Cataflam Usage With Endometriosis Pain?

Sep 12, 2007

My daughter has very big problem. She is 23 years old and she has Endometriosis. This is very painful for her, but her gynecologist told her that is early stadium and that this problem is not yet in faze for surgery. He told her to take Aspirin and Ibuprofen if she has big pains. She has terrible pains since yesterday and I am wondering should she, maybe, take Cataflam.

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Cataflam For Severe Endometriosis?

If I use Cataflam for severe endometriosis, should this drug prevent new outcome of my disease. I understood that Cataflam is NSAIDs and that it is usually is used to treat pain. However, Cataflam should have some anti-inflammatory potential, so I hope that it would help. How am I supposed to deal with this disease?

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Cataflam Works For Arthritis Pain?

I have very big problems with arthritis pain. My doctor prescribed me Cataflam. I have started to take it this morning, but I have not noticed that Cataflam actually work for pain. Can you tell me how long does it take for the Cataflam to work for arthritis pain?

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Cataflam Effective In Treatment Of Acute Pain?

Is cataflam effective in treatment of acute pain? Can I take it to relieve toothache? What dose is recommended in toothache? I used to take it to relieve headache, but I'm not sure if it would be effective in treatment of more intensive pain caused by tooth inflammation.

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Cataflam For Joint Pain - Side Effects?

I have joint pain and my doctor prescribed me Cataflam. I know that Cataflam is strong medicine and I am not sure should I take it. I want to know more, also, about Cataflam side effects. My friend told me that Cataflam is strong and dangerous medicine. Is she right?

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Endometriosis :: Sudden SHARP Pain?

I have been presumptively diagnosed with endometriosis for the past 8 months, meaning I haven't had a laparoscopy to confirm.  My pain is usually a gnawing/aching pelvic pain concentrated around my inner right hip bone. It can make it cumbersome to eat and move, and will eventually build up to create anxiety and fatigue.

Suddenly, I've been having very strong pain on my right side (again near my hip bone, but also higher and more general).  This pain is sharp, sudden, and paralyzing.  It will leave me shaking, gasping, and frightened to move again (as if moving might make it worse).

I am concerned about taking the endometriosis NSAIDs I have, in case this pain is from something else. (?)

LADIES WITH ENDOMETRIOSIS, have you ever had pain that feels like this? What does your pain feel like?
[The pain I'm having makes me imagine a small blade is sitting just inside my hip bone, and, when I move, it cuts into the tissue around it (miserable right?)]

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Endometriosis :: Sciatica Pain Associated With Endo?

I ended up in the ER last week after having lower left abdominal pain and severe lower back pain. I have had pain on and off for the past 4 months. The cycle of pain seems consistent - starting mid-cycle and relief the first day of my period (of course one pain is just substituted for another since I have bad cramping but I prefer the cramping to the mid-cycle pain).

This month as been by far the worst and now I'm having pain radiating up and down my left leg and thigh. The only thing that seems to help is sleep and pain meds only take the edge off.

After having an external/internal ultrasound, the ER doc thought it's most likely Endo- which is really frustrating since there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. I'm already on BC- the Nuvaring, so I don't think there will be any quick solutions with BC pills.

My questions: How common is sciatica with Endo? Are there better BC pills/shots/etc. that will help the Endo symptoms?

I've NEVER had any reproductive issues until last September when they found Adenocarcinoma in Situ on my cervix from a stubborn HPV infection. It's been one thing after another since my colposcopies and cone biopsy. I've read that Cone biopsies can actually make you significantly more prone to developing Endo since it can narrow and scar your cervix and not allow for period blood to escape the uterus.

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Endometriosis :: Killer Ovarian Pain - About To Explode

October of 2014 my primary doctor discovered that I had endo after 6 years of painful periods. I had a laparoscopy on may 13th to gain a better idea on how bad it was. they found fluid floating around from a cyst that was on my right ovary that had ruptured. my left ovary was huge, filled with fluid and its also completely attaches to my bowel. now my GYN said that they just cleaned up the fluids and did not want to remove my left ovary because i am so young (20yrs old). she put me on a BC, camrese to calm the endo and I started taking it on may 17th. for a few days now i have been having symptoms like when I am about to have my period. since yesterday I have been feeling nauseous and both of my ovaries started to hurt. By today the pain has gotten worse. it feels like my ovaries are about to explode. I notice that when I urinate or move my bowel, a little bit of pressure is relieved. the pain is getting unbearable and I don't even have an appetite. I still have 32 more active pills until its my break week. anyone have any idea what could it be? I am scared that its something serious.

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Endometriosis :: Abdomen / Leg Pain After Total Hysterectomy

I had a total hysterectomy due to endometriosis. i was put on climaval hrt patches after which caused headaches and pains and i was then changed to livial approx a year ago but for the last 2 to 3 months i have started to experience the abdomen pains, back pains, leg aches, exhaustion, joint pains and bloating etc that i had before my hysterectomy. its not as bad but its still bad enough to cause problems to my everyday life and routine especially with my 4 year old daughter here. please could anyone recommend any other hrt or treatment for hysterectomy after endometrial? i am now taking my co codamol and voltaren tablets for the pain that i was on before my op!

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Endometriosis Laparoscopy Too Much Pain On Sitting And Laying On Sides

I had a successful Diagnostic Laparoscopy for suspected Endometriosis under general anesthesia in a general hospital and it was done in a little over one hour, I remained in recovery care for 4 hours due to pain and low blood pressure procedure was done yesterday (29th) fortunately doctor was able to treat all the areas/spots that contained Endometriosis growth/adhesions, she made 4 incisions and said that the procedure was smooth and successful. I've been home for roughly 22 hours now. I had a catheter so I'm left with a moderate burning and discomfort which seems to slowly be wearing off in my urethra it's naturally very narrow but thankfully I am able to urinate regardless of the Burning and the discomfort which I was told to expect. I managed to drink mint tea, water, juice and a light meal yesterday though I didn't have much of an appetite and I haven't eaten today either I just don't feel like it at all did this happen to any of you ladies? I am consistent with the pain and anti-inflammatory meds that I have prescribed for me due to the amount of pain I am in. So far I'm in bed laying on my back either resting or sleeping I feel incredibly exhausted. I have a follow up in 4 weeks or so with my doctor and I have her cell number as well which is comforting. Now I just want to know am I the only one who couldn't sit the first day of the surgery? If I force myself to sit I.e when I go to the bathroom I'm in so much pain and it kinda got worse after I got home probably due to the wearing off of the anesthesia. All I know for sure is sitting and the mere attempt of laying on my sides results in lots of pain and the only comforting and least painful position is to lay back down on my back with my head slightly elevated and my feet as well. My abdominal area feels awfully sore and.....

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Amitriptylin 50mg And Cataflam 50mg 2x Daily For Back And Leg Pain?

I have back and leg pain and my doctor prescribed me Amitriptylin 50mg and Cataflam 50mg two times daily. My sister told me that Amitriptyline is used for depression treatment. I mean, Amitriptyline is antidepressant. So, my doctor must be wrong, right? I have not depression! Should I change my doctor?

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Endometriosis :: Endometriosis After Myomectomy

I just left my post-op appointment for fibroid removal via abdominal myomectomy only to find out I have severe endometriosis. My OB/GYN says I have blocked fallopian tubes. I'm completely distraught. I'm 32, single, no children (would like all that sooner than later) and had the fibroids removed so that my uterus would have the "all clear" for babies someday. My doc says there was no way to know this prior to surgery and that the most severe cases are asymptomatic. As he spoke, I zoned out. I recall him saying he tried to remove the scarring and tried to see if the tubes would open bla bla bla. I don't know why I didn't ask for a pathology report or pictures, sizes weights.

Looking back, when he visited my hospital room the third day after surgery, I was told 4 fibroids were removed, but was initially told I had 7. I was in an anesthesia induced haze, so I didn't really hear much else. Today I asked about the 4 vs 7 fibroids and he said he removed all the fibroids that he could see. What the heck does that mean? Does that mean I still have 3 in there somewhere or did they shrink from the 5 months of hellish Lupron injections? I've noticed when I'm in shock, I forget to ask important follow up questions such as "Soooooo are there still some in there?"

At this point, I'm not sure what to do, with so many issues going on. In addition to dealing with this, I have other issues such as intense muscle spasms that can't be diagnosed, thinning hair and a balding crown. I'm not ready for children, but I'm extremely worried. I don't want to go through complicated pregnancies (if I can even get pregnant), miscarriages, IVF. It's just too much. According to the doc, I'll be reproductively old in 3 years (thanks for the added pressure)! I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give. I was only prepared to deal with the fibroids as endometriosis does not run in my family and I have no idea where it came from.

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Does Cataflam Help Fever?

Sometimes when I get fever, I take Cataflam. Now, I have baby and he has fever and I am wondering does Cataflam help for baby fever. I did not take my boy to the doctor yet, because I know that is normal for baby to get sometimes fever and I do not want be paranoid mother. My boy is eleven months old.

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Cataflam And Sirdalud Works Same?

Is it possible that I need two medications for the same thing? I had spine injury last month and was at the hospital for some time. When I was leaving the hospital they (the doctors) gave me Cataflam and Sirdalud. For what do I need these medications? Couldn't they give me only one?

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Cataflam Safe Enough For Toddlers?

Is cataflam safe enough to be used in toddlers? I am 20 and have 5 years old little sister. As I use cataflam as pain killer, Id like to know if it is safe, usable or toxic for children. I didn't mean to give her a medication, but am concerned about she could take it by herself.

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Cataflam Can Be Taken For Spinal Stenosis?

My mother has spinal stenosis and next month she will go to surgery. But, she has terrible pains. Her doctor prescribed her Codeine, but this drug does not help her. Is there some other drug which will help her to get rid of these pains?

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Cardiac Risk Regarding Cataflam?

I am taking Cataflam. I am taking large doses for several days a month. I am interesting about cardiac risk regarding this fact. I have heard that this dosage can be very risky for me. To be honest, I am not sure that these rumors are true.

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Anti-Inflammatories :: High Off Of Cataflam?

My grandmother is 53 years old and has arthritis. She takes cataflam against pain and inflammation. Some time ago she started telling us that her tablets are missing. She thinks someone is taking them. I have a younger brother who is a teenager. When I asked him if he knows anything about grandma missing medicine, he yelled at me, slammed the door and went out with his friends. Is it possible that he is taking Cataflam? I mean, is it possible to get a high of cataflam?

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Heart Attack Or Stroke With Cataflam?

I have to start with Cataflam therapy in a day or two and I have to say that I am not thrilled with the idea of using strong medications. I guess I am afraid of side effects, I have heard that Cataflam can cause heart attack and stroke, is that true?

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Cataflam Dangerous For Elderly People?

I had problems with pain and inflammation in my right knee. It hurt like hell when I don't take medicines. I have been prescribed with Cataflam two months ago. It have done wonders for me. I can walk, stand up and go upstairs without any pain. But I have heard that this medication is dangerous for elderly people. Is that true? I am 60 year old.

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Cataflam Causing Nausea - Pseudotumor Cerebri

I am 35 old and ten months ago doctor diagnosed pseudotumor cerebri. I have never had visual disturbances, but… My doctor prescribed me Diamox and I have responded very well on this drug. But, few months ago, my headaches started and doctor prescribed me Cataflam. But, Cataflam made me feel more nausea.

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