day or two and only has actually caused me to vomit a few times. However recently it has become more severe, and more common and even more recently has become paired with an uncomfortable dizziness and weakness in my legs. My mother believed it was morning sickness so I took a pregnancy test which proved negative and haven't missed any periods in the 3 months since I was last sexually active so I'm fairly certain I am not pregnant.

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Cataflam And Sirdalud Works Same?

Is it possible that I need two medications for the same thing? I had spine injury last month and was at the hospital for some time. When I was leaving the hospital they (the doctors) gave me Cataflam and Sirdalud. For what do I need these medications? Couldn't they give me only one?

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Cataflam Safe Enough For Toddlers?

Is cataflam safe enough to be used in toddlers? I am 20 and have 5 years old little sister. As I use cataflam as pain killer, Id like to know if it is safe, usable or toxic for children. I didn't mean to give her a medication, but am concerned about she could take it by herself.

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Cataflam Can Be Taken For Spinal Stenosis?

My mother has spinal stenosis and next month she will go to surgery. But, she has terrible pains. Her doctor prescribed her Codeine, but this drug does not help her. Is there some other drug which will help her to get rid of these pains?

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Cataflam For Severe Endometriosis?

If I use Cataflam for severe endometriosis, should this drug prevent new outcome of my disease. I understood that Cataflam is NSAIDs and that it is usually is used to treat pain. However, Cataflam should have some anti-inflammatory potential, so I hope that it would help. How am I supposed to deal with this disease?

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Cardiac Risk Regarding Cataflam?

I am taking Cataflam. I am taking large doses for several days a month. I am interesting about cardiac risk regarding this fact. I have heard that this dosage can be very risky for me. To be honest, I am not sure that these rumors are true.

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Anti-Inflammatories :: High Off Of Cataflam?

My grandmother is 53 years old and has arthritis. She takes cataflam against pain and inflammation. Some time ago she started telling us that her tablets are missing. She thinks someone is taking them. I have a younger brother who is a teenager. When I asked him if he knows anything about grandma missing medicine, he yelled at me, slammed the door and went out with his friends. Is it possible that he is taking Cataflam? I mean, is it possible to get a high of cataflam?

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Cataflam Usage With Endometriosis Pain?

My daughter has very big problem. She is 23 years old and she has Endometriosis. This is very painful for her, but her gynecologist told her that is early stadium and that this problem is not yet in faze for surgery. He told her to take Aspirin and Ibuprofen if she has big pains. She has terrible pains since yesterday and I am wondering should she, maybe, take Cataflam.

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Heart Attack Or Stroke With Cataflam?

I have to start with Cataflam therapy in a day or two and I have to say that I am not thrilled with the idea of using strong medications. I guess I am afraid of side effects, I have heard that Cataflam can cause heart attack and stroke, is that true?

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Cataflam Dangerous For Elderly People?

I had problems with pain and inflammation in my right knee. It hurt like hell when I don't take medicines. I have been prescribed with Cataflam two months ago. It have done wonders for me. I can walk, stand up and go upstairs without any pain. But I have heard that this medication is dangerous for elderly people. Is that true? I am 60 year old.

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Cataflam Works For Arthritis Pain?

I have very big problems with arthritis pain. My doctor prescribed me Cataflam. I have started to take it this morning, but I have not noticed that Cataflam actually work for pain. Can you tell me how long does it take for the Cataflam to work for arthritis pain?

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Cataflam Effective In Treatment Of Acute Pain?

Is cataflam effective in treatment of acute pain? Can I take it to relieve toothache? What dose is recommended in toothache? I used to take it to relieve headache, but I'm not sure if it would be effective in treatment of more intensive pain caused by tooth inflammation.

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Cataflam For Joint Pain - Side Effects?

I have joint pain and my doctor prescribed me Cataflam. I know that Cataflam is strong medicine and I am not sure should I take it. I want to know more, also, about Cataflam side effects. My friend told me that Cataflam is strong and dangerous medicine. Is she right?

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Diclofenac Potassium (Cataflam) Causes High Blood Pressure?

Hello! My grandmother is 60 years old and she suffers from arthritis. She tried all kind of NSAIDs in order to reduce pain and inflammation. Lately, she started to have problems with high blood pressure which was not the case before. She is also a smoker. Now, she wants to take Diclofenac Potassium since her friend told her it is very good. We wanted to take her to see her doctor first, but she is very stubborn and always say – Oh, the doctors don’t know anything, they are stupid, etc... Is there anyone who is taking Diclofenac Potassium and who would like to share the experience with us?

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