Constant Constipation (6 Months) - Only Milk Of Magnesia Works

Jan 15, 2015

I'm 29yr old man and i have had constant constipation for 6 months now. I've tried many therapies and only milk of magnesia works 2 tbsp twice a day and I can only go liquid form. List my urge to go to. When milk of mag doesnt work u need to do a mag cit colon cleanse. I have abdominal cramping, bloat, twinges, fluid pool build in lower right abdomen and sometimes left. Burping often and all kinds of noises. Sometimes mucus. I just had a colonoscopy, fair prep but adequate g.i. says he had good visual throughout after suction and saw nothing bad. Now i'm having a barium xray and ultrasound tomorrow. I'M AFRAID I'M GONNA DIE FROM KIDNEY FAILURE FROM THE MAGNESIUM EVERYDAY before they find root cause.

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Severe Constipation (2 Years Old) - No Effect Of Goats Milk, Pre And Probiotics, Exercises And Massage

My son is 2yrs 2 months old and has suffered Constipation for 10 months ... it started when i went away for a weekend and he had his first weekend without breastmilk... 3 days late he was screaming in pain and had a stool stuck I was about to take him to hospital when in dropped enough for us to remove it,

the problem got more frequent over the coming weeks despite a lot of research on web tryin all kinda things increasing his fluids (which just made him wee more) and changing his diet (we tried more prunes, brown bread rice pastas, watermelon and watery fruits cutting out bananas and other foods) and he was prescribed Lactulose by the dr, whom told me it was just something toddlers get at this age, but it got worse as we weaned him onto cow's milk and the dr just increased his does of Lactulose over and over ... and saying would be 2 years until he would ref him to hospital.....OMG was my reaction, he passes stools most days but all are firm large and dry like rock the poor thing is in tears trying to pass them. his hanging of furniture like his in labour and there telling me this is normal at his age.......

so with yet more net research tried yet more diet changes no milk at all , goats milk, pre and probiotics, exercises, massage still to little or no effect

he now has senna from the dr too but the dr is still refusing to give him a ref, but my Hv has at least said there is a problem she thinks its "slow bowel" so currently trying to find out more on this as i am at my wits end and running out of things to try to relieve his pain its breaking my heart,

I know this is also now becoming psychological too and who can blame him when it hurts him so much, I am worried it will effect his happy go lucky nature being in pain for months on end. not to mention he starts preschool in nov and i am worried if this isn't sorted by then what i am going to do....

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7 Years Old With Constipation For Two Months?

i've been constipated for nearly 2 months,I read a lot in google, Nothing helps and it gives me anxiety, can someone help me please ! Im 17 years old male. And this is my first time of having constipation.

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Nervous System :: Constant Headaches For 7 Months

I seek your help and advices for I have been experiencing headaches EVERYDAY for the past 7 months. It seemed to have started with a bad cold or sinusitis at the beginning of February.

The pain level can go from 2-3, (usual daily headache), to about 6-7 where it’s close to a migraine and I can’t concentrate or do anything.

- I have had a MRI in
2009, due to a swimming accident where I hit my head on the side   of the pool, but nothing showed up.

- I have had a CT in
April 2011 and nothing showed up either.

- I’ve
seen a Sinus (ORL Specialist) and said that my headaches didn’t come from a sinus infection. I was prescribed various Antibiotics for sinus infection and
didn’t seem to help either.             

- I’ve seen a Neurologist and she prescribe me Elavils, which I took for a month and then stopped because it didn’t help the headaches, only made me sleepy all day and even more depressed.

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Migraine :: Charcoal Helps But Constant Headache 5 Months

I'm a 25-year-old female that lives at altitude. I am mildly overweight, have low end of normal blood pressure.  I exercise approximately 5 days a week and walk about 1.5-3 miles a day during work hours --otherwise I have a desk job. I eat primarily whole grains and foods, whole goats milk, and only drink 1-2 times a week and typically not heavily.

I've had a constant headache since September 20, 2015. It started in the middle of the night and increased in severity throughout that month. The pain is at the front of my head varies from a 2-9 typically getting worse throughout the day and into the evening.  Other symptoms include dizziness and nausea, lightheadedness-- sometimes extreme and debilitating.

After 1 month, I went to the doctor who had a MRI done, several blood tests, a nerve block, a hospital DHE treatment, every painkiller and triptan/migraine drug in the book. I went on a course of Phenergan and diclofenac, and also had IV antibiotic in the hospital. I started taking magnesium supplements. I assessed the stressful elements of my life (at home and at work), began meditating, and lowered my overall stress. I did yoga and stretched did neck exercises which both reduced some of the pain. Nothing helped, and they recommended Topamax, but as nothing made a dent before, I decided to question their diagnosis of intractable migraine. Since then, I had my Nexplanon implant removed (received it July 11th, 2015, removed it November 22, 2015). And started acupuncture. The acupuncture achieved some considerable relief, but after a month of treatment twice a week, I went on a business trip and took charcoal several times during the trip to help with a hangover (I don't drink much). During the end of the trip and the 5 days following it, I didn't have a headache. At the time, I concluded that the acupuncture had worked.

After the headache returned, I started to go through possibilities and took myself off of gluten. After a week, no change in headache. Then I started taking charcoal again after a eureka moment and then went 2 weeks without a headache. Yesterday I forgot to take my charcoal for 28 hours and my headache returned. I'm back on the stuff, and now feel like I'm narrowing in on finding the culprit!

I was hoping for medical advice on the appropriates steps to take to find out what is causing these, given that Charcoal seems to alleviate the symptoms. I'd like to be able to alter my lifestyle to improve the situation.

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Anxiety :: Constant Pooping, Acid Reflex, Chest Pain, And Headache, And 9 Months Insomnia?

Constant pooping, acid reflux, chest pain, and headache, and 9 months insomnia.

How to cure without sleeping pills?

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Breastfeeding :: Not Enough Milk What Should I Do?

I'm breastfeeding my 4 weeks baby but it seems like he's not getting enough milk what should I do?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: How Far Along Milk And Juice?

How far along do you need to be to try the orange juice and milk

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Breastfeeding :: No Milk In Last Pregnancy?

So my last pregnancy I never made milk, any advice or tips out there?

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HIV :: Oraquick Reliable At 1 Month, 3 Months And 6.5 Months?

I had a kind of risky encounter about 7 months ago. I used the oraquick test at 1 month, 3 months (twice) and 6.5 months. All came back negative. Can I rely on these results as being accurate and not a false negative?

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Breastfeeding :: C-section 34 Weeks - No Milk

I just had a c section at 34 weeks yesterday and im trying to breastfeed but im not producing milk. Any suggestions or idea's that would help.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Orange Juice And Whole Milk

Just did it! 1/2 cup of each one. Although I didn't mix it, I just chugged one after another, I was scared to drink it if I mixed it.. I drank the milk first then the oj . let's see what it does.

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Breastfeeding :: Does Breast Milk Last In Bottles?

So I am going to breastfeed my daughter but my boyfriend wants to take her to his family reunion in August in Alabama. He insist that I formula feed her so that she can go but that's not going to happen! How long does breast milk last in bottles and which bottles are the best?

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Breastfeeding :: How To Increase Milk Supply?

Any advice on what to do or what to take to help my milk supply? My daughter is barely 9 weeks and I suddenly started to produce less and less milk. I literally cried because I don't want to stop breastfeeding. It's the only thing that makes me happy.

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Breastfeeding :: C-section Delays The Milk?

I'm having a c-section on Saturday at 37 weeks. My concern is that I want to breastfeed but I'm hearing that my milk won't be ready until a few weeks after birth. Is there any pills Or teas I can take to help with the milk flow?

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Breastfeeding :: Want To Pump And Put The Milk In Bottles

I want to breastfeed for a few months (I've heard it's great for bonding) then I want to pump and put the milk in bottles for convenience purposes... How long do you think I should directly feed her from my breasts before I switch to bottles?

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Breastfeeding :: Need To Start Storing Milk

My baby girl was born this last Wednesday. So far everything has been great breastfeeding wise. If anything, she tends to fed twice as long and go twice the recommended time between feedings, but that gave me time to rest.

Today, I've had a terrible time getting her to feed for more than ten minutes every few hours because they gave me a stronger pain medicine which also puts her to sleep whenever I try to feed her. I've decided not to take it anymore unless absolutely necessary.

Anyway, we finally get discharged from the hospital and my breasts are so sore and full that I'm pleading with baby to stay awake through a whole feeding. I didn't think milk would start coming in until later, but I swear when I finally got to pumping it out manually, it looks like milk instead of colostrum. Baby finally woke up long enough to feed fully too. But no matter how much comes out, they feel like they just fill right back up again and get sore... how do I stop the pain?

It feels like my body is producing more than what baby needs. She's barely a few days old. She doesn't need so much to be full. I'll need to start storing milk late for when I return to work, but I don't even know if this is milk or colostrum. How can I tell?

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Breastfeeding :: Never Experienced My Milk Coming In

I wanted to breastfeed my first but never experienced my milk coming in. I never had engorged breasts and had to start supplementing because he lost weight so quickly. I am 20 weeks with our second and I am hoping to breastfeed successfully this time. I have heard about foods/teas to help increase milk. Now that I know a little more on how to help milk. Any ladies have similar experiences or advice. I am trying to prepare now so I hopefully will be able to.

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Breastfeeding :: Very Low Breast Milk Supply

I'm pregnant for second time, first time I had very low breast milk supply, so is there anything to do while pregnant to get good milk supply

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Breastfeeding :: How Soon Does Breast Milk Start To Come Out?

How soon does breast milk start to come out? I heard that sometime it doesn't start till a few days after the baby is born if that's so how will i feed my baby when she is born because i now i cnt do formula and breast milk any advice??

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Menopause :: Dark Or Milk Chocolate?

I know with Peri and menopause sugar isn't good...neck it's not good in general for anyone and you always hear watch your caffeine (because of hormones) So, which is better...dark chocolate or milk chocolate if you had to choose one. I know a lot of women have fibrocystic breasts so I'm asking this question to try and get a better understanding just how much chocolate affects the breasts and hormones if really at all. What do you think?

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