Husband - Tinnitus Is Genetic? Can Be Passed To Baby?

Apr 23, 2016

 I am married. I am 25 years old. And my husband 29 years old. Now I am pregnant. But my husband had tinnitus in left ear before 10 years.Then  he had done surgery to recover tinnitus. After the surgery, he has hearing loss as the side effect of operation for the left ear. I have a doubt that  “ is this type of tinnitus is inherited to our baby and if yes how many percentages will get tinnitus for my baby?” we are very tensed really. Is there any hearing loss problem is inherited to my baby? If yes, how much  percent probability get a hearing loss?

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Contraception :: Nexplanon 3 Years Passed

I had the Implanon for 3 years and had it replaced for the Nexplanon around 2.5 years ago. I haven't had periods since having these implants except for a bit of spotting during the change over. Yesterday however I have started having a period. Not as heavy as I used to have them when not on any contraception but much more than just spotting. I am concerned that it has stopped working as I am a few months off having it changed. I have gained a lot of weight this year from stress and I have read that having an increased weight can cause it to stop working early. Could this be the case? And should I arrange to go to the clinic to have it changed?

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Yeast Infection :: Contagious Or Is It Rare That It Can Be Passed On?

Okay, so today I went to the doctors and found out I have a yeast infection.
The problem is I had no idea that I had one and I have a boyfriend who I'm intimate with. I heard it's possible guys can get oral thrush from oral sex, it was only once, but is it really contagious or is it rare that it can be passed on?

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Quinine :: Daughter Passed Away Taking Too Many - 3 Hours Later

my daughter took too many and sadly passed away 3 hours later.

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Kidney Stones Disappear On Their Own? Passed In Urine?

my 27 year old Son had a 8mm stone that they found on a CT scan, they went took him in for laser surgery last night and found nothing but a swollen kidney, the doctor says he must have passed it but my Son says he didn't now wouldn't you know if you passed a stone that big?? He has a very high and unusual tolerance to pain but not that high and he's been keeping an eye on his urine after urination can they just disappear?

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How Long Can Bleeding Last After A Kidney Stones Passed?

I am not 100% sure I'm dealing with kidney stones but I'm almost positive. I've had random bouts of bloody urine the past couple months. I had a ct scan Friday and am waiting on results.

My most recent bleeding has lasted about 2 weeks. This is what prompted my visit to the urologist. It started during my menstrual cycle and never let up. It would go from gross to microscopic and back again. I've dealt with minor aches and pains in both my back and pelvic area, similar to menstrual cramps. Nothing major. Last Tuesday I was stopped with sharp pains from my back to abdomen and towards my hip area. It wasn't excruciating but not very comfortable by Any means either. That lasted about an hour and a half, in waves.

Friday was my ct scan with contrast. Friday night the urge to urinate was insane. I had to sit with my legs crossed to even be slightly comfortable. Saturday I woke up with dull pain in my back which was relieved after I urinated. Some minor aches saturday and by Sunday was feeling completely normal. No blood visibly or microscopicly.

This morning my first Urine was a little brown. Ever since it's been clear. I'm drinking a ton of water, which I was never in the habit of ever doing.

How long can bleeding last after a stone is passed?

Stones run in my family from my father, brother, my fathers siblings and my cousins. Also at my physical last year my blood showed a little elevation in calcium levels which I know can lead to stones.

Has anyone had a similar experience with bleeding??

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 - 1 Week Passed And Scared

i had sex for the first time with b/f 7 days after my period and took unwanted 72 now after 1week i am getting scared that i am pregnant. How do i confirm that i am not pregnant

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Urinary Incontinence :: 30 Kidney Stones Passed During Pregnancy

I'm 35yo F, have two kids (ages 3 and 6). During both pregnancies I had about 30 kidney stones I passed and I've passed several more outside of pregnancy. Most noticeable since having my second daughter, I've suffered from urinary incontinence. Not when I cough or laugh but it seems to leak out after I go to the bathroom. I don't feel it but throughout the day and night, my underwear are always damp and I can smell urine. I don't have bladder control issues - meaning, I always make it to the bathroom in time. It's very upsetting and been very stressful. I've seen 3 different doctors and it wasn't until my most recent visit where I got very frustrated that they seemed to finally listen and now said they are referring me to another specialist and I'll need to be tested for a fistula and other potential serious issues. 

The specialist can't see me for a few more weeks. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone have any input? 

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Hemorrhoids :: THD 12 Days Post Op - Passed A Pile Today?

I had my THD op 12 days ago. The usual pain and discomfort but no blood until today. Today however I went to the loo and passed enough to make the pan red without straining too much. 4 hours later I passed more with a lump of non poo material in it. Would this be a tied off roid? Bleeding stopped very quickly and no pain. Any ideas?

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Not Virgin And Getting Married - What To Tell Husband?

i am 25 yr old. i m getting married next month but the problem is i am not virgin last time i had been physical is about 2yrs n now i am worried coz i m nt virgin dere any solution to this problem...i really need help regarding this if my husband will come to know about all this my life will become hell ...

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Pregnancy :: Husband Avoiding / Unable To Do Sex

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and I'm 30 yrs old. My husband is 35 yrs old and is a truck driver who don't get a lot of sleep. I've become so horny that I want it all the time but my husband is tired all the time and sometimes we can start making love but he gets tired in the middle of it and goes soft(sorry tmi). I love my husband but I have needs too. I just want to crush up a blue pill and put it in his coffee I want it so bad what should I do.

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Husband Can't Cum / Ejaculate Inside Me - Needs Masturbation After Sex

My husband can't ejaculate during intercourse, which is certainly not helping our desire to have a baby.

He can thrust for up to an hour without showing any signs of ejaculating inside me, by which time I am sore and dry.

He says that he enjoys sexual intercourse with me, but he looks frustrated, and I certainly am, and getting more so by the day. I mean, having an orgasm for the man is normal, yes? Ejaculating inside his partner is supposed to be the natural outcome of sex, yes? The best thing ever?

I want to see and feel him coming inside me, and I certainly don't like the idea he doesn't find it possible to ejaculate when we make love. He also says that he can come with his hand, and indeed he does sometimes finish off sex by ejaculating through masturbation.

But this is all second rate. Does anyone know why a man would not be able to ejaculate during intercourse?

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Pregnancy :: When My Husband Will Able To Feel Movements

When were your partners able to feel your little one move? I can't wait for my husband to feel our little girl moving around. I'm 21 weeks now. How far along were you guys?

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No Bleeding After First Time Sex With Husband - He Felt Viriginity

I did sex with my husband first time but no bleeding even he felt that something cross away from his penis inside my vagina. he felt that something touch his penis during intercourse. he felt i m virgin and this is true but problem is this no bleeding but i felt pain during my intercourse...

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Women :: Rotten Sperm Smells Of Husband

I have noticed it since the first time, and I've just about went through everything to make sure it isn't mine. It's not even necessarily when he cums inside of me. When he ejaculates, period!

It is just kind of a rotten smell. Or like puss when your ears or other piercings are infected? which made me think it could be an infection? I have been tested recently, and nothing, I'm the second person he's ever even had sex with. And it isn't something that just came up out of nowhere. It's just getting bad to where I try to avoid doing it.

Once he goes. If it's on me I clean it right away, if it's inside of me I try to get it out quickly and really clean down there when I shower. He is uncircumcised but it's not his penis that smells.. (Unless it's after we do it or he hasn't showered for a day minimum. Nothing else smells, just down there). When we shower together I see that he does clean it well, he'll even I clean it. Under the foreskin, multiple times until I KNOW that it is clean. And then when he cums after that it really is just his semen.

I don't know whether to ask about it whenever I am at the doctors or just straight up send him to the doctors. I've told him about it, even asked when he plans to get a prostate exam to just throw it out there. He knows but I guess forgets about it.

I am clean, no infections, have been tested. And it's not when our fluids mix. It's for sure his semen. So is there anything he could do at home? We maintain a normal diet, he drinks plenty of water. No unusual supplements or anything.

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My Husband Started Getting Vertigo / Dizziness All Of A Sudden?

For three days my husband has been feeling giddy, he has to hold onto something when he walks otherwise he looks likes he's had a few. He's been sick once with it. He's been to GP who examined him and told him his BP was a bit high but when we got home his BzP was within normal range again. I think it was raised because we waited an hour in the surgery. Because he is a type 2 diabetic, the GP said it was connected to that and his raised BP. I know it's not his BP because it's always normal. His ears have been throbbing too but GP said no sign of infection. It seems he has to ride it whatever it is. Has anyone any idea what could be the cause please?

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Sexual Health :: I Hate Sex With My Husband - My Body Enjoys It

I have been married almost 2 years.. When we first dated we had sex like crazy and both loved it, even with the guilt of people telling us we Weren't supposed to doing it unmarried. We felt guilty but still loved each other and loved sex. Then we got married, my husband started expecting sex and I started hating it. He doesn't expect it anymore, but is disappointed that we only do it like once or twice a month. He doesn't usually complain about it unless he's drunk. Then he gets kinda nasty about it. It just makes me hate sex with him even more. His touch makes my skin crawl. I HATE when he tries to kiss me, it makes me feel sick. I hardly touch him and I feel terrible because he thrives off of being touched. When we do have sex, I do it for him. I may orgasm, but just because my body is very aroused doesn't mean I am. I feel very disconnected. if my body wants it, Or orgasms, it feels like I am being betrayed by my own body. It's a terrible feeling. He thinks making me orgasm is a gift from him. Lol. But I keep telling him that just because my body enjoys it doesn't mean I enjoy it. I am torn. But he doesn't understand. He thinks I don't like him, since I'm withholding from him. So I encourage him to use his porn or magazines and toys by himself. I know it's wrong to encourage that, but if it gets him to leave me alone. Then it is a huge weight off my back. If I could have it my way, I would Never have sex. I would prolly still masterbate on my own, but never want intercourse. When we do have sex, I do it so he will be "content" for a while and feel satisfied. I feel guilty for not fulfilling my wifely duties better. During sex I have to have the lights off, or hide his face with a blanket. He has to be the one in charge and I have to think about anyone other than him. If I look at him or think about how I'm actually having sex with him again it ruins it and I have to get up and leave, because I can't go thru with it. He has never abused me, but I was sexually abused about 12 years ago, when I was 14. I don't really think about it. But I do feel disconnected from my body. When he touches any part of me, ( non sexually or sexually) I emotionally disconnect from that part of my body. When we have sex he says it's out of love, he tells me several times during sex that he loves me. I finally had to tell him not to say that while we are doing it. Because it makes me feel sick inside when he says it during sex. I think it's because to me, sex is not an act of love. It is something that makes the body feel good. For him it is an act of love. I can't seem to reconcile love with sex, to me they are 2 very distinct things that can never be combined. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Some advice would be great. I feel like I'm drowning and there's no way out.

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Fluoxetine :: Trying To Save Marriage And Stop Fighting With Husband

I just started 10 a few days ago and break them in half. I'm dizzy and feel a weird hear sensation in my back and stomach shortly after then find myself in the bathroom. Do you take this with food? I'm hoping this will calm me enough to stop fighting with my husband and save my marriage

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Hyperthyroidism :: Husband On Tapazole - Can Affect Our Future Pregnancy?

My husband has hyperthyroidism and his taking Tapazole 5mg, We were planning on having a Baby but I'm afraid if his medication can affect the Baby..

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Herpes :: Sore On Lips / Penis - Cheating Husband?

My husband has a cold sore on his lip and now on private he says he thinks he touched his lip and then went to the bathroom and didn't wash it possible to give himself herpes on private.weve been married for 25 yrs and I don't know if I should think he cheated. This is his second outbreak on lip within 6 month period.

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Pregnancy 6 Weeks :: Earliest You Felt Baby Movement On Second Baby?

On baby number 2 when was the earliest you felt movement and kicks. I'm only 6 weeks and getting nervous because i haven't had any symptoms only snackin all the time.

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