Contraception :: Nexplanon 3 Years Passed

Jul 16, 2015

I had the Implanon for 3 years and had it replaced for the Nexplanon around 2.5 years ago. I haven't had periods since having these implants except for a bit of spotting during the change over. Yesterday however I have started having a period. Not as heavy as I used to have them when not on any contraception but much more than just spotting. I am concerned that it has stopped working as I am a few months off having it changed. I have gained a lot of weight this year from stress and I have read that having an increased weight can cause it to stop working early. Could this be the case? And should I arrange to go to the clinic to have it changed?

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Contraception :: Injection To Nexplanon

I went onto the injection in 2005 and was on that for 9 years due to migraines etc the doctor advised me to have the nexplanon inserted and i've now been on this a year. Tbh i think i'm lucky i've only ever had one period and that was just after my injection started in 2005 so nothing for 10 years. Before the injection my periods were clockwork every 28 days for 5 days at a time. Just wondered now i'm on the nexplanon how long would it take for everything to come back to normal after i've had it removed. I'm thinking of having it removed late 2016 to try and start my own family.

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Contraception :: Recent Nexplanon - Periods For A Month?

I've recently been put on my birth control nexplanon, at first I was fine and dandy. But then I got my period, it was a dark brown color (usually a brownish-red) and it's lasted for almost a month. Any idea why this could be? Or If it's normal? I'd love to know.

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Contraception :: Nexplanon - Pain In The Area Of Insertion

i had the nexplanon implant fitted on the 7th april and now it is the 9th. The pain in the area of insertion is horrible:-( i cant pick anything up without a stabbing pain in the area and there is no sign of the pain subsiding at all. it feels okay in the morning when i wake up but as soon as i stand up and start my morning it starts all over again. its stopping be doing simple things like eating my dinner with a knife and fork or washing my hair. is this normal?

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Contraception :: Nexplanon - Groggy With Awful Oily Skin And Acne

coming up to three years ago I had the Nexplanon implant fitted and until now it has being amazing ... no periods or side effects. But recently I have been feeling really groggy, with awful oily skin and acne, anxiety, irregular bleeding, ibs symptoms, headaches etc. Does anyone know if this could be because my implant is running out and I am having hormonal changes?

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Contraception :: Microgynon 30 - After 2 Years Break

I'm back on this pill after a 2 year break to have a baby.I I started it last month, as advised, the first over my period. I've finished the first Pk, now I'm on day 4 of 7 day break from pill taking, no period has happened. My partner and I have agreed to use condoms also for a couple months to allows the pill to get bk in my system fully as in an extra precaution. All that happened one night when I was about to take it it slipped out hand and rolled under sofa, so I picked a tablet from another Pk for that day and just threw rest that full Pk away. Is it normal to have not had a period yet?

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Contraception :: Implanon Experience For Two And Half Years

I am actually gutted because I thought it was great for me for a while. As soon as I had it put in I had frequent, not always predictable periods that would range from light- to- heavy-, usually alternating! However, I thought that this wasn't too big a deal since it is meant to be almost an almost 100% effective contraceptive (I was told no one had gotten pregnant on it when I had it put in) and, seeing as I was told that the majority of women don't have periods (over 90%) I thought I was just unlucky and plodded on without concern. (Although this transpires to be untrue!!)

I had a lot going on at the time of having the implant and so was a bit stressed out anyway and always had something to link feelings to, but now that life is on an even keel I have noticed that these feelings, far from going away have strengthened! I have become teary- here are some examples: crying at Big Brother and Supernanny (that is SO not me- although I can cope with this in isolation!)and also have: low self- esteem (which is sometimes worse than others to the point of complete low), low energy, bloatedness, lack of concentration, lack of positivity, inability to make and stick to decisions, grumpiness- it goes on.... Oh, and the periods just keep on coming! But worse than all of this is the fact that I have this constant feeling of worry, which just eats away at you and drains you of all your energy.

So, yes for me it is an effective contraception, but largely because there's just no let up at times and not a lot left to give at others!

I have heard lots of fantastic cases where people don't have any problems. After some of the negative effects I have had I would never URGE someone to try it, but I would say it suits some people and you have to weigh up all of the things you read on this site and elsewhere and decide for yourself. I have read some terrible stories though, so just keep an eye open for symptoms and take care of yourselves.

The doctor thinks that I should definitely see an improvement when the thing is removed, so fingers crossed! I would love someone to do some proper research on how women are feeling who are on it and why it affects some or not others.

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Yeast Infection :: Contagious Or Is It Rare That It Can Be Passed On?

Okay, so today I went to the doctors and found out I have a yeast infection.
The problem is I had no idea that I had one and I have a boyfriend who I'm intimate with. I heard it's possible guys can get oral thrush from oral sex, it was only once, but is it really contagious or is it rare that it can be passed on?

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Quinine :: Daughter Passed Away Taking Too Many - 3 Hours Later

my daughter took too many and sadly passed away 3 hours later.

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Kidney Stones Disappear On Their Own? Passed In Urine?

my 27 year old Son had a 8mm stone that they found on a CT scan, they went took him in for laser surgery last night and found nothing but a swollen kidney, the doctor says he must have passed it but my Son says he didn't now wouldn't you know if you passed a stone that big?? He has a very high and unusual tolerance to pain but not that high and he's been keeping an eye on his urine after urination can they just disappear?

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How Long Can Bleeding Last After A Kidney Stones Passed?

I am not 100% sure I'm dealing with kidney stones but I'm almost positive. I've had random bouts of bloody urine the past couple months. I had a ct scan Friday and am waiting on results.

My most recent bleeding has lasted about 2 weeks. This is what prompted my visit to the urologist. It started during my menstrual cycle and never let up. It would go from gross to microscopic and back again. I've dealt with minor aches and pains in both my back and pelvic area, similar to menstrual cramps. Nothing major. Last Tuesday I was stopped with sharp pains from my back to abdomen and towards my hip area. It wasn't excruciating but not very comfortable by Any means either. That lasted about an hour and a half, in waves.

Friday was my ct scan with contrast. Friday night the urge to urinate was insane. I had to sit with my legs crossed to even be slightly comfortable. Saturday I woke up with dull pain in my back which was relieved after I urinated. Some minor aches saturday and by Sunday was feeling completely normal. No blood visibly or microscopicly.

This morning my first Urine was a little brown. Ever since it's been clear. I'm drinking a ton of water, which I was never in the habit of ever doing.

How long can bleeding last after a stone is passed?

Stones run in my family from my father, brother, my fathers siblings and my cousins. Also at my physical last year my blood showed a little elevation in calcium levels which I know can lead to stones.

Has anyone had a similar experience with bleeding??

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Husband - Tinnitus Is Genetic? Can Be Passed To Baby?

 I am married. I am 25 years old. And my husband 29 years old. Now I am pregnant. But my husband had tinnitus in left ear before 10 years.Then  he had done surgery to recover tinnitus. After the surgery, he has hearing loss as the side effect of operation for the left ear. I have a doubt that  “ is this type of tinnitus is inherited to our baby and if yes how many percentages will get tinnitus for my baby?” we are very tensed really. Is there any hearing loss problem is inherited to my baby? If yes, how much  percent probability get a hearing loss?

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 - 1 Week Passed And Scared

i had sex for the first time with b/f 7 days after my period and took unwanted 72 now after 1week i am getting scared that i am pregnant. How do i confirm that i am not pregnant

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Urinary Incontinence :: 30 Kidney Stones Passed During Pregnancy

I'm 35yo F, have two kids (ages 3 and 6). During both pregnancies I had about 30 kidney stones I passed and I've passed several more outside of pregnancy. Most noticeable since having my second daughter, I've suffered from urinary incontinence. Not when I cough or laugh but it seems to leak out after I go to the bathroom. I don't feel it but throughout the day and night, my underwear are always damp and I can smell urine. I don't have bladder control issues - meaning, I always make it to the bathroom in time. It's very upsetting and been very stressful. I've seen 3 different doctors and it wasn't until my most recent visit where I got very frustrated that they seemed to finally listen and now said they are referring me to another specialist and I'll need to be tested for a fistula and other potential serious issues. 

The specialist can't see me for a few more weeks. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone have any input? 

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Hemorrhoids :: THD 12 Days Post Op - Passed A Pile Today?

I had my THD op 12 days ago. The usual pain and discomfort but no blood until today. Today however I went to the loo and passed enough to make the pan red without straining too much. 4 hours later I passed more with a lump of non poo material in it. Would this be a tied off roid? Bleeding stopped very quickly and no pain. Any ideas?

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How Many Of You Have Nexplanon?

How many of you have nexplanon? Could you get pregnant of it?

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How Soon Can I Get Nexplanon Removed? Not Right For Me

So, November 21st 2014, I got the nexplanon implant birth control so that I would be able to be with my partner without any worry of children. It seemed like the perfect decision at the time. Three years from now I will still not be ready most likely and I don't have to remember to take a pill every day or anything. What a dream, right! No. I was very wrong. The nexplanon may work for some people but for me, so far, it has been terrible. I know that it's new chemicals in my body but I've been vomiting non stop. I can't get out of bed anymore and I'm sleep deprived due to mind numbing headaches. I've also been bleeding everyday but that's not really what worries me the most. I can deal with the bleeding but with the vomiting and headaches? No! That's not what I signed up for. So my question is how soon can I get this removed? I have an appointment for a check up on December 4th but will I have to wait for my arm to heal up before they can numb it again and take it out?

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Menstruation :: Had Nexplanon For A While Now, Had Bleeding For A Day

I have had nexplanon for a while now and have had periods, but just a few days ago for a few seconds I had bled, it was like a normal period blood, red heavy normal, like all my periods start, but it only lasted for a day or so... I looked it up and saw all this stuff about implantation and I don't think I'm pregnant or anything I just would like to know if this is normal.

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Birth Control (Nexplanon) Spotting

I had my birth control (Nexplanon) inserted at the beginning of March, and had somewhat normal periods, coming once a month. I did just have a regular period about 3 weeks ago, and then last week I had two days of spotting, and that was it, and then the spotting came back yesterday and is gone now. Sometimes they are accompanied by mild cramps, nothing too bad though. I've also gained 4lbs in the past week, and I've been the same weight for about 5 years now. I have been having unprotected sex since I've had it in, and I'm not quite sure why my symptoms are the way they are!

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Nexplanon Experience? Cause Pain? Any Complications?

Has anyone had the arm IUD Nexplanon inserted after having a baby? Did it hurt when they put it in? Has anyone has any complications from it? I'm considering this form of birth control but I'm a little worried about it.

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Trying To Conceive After Nexplanon Removed (4 Months)

I had my Nexplanon taken out about 4 months ago and I had a period about 2 months later . It was a normal period for me. Lasted about 5 days and wasn't too heavy and wasn't too light and not a whole lot of cramping which is typical for me as well. I have been trying to conceive so I have been having unprotected sex hoping for some pregnancy symptoms . I figured it would take a while for my body to get back into the swing of things so after I had my first period since Nexplanon I started tracking everything such as ovulation and my fertile days. I am 13 days late and have taken many pregnancy tests and they are all negative. I do not have pregnancy symptoms except the fact my period is late. No nausea or sensitive breasts. But why is my period so late ? I have a little bit of cramping that started on the 12th day my period was late. Could there be a bigger issue or is this normal ?

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