Depression :: Can't Stop Crying

Jul 29, 2015

I know I've posted quite a lot recently but, everything is just so hard at the moment. The only thought that calms me is the thought that I could end it all. Every problem would wash away and it can't be any worse than the misery that is life. I'm sorry to keep posting and going on. I really hope you are all doing well. 

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Venlafaxine From Sertraline - Couldn't Stop Crying

I started venlafaxine sun 37.5 twice a day i was ok most of yesterday but then last night i couldn't stop crying. I came off sertraline last wk as it wasn't working. How long does it take to work?

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Fluoxetine :: Increase In Dosage ... Crying, Non-stop Shaking And Sweating

Upped to 40mg and God I'm depressed, crying non stop, shaking , sweating it's hell. Can't eat can't sleep. Keep telling myself it will settle soon but I'm like a heroin addict cold turkey. Anyone else been here I need some hope. Worse before better? I'm a million times worse. Increase as after baby post natal depression was showing signs again.

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Depression :: Crying Spells

HasAnyone else experienced this on sertraline.  Was feeling ok.  All of a sudden a dip in mood and crying again.

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Depression :: Started Taking Citalopram And Crying For No Reason

Today may 24 I just started taking my citalopram 10mg and at first I was okay. But then I felt overwhelmed. I felt like my head wasn't getting any oxygen. Like someone was sitting on my head. When for a car ride with my wife and just felt motion sickness. All day I didn't feel normal and then all of a sudden I just started crying for no reason. I had to force myself to eat. I feel really tired and drained but I can tend to even take a nap. I just don't know what to do.

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Depression :: Brain Can't Stop Thinking

I am really depressed that my head is all over the place and my brain can't stop thinking,I've just lost my job for gross misconduct for a stupid mistake,the beginning of the year I lost my partner,left with four children to look after,my work took my mind a little from thinking about it,then a few months down watched my mom battle cancer,got suspended while work investigated,lost mum and now my job,so many mitigating circumstances to why i lost my job,it was out of character but employer just ignored it,don't even want to open my eyes in the morning,can't remember the last time I smiled,life don't mean much to me,keep bursting into tears so many times out of the blue,can't remember the last time i had a good night sleep without my brain working none stop or if it not thinking I'm having these nightmares,I've had enough

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Depression :: Does Diazepam Stop Any Unhelpful Thoughts?

Does diazepam stop any unhelpful thoughts?

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Depression :: If I Stop Taking Nortriptyline After 4 Days Will I Get Withdrawal?

I've been taking nortriptyline 25 mg a night for 4 days. Will I get withdrawal if I stop now?

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Breasts Wont Stop Growing, How Can I Stop Them?

My breasts won't stop growing, how can i stop them, at the end of last year i was a 10DD/E (32DD-32DDD/F american sizing ) i'm now bulging out of a 10i (32J american )i can't go up a back size as a 10 is already loose..

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Crying

So I was scheduled for induction at midnight. The doc came in to do an ultrasound and my baby flipped and is now breech! I just had an ultrasound yesterday morning and she was head down. Now I'm scheduled for a c section at noon tomorrow and I hate it. I wasn't too happy about induction to begin with but I really don't want a c section! First preeclampsia and now this, this little girl has been nothing but trouble lol. Didn't have all thus fuss when I was pregnant with my son.

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Pregnancy :: Crying For Everything

I get so emotional for every little thing. I started crying because I was hungry! I feel like a crybaby

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Substance Abuse :: Crying All Day

Emotional. I ache.

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Fluoxetine :: Crying Spells

Upped my dose of flu to 40mg almost 1 month ago and I thought I was leveling out, as last week I felt very good, but yesterday I had crying spells most of the day, and I feel somewhat like that today, only not as bad. Has anyone else experienced this when they thought they were about over it and leveling out?

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Pregnancy :: Overly Emotional - Crying For Everything

lately i dont know what is going on with me., the other night my husband turned away from me and i felt like my heart broke into a million pieces and i couldnt stop crying. i literally cried all night. i cry for everything., and now i get frustrated really easily. i cant stand anyone. i just wanted to know if it was normal? also my appetite has gone away. everything grosses me out and i end up throwing everything up anyway. help??

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Crying And Stinging Sensation Under Belly

I have been crying literally all day. My ex is just not helping at all and my stomach just hurts every time I cry. My little guy is active and moving I know being stressed out isn't so good but I just can't stop. The only time I'm not crying if I'm sleep or at work. Something doesn't feel right? I calmed down a bit but it might start up again in 10 minutes I need help. Can I take anti depressants pregnant? Will they prescribe me anything

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Pregnancy :: Hysterically Crying For An Hour - If This Is Normal?

Every week I break down and hysterically cry for a hour or to if this normal?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Gabapentin Low Mood And Crying

I have been taking gabapentin for around 8wks in that time my mood was becoming so low I was close to crying constantly .

I do suffer mild depression but this made it much worse I was like a ticking bomb waiting to explode I was only takin 300×3 times daily well I have cut them down and now am gabapentin free and never again will I try any other meds

acupuncture and exercise is the way i'm going to go now

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Anxiety :: Zoloft - Crying Jags And Hopeless each Morning

Crying jags and hopeless each morning. Started 50mg Zoloft daily  and .5 xanax  3 times daily 10 days ago.  Going bananas trying to occupy myself and let time pass.  Has anyone experienced these symptoms and what did you do (activities etc.) to help pass the time?

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Anxiety :: GAD With Multiple Sclerosis -crying / Panic Attacks

I suffer from GAD, I have been managing it for several years but the past few weeks have been a nightmare. My dad suffers from MS and around a fortnight ago I decided that i had it for no reason whatsoever!! Since then I have been experiencing pins and needles in my feet and hands and sore muscles etc and when I went to visit my doctor he straight away made the connection to my anxiety.

I completely understand why he did this, MS doesn't really work like that, one day i decide that i probably have it then the next day i wake up with all these symptoms. I cry every night when i get home from work and all throughout the day I drive myself crazy thinking about what my life would be like if i were diagnosed with MS. Dad isn't great, I am his sole carer and for a 24 year old it can be difficult to juggle this, work and my own health issues. My relationship is suffering badly too, I don't want to lose him but when i sit on the sofa at night sobbing he feels useless.

I have been on 75mg of Chlorpromazine a day for a few weeks now as before the obsession with MS I was having major panic attacks which actually stopped me from working and the doctor put me on 150mg Trazodone last week to sedate me at night and to fight this depression but really i'm just looking for some reassurance...

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Perimenopause 50 :: Mood Swings, Crying Spells, Dizziness, Forgetfulness

I turned 50 several months ago and I do believe i'm in perimenopause for at least the past year. The gyn I went to thought so just from talking/exam. I don't have medical insurance so i cannot even afford a doctor now to help me figure it all out...but after reading on the net i don't think it would be of any help anyway.

I think the only symptom i don't have is hot flashes or night sweats. About four months ago my periods started getting strange....from being every 28 days exactly to about being late by 2.5 weeks. I have mood swings, crying spells, dizziness, forgetfulness, very bad insomnia, very bad palpitations (especially before period) etc etc.

The dizziness and that brain fog get to me a lot. I was standing at an event the other night completely fine and then all of a sudden i got dizzy and foggy for about 2 minutes...and then...i was fine. It was very weird but got me nervous.

Now for the past few months I have been getting twitches in my eye. I assume I am dying and easily shrug off the fact that I work on a computer doing medical transcription about 12 hours a day and have really bad allergies and very very dry reality this could be contributing to the twitches. But i think I am now a hypochondriac. Today i am getting these odd little twitches in my side. I realize I just polished off 3 16 ounce cups of coffee, and anyone in their right mind would say you should consider that into the fact...but now I'm really getting nervous.

And as you all know, google our symptoms and we have some deadly disease. But after reading around i think this to may just be another perimenopause symptom with the fluctuating hormones. Its driving me nuts tho. I can lift weights and air conditioners etc lol without any problem so im not weak. But do you ladies get these weird twitches and things as well?

And the tiredness.....but it seems to only happen during the day. When I end work at 12 midnight i get a second wind and can stay up for hours. I know, that's not helping my daytime fatigue. And here i go with the brain fog gets all cloudy. This is ridiculous. Will i ever be normal again?

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Depression :: Clinical Depression (bipolar Disorders) Requires Lifetime Medication?

Is clinical depression such as in bipolar disorder ever get better on its own or does it require lifelong medications?

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