Contraception :: Nexplanon - Pain In The Area Of Insertion

Apr 9, 2015

i had the nexplanon implant fitted on the 7th april and now it is the 9th. The pain in the area of insertion is horrible:-( i cant pick anything up without a stabbing pain in the area and there is no sign of the pain subsiding at all. it feels okay in the morning when i wake up but as soon as i stand up and start my morning it starts all over again. its stopping be doing simple things like eating my dinner with a knife and fork or washing my hair. is this normal?

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Contraception :: My Copper Coil / IUD Insertion Experience

I feel there is an unfair amount of negative reviews of coil insertions online. I had mine fitted two days ago now, but the week leading to my appointment I was torturing myself by reading every insertion review and account, especially of those childless. So come the fitting, I was extremely nervous and on the verge of changing my mind. Afterwards however, I felt extremely liberated and empowered, and realising there is an unbalance in reviews I thought I'd share my experience for anyone else that is considering the coil and or is very worried - like I certainly was! I know that every body is different and reacts in different ways and that I can not speak for every women.

The facts;

5'2", 21 years old, childless

T-Safe CU 380A QL - model of coil

Insertion two days after period

Took boots own ibuprofen and codeine tablets 1 hour prior

Numbing gel applied by doctor

The thought of pain was my main hold back, so my first question to my doctor was if a local anaesthetic could be an option (no one told me it was before in all my build up appointments). She said I'm more than welcome to one, but she would advise the numbing gel instead, and that the local anaesthetic is always there if I change my mind or becomes too painful.

I think this is extremely important, and that while we are so medically advanced we should not have to subject ourselves to pain if we do not need to.

I took her advice (she has been fitting them for years), and with the comfort of a local anaesthetic being ready to hand and full trust in my doctor, I didn't need it at all - to my surprise!

Now the pain - well, there was none. It was uncomfortable. You're held open, then numbing gel is applied so you're wet and sticky, she then held my cervix, used a long stick looking instrument to measure the length of my cervix, checked how I was coping, then swiftly interested the coil, cut the threads and I was done. Within minutes, and it was definitely only a few seconds when I had anything going up my cervix.

Don't get me wrong, I felt it, but not painfully, and it made my toes curl up, but it wasn't anything I couldn't manage again. I've a small white tattoo on my ribs, and that was much worse. As everyone describes, it's like a period cramp, but it somewhat travels up, so you can almost guess what's happening but not quite.

I just concentrated on my breathing, and told myself if most other women can do it, then so can I. However, I don't know if I would have been just as brave without the painkillers or numbing gel! But girls, you can have that too, and with a local anaesthetic if you wanted!!! - I can't stress this enough.

I was fine to drive myself home afterwards, I was aware of the cramps, like the pressure on your womb you get during a period, and a little light headed (I justified some sweets at this point haha), but again nothing I couldn't manage! I used a pad for the slight bleeding too, and didn't need any more painkillers after the first two.

I couldn't believe how easy it was, and I'm ashamed at how it isn't made abundantly clear to women that pain relief is readily available! Had I known, it wouldn't have taken me two years to pluck up the courage.

I am now hormone free (amazing!!!), free from mood swings, weight gain, spots, the list goes on! And I do not need to worry about contraception for 10 years. 10 years!! I simply check that there are two stings coming out of my cervix now and again. My boyfriend isn't bothered by them in the slightest either. He has only gone looking for them out of pure curiosity! Other than that he cannot feel them, and is just glad that I am hormone free, and happy.

It astounds me that this isn't a more widely used form of contraception. And I think that is mainly down to the idea of the insertion pain, and being squeamish of the T shape left inside. However I would rather that, than pump my body full of invisible chemicals.

I hope this helps someone, and I also hope you're as happy and as liberated as I am with a copper coil. I've already had some girlfriends convert!

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Contraception :: Injection To Nexplanon

I went onto the injection in 2005 and was on that for 9 years due to migraines etc the doctor advised me to have the nexplanon inserted and i've now been on this a year. Tbh i think i'm lucky i've only ever had one period and that was just after my injection started in 2005 so nothing for 10 years. Before the injection my periods were clockwork every 28 days for 5 days at a time. Just wondered now i'm on the nexplanon how long would it take for everything to come back to normal after i've had it removed. I'm thinking of having it removed late 2016 to try and start my own family.

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Contraception :: Nexplanon 3 Years Passed

I had the Implanon for 3 years and had it replaced for the Nexplanon around 2.5 years ago. I haven't had periods since having these implants except for a bit of spotting during the change over. Yesterday however I have started having a period. Not as heavy as I used to have them when not on any contraception but much more than just spotting. I am concerned that it has stopped working as I am a few months off having it changed. I have gained a lot of weight this year from stress and I have read that having an increased weight can cause it to stop working early. Could this be the case? And should I arrange to go to the clinic to have it changed?

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Contraception :: Recent Nexplanon - Periods For A Month?

I've recently been put on my birth control nexplanon, at first I was fine and dandy. But then I got my period, it was a dark brown color (usually a brownish-red) and it's lasted for almost a month. Any idea why this could be? Or If it's normal? I'd love to know.

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Contraception :: Nexplanon - Groggy With Awful Oily Skin And Acne

coming up to three years ago I had the Nexplanon implant fitted and until now it has being amazing ... no periods or side effects. But recently I have been feeling really groggy, with awful oily skin and acne, anxiety, irregular bleeding, ibs symptoms, headaches etc. Does anyone know if this could be because my implant is running out and I am having hormonal changes?

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Nexplanon Experience? Cause Pain? Any Complications?

Has anyone had the arm IUD Nexplanon inserted after having a baby? Did it hurt when they put it in? Has anyone has any complications from it? I'm considering this form of birth control but I'm a little worried about it.

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon - Intense Lower Abdominal Pain

I am currently on nexplanon. I got it put in on June 2014. Ever since December 2014 I have been having intense lower abdominal pain. It hurts if I try to walk or sit up. It hurts to pee. It feels like a lot of pressure where my female organs are. It's more painful at night and when I'm suppose to have my period. I haven't had a period since September 2014. I spot dark brown/black stuff. I am always dizzy and have headaches I don't know what's wrong. I'm hoping my doctor will let me get an ultrasound.

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Vaginal Health :: Foul Smell (Iodine) After SKYLA IUD Insertion

So i just got an IUD inserted yesterday, and today I'm having foul smell spotting. The doctor's office told me it's probably just the iodine clearing out with the bleeding, but they didn't say how long it would last. Has anyone else had to deal with this nonsense, and if you have, how long did it take to get rid of the odor?

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Sharp Nerve Pain In Groin Private Area - Vaginal Pain And Itching

Does anyone that has back problems have sharp nerve pain in their groin private area? I have had back problems for years and sometimes would get a sharp pain up my vagina. After a bad muscle strain in my back and using the elliptical machine I've had twitching and burning all over but also in my private area. Like around my **** it will twitch or vibrate, and then I will get the sharp shooting pain up my vagina and around my butt. I notice it more if I bend over that's why I thought it might be my back. I remember when the stabbing pain started I thought it was a female problem and my OBGYN said everything looked normal with my cervix and my paps have always been normal so she didn't know. She seems clueless.

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Men Issues :: Pain In Testicle Along With Sharp Pain In Abdominal Pelvic Area.

I am 23 (M) unmarried.Last month 2nd Jan I felt pain in my right testicle.The pain was mild at that time. but increased next day. So I went to the doctor I had an ultrasound and I was diagnosed with epididymo-orchitis. . I was given by some anti-biotic for 2 weeks. It has been 1 month since taking the medicine, but didn't get relief from the pain. Instead, pain was getting worst.

From past 2 days, my right side of the abdomen also starts to paining and hurting badly, Its kind of like sharp pressure pain. There was a Pinch type pain in abdomen(pelvic area). I can't even able to sit correctly in one position. It is very uncomfortable. it is constant pain in pelvic area. I am unmarried & I haven't done any sexual activities till now. I am very worried about that i could able to be father in future.?

Is the medicine i am taking is correct.?Doctor prescribed medicine :

1) Sultamicillin 750mg(Sulbactam 294mg and Ampicillin 440mg)( 2 dose/day)
2) Trypsin + Bromelain + Rutin Tablet( 3 dose/day)
Am i have correct problem as diagnosed.. ? Or i have different medical problem.After taking medicine there was decreased in size if right testis.

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Pain Behind My Pelvic Area After Ejaculation

I've been having this pain in my lower belly after I ejaculate for quite some time now.  It's never during sex or masturbation but ONLY after.  It may take 2 minutes before I feel it or 20, but sooner or later it comes. It's sharp but resonating at the same time. If I were to put it on a scale of 1-10  of how painful it is it would be a 2 but annoying none the less.  Its been something I've dealt with for awhile and i always thought it would go away but it hasn't. Its almost like its behind my pelvic bone and last from 30 seconds to a minute or two.

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Contraception :: Mirena (IUD) - Sharp Pain On And Off

I have now had my birth control for 2 years and have been having pain on and off again since last night it was bad it felt like i was being stabbed it was a sharp pain and have had it for a few days on and off why.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Pain In Cleavage Area?

I'm feeling pain under my breasts or right on it I would say the cleavage area. It hurts when I lay down sometimes and I'm wondering why.. idk if the baby is pushing everything up and leaving me squashed or I'm just isn't pain.

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Contraception :: Agonizing Pain With Copper Coil

​i've had the copper coil in for 2 days. the day i got it in i was in pain but i just assumed my womb was contracting as i was told by the nurse that put it in, so i went home and slept. since then i have been in agonizing pain( wanting to scream and unable to do things). i went back the day after it was fitted and they could see the string so they said it was fine.

​i cant feel the string myself so i don't know if its in the right place.

​before i had it in i was in the mini pill for 2 weeks, i was told it would work straight away so me and my partner didn't use condoms but now i've researched it and it says that you are not protected for the first week.

​i wondered if this has happened to anyone else? or if people think there is a chance it is a perforated womb ( the pain feels bruised and stabbing shooting on my felt side) or if it could be an ectopic pregnancy or anything else?

do you think i should go A and E?


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Contraception :: Pain One Week After Copper Coil

So last Tuesday I had my copper coil fitted. I explained before hand that I was going on holiday four days after and the nurse suggested I stay on my pill (cerazette) for the duration of my holiday to avoid having a period.

The process was pretty straight forward it did hurt and I did vomit and feel about weird afterwards but I think that's because I hadn't eaten in a few hours.

Anyway, fast forward just over a week now and I'm still getting really bad cramps and bleeding quite a lot even though I'm still taking my pill. Taking pain relief helps but I just wanted to know is this normal?

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Pregnancy :: Pain Under My Right Breast In The Ribs Area (23 Weeks)

I am having the worst pain under my right breast in the rib area. If I sit down for more than 15 mins I have the worst pain!! Any of you mom's experience this? I'm also 23 weeks pregnant but it's been going on since I was like 15 weeks

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Men's Health :: Pain In My Tailbone And Testicles Area For Months

I am a early-20s male and I have used dildos on myself in the past (with lubricant), and I am wondering if perhaps I irritated my prostate or tore my rectum or something. My testicles hurt, as does my right tail bone area, and the pain shoots down the leg too, to the right leg only. This has been going on for months. My doctor did a CAT scan from my abdomen to my bladder, did an X ray of the area, and blood tests, and found nothing. I don't know what to do or what test to request. I don't bleed out of my anus or anything. What do I do?

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Spleen Removed 6 Years Back - Still Pain In The Area

I had my spleen removed during bariatric surgery because the surgeon accidentally ruptured my spleen.  The surgery was in 2010 and I still have pain in that area quite often.  My surgeon says if I see another doctor about the pain he will drop me as a patient. Why would my spleen area still hurt and what tests can I have to find out what is causing the pain?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Terrible Pain All Over Vulva Area

I've been in really agonising pain for 12 weeks now. At first I thought it was an infected tear so was prescribed Amoxicillin which did help with the soreness of the skin, but it was the dreadful aching all over the vulva area that just continued.Three visits to dermatologist during that time and I eventually ended up in A&E I was in so much pain I could barely walk.I was examined thoroughly by a Gynaecologist Registrar The upshot of that A&E visit and the 3 Dermatologist visits resulted in them deciding it was Vulvodynia, and I've been prescribed 15mg Amitriptyline and to gradually introduce 300mg  Gabapentin daily. Co-codamol 4 times daily and Oramorph when needed. Presently I'm up to 200mg Gabapentin and 15 mg  Amitriptyline but it doesn't seem to help much yet. Does anyone know how long it can take to help with the pain? I've been on 10 mg Amitriptyline for 16 years and it's always helped but not this time. I'm at the end of my tether and spending most of the time in the house because it's so agonising and really difficult to walk about. Does anyone have any ideas how long these medications can take to kick-in?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Pain And Heavy Periods

12 months ago, I had a copper coil fitted after I was taken off my trusty contraceptive pill, due to high blood pressure. I had no pain or bleeding. First period after the fitting was fine, no change really, a few pains but that was all. On my second period, I was bleeding really heavily and was in unbelievable pain, thought I was going to black out for a week.

I went to the doctors and they had me checked over, ultrasounds etc and told me everything was fine, I just had to wait for it to calm down.

Now 12 months on, I'm still experiencing this excruciating pain, about a week after I've had my period and I'm usually in a little bit of pain the week before. I've been back to the doctors in the meantime and they've taken blood tests and swabs and said everything looks fine.

Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this?

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