Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Edema In My Legs And Feet For Over 6 Months

Mar 31, 2015

I went to the primary doctor and he gave me a diuretic and said it's the fibromyalgia. I ended up in ER for chest pains in February so I didn't know if it was some relation to the situation. I now got into the Rheumatologist on Friday and she says it has nothing to do with the Fibro. Any input anyone?

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Restless Legs Syndrome :: Feet Jerk While Sleeping

I'm wondering if anybody else out there is affected by RLS in the same way I am.  It's very specific.  Only when I'm falling asleep, my foot will jerk, sometimes rapidly, followed by the whole leg making a violent jerk.  There is no sleeping thru that.  Once it starts, I know I'm in for a long night because it does not stop.  Even if it does, then the other leg will start doing it.  (There is that creepy-crawly sensation a microsecond before the jerks, but I can't stop it from happening.)  This started in the early '80's with mild episodes 2 or 3 times a week but has increased strongly over the years.

I have incredible empathy for anyone suffering from this affliction / curse and pray daily that the true cause will soon be identified. 

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Sore Feet On Walking Or Standing Too Long

been suffering with really sore soles of both feet after walking or standing for too long they get that sore I want to walk on the sides of my feet just to take the presume off is this my fibro or something else??happens a few times now they do feel better after a nice warm soak

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Edema In Lower Leg, Ankle And Feet

Have had PMR for 18 months, down to 5 mg. pred/day, just bumped up to 6 mg. in an effort to mitigate pesky  edema in lower legs, ankles and feet. Me: 65 yo. male in Florida.

Edema is gone in AM, before rising, then gradually increases over the day to a 1+ to 2+  grade (moderate, when pressed with finger a 2-4 mm depression remains for 7 to 15 seconds).

Had Hands and feet  involvement pre-prednisone, no apparent joint degradation from RA, not diagnosed with RA. Rheumies have given me blessing to make minor adjustments in dosage and taper to mitigate symptoms (you know what I mean).

Any out there have experience with this particular manifestation? How did you deal with it?

Thanks to all in this group. I may have not said it before, but you who contribute often, selflessly, with considered information. are a stalwart foundation to those of us in the silent majority.

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Edema - Patterned Socks Leave Marks On My Feet

About a month ago I notice straps from shoes leaving indentations on my feet. Also, now, my patterned socks leave marks on my feet. My feet do not appear swollen when I look at them. I am concerned as I read it could be congestive heart failure? I had a physical two months ago with an EKG. I am so worried. What else could cause this to happen?

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Red Feet And Legs From Sciatica?

Anyone else get red feet, or legs from sciatca?

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Purple Veins Like Legs, Hand And Feet

I am a teenager and my legs get so purple almost like a veins all over my legs. They also get really splotchy. My hands and feet get purple and have splotches. My feet turn splotchy only when i'm sitting or standing. When I get really hot everything is normal. I hate wearing shorts or anything that shows my legs.

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Fibromyalgia :: Leg And Feet Pain - Losing Balance At Times?

Does anyone else suffer from leg and feet pain when they get up so bad that you lose your balance at times?

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General :: Burning In My Feet, Legs , Arms And Hands

I am a 40 year old male about 30 pds overweight. I developed sixth nerve palsy in February 2014 and it finally cleared up three months later on its own? In July 2014 I started burning in my left arm and hand. As time has went by until now the burning has got worse in both feet and legs up to the knee. I also burn in both arms and hands. I burn across my chest and left shoulder also some. I have had several blood test, MRI, nerve electro study. The Dr. Found that I failed my oral glucose tolerance test twice and a skin biopsy showed small nerve fiber damage. I am currently on metformin 500 mg 2 x a day and gabapentin 300 mg 3 x a day. The gabapentin doesn't help. I have taken lisinopryl hctz 10- 12.5 mg and citalopram 20 mg for several years, could the burn come from these medicines? Is it because of diabetes 2, even though my a1c has been only between 5.6 - 5.9? Any ideas on the cause or what to do?

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Neuropathic Pain :: Numbness In Both Feet And Lower Legs

I'm not sure Wat it is I have I have numbness in both feet and lower legs but my knees are in constant pain and buckle on random occasions or if I try and jog/run at the start of this I was detoxin of of alcohol addiction and that's when it started i've had and mri of my head and back bloods etc and all seems OK so it's leaving me and doctors scratching their heads?

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Tingling Pain In Legs And Feet With Pressure In Head

I am having pressure in head feel weak like no energy and always feel empty even if i just ate. I also have a tingling and pain in legs and feet which sometimes i can feel in my hands as well. I've been to the er and my primary who now wants me to see a neurologist yet i don't have insurance so it is hard. I had flu like symptoms in sep. Then developed bronchitis after that...started getting the tingling and burning in feet and legs while i had bronchitis. Also my blood sugar dropped to 57 not long ago but when i had lab test for bg fasting was a 97. I'm so fed up and tired of this everyone hates hearing me talk about it and just tell me to get checked out again.

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Raynaud's? Purple/blue With White Spots On My Legs / Feet

Ii have purple/blue with white spots on my legs,feet, and hands. i get numb feelings in them and fall asleep easily. i am very tired all the time. i am starting to get depressed more easily. i have joint pain in my hips fr about 2 years now. i have high blood pressure and found out birth control can cause more reactions (i am on birth control).

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Numbness, Pins And Needles In Feet And Legs

I had a mini flare 10 days ago and went up from 8 to 9 and half.  The last two days I have had extremely uncomfortable numbness and pins and needles in my feet and lower legs.  The numbness is so bad that I scratched my leg on my zip and drew blood, but hardly felt a thing.  I have a bright red weal there now.

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Nerve Disorders :: Intense Cramps In My Lower Legs, Hips And Feet

On Sunday night my left leg started aching and I could barely walk because it hurt so much, also my hip hurt at the same time and my lower back on the left side, I stayed home from school for two days and then tried going there but that made the pain worse so both my legs started aching, it kind of felt like constant small cramps that sometimes got more intense, in my left leg it's my thigh and knee mainly and in my left leg my shin, I had to go home because the pain distracted me from being able to work.It later got a bit better but at night I had more intense cramps in my lower legs and feet.Today i've been pretty well, went to school again and now only my left leg is aching but not as much and mainly when I put weight on it but about an hour ago the left side of my face started to feel strange, I can't really explain it..but maybe a bit strained and also it burns, my jaw feels weird too.My parents says that I should not worry because I don't have any fever at all but I still want to know what the symptoms might be? I am going to see a doctor asap but there's no idea doing it now since I don't have a fever they won't take me seriously.Let me also add that I do not exercise and I sit behind my computer a lot, so it can't be some kind of injury.

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Migraine :: Nortriptyline Mild Side Effects - Numbness In My Legs, Feet And Hands

I've started taking 25MG of nortriptyline for migraines- my dosage goes up to 50 MG at the end of the week. The first few days of taking it, I experienced physical exhaustion and grogginess, as well as numbness in my legs, feet, and hands, but nothing too bad that impaired me. I also have felt more mentally focused. Any thoughts?

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Edema Due To My Nephrotic Syndrome (30 Pounds Weight Gain In A Week)

I have gained about 30 pounds in edema due to my nephrotic syndrome in less than 24/7 hrs what should I do?

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For Few Months - The Bottom Of My Feet Have Been Black

The bottom of my feet have been black for a few months now. Why is that? What is causing them to do it? I am 37. I so have chronic anemia and just had a blood transfusion a couple of months ago. I also have nerve damage in my neck and right shoulder that causes my hands to go numb and I'm noticing now that the palms of my hands are turning black as well. Should this be taken seriously?

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Fibromyalgia :: Burning And Tingling Nonstop For Three Months

For about three months now, I've had a number of concerning symptoms that have had me in and out of my doctors' offices. After a number of tests, I'm told I fit the criteria for fibromyalgia and will be officially diagnosed at my next appointment if my spine MRI is clear. I don't know a lot about fibromyalgia, but I'm not convinced it's the correct diagnosis. I'm hoping if I describe how I'm feeling, I can get some input that would help me either accept this diagnosis or try to find out what's really wrong with me.

I'll start with a little background info. I'm a 25 year old woman, and I have narcolepsy. I'm generally healthy otherwise.

These are the tests/labs I've had in the past month or two:
-Extensive blood work
-MRI of the brain
-MRI of the spine

-Constant leg tingling and pain best described as burning
-Tingling feet
-Tingling in the rest of the body that comes in waves
-Muscle twitching (painless)
-Muscle spasms (painful)
-Chest pain
-Aches/pains (neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs)
-Sensitivity to light and temperature

I've seen some of these symptoms listed in articles I've read about fibromyalgia, but I haven't seen anything about the constant leg pain I'm experiencing. I've had this burning and tingling nonstop for three months. Does anyone else experience this? I feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't think I can handle living the rest of my life with this pain.

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Tramadol :: Withdrawal Nightmare - 4 Months For Fibromyalgia Pain

3 days ago I began, by accident to go through the nightmare of tramadol withdrawal.bI'd been prescribed up to 400 mg daily 4 months ago to relieve fibromyalgia pain. Luckily,I settled on a dose of 200mg taken early evening and last thing before bed,not realising at the time that I was using them more to aid sleep than for pain.I absentmindedly forgot to order my repeat prescription,hence the withdrawal.Can't believe what I am going through.The worst thing is the restless legs and complete inability to be still,especially at night times,which seem to go on forever. I am so tired through lack of sleep and the constant fidgeting is horrendous.Cannot settle to watch tv,read,or anything else that would distract me from other unpleasant sensations like the whooshing in the head,electric pulses,irritability,etc.My gp,usually very good,never mentioned any possibility of addiction,or even that tramadol are opiate based.I am now determined to get off and stay off this drug.Believe it or not the chronic pain I have is more manageable than tramadol withdrawal.Hoping someone has some positive feedback to encourage me,but also want to make people aware of the dangers of this drug,and the need to ask more questions if prescribed.

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Suboxone For Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

So yesterday I went to see the RA and it appeared as if he cared. He explained that I was severe with FIBRO and that there isn't too much that he could do. He upped my LYRICA to 200 mg (not sure why as it gives me more issues than taking pain away) . He also suggested that I go to a Fibro Clinic in UF , some where in the panhandle of Florida, I can not do it (Finances, Insurance, I don't drive because of LYRICA) . He also gave me a referral for SUBOXONE This is a medicine that they usually give for people who have had problems with pain pills.The RA explained how he just read an article in how this could help me. Has any one else experienced this? Did it work?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome / CFS :: Have You Tried Selenium?

Selenium deficiency is considered by some naturopathic doctors the key to Fibromyalgia and CFS.  

Some even relate it with animal “Nutritional muscular dystrophy” AKA “White muscle disease”.

Should we go to the vet?

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