Hydrocele :: 37 Weeks Stitches Not Dissolved Yet

Sep 7, 2015

I had my surgery 37 days back but my stitches not dissolved there is almost 10 stitches. Need help is it take long time or any ointment to dissolve stitches.... What is time period to have sex after surgery

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: 7 Weeks Post Op - Few Stitches On My Pad

i am almost 7 weeks post op and yesterday and this morning I have noticed a few stitches on my pad.

Feel fine and recovery going well (considering) so am I right in assuming these are a sign that things are healing? And is this the usual time you would start to see the stitches come away?

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4 Weeks After Circumcision - Underwear Sticking And Stitches Not Resloved

its been 4 weeks since i got circumcised. And i'm having a few problems at the moment.

1) Underwear keeps sticking to my penis, which is then really sore to take off. So I haven't been wearing my underwear i've been wearing loose pajama pants which is helping. Any ideas on how to stop my penis sticking to underwear or is this normal for a while?

2) Also its been 4 weeks and I thought the sensitivity would have went by now, do you think it will go in another week or two?

3) Last thing, i still have a few stitches around my penis , if they don't fall off in the next 2 weeks should i take them off myself?

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15 Years Old Son Has Hydrocele On The RIGHT Testicle

My son, now 15 has had this enlargement on the left side for two years now as an adolescent male (he couldn't confide in his parents which is sad). Having seen the doctor he has now been diagnosed as a possible hydrocele and is having a scan tomorrow. Having looked at his birth record and child development book the dr recorded an hydrocele on the RIGHT testicle at 7 weeks which I automatically assumed disappeared, but I think at present he may have hydrocele slightly on this side as well. I've been told it's congenital and related to growth within the womb. Any advice most welcome as I feel very awkward when he's nearly a man

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Pregnancy :: Shaving After Stitches?

How long after you ladies got stitches from birth did you wait to start shaving again? I know I have to wait until they fall out but I'm wondering if it's still to early to shave when they fall out?? Did it hurt your first time shaving?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Torn Stitches

Would I know if I've torn my stitches? My surgeon mentioned I wouldn't always know if I've done damage. But surely it would hurt if I popped a stitch?

I stupidly picked up my 3 year old without thinking, I'm 10 days post op and now paranoid I've done some damage, I've already had an infection which has popped one of the external stitches It didn't hurt when I picked her up but I know feel weird.

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Circumcision :: Blood From Stitches After 8 Days

I was circumcised 8 days ago, I have spots of blood coming from the stitches underneath my penis head, is it normal? I am getting full erections and its paining when I'm erect, but normal when flaccid.

I soak my penis 3 times a day in saltwater and dab it off with my cloth. When will I know when the stitches are ready to come out as it is quite irritating and prickly.

What should I do, I'm struggling to keep my penis in an upward direction to prevent swelling any advice on the, can I let my penis hang?

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Frenuloplasty How Long Stitches Take To Dissolve?

 its been 18 days and the stitches are not dissolving yet. how long does it generally take for the stitches to dissolve ?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Stitches Are Coming Out?

I've just been for a wee and looked down as I wiped and there's a long string of stitch (still attached inside) but dangling out? It's about 2 inches long!!

There's always been what looks like a little ball of skin, with a looped stitch going through it.... That's still there but this long one is new! Should I be worried?

I've been bleeding since the op, worse since Thursday but I think it's a period! Could this be why?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Stitches Coming Away?

Evening all - just been to the loo and pretty sure that a stitch has come away - I'll be 4 weeks post op on thurs - does this seem too soon? Am also now really nippy down there which I haven't been for a good few days - need to wait until I have had my dinner before taking my painkillers - don't want a repeat of yesterday afternoon.

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Sexual Health Men :: Infection/Stitches And Circumcision

I'm 20 years old, and had a circumcision 13 days ago today which i'm quite happy with... However, I feel I have an infection on the underside as there is like white stuff all attached to it and even the skin looks kind of mouldy (not crazily but only a tiny bit)....

I'm supposed to be back at work on Monday but don't think it's possible... I feel really down right now (past few days) as my bandage came off yesterday which I was advised to keep on till it fell off (which it did yesterday) so the sensitivity is more strong now... Going to try go to the doctors later and see what's up.

I was also wondering when the stitches will fall out? I try to have 2 baths a day in salted water (quite warm) for 20-25 minutes a go.

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8 Year Olds Done With Nonabsorbable Or Absorbable Stitches?

My son can easily develop hypertrophic scars. I am worried, since absorbable stitches will probably have a reaction on him. Is it possible to do it with non-absorbable ones?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: How Long Can Stitches Take To Dissolve?

I am 7 months post rectocele and vaginal vault operation all being absolutely fine but last week started with a brownish discharge which has got bloodier. Tonight there is noticeable blood, very brown not fresh blood, and I am sure that when I have just been for a pee that there were stitches down the loo. I have appointment with nurse on Monday anyway because of discharge but can stitches hang around for 7 months ?

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Penis :: Circumcision And Frenuloplasty - Swelling And Stitches

I had circumcision and frenuloplasty a few days back. I had a lot of extra foreskin and it was rather tight. Post surgery, the sutures are still present, especially at the bottom of the glans where the frenulum meets the foreskin. Now, the place where the stitch is, is swollen with the folded foreskin. Not to mention, I have a ring of skin surrounding the glans as well. I want to add here that I have had some rather painful erections since the surgery. The stitches seem to be drying up slowly. I keep the wounds well taken care off. Please let me know if this is normal and if the folded up foreskin would look better and become normal once the stitches are gone. I am somewhat freaked out right now.

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Carpal Tunnel :: Post Op Bleeding After Stitches Removal

I had surgery 10 days ago and had my stitches removed yesterday. The nurse wasn't able to get one out but told me that she was going to trim it right down and it would most likely work it's way out. This morning I woke up to find some fluid not blood had been leaking from around the site of the stitch that was still in, it was also white and the wound red and hot, should I see someone about this or is this normal ?

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Care For My Stitches, Feet And Back Post-Op?

I'm 4 weeks post-op double Scarf Osteotomy with screws in my big toes. Pain subsided after 3 weeks, but my feet are sore and bruised, big toes are stiff and sometimes crack when I walk, is this normal? Stitches though half gone have scabs, skin is dry and slightly inflamed. I don’t walk except to-and-from the bathroom, and feel my muscles are in bad shape from lying down for so long. When can I start walking? Any exercise suggestions for my toes, feet and back? Which oil/ointment to apply to my stitches and bruises?

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Stitches Coming Out 20 Months After Cervical And Bladder Prolapse Surgery

I had a prolapsed cervix and bladder a year after my hysterectomy. It is now going on two years post surgery. I am still having stitches break thru at the top of my vagina where my cervix was removed. It hurts! I'm going to the Doctor Monday, but very scared. I have moved and this will be the first time seeing him. Do any of you know what I will have to look forward too? What might he do?

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain / Periods Every 2 Weeks - 10 Weeks Post Op

I am 10 weeks post op and I am getting periods every 2 weeks. Not as heavy as before no flooding it's the frequency that bothers me. Pretty bad period pains as well in my lower back today yesterday it was both sides of my bikini line. Everything else is better I can now walk my dog for an hour without coming home and having to sleep. My energy levels are getting better all the time. My tummy is going down as well ( although the period has made me bloated again) also I am having discharge between each period where I have to wear panty liners.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - 3 Periods In 6 Weeks - 7 Weeks Post Op

I am nearly 7 weeks post op UFE. The pain I had for a few days has gone. My leg ache has almost gone as well. My periods are strange but better than pre op. Before UFE my periods were every 3 weeks and lasted 10 days. In that 10 days I had 2 days of flooding and 1 day of pain so bad I couldn't leave the house. Now I have had 3 periods in 6 weeks. The first one was heavy no flooding and no pain and lasted 4 days (2 light days) last one was in 2nd March. Heavy and painful for 3days but the pain wasn't in my tummy it was on my bikini line all 3 days. Day 4 was normal flow then it just stopped.

So if I could just get to 3 or 4 weeks between each one I will be happy. So if that continues then my iron levels will improve. All that is left then is the stomach which is going down gradually.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Braxton Hicks Everyday For The Last 3 Weeks - Should I Go In? (25 Weeks)

I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my sixth child I have been having Braxton Hicks everyday for the last 3 weeks they are stronger and stronger last longerthey seem to be 5 to 10 minutes apart I have never experienced this with any of my children so this is My first child in my 30's should I go into the hospital and get checked out? Or not worry and just wait until the 19th for my appointment?

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Pregnancy :: Okay To Have Sex? (6 Weeks)

i'm six weeks pregnant is it okay to have sex??.... i had sex with my husband last night but i felt alot of pressure ...

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