Henoch-Schonlein Purpura For Life?

Apr 30, 2014

I had two bouts of HSP when I was a child. The first lasted a couple of weeks when I was about five. The next bout lasted for 4 years - from the age of 6-10 years old.

I've never felt truly 'well' and have now been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and hypersomnia (it means I want to sleep at the time) I was wondering if this could be an aftermath of the HSP?

The rash has gone and so has the swollen and tender joints. Urine samples come back as normal now (not +4 protein and blood in it like when I had HSP.) unless I have a UTI.

But I still have the same abdominal pain and tender joints (without the swelling) and muscles. I feel constantly fatigued and can't seem to put weight on. My immune system is weak and I seem to catch every bug going around.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Very Bad Rashes All Over Body

My Daughter who is 9 has just been told she has hsp, although at the moment she seems ok apart from very bad rashes all over her body and just started a cold.

Is this likely to get worse ? or is there a very mild type of hsp she may have ?

After reading other peoples experience's we are very concerned for the future.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Ankle Swollen

Five days ago we rushed our four year old son to A&E where we were told he had HSP. the hospital were wonderful made our son comfortable on the ward and we got settled for the night at his bedside. we now have a nurse coming once a week to check on him and i have to check his wee in a morning ( which has been clear so far).

I was under the impression he was getting better so i let him go to school and since he came home his ankles have swollen up like balloons though he says there not painful.

i don't know now if i should allow him to return to school or maybe if he could go half day. he loves school and i know he wouldn't get any rest at home as he has a two year old sister. I am really unsure of how to treat this disease as you never seem to know what the next hour is going to bring let alone the next day.

we are praying that this does not spread to his kidneys and stomach as it hasn't done yet.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura And Tooth Braces

My fourteen year old son was diagnosed with HSP about eight month ago about the same time he started wearing braces for his teeth, recommended by our dentist. Initially he had stomach pain, swollen ankles, etc. In and out hospital emergency rooms five or six times. Eight month later, rashes are still here. Doctors could not help, no cure. As parents we suspect it is something to do with his braces. We will visit our orthodontist tomorrow to seek his point of view. Does anyone have same experience with braces?

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Pure Rash Due To Braces?

My 15 year old daughter about 4 weeks ago came out in an alarming blood rash under her skin on her legs and arms. She had a little blood in her urine but otherwise blood tests were fine. Doc thinks it HSP following a sore throat although this was only mild. On reading the symptoms of HSP most don't apply to her. She's had no sore/swollen joints. The rash seems to clear a little then come back worse again. My question is does anyone know about or experienced a rash like this whilst wearing tooth braces. She's had them for almost a year now. I am allergic to nickel and I've read that nickel is used in Orthodontics often coated so this can wear off over time, which could explain while the condition has only surfaced now. She is close to having them removed so am hoping it may resolve itself as she is very distressed with it.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Left Me With Stage 3/4 Kidney Disease

I'm a 37 year old man who was diagnosed with HSP in 2007. My symptom was the rash which appeared all over my legs and buttocks. The rash went away but left me with stage 3/4 kidney disease. I feel very scared this will lead to total kidney failure. My recent results doesn't look good with my creatine being 216. This has ruled my life and I'm so upset this could happen to me. The doctors don't know anything. All they have done is put me on 10mg of Ramipril and basically hope for the best. I'm getting married in July to my beautiful fiancé who I love so much but I seem to focus more on this disease and what might happen to me in the near future than her. I'm going to try an alternative way to help my condition. Systematic ideology (excuse the spelling) This focuses on strict diet control, with taking 100 percentage herbal ingredients. The therapy focuses on targeting muscle groups and emotional part of the body. Has anyone else tried this? Would love to hear from anyone in the same boat as me and is there anyone out there that has been in the same situation and continued in stage 3 for a very long time.

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura Terrible Swelling And Rash Treatment?

My 6 year old has HSP, she seem's well considering, but the rash and swelling is unreal and looks terrible, I wanna help somehow but other than pain killer's for swelling I have no idea what else I can do

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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura :: Treating Vasculitis-HSP With Medical Cannabis?

Has anyone ever used medical cannabis to help treat HSP in children? My 13 year old nephew was diagnosed with a severe case of HSP and was recently released from a week stay at two different Hospitals in Arizona.  They have him on two different blood pressure medications (the Hsp caused him to have very high blood pressure) and told him he could take tylenol for the pain along with weekly urine tests and monitoring his blood pressure daily. However, since he's been home from the hospital (3 days now) he can't eat, the pain in his joints, muscles, and stomach has yet to diminish, and his rash has flared up again (ankles, thighs, back). He has zero appetite and a lot of pain and discomfort.  I'm curious to seek out treatment that involves using medical marijuana with less THC and more CBD, which i've been told is safe to give children (less of a high but helps relieve pain and nausea) and help get his appetite back. I know medical marijuana is super controversial, especially with children, but it seems steroids and pain medication from doctors has a long list of side effects and other problems.  

If anyone has ever tried medical marijuana to treat HSP, please let me know. No doctor will ever talk about or advise us when it comes to outside remedies.......but i'm thinking outside the box, we need to get his appetite back and help lessen his pain.

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Anxiety :: My Life Is Over

I really feel like I'm beginning to feel more and more mentally ill..rather people say it's going to pass..it's really not..having faith doesn't help..don't nothing helps or work..I pray and get no answers..sure it might be a test but it's really a test I'm failing at..do people ever think about others who have been praying for years and never go a answer?

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Hemorrhoids :: Once You Have Piles - You Have Them For Life?

47 year old sufferer and worried. Do i have these for life and it's all down to managing them, short of surgery of course?

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Diabetes :: Once On Metformin - For Life On It?

I have been on meformin for about a year now.  I became diabetic about 5 years ago but was able to do the diet and exercise thing until I was put on metformin.  I asked the doctor about getting off of it now that my sugars have been doing good.  He said that once diagnosed with diabetes I can never come off of meformin???  I cannot believe that.  He can't be for real.  I don't want to be on metformin for the rest of my life.  I would like to be able to get off of it and just control my diabetes on my own.  I did it before so I would like to do it again.  How do I convince him to let me go off of metformin?

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Depression :: Tired Of Life

I'm a 24, soon to be 25 year old. I know I'm really young, and that's the biggest ''encouragement'' people give me generally. You haven't lived much, there's still so much ahead, etc. But the thing is, I've been depressed for almost 10 years now. I've been on and off with meds, had some ''brighter'' episodes in between the years, but basically I've accomplished nothing. I have no education degrees, no work experience. I can barely function on my own. My family lives far away, and doesn't understand my depression at all. In fact, my sister tells me I'm depressed simply because I'm just that lazy. Maybe that's true? I don't know. I live alone, and have no friends. I have just recently cut off my last tie to a person by managing to tick off my ex so badly he almost suffocated me by strangling to get his point of wanting me out of his life through. He's the father of my son, who's another point of depression. Just can't seem to be able to love the kid like I should. What good is someone like me anyway? I have no right to call myself a mother.

I've gone through abortion, abusive boyfriend, neglect and abuse from my dad, losing all my friends, being homeless, attempting a suicide through slicing my wrists open... Something bad, you name it and it's probably happened. So far, anything I've tried turns to ash soon. Relationships, jobs, even normal day to day life... I can't get a grip of any of it and I just end up failing.

I'm honestly hanging on to life by the tiniest possible thread simply for the sake of being so stubborn I can't give up. But every day is torture, and I just keep waiting on something to change, yet it doesn't. I can't find the will to live but I'm too stubborn and too much of a coward to go through with ending it. Also don't want to go through the experience of laying in a hospital bed listening to the nurses go on how ''it's another of those attention seekers''. That was devastating for me. But I'm at my wits end. How long will it go on? When does one get a happy end? How do you find a will to live through all the sh*t?

I want to die, but I can't. I want to live, but I don't know how or why. I want to move on, do something, but I don't have the strength. What should I do, really?

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Age 26 - Does Circumcision Affects My Marital Life

I am about to marry and want to make sure circumcision won't affects my marriage life. I used to get irritations in my foreskin and advised to remove it.

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Life Span Of Kidneys Functioning At 50%

I just found out about my dad's kidney problem, apparently they are only functioning at 50%. He sees his kidney doctor every year to monitor the problem.

He's otherwise pretty healthy, so, my question is: will he be able to live a long life? What would his lifespan be with his kidneys functioning at 50%?

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Quitting Cannabis After 18 Years - Life Is Much Better Than Before

I am a 42 year old man. I smoked cannabis almost continuously for 18 years until 18 days ago (scope the symmetry!). For about three quarters of that period I knew it was messing me up badly: gone were the giggles and the intellectual intensity, replaced by paranoia, reclusiveness, depression, mania and aggression, associated police trouble, self-harm, chest pains, erectile disfunction, etc etc et cetera. Although fully aware of all this more than substantial downside, nevertheless towards the end, I was spending £50pw on toxic-grade skunk, and it was driving me completely crazy.

Three or four weeks ago, I decided I was going to quit at the end of the world cup. And I did. I've been 18 days clean so far, and my life has changed dramatically. I've replaced talking with mad levels of exercise: going to the gym 3 days a week, swimming, walking everywhere, 2 hours of 5-a-side football once a week with a bunch of 25 yr olds. I've become a confident and witty social animal. I'm enjoying my phd studies. I've even acquired a lover, the delicate problem alluded to above being already a thing of the past!

There is life after weed; a damn sight better than the one I lived during weed.

Two caveats: I'm not sleeping well, tho' that may be due in part to the heatwave. And I'm drinking a little bit more. Previously my drinking was slightly below HMG's recommended limit; now it's probably slightly above - something I should keep an eye on, especially given that it's a symptom of my newfound enjoyment of life. Hopefully it'll settle down again quite quickly.

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Medicine That Can Cause Male Impotence For Life?

Which is the medicine that can make a man impotence for the rest of his life

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Amiodarone Wreck My Thyroid For Life?

In 2007, apparently for a prolonged QT I was hospitalized, given 1600 mg amiodarone and then 200 daily.Only one test was made, after five months. Ten months later  I had a TSH of 38. A new cardio brought it down to normal in three months with levothyroxine and put me on Rythmol instead of amiodarone..Did the amio wreck my thyroid for life? Ever since, tests have been normal but with FT3 in the 20's.  Doctor after doctor for six years  have continue the levo never suggesting a T3 med (In guatemala where I live there is no Cytomel).On my own, I have tried levo doses from zero to 150 over two years with no notable change in TSH and T4 test levels but FT3 still below 30). I cannot pinpoint  low FT3 symptoms among side effects from Rythmol 150, coreg 6.25, crestor 10, aspirin 100. I have not slept one night through for six years without two or three hour-long sweats/chills, nauseas, dizziness, weakness, fatigue etc.Daytime too. I'm 87 and tired of it. One stent 2010, RCA. Never felt angina or tachycardia. Any way out of this?

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Anxiety :: Prozac For Life? Hard To Come Off?

anyone else who finds it hard to come off Prozac?

My last attempt to come off Prozac lasted almost a year. I have tried so hard...but I am finally admitting defeat. I am going to ask for a new prescription tomorrow. It feels like this little capsule that twenty years ago was my savior has now become my captor. It is with feeling of utter failure and slight despair that I take these pills again. I feel I have no choice. The worst thing is, I don't understand why I hate it so much.

I was on Prozac for almost twenty years until I weaned myself off almost a year ago. This was one of many attempts. During those twenty years, I was never completely comfortable taking it. I was grateful for how it worked, how it changed my life, but for some reason that I could never shake off, I just didn't like the the idea of being on medication every day. I was not at ease with the idea of having to be on a prescription - of being dependent on this little green and cream capsule - simply to feel normal like everyone else. My GP could never understand when I talked about coming off it. He would more or less say, its working for you - why change things? Just take it, and forget about it. I still don't understand why I am so uncomfortable about taking it.

I thought in the beginning, that I would be cured of my depression and anxiety, and go back to the happy person I was, then when I was 'fixed' I would stop taking it. I was told then it was not 'addictive', and it WAS only for the short term. So how come, every time I came off...I not only suffered the most awful symptoms..I also felt 100 times worse than I did before I started taking it? It is like Prozac has changed my brain, so I am dependent on it simply to have any quality of life.

With Prozac, I am relatively content, I enjoy socializing, I can run a house and 'look after' my family and my ageing parents. Simply, I just get on with my life which is a good one.

Without Prozac, I am anxious and irritable all of the time. I feel far, far worse than I EVER did in the before I went on on it. I thought I was depressed then....but from what I remember it was never as bad as this. Its hard to explain, but it is like it is self fulfilling... like Prozac itself is causing my mental health problems. I panic at the thought of having to do anything that involves social evenings, sometimes I can't even cope with trivial or ordinary things like organizing meals, or making lists. It all seems too overwhelming so I just don't do it. I get completely worked up about nothing. I fly into rages and feel awful afterwards. I wake in the morning with a nervous tummy and terrible anxiety about the day. When I physically get up and get on with it I feel better...but I can lie for an hour in bed in the morning feeling sick with nerves, and cannot find a 'place' to go in my head that is pleasant. It is always doom and gloom, and anger and sadness....and recently I have been contemplating all sorts of ways of leaving it all behind me. I can't live like this any more.

I guess it is just a case of getting my head to the point where I can see Prozac as a friend and not the enemy. I guess I blame it for getting me where I am in the first place - totally dependent on it. It's like, I have no choice in the matter. This is not how I usually live my life. I feel defeated and overpowered, even though the outcome is to my benefit. Its hard to explain. I mean, what if they find out it causes tumors, or my doctor just decides to stop prescribing it down the line. I feel trapped, no matter how I look at it.

I guess I would tell anyone thinking of going onto this drug that it is like a pitcher plant. Once you are in, you are in it forever no matter how much you try to scramble up the sides. It is not just a case of take it till you get well, then thank it, and move on. Prozac has you in its grip forever. From my experience.. I would say only start it if you can accept the fact it probably WILL be for life.

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Anxiety :: Shelf Life Of Xanax

I was prescribed Xanax when I lived abroad. I am now back in the UK, where Xanax is not on the approved NHS drug list. I have been suffering from anxiety again, but the Xanax I have expired in 2013. Can I take these safely?

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Anxiety And Agoraphobia Is Ruining My Life

Since I can remember, I have been depressed, I suffered from depression and anxiety from a very very young age, I can remember wanting to die as young as 7 years old, I'm now 28, I have had 2 jobs in my life both lasted weeks. Its ruined relationships, ruined friendships, ruined my life completely. I lost the love of my life, I have no work experience, odd qualification here and there, nothing serious and all unrelated. I had a stormy and mentally abusive childhood, I have been in and out of CBT nothing seemed to work and considering they're here to help after a couple of sessions, I was ignored, apparently I was entitled to 10 sessions. Anyway, I could be here all day going on and on about my past. When I was 24, I started working on it myself, (the doctors all refused to up my medication of 40 mg fluoxetine) even though I wanted to die. I've never had support off anyone, friends, family, noone so I had to do something, I started the gym, did my own research on mental health and CBT and started to feel better, I have always worked out and been on contraception since 16 to even my hormones, it didn't make much difference. changing my mind set and thinking "f*ck you all" helped me. Then I met a man and fell deeply in love, its comfortable and a calm loving relationship I was so happy in the beginning, we then had a baby, my pregnancy completely lifted my mood, I felt amazing! I had extreme morning sickness and horrendously bad anemia with constantly iron transfusions but my depression was nowhere to be seen, I was so blessed and couldn't believe how well I was doing, but my anxiety never left, my agoraphobia was clearly here to stay. My partner earns enough and I didn't really need to go anywhere so it wasn't a problem (my anxiety and agoraphobia is where I cannot go anywhere alone, cannot get public transport, cannot speak to people I don't know or haven't known closely for years, I cannot do normal things like go the shop for bread, make a doctor's appointment) the list goes on, I started making bits of progress like going for walks etc, my doctors would never treat my anxiety and agoraphobia saying when my depression is gone, that will be gone. But now I dont feel depressed why can't I do it? Anyway I was fine until my partner lost his well paid job, and got a low paying job and it hot me thinking about work, something that in my 28 years I've basically never done before, I know I'll be fine working but getting through these stages to have a job is beyond difficult for me. If I go online looking for work, just scrolling through, my heart starts to pound, my skin is cold, my chest is tight, I cant breathe and my eyes start to well up. Even now typing it I'm struggling to keep it together, a few weeks ago i decided to get a train alone to try and "just get on with it" like idiots tell me to do, the train was delayed and I had to get ones i didn't know, so right there on the platform I crouched down into a ball and was hysterical, crying my eyes out and having a full blown anxiety attack, people were asking if I wanted an ambulance, in the end security had to escort me home on the train, I was so embarrassed. I need help, doctors wont listen and say I'm depressed and if i fix that my anxiety will go but I know I'm not depressed right now, but I won't lie, if this carries on, it'll probably come back, I want to work more than anything, I cant make a cv without getting hysterical, I cant look for jobs, I definitely couldn't interview, I was once asked to leave an interview because of the state I was in.

I am yet to find anyone with the same level of anxiety as me, this is ruined my life and preventing me from working, something I can't avoid!

Can anyone point me in the direction of help? Is there even treatment for anxiety?

My daily routine is, I wake up with my daughter, we have breakfast then get washed and dressed and go for a walk down the back lane where no one will see me for about an hour, then home, she'll nap whilst I workout, mostly yoga, then dinner (we both eat extremely healthy that's very important to me) then we either get a visit off someone or I'll get a lift to a friends house then home for tea with daddy, movies, bath&bed. I love my life, absolutely love it. But I want/need to work for money and my own sanity, I am a role model now and I need to get this sorted before my daughter is aware.

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Health Anxiety Destroying My Life

I've got a 3 year old son and since he was born I've suffered with depression, anxiety, health anxiety and PTSD. I'm just at the end of my degree which is stressful but it is for everyone. For the past 6 months or so (since my relationship ended with my son's dad) I've had the worst health anxiety and it's completely taken over my life.

I'm constantly going to the doctors or the hospital and panicking only to find that they don't really take me seriously anymore which just makes everything worse.

My symptoms from the past few months include.. pelvic pain, bleeding between periods, dizziness, palpitations, loss of appetite, IBS like symptoms whenever I do eat, which has in turn caused weight loss, insomnia, hot/cold flashes, and so many more. Basically, I just feel ill all the time and obviously I've convinced myself I've got cervical cancer and many other types of cancer.

My doctor keeps telling me that I am very stressed and this is a normal response, but it doesn't help and I'm driving myself mad worrying that there's something seriously wrong with me and I'm going to leave my son without a mum.

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