Globus Sensation :: Lump In Throat

Jul 19, 2014

for a few weeks now I've felt like I've had a lump in my throat? thought was tonsils but feels.too far bask...put fingers back there to see if I could feel anything and seem to have felt my epiglottis? I can always feel it now at the moment. The only time I feel like it's gone is when I'm Eating or drinking!

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Globus Sensation :: Sore Throat

I have had a globus sensation that comes and goes. Weird things have been happening since the beginning of the the year. It all started after a took some rounds of antibiotics. My neck started feeling tight around the sides. It started getting worse and after a few months, It got so tight that I went to the ER twice cause I thought I was dying. I have had lots of tests but there are more to do. Ive had 2 barium swallows( one looking for abnormal blockage and on for a hernia), xrays, thyroid blood work, pepsin tests, and 3 scopes, everything came out fine. Ive been to several ENTs and nothing unusual showed up. The specialist assured me its not cancer. 

I still haven't done a ph test and haven't had my esophagus scoped, just my throat which has cobblestones in it and also appears swollen at the voicebox.Ive tried reflux medicines on and off during these  periods, i was on protonix for a month with no improvement, the doctor did say to stay on it for 3 months but it make me feel nauseous. Perhaps the worst symptom is I have had a sore throat going on 6 months now. 

Does anyone with silent reflux also have globus and a chronic sore throat?

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Globus Sensation :: Sore Throat For 3 Months

i've had a sore throat for 3 months , extremely dry throat in the mornings and a recent visit to the doctor i was diagnosed as having globus . more worrying during examination he spotted tissue where my adenoids are located and immediately referred me for a biopsy , i am worried sick , cant sleep cant eat , is there anyone who has experienced similar as i am in a pretty bad state of anxiety

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Globus Sensation :: Can Globus Affect One Side Of The Neck?

I have been suffering with discomfort on one side of my neck more than the other. From reading other peoples experiences they describe more of a central feeling. My doctor thinks I have got globus and has referred me for ENT checks. I am convinced that I have a tumour in my throat and the fear is making the symptoms worse.

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STDs :: Throat Lump Sensation And Strep Throat

I am asian male, 28years old. Today is March 13th.

About a month ago(early Feb), I started to have a lump feeling/sensation in my throat and a couple of days later , on one day, it became so severe that I had difficulty swallowing, even saliva. However, a couple days later it became better and almost unnoticeable. I thought it was due to anxiety, cause i searched "lump sensation in throat" and I got "Globus Sensation".

However, about 10 days ago. The same lump in throat feeling came back. This time it was milder, no pain, not itchy, but just feeling something stuck in my throat and its moves from day to day. One day it could slightly to the left, next day could be slightly on the right. I took pictures and saw one or two 3-5mm diameter lump/pus grow on the back of my throat. I immediately went to my primary doctor, who did not take it seriously and said it might be allergy and only saw some redness in my throat and it would clear up on its own.  After It persisted for over a week, I went to ENT who did a throat culture. Today I got a call from ENT doctor saying that I have strep throat.(not sure which type). And I started taking Amox just now.

I am worried about it has anything to do with STD because I had a stupid exposure with a SW about 2 months ago(Jan. 7th, unprotected oral and protected vaginal, but I didn't give her oral, I only received for 1min or 2, but my lips did touch her lips slightly twice, but definitely no saliva exchange.)  I did

1. urine tests for chlamydia and gono 7 days after the event. (both negative)

2. syphilis rpr tests, one at 4th week, another one at 8th week after the event.(both not reactive)

3. HIV pcr RNA test at 25 days after the event (not detected)

4. did not have any skin condition, such as rash, ulcer, sore, blisters, or canker in the genital area, and checked and confirmed by a dermatologist recently.

So, my questions

1. The only symptom I have is "lump feeling/sensation in throat, not painful but annoying" and recently some dry cough at night and dry throat. Other than that, no pain, no fever, no headache. I wonder besides strep throat, could there be anything else, too? mono, oropharyngeal cancer by HPV? I guess because I did not give her oral, it shouldn't be oral gono, right? I remember having cold sore when I was a child (6years old). Could the lump in the back of throat be any kind of herpes? possibly herpes type1.

2. If the first outbreak 1month ago was also strep throat and I just started the treatment. Could I possibly get post strep disorders or complications, such as rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation etc. by now or later in the future. Do I need to get checked out.

3. Why symptoms of Strep is much milder than described on the internet? due to the fact I am adult?

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Globus Hystericus :: Very Sore Throat

I Have been suffering with my throat since i've suffered with anxiety for the past its very sore as well as the stuck feeling the docs saying it is globus hystericus but i need to know does anyone else get sore throats with it

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Acid Reflux :: GERD? Throat Spasm, Lump In Throat, Lungs Feel Tight

I have been suffering with this for two weeks and I have no idea which symptoms may be connected to my newly acquired TMJ or my flare up of GERD.

Two weeks ago after a heavy meal and a few days after damaging my jaw I woke up in the night with a weird throat spasm and feeling like I had something stuck in my throat. Then over the weeks I started to get the lump feeling through the day with difficulty swallowing. I lost half a stone due to being unable to eat.

Now I have developed a tight chest, dry throat and lungs, feeling like my lungs are blocked, constant throat clearing with little mucous production, breathing difficulty and I'm still having these nightly throat spasms and lump feeling. I had some of my sons ventolin inhaler as I had asthma as a child and thought the reflux could be causing this but it did nothing.

I have been to A and E lots of times with it and also to my GP who has referred me for an endoscopy but its only in february.

I am going out of my mind. The breathing issue happened after a load of acid came up my throat a few nights ago and it felt like my throat and lungs were dried out by it.

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Anxiety :: Lump In Throat And Feeling Of Swelling Around Throat And Bottom Of Jaw

I was wondering if this is a symptom of anxiety from the constant stress and worry l keep getting Lump in throat and feeling of swelling around throat and bottom of jaw i keep panicking i have cancer in the throat

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HIV :: Tingling Sensation In My Throat And Acid Refluxes After Sex?

I was in Brazil last month and had sex with 4 prostitutes on May 12,14 and 24.

I used protection all of those time, and after removing, checked for any tears too, and found none, no slippage as well.

1 week after sex, I had this weird tingling sensation in my throat and acid refluxes starting from June 1.

I immediately saw a doctor who said its just an infection and gave me Hexamidine oral spray. Did not make a lot of difference.

I got tested on June 3 (7 days after the last sex encounter and 18 days the first sex encounter).

All that exists in STD, from gonorrhea to HIV 1/2, and used the 4th gen test methods. Everything was negative.

I was not satisfied with my throat condition, so I saw another doctor (General Physician), he noticed white discoloration of my tongue and said it was tonsillitis, and said I was not drinking enough water, which was true at that moment.

I am a 27 yr old man, now I am not sure whether there are tonsil issues at my age. He did another test on June 10, for fungal infection in blood and that too was negative.

As of now that white tongue issue still exists, with little swelling exactly under the ears, no pain, no fever, no flu and no other gland swollen, just dry throat and tongue.

I am not sure whether, this is a cause of worry for me, I did had oral sex, licked the Vagina, but the girls looked clean.

My question is should i be worried about my throat issue, or its just another normal/regular infection, because the timing of the infection seems to be off and I am worried that this might be oral thrush or something like that.

Also I wanted to ask how accurate these results are for STDs between when I had sex (May 24) and got tested (June 3).

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Sore Throat :: Swollen Tonsils, Lump In Throat, Clear Mucus, Sore, Headache

My tonsils have been swollen for over a month, until last week they were painless, but now I have flu symptoms. Its quite scary, it affects my swallowing and I have a very very dry mouth, even when I drink loads of water all day. Hasn't affected my breathing as of yet, but feels like a lump in my throat is blocking it off.

This has been going for three days now.

Doctor said I need a blood test for glandular fever, which is next week.

I mentioned that I think I can feel my epiglottis swollen, and she laughed and said that is all the way down by my adam's apple and would have a job feeling that... even though i've seen many cases online where it's visible above the tongue and often can be felt.

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HIV Prevention :: Sore Throat - Burning Sensation On My Palms

About 2 years ago i got a slight sore throat at one side hot flashes( my temp was normal as i checked)  and burning sensation on my palms it last about 3 weeks and went away after these symptoms , i got shortness of breath for one day and dr said i have high blood pressure.

Now my problem : after this happening i catch same symptoms ( slight sore throat - burning sensation in palms and hot flashes) like clockwork each month or every 2 months that last less than 1 a week .  and these 3 symptoms are always together) i know it's like the common cold or flu but it is not coz when i catch a cold i have different feelings.

idk what's wrong with me ? and what's that a new virus or bacteria , neurological involvement?

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Clicking In Throat / Lump ?

Tonight I started to feel something weird in my throat. I don't really know how to describe it, but I feel something in my throat, like something's there or stuck when I swallow, but there's nothing there. It doesn't hurt, my throat doesn't feel strange at all, and my breathing is fine, but it's just unsettling because I have really bad anxiety and every time anything happens with my throat, I get really anxious and scared, which leads me to have an anxiety attack, so I've been looking online for some answers, but so far I haven't found much.

I have been sick for the past week and I've been coughing a lot (I almost lost my voice), so maybe I've hurt my throat or something? I don't really feel it when I'm drinking something, but it does feel a little more rough to swallow than usual, even with my cold.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Lump Feeling In My Throat

I have this lump feeling in my throat and it feels like vomit that's stuck there or food or something but I am struggling eating or drinking and on top of that I get heartburn like 24/7. Anyone else have this feeling

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ENT :: Lump In Throat Feels Like Ping Pong

I have a lump in my throat that feels like a ping pong ball, it's sore to cough and sends a shooting pain into my chest. The lump is on the left side of my throat and is quite low down, it also seems to be causing pain in my left ear.

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Chest Pain :: Sensation Of Food Being Stuck In The Throat/chest

I am experiencing the sensation of food being stuck in the throat/chest, as if you swallowed a large pill and it is resting there. I have had acid reflux issues and take Zantac for it (previously Prilosec) and neither of them helped much. It's difficult to swallow and I also feel like I need to burp to relieve some pressure build-up in my throat/chest.

I woke up out of sleep last night and felt this sensation severely along with stabbing pain in my upper abdomen the radiated up to my chest. There's dull pain in my lower back as well along with nausea, trouble getting a full breath. It's extremely uncomfortable and concerning. It seems to hurt more when lying down, but I feel it when I'm upright too.

I'm waiting on a referral to see a Gastroenterologist to discuss my very extensive list of symptoms.

I understand that it anxiety could add to the pains I'm feeling, and I do have extreme anxiety when it comes to my health, but what I'm worried about is that I woke up out of my sleep with this pain to where it can't be directly caused by anxiety. I've been to the hospital for chest pains a couple of occasions and they ruled out everything but anxiety. So trust me, I know what anxiety can do.

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Anxiety :: Cold Sensation In Nose And Throat When Breathing In Through Nose?

i'm having really bad anxiety about this and it goes away when i don't think about it or focus on it, could this just be a side effect of anxiety?

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Cancer :: Lump In Throat, No Swelling, No Fever, Just Discomfort

I  have  a  feeling  of  a  lump  in  my  esophagus   every  time  I  swallow.  I  have  note  noticed  any  swelling, no  fever,  just  discomfort,   and  I  am  coughing  more  than  usual.   I  am   really  concerned  about  cancer.  

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Waking Up Choking / Lump In The Back Of Throat Feeling

I am a 40 yr old male who has been dealing with a choking issue for some time now.  What happens is when I lay down to sleep I will wake up a short time later feeling like there is a lump of junk in the back of my throat that I can't cough up.  I ended up in the hospital the first time it happened and they ran x rays and checked me out and said they couldn't find anything wrong other than my throat is narrow and seemed irritated. We later found out we had mold in our home and moved out as my entire family was affected by it but now the problem is back and it's only happening to me and not my family.  I've tried benedryl to see if it was allergy related and it didn't help,.  Sometimes it will start with me just sitting in a chair and not sleeping(watching tv).  Its a feeling of needing to cough up something that just isn't there but my air way feels obstructed.  When it happens if I suck on a mint or a candy after about an hour it will relieve itself but if I lay down it starts up again.  Anyone dealt with this or dealing with something like this?

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Quitting Smoking After 3 Years - Feeling Lump In Throat

I'm 15 years old... and i've been smoking since i was 12.. i am quitting, but since yesterday i have had this really bad pain in my throat, it feels like there is a lump of some sort, that won't go away, but then today, i woke up with the same throat pain (but worse) it hurts to breath in, it also hurts my left shoulder blade/ arm when i breath in, my nose, and occasionally my chest.. I am having a really hard time breathing, and i'm really scared. help?

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Lump In Throat And Burning Mouth

Until a few weeks ago I thought I was a success story here but I fear I'm a complete failure and I don't understand why or what is best to do. 

A few weeks ago my lpr symptoms started sneaking back despite my taking 40mg nexium and 40mg domperidone per day  and also Gaviscon Advance. 

My symptoms are lump in throat, horrendous burning mouth and horrendous chest pain.

I'm waiting on a ph test but that's in 6 weeks and I won't see the GI consultant for another couple of weeks after that. Each day seems to be a bit worse and now it's hurting to swallow,and food is getting stuck. I'll be honest, I'm terrified I've got something awful. The pain is constant, both in my mouth and throat and in my chest. I've been in floods of tears.

My gastroscopy at the end of April was clear apart from Barrett's, the one I had before that when I had these symptoms ( before ppis) showed grade 2 oesophagitis and Barrett's.

I have a gp appointment tomorrow and don't know what to do? Do I insist she sends me back to the GI as my symptoms have radically worsened? Is there any way of lessening the symptoms ( I have already made all the lifestyle mods and drink alkaline water)

I'm at a loss, just don't understand why this is happening to me. So scared my oesophagus is getting damaged again. I just don't know what to do. This condition is ruining my life. 

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Reflux Oesophagitis - Loss Of Appetite, Lump In Throat And Bloating

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had/has the below symptoms:

* loss of appetite/ no hunger

* feeling of lump in throat - mainly after eating

* bloating - sometimes a burning sensation in tummy

* fullness quickly

* general feeling of overall discomfort which makes me feel sluggish

I definitely know I can't tolerate too much wheat well nor alcohol. I've had than endoscopy/colonoscopy and it came back with "gastritis". I've been on nexium 40mg and somac 40mg but doesn't seem to be helping so I dont think its  reflux issue. I've now been seeing a naturopath and taking some herbal mixtures which has helped with the bloating on some days. I know diet definitely makes a difference but I feel I've not got to the root of the problem. This has been going on for about a year now and of course I am worried given it hasn't cleared itself.

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