Contraception :: Recent Nexplanon - Periods For A Month?

Oct 11, 2015

I've recently been put on my birth control nexplanon, at first I was fine and dandy. But then I got my period, it was a dark brown color (usually a brownish-red) and it's lasted for almost a month. Any idea why this could be? Or If it's normal? I'd love to know.

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Contraception :: Injection To Nexplanon

I went onto the injection in 2005 and was on that for 9 years due to migraines etc the doctor advised me to have the nexplanon inserted and i've now been on this a year. Tbh i think i'm lucky i've only ever had one period and that was just after my injection started in 2005 so nothing for 10 years. Before the injection my periods were clockwork every 28 days for 5 days at a time. Just wondered now i'm on the nexplanon how long would it take for everything to come back to normal after i've had it removed. I'm thinking of having it removed late 2016 to try and start my own family.

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Contraception :: Nexplanon 3 Years Passed

I had the Implanon for 3 years and had it replaced for the Nexplanon around 2.5 years ago. I haven't had periods since having these implants except for a bit of spotting during the change over. Yesterday however I have started having a period. Not as heavy as I used to have them when not on any contraception but much more than just spotting. I am concerned that it has stopped working as I am a few months off having it changed. I have gained a lot of weight this year from stress and I have read that having an increased weight can cause it to stop working early. Could this be the case? And should I arrange to go to the clinic to have it changed?

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Contraception :: Nexplanon - Pain In The Area Of Insertion

i had the nexplanon implant fitted on the 7th april and now it is the 9th. The pain in the area of insertion is horrible:-( i cant pick anything up without a stabbing pain in the area and there is no sign of the pain subsiding at all. it feels okay in the morning when i wake up but as soon as i stand up and start my morning it starts all over again. its stopping be doing simple things like eating my dinner with a knife and fork or washing my hair. is this normal?

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Birth Control :: Month Long Period After Year And A Half Of Nexplanon

I had the Nexplanon 3 year birth control implant put in February of 2013 when i was 16 years old. Up until early-mid June, I had not had any periods. Now, I have had my period on and off for almost an entire month. It is mostly spotting but enough to require the use of tampons and refrain from sexual activity. I have been pretty emotional lately and was up last night with bad cramps. Nothing in my daily schedule or eating habits has changed therefore I do not understand what could be causing this. ALSO, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue. Does anyone have ideas as to why this is occurring? I would hate to have the implant removed because this is the first time it has given me problems so far and I'm not even sure it is the cause.

*I have had the same boyfriend for 10 months so i do not think STD's would be of any relevance*

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Contraception :: Nexplanon - Groggy With Awful Oily Skin And Acne

coming up to three years ago I had the Nexplanon implant fitted and until now it has being amazing ... no periods or side effects. But recently I have been feeling really groggy, with awful oily skin and acne, anxiety, irregular bleeding, ibs symptoms, headaches etc. Does anyone know if this could be because my implant is running out and I am having hormonal changes?

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Periods For Continuous 2 Months And No Periods This Month?

3 months back I had sex and agree that I had got my periods for continuous 2 months but this month I have not got my periods yet.

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Women's Health :: Two Periods In A Month?

I've had 2 periods this month and I don't know why.

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Menstruation :: Periods Twice A Month For 3 Months

I've been getting my periods twice a month for 3 months it lasts for 4 to 5 days its light at first then gets really then its a dark red with little blood clots then goes back to light pink i am really worried

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Surgical Abortion :: 2 Heavy Periods In A Month

hi i had my surgical abortion december 9,2015 everything went well light bleeding and a lil blood clots

i had my first period january 15th to 25th(10 days) its a heavy period and has lotsof blood clots coming out small-medium size everytime i go sit in the toilet and pee and when i go take a shower its like a water hose of blood with clots. ;( and after 3days i had my 2nd period again january 29 and i'm passing a small clots as well until now feb.1 still heavy any advice or are you ladies experiencing the same thing

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PCOS :: Krimson For 6 Months, But No Periods For A Month?

My partner is suffering from irregular menstrual cycle in fact she didn't have periods for 2 months so she consulted a doc she did the ultrasound and responded that she has polycystic because of which this is happening and recommended her to take krimson 35 for 6 months after which she would be fine and will have regular periods last month she completed her 6 Months course and one month is passes she is not having periods as of now

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Menstruation :: Periods Every Other Month After Tubal Ligation

I had a tubal ligation in march 2015. My period was normal for about 2 months but now it comes every other month. What could it be?

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Birth Control - No Periods For A Month Idoz 72 Taken After 26 Hours Of Sex

My girlfriend took idoz 72 after unprotected sex. She took pill after 26 hours. she don't got her periods in last month also pls let me know will this lead to PREGNANCY?

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Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding? Heavy And Clots - 2 Periods A Month

In this month of April I had a period that began on April 6th with semi heavy bleeding, and ended April 14th. April 29th I began a second period with heavy bleeding, and now I'm also having blood clots ranging from the size as small as a dime to as big a half dollar coin. What could be the cause of this abnormal menstrual bleeding?

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Brown Discharge And Late Periods After A Month Of Tubal Ligation

Brown discharge and late periods after a month of tubal ligation ....

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - No Periods At All

I had the copper coil fitted 8 weeks ago. I was rubbish at taking the pill every time I missed a couple I would have a period so we with the IUD as a more natural and reliable contraception. Since I had it fitted end of Aug I had one period the week after. And nothing since! Now due my second period I have period pains terrible mood swings headaches but just clear discharge but tainted a little with brown blood. Last week I had clear discharge when I wiped with a few spots of pink blood that's it! My boobs are sore everything that says my period should be happening or due but nothing! I had my 6 week check up after having the coil fitted and told the doc about not having a period she seemed completely baffled and said that the copper coil makes periods heavier not stops them and did a preg test which was negative in said come back in 3 months if nothing changes. This to me seems a long time if there's a complication it could be too late by then.

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Contraception :: When To Start The Pill In Connection With Periods

I've recently just been to my doctors and asked to go on the pill. However, I am unsure when to take my first one, I'm due to come on my period in about 2 weeks, however I go on holiday around the same time, and I don't want to be on whilst I'm away.

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Pain And Heavy Periods

12 months ago, I had a copper coil fitted after I was taken off my trusty contraceptive pill, due to high blood pressure. I had no pain or bleeding. First period after the fitting was fine, no change really, a few pains but that was all. On my second period, I was bleeding really heavily and was in unbelievable pain, thought I was going to black out for a week.

I went to the doctors and they had me checked over, ultrasounds etc and told me everything was fine, I just had to wait for it to calm down.

Now 12 months on, I'm still experiencing this excruciating pain, about a week after I've had my period and I'm usually in a little bit of pain the week before. I've been back to the doctors in the meantime and they've taken blood tests and swabs and said everything looks fine.

Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this?

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Contraception :: How Long To Wait Periods After Stopping Cerazette

I stopped taking Cerazette after approx 8 years of taking it. I didn't really have much break through bleeding and no periods whilst taking it maybe a handful of times over the 8 years.

My last pill was last Monday and by the Saturday I started bleeding (but it was more like the breakthrough - brownish), only enough to use a panty liner rather than a pad or tampon. We are wanting to start a family as I'm 31 and have no children yet but I am wondering whether this is my first period or not? I had period pains with it which I've not had before.

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Contraception :: Cerelle/Cerazette Stopped - When Periods Start?

I was wondering if anybody could help or possibly share their experiences? I stopped taking Cerelle on the 1st July 2014 due to suffering from migraines, since coming off it I haven't been using any contraception on order by my GP due to suffering from migraines. I was wondering how long it took other people's periods to come back? I have had spotting now and again but nothing else, it will have been 9 weeks tomorrow since I stopped taking it and my GP told me they would return to normal quite quickly.

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Contraception :: Started Getting Periods On Cerazette Pill - Is It Normal?

I've been on Cerazette (mini - pill) for 2 years and since I started my periods stopped which was great and what my doctor told me would probably happen. However 3 months ago my periods have seem to have come back the same time each month as if I'm not on the pill anymore. The only thing that I can think of that's caused this is that i've change the time i'm taking my pill from about 9am to 6pm could this be why? I thought after my first period I might just need to settle back but maybe not!

Just wondered if anyone can help me is this normal? I've read that irregular bleeding can occur but this seems to be pretty regularly, it's really annoying!

I'm thinking of changing to the implant will this be a better option? or as it's the same kind of hormone will my periods still carry on? 

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