Colon Cancer Or Just Hemorrhoids?

Sep 28, 2015

I am 25 years old and turn 26 in January. I am 179cm tall and weight around 65. I am wondering if my symptoms are Colon Cancer or is just a long therm Hemorrhoids. I got symptoms for Hemorrhoids when I was at early 19. Which was itching and not be able to sit still, small clumps which is symptoms for External Hemorrhoids. My doctor asked me to take a look at my anus at that time, but I am very shy and don't like others to peek at my private locations on my body so I told him not to. There was extremely little amount of blood(almost none) on the toilet papers. Sometimes there was blood and sometimes none, but the itching and irritation was always there and the pain around the anus.

I got Scheriproct suppositories and ointment which I used few times, but after one bowel movement when everything looks fine I usually quit using them and then after few weeks or months the symptoms returned. Itching and irritation, blood on stool following up. It got worse over the years and I never thought so much about it as I started to get used to it..

The blood was always fresh red and I was always in pain around anus after a bowel movement. Few times I lost so much blood that I got fever and ended up in bed. The last time I got fever, I decided to not just let it pass again so I started to search online for information and then came across about Colon Cancer and its symptoms.. I am still a person who is very shy and don't like others to take a look at my private locations on my body unless it is my girlfriend. I don't always get fever, happened few times, but there were still blood on my stools.. Dripping down and kinda like blood smeared on the poop and not mixed within the poop.

I still had prescription for two packs of Scheriproct suppositories and ointment, so I decided to use it again and see if it ceases the itching, bleeding and the irritation, and if the External Hemorrhoids vanished. I used them all and every symptoms were gone. And now after 6 weeks, less or more maybe. I got the symptoms again. This time with blood again, irritation and itching, but not so much as it used to.

I want to point out that I am not so active anymore, I used to play for a football team and was a very active person til age 19. At age 19 everything changed. I quit being active and got lazy after going into a relationship, started to drink alcohol at that age and started to party alot and drink a lot of alcohol at the parties.

Before I was symptom free my diet was terrible, I used to workout 3 to 4 times a week (3 years ago), it was very on and off with the workouts so I still had symptoms then, like itching, irritation and bleeding(fresh red blood). My stool used to always be hard and I went to the toilet few times a week (2/3 times a week). I also used to sit on the toilet for over a long time(which is not good at all because of the pressure it puts around the muscles of my anus). I used to work as a checkout employee on a supermarket where I sat for almost 8 hours.

Right before I got the symptoms again after I was done with Scheriproct, I had bowel movement almost everyday and my stool used to be soft. No pain or itching, no irritation and external hemorrhoids. No blood at all and the time I used on the toilet was reduced extreamly to finish my bowel movement in maximum 5 minutes (usually 2 to 3 minutes). Then the day came when I had not a bowel movement for 3 or 4 days after eating alot of Pizza and meat I went in to the toilet and pressed a little to get some poop out because I was afraid of having hard stool again, but after that day the symptoms returned.

Here is a list of the symptoms I got, symtoms I had and symptoms which I never had.

Symptoms I have(+) had(-), never had(x)

+ Itching (not so often as before)
+ Irritation (not so much as before)
+ Blood on toilet paper and poop (fresh red)
+ Sweet, but an awful scent from poop (Don't know the reason, maybe because of the blood coming in contact with the poop)
+ Clumps on anus (External Hemorrhoids)

(+/-) Hard Stool, not so hard as it used to be and sometimes not hard at all and normal(feels great).. Last bowel movement = Hard to begin with then got softer.

- Used to bleed a lot and get fever

x NO Black Poop
x NO Weight loss
x NO pain in the abdomen
(I can't think of any other symptoms at the moment that I had or never had, sorry)

I have recently changed my diet and started to workout properly(second session today). I eat more vegetable food and drink a lot of hot drinks and water. I also eat fruit and the result was my stool was still a little bit hard to begin with, did not struggle getting it out and there was blood again(not much, but with that sweet and awful scent), but it has only been 2 days since the other bowel movement when the symptoms returned so maybe it has not healed up yet and that my diet has not taken effect yet, after all I ate many non fiber rich food these last days before changing my diet!

I am truly sorry for an extremely long post, just wanted to lay out all of the details.

By the way I have a question: If I have Colon Cancer, would I always have blood on my stool when I first have it or will it cease to bleed sometimes? As I mentioned, I was symptom free with no blood after using Scheriproct suppositories and ointment and was symptom free 3 more weeks without Scheriproct.

I am planning on visiting my doctor and let him take a look. I even took pictures of my anus as it is now to show him incase I chicken out to show him.

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Hemorrhoids Or Serious Like Colon Cancer

I have recently noticed blood in my stool (the last couple of time I have gone). I am freaking out! I am only 24 years old and generally follow a good diet and am not sure if this is something benign like Hemorrhoids or serious like Colon Cancer. Can somebody advice on how to distinguish between the different diseases? I am feeling fine and have no other symptoms for now.

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Colon Cancer :: Stools Always Be Thin Or Flat?

I am really nervous. I am having my 1st routine colonoscopy on Tuesday (I'm 50 years old) and I'm really nervous.

Colon cancer does not run in my family.

My stools are in all shapes and sizes. (fat, thin, big, small, flat, round, balls and watery). Sorry to be gross. This morning, my stools were somewhat big but I noticed 1 was semi flat. Twice today after eating, I had diarrhea.

Can nervous make you have diarrhea?

With colon cancer, will the stools always be thin or flat? Sometimes I have healthy stools but other times, my stools are small and thin. Never blood. Sometimes, it's yellow but then it's back to brown.

I don't eat well and I certainly don't get enough fiber in my diet but if (hopefully) my colonoscopy comes back normal, I will eat more fruit and veg and exercise.

I don't have any pain but I know I have a sludge in my gallbladder but for the last few days, I've been having pain which I think is all in my head and my nerves.

Could somebody please let me know what you think. Could it all be my diet and nerves?

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Colon Cancer :: Small Amount Of Rectal Bleeding

For the past 4-5 weeks, every time I pass a stool, I have seen a small amount of red blood on the tissue paper. I'm only 19, so realise colon cancer is unlikely, but am still very worried about it. I've read it could be anal fissure but surely this should have healed by itself by now? I am hesitant to go to the doctors because of the nature of the problem. I know that's really stupid but if it can heal by itself i'd rather not got through the stress of going to my gp.

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Hemorrhoids :: Piles Or Cancer?

I'll start off by saying that my father died of rectal cancer at the age of 39, and was diagnosed at the age of 32.

A couple of months ago, I found a small lump in my anus, that hurt every time I went to the bathroom(and sometimes when I sat down, if I had been constipated). Said lump is sort of blue-ish. It feels soft when I press it. I haven't had any sort of bleeding, only when I was constipated, and it was too much for my anus.

I am scared, as I don't know if it is a hemorrhoid, or cancer. I'm only sixteen, but the young age at which my father was diagnosed(Note that he was diagnosed, not that he got it at 32), worries me. My girlfriend has asked me several times to go to the doctor, as she had a look, and she described it as "not normal looking", and said it looked swollen.

I hope you will be able to give me an answer from the information provided.

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump And Cancer Scare

Dr has assured me that it is one pile but after a bowel cancer scare, I worry about anything abnormal! It is just inside my anus and no pain, itching or blood. The ointment has had no effect after 10 days or so. It could have been there for much longer, I just might not have noticed it. I did strain when I was able to have bowel movements again after the tumour was removed but usually they are quite soft. I think I panicked and overdid it in case there was another blockage. How long before they disappear? I am worried that it is not piles but the beginning of another cancer problem.  I just wish it would go away! 

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Bowel Disorder :: Narrow Stools - Cancer Or Hemorrhoids?

I produce narrow stools for a long period of time now (2 months). I did it once few months ago but it came back to normal, but not now it lasts .
I'm so scared this can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. I'm only 30 and I don't have any family history with this cancer. I know I'm very stressful. I've seen a specialist who told me I had internal hemorrhoids (he did an endoscopy). Do I have to do a colonoscopy ?
It's like play doh stools ...

These narrow stools are driving me crazy.

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How Many Types Of Colon Treatments Are Available In USA

I am just curious to know how many types of colon treatments are available in USA.

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Colon Resection Due To The Diverticulosis

I'm just 2 weeks into recovering from a colon resection due to the diverticulosis I had and last night I was getting that horrible pain on my lower left side as if I was having a diverticulitis attack !

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Diverticula Surgery :: Undergoing Colon Resection?

Can anyone share their experience of undergoing colon resection? Does it make a difference if you have IBS?

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Colonoscopy Stopped For Twisted Ascending Colon

I had a colonoscopy last week.  The dr. had to stop the procedure because of a twisted ascending colon.   Now I need to prep again and have a CT scan.  Has anyone had this problem?   What do I need to know?  Is this the cause of all the bloat I am carrying?

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Bowel Movements :: Impacted Stools In Your Transverse Colon?

Is it possible to have regular BM twice daily and still have impacted stools in your transverse colon?

Also is the transverse colon above or below the belly button?

The reason I ask is because I have IBS and suffer terrible bloating in my upper abdomen mainly above my belly button to my sternum. However when I have a BM the bloating and hardness reduces a lot.

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Fibroid Over Uterus, Sigmoid Colon And Uterus Are Cohesive

Since last 01 year, I am suffering from acute pain around the vagina. MRI explained that Fibroid over uterus, sigmoid colon and uterus are cohesive with each other. Doctors have different opinion. Help me to diagnose the problem and find out the actual reason of pain.

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Hemorrhoids :: Internal Hemorrhoids Can Give A Positive FOBT?

Do you know if second degree internal hemorrhoids can give a positive FOBT test if you do not have noticeable blood.

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Hemorrhoids :: Thrombosed Internal Hemorrhoids Not Responding To Injections

My internal hems. are not responding to a doctor's injections. They (3) are not major, but I wish (almost) they would become thrombus so it/they could be cut out. I had that years ago.

The pain is not so great as to cause bleeding, toilet trouble but the pain is there every day for two months.

Putting on ointments in public toilets all the time to cool the pain. Awful. Inconvenient and interferes with daily life.

Gets worse with stress.

Getting desperate, looking online - Venapro. But online wonder-meds never seem to work so I'm sceptical.

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Ovarian Cancer :: Survival Rates For Ovarian Cancer?

What are the survival rates for ovarian cancer?This discussion is related to Ovarian Cancer.

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Hpv/cervical Cancer?!

In august 2015 I went to the dr for a routine visit, the results of my pap showed abnormal cells and hpv. The doctor decided since I was due for my annual physical within the next few months that we would wait and check everything then. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get back to the office and have been having other symptoms. Everytime my partner and I have sex I bleed afterwards, sometimes it can last 1-2 days. It is not as heavy as menstrual bleeding but does require a panty liner/pad and I have a constant dull pain.

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Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Two days ago my CA125 marker went from 14 at my last two month check up to 68.5.  My dr says this is a significant rise in tumor marker. I have been in remission for 4 and a half months. Where does ovarian cancer spread to and how?  Initially I had 7 hour surgery and they said they got all the cancer. I had 6 months of chemo and I feel fine. I don't understand and am scared.

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Cancer :: Lump On My Tibia

I have had a lump on my tibia for about 3 months now. I first noticed it as my leg was sore at night when I rolled over one night. I started to stretch it at night before I went to sleep and after 4 days it went, but the lump didn't but I pushed it aside. Until 2 weeks ago when I had to go to the doctor about my back I decided to bring up the lump cause it was still there. No pain at all this whole time didn't relies me leg was swollen. She felt it and said its firm so she sent me for an ultrasound. While I was getting it done the lady felt the lump on my leg but couldn't see anything on the screen. she went and got one of the doctors there and he said the same thing they could see my leg was swollen, and they could feel the lump but couldn't see anything. He said to me to keep an eye on it and if it gets bigger have an mri done on it. I went back to my doctor, she sent me for a x-ray. X-ray come back they said there was no abnormalities, but they requested for me to have a mri done. There are two white/grey spots on my xray not on the bone tho not on the tissues but if this make sense there near the edge of the shadow of my scan. I cant remember exactly what my doc said. I cant afford to get a mri I will eventually get it down its just the last 2 nights and today I've had pain and a bit on pin and needles on my foot and leg. Same leg where the lump is. It started 2 nights ago I got out of the shower and my leg felt weird, it felt tight when I walked on it and I bit tingly and I kept getting a hot flush on it.The next day it was fine till that night again got out of the shower and I had pain and sharp jabs from my thigh to my foot and I dull ache in my leg. and I was fine and all of a sudden I felt really sick so I sat down and watched tv for a bit and it went. Today my knee has been sore half the day bending down and walking its fine now tho.. My leg dose feel heavier than the other when I stretch or lift my leg up. Could all they pain and problems have something to do with the lump? My gut is telling me something is wrong, My mum has cancer and it terminal not in the leg or bone anything hers is the liver,bowel and shes had it in the cervix

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What Are The Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

Painless hematuria can be intermittently reduced or stopped by itself. So it can give a wrong impression to patients that it has been cured or turned better. A minority of bladder cancer sufferers have symptoms of increased frequency of urination, urgent urinate and painful urination.It seems to be suffering from cystitis, but antibiotic is useless. A small number of bladder cancer sufferers don't have gross hematuria but overproof of erythrocyte under microscope, namely microscopic hematuria. Therefore, patients with painless hematuria or "cystitis" which cannot be cured and microscopic hematuria should be vigilant and receive timely treatment. Doctors need to consider seriously and do complete inspection for patients, otherwise it would be easily misdiagnosed as urolithiasis, infection or prostate plasia and delay or mistreatment of opportunity.

Incidence of bladder cancer is relatively low of all malignant tumors, but the most common for carcinomas of urinary system and especially for the elderly. The most common symptom of bladder cancer is insensate gross hematuria. It is a sign for paroria. Almost every bladder cancer sufferer have the symptom and 85%; sufferers need to be treated for it. When suffering from prostatitis, the herbal pill like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill works effectively.

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Cancer :: Started MTX And Headaches

Started MTX couple of weeks ago. How long do these headaches last?

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