Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Treating Vasculitis-HSP With Medical Cannabis?

Dec 26, 2015

Has anyone ever used medical cannabis to help treat HSP in children? My 13 year old nephew was diagnosed with a severe case of HSP and was recently released from a week stay at two different Hospitals in Arizona.  They have him on two different blood pressure medications (the Hsp caused him to have very high blood pressure) and told him he could take tylenol for the pain along with weekly urine tests and monitoring his blood pressure daily. However, since he's been home from the hospital (3 days now) he can't eat, the pain in his joints, muscles, and stomach has yet to diminish, and his rash has flared up again (ankles, thighs, back). He has zero appetite and a lot of pain and discomfort.  I'm curious to seek out treatment that involves using medical marijuana with less THC and more CBD, which i've been told is safe to give children (less of a high but helps relieve pain and nausea) and help get his appetite back. I know medical marijuana is super controversial, especially with children, but it seems steroids and pain medication from doctors has a long list of side effects and other problems.  

If anyone has ever tried medical marijuana to treat HSP, please let me know. No doctor will ever talk about or advise us when it comes to outside remedies.......but i'm thinking outside the box, we need to get his appetite back and help lessen his pain.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura For Life?

I had two bouts of HSP when I was a child. The first lasted a couple of weeks when I was about five. The next bout lasted for 4 years - from the age of 6-10 years old.

I've never felt truly 'well' and have now been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and hypersomnia (it means I want to sleep at the time) I was wondering if this could be an aftermath of the HSP?

The rash has gone and so has the swollen and tender joints. Urine samples come back as normal now (not +4 protein and blood in it like when I had HSP.) unless I have a UTI.

But I still have the same abdominal pain and tender joints (without the swelling) and muscles. I feel constantly fatigued and can't seem to put weight on. My immune system is weak and I seem to catch every bug going around.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Very Bad Rashes All Over Body

My Daughter who is 9 has just been told she has hsp, although at the moment she seems ok apart from very bad rashes all over her body and just started a cold.

Is this likely to get worse ? or is there a very mild type of hsp she may have ?

After reading other peoples experience's we are very concerned for the future.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Ankle Swollen

Five days ago we rushed our four year old son to A&E where we were told he had HSP. the hospital were wonderful made our son comfortable on the ward and we got settled for the night at his bedside. we now have a nurse coming once a week to check on him and i have to check his wee in a morning ( which has been clear so far).

I was under the impression he was getting better so i let him go to school and since he came home his ankles have swollen up like balloons though he says there not painful.

i don't know now if i should allow him to return to school or maybe if he could go half day. he loves school and i know he wouldn't get any rest at home as he has a two year old sister. I am really unsure of how to treat this disease as you never seem to know what the next hour is going to bring let alone the next day.

we are praying that this does not spread to his kidneys and stomach as it hasn't done yet.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura And Tooth Braces

My fourteen year old son was diagnosed with HSP about eight month ago about the same time he started wearing braces for his teeth, recommended by our dentist. Initially he had stomach pain, swollen ankles, etc. In and out hospital emergency rooms five or six times. Eight month later, rashes are still here. Doctors could not help, no cure. As parents we suspect it is something to do with his braces. We will visit our orthodontist tomorrow to seek his point of view. Does anyone have same experience with braces?

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Pure Rash Due To Braces?

My 15 year old daughter about 4 weeks ago came out in an alarming blood rash under her skin on her legs and arms. She had a little blood in her urine but otherwise blood tests were fine. Doc thinks it HSP following a sore throat although this was only mild. On reading the symptoms of HSP most don't apply to her. She's had no sore/swollen joints. The rash seems to clear a little then come back worse again. My question is does anyone know about or experienced a rash like this whilst wearing tooth braces. She's had them for almost a year now. I am allergic to nickel and I've read that nickel is used in Orthodontics often coated so this can wear off over time, which could explain while the condition has only surfaced now. She is close to having them removed so am hoping it may resolve itself as she is very distressed with it.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Left Me With Stage 3/4 Kidney Disease

I'm a 37 year old man who was diagnosed with HSP in 2007. My symptom was the rash which appeared all over my legs and buttocks. The rash went away but left me with stage 3/4 kidney disease. I feel very scared this will lead to total kidney failure. My recent results doesn't look good with my creatine being 216. This has ruled my life and I'm so upset this could happen to me. The doctors don't know anything. All they have done is put me on 10mg of Ramipril and basically hope for the best. I'm getting married in July to my beautiful fiancé who I love so much but I seem to focus more on this disease and what might happen to me in the near future than her. I'm going to try an alternative way to help my condition. Systematic ideology (excuse the spelling) This focuses on strict diet control, with taking 100 percentage herbal ingredients. The therapy focuses on targeting muscle groups and emotional part of the body. Has anyone else tried this? Would love to hear from anyone in the same boat as me and is there anyone out there that has been in the same situation and continued in stage 3 for a very long time.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura Terrible Swelling And Rash Treatment?

My 6 year old has HSP, she seem's well considering, but the rash and swelling is unreal and looks terrible, I wanna help somehow but other than pain killer's for swelling I have no idea what else I can do

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Medical Abortion :: Failed Medical Abortion, Now 17 Weeks Pregnant

On February 17th I had an appointment for the medical abortion procedure. They gave me an ultrasound and concluded that I was 8 weeks and 3 days, so I qualified for the non-invasive option. They supplied me with a pill there, 2 pills for 24 hrs later and also prescription strength ibuprofen. Things went as they did, and presumably well, at that...considering. I started bleeding within 4 hrs of taking the second set of meds... At first heavy, then tapered down. I was at most spotting after the first 2 days, and that lasted for about 10 days. I concluded myself that this was successful and the symptoms of pregnancy seemed to disappear shortly after.

This morning I called the clinic because I was concerned with not having my period arrive. It had been at least 9 weeks since the pills had been taken and I wasn't entirely clear on how long it would take due to everyone's body being different. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. They had me come in today in a rush, concerned that either it failed or I was pregnant with a second. I received another ultrasound and it surely came back as a failed medical abortion. I am now 17 weeks and a couple odd days. The technician seemed amazed and perplexed, as I am just an emotional mess... Contemplating all options from this point on. She said that I would be putting myself in danger if I decided to continue with the pregnancy. She also stated that it would not be fair to the child due to possible birth defects, etc. She has arranged for me to have the invasive surgery in 2 days to remove the baby and I am scared more than ever.

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Sjogren's And Vasculitis

I've noticed a few times that after standing relatively still for long periods of time (i.e. at a concert), the lower half of my legs is covered with a strange rash by the end of the evening. It's not itchy, not painful, but very visible. Of course, standing for long periods of time is painful on my joints, etc., but the rash itself isn't painful. With that though, my feet often feel strangely swollen and hot after lots of standing; that part is a little painful. I finally looked it up last night after it happening again and came upon something called "Vasculitis." I've made an appointment with a Rheumatologist to discuss further, but I'm curious to know if others have have experienced this. I generally ignore my symptoms and power through because I'm no fan of fussing, but this strikes me as a little stranger than dry eyes and creaky joints.

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Vasculitis :: Prednisolone - Side Effects

I was told to take 40 mg Prednisolone for a week to help with my vasculitis. I have not seen a rheumatologist and don't know when I will see him. My GP gave me Prednisolone. However, he only gave it to me for a week and then what? I read the leaflet enclosed in the pack and it says not to stop taking medication suddenly, so will it cause any problems to just stop taking it after a week? My GP is absolutely useless, he doesn't care and when I start asking questions, he says he's running late and I have to leave. I am worried to just take it for a week, not knowing if it will cause me any problems. Also I am worried about the moon face, can it happen after a week of taking the medication?

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Sjogren's Syndrome Progression To Hodgkins And Vasculitis

I was diagnosed with Sjogren's about 13 years ago and I am now 53. Initially the dry eyes/mouth was a real problems but have learned to control moisture pretty much by medication and self-help (I prefer the self-help but appreciate medical help occasionally). 5 years ago I had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma which presented as a lump in the roof of my mouth (successfully treated with radiotherapy which also slightly improved my saliva production). Now all-clear. Since November 07 I have had numbness in my feet and then March 08 very red swollen ankles/feet and red spotty rashes (various locations). I was referred to the rheumatologist who has now diagnosed Vasculitis so I am on a 6 week steroid dose. Fingers crossed!! I just wanted people to 'be aware' that other symptoms could possibly occur and to be aware that they are connected to Sjogren's (I have been given very little useful info in 13 years!). As someone said before it's one thing having this but totally another trying to explain it to people. It is one of those 'unseen' medical problems which the sufferers have to deal with pretty much on their own. Except that we have forums!! Let's talk and discuss ideas, self-help. Keeping positive has got to be better than letting the symptoms 'get to us'. My main concern at the moment is how this may affect my full time employment - is this recognised as a disability here as it is in the United States?

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Arthritis :: Egg Helps In Treating It ?

My healer told me, that eggs can sometimes help people with arthritis in hands if it helps at least one person...........he also said not to eat citrus or red meat 

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Proctosedyl Worked For Treating Piles?

I've just been diagnosed with hemorrhoids. From what I can tell, I've had them for a while. They advised me to change my diet to include a high amount of fibre and absolutely no straining when passing a bowel movement. They also prescribed me proctosedyl for it. However, from the packaging, this just seems to be pain relief or to ease discomfort. 

Is this true or am I misreading something? Do I need this to treat my hemorrhoids or will they heal up and go away by themselves if I change my diet?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Treating With Tea Tree Oil - Gone Red Around Outside

My daughter is seventeen and has Molluscum Contagiosum all over her neck. She also has some on her arms and I fear maybe getting them on her face. This is extremely distressing for a girl of her age. She has had them for about eight months. I have been trying the tea tree oil and giving her extra vitamins. They have gone red around the outside, but I wondered if that was just because I am burning them with the tee tree oil as it smells quite strong. Does anyone have any more information about this terrible condition.

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Treating The Autoimmune Part Of Sarcoidosis

Has anyone looked into treating the autoimmune part of sarcoidosis, if so, what was the outcome?

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Penis :: Treating Fordyce Spots With Tazorac Gel

tazorac .1 gel would be a safe and effective topical treatment to many fordyce spots on the shaft of a penis?

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Alternative Therapies :: Treating Heart Disease Holistically

We have a Facebook group dedicated to treating heart disease holistically. Search for it " Healing Heart Disease Naturally".

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Alternative Therapies :: Coconut Oil Pulling For Treating Allergies?

I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried oil pulling for treating allergies? Also, I was wondering how effective it is for treating allergies?  A woman at my local health food store suggested I try it, instead of using OTC allergy medications.  I've been taking 2 Coconut Oil softgels daily, plus my usual dose of antihistamines.  I love the coconut oil because of the boost it gives me, but would really like to get away from the antihistamines because it drops my energy level, basically I want to replace the allergy meds...

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Lupus :: Lupus And Vasculitis Tests Clear-MRI To Rule Out IBC-explanations Needed

I've had odd symptoms for many stinging pains, muscle twitching rashes, pancreatitis that is chronic but clear via scans.

Well, almost 3 weeks ago, a large red mark appeared on left breast. I've been going back and forth to doctor as I've wanted to rule out inflammatory breast cancer-it presents with redness etc but no lesions, hard to diagnose. Today when I went back, the doctor felt nodes under my armpit, confirmed during ultrasound, but said they looked benign and small. He said actually it could pop up from autoimmune. He did admit it was odd. It was on the same side as affected breast and not the other. I'm going to get an MRI of my breast as IBC doesn't show on mammogram or ultrasound often.

I've had swollen nodes in the past. I noticed a few times on my jaw line.

I haven't been diagnosed with lupus, tests many years ago were totally clear as were vasculitits tests. But curious if anyone has had nodes on one part of the body pop up. Im praying its not IBC. I'd much rather it be something else. IBC is the most aggressive form of BC and spreads in a matter of weeks, so grasping for other explanations

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Anti Anxiety Drugs :: Treating Insomnia With Lorazepam And Xanax

I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress lately and this reflected mostly on my sleep patterns. So far I’ve tried using melatonin supplement before bedtime, but I can’t say it’s working since I’m still awake almost until dawn. My physician recommended I try this first, before medications like lorazepam or Xanax, but I can’t go on like this anymore and I’ll just have to try some of these meds.

From your experiences, which one of these, Lorazepam or Xanax is more effective in treating insomnia? Or is there some third option that is more effective than either of these?

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