Lexapro And Omeprazole During Pregnancy?

Oct 10, 2014

I'm currently taking lexapro for anxiety & depression and Omeprazole for Gerd and just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant.  My doctor said the benefIt's outweigh the risks but I'm reading some really scary defects online and I'm wondering if anyone here has had good/bad experiences with them?

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Anxiety :: Lexapro To Prozac During Pregnancy

I have been on lexapro and latuda for over 2 years. I have been completely stable with my anxiety and depression.. my husband n I decided that we wanted to have another baby.. the doctor told me the best thing to do was switch to prozac.. I withdrew from latuda n lexapro within 2 weeks .. and started 30mgs of prozac.. I had every side effect known to the prozac where I had to be hospitalized for 5 days .. I went thru hell for 3 weeks hoping the prozac would kick in and the side effects would go away but that never did.. while in the hospital they stopped the prozac and put me back on latuda n lexapro .. I'm still having alot of anxiety .. nausea .. sleeping issues.. I just started the lexapro and latuda this monday and stopped prozac fully sunday.. does anyone know when this anxiety and depression will stabilize again.. I can't take the fear.. panic.. n anxiety anymore.. will I be normal again?

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Pregnancy :: Side Effects Of Omeprazole?

I'm on my 12th week. I've been diagnosed before with GERD. Now due to the pregnancy, it seemed to worsen as I experience painful heartburns. My doctor recommends I take omeprazole along with antacids. I've been taking antacids because I know they don't bare side effects on pregnancy. I am not sure though with omeprazole. I'm scared. I am afraid it might harm the baby. Anyone here experienced the same?

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Does Anyone Take Lexapro, Effexor And Xanax?

Does anyone take lexapro,effexor and xanax? my new primary doctor has me going off effexor saying it is basically the same as lexapro.

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Anxiety :: Lexapro And Amitriptyline - Not A Good Combination

I have been on lexapro 20 mg for approximately 10 years and now my GI doctor has prescribed me amitriptyline 25mg for irritable bowel syndrome. I really don't feel right about this combination. I tried weaning myself off lexapro first 3/4 a pill for 7 days, then 1/2 pill for 7 days and the 1/4 pill but after one day on the 1/4 I was a complete mess. Had many side effects. I don't even feel I need antidepressant meds anymore. I got back on the full pill but now I feel like everything is surreal. I'm anxious and can't seem to function normally. What should I do. I go to my primary care dr. tomorrow and want to know what I should be asking her.

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Alcohol And Mixing Drugs (Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Xanax, Ambien)

A friend of mine is on Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Xanax, Ambien, and alcohol (wine, vodka). How dangerous is this in the short/long term?

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Lexapro 40mg To Prozac 20mg - Severe Depression And Anxiety Changed From

Came off Lexapro 40 mg bout week and a half ago and have been on prozac 20mg for 2.5 weeks. Dr upped it today to 40 mg.

First week and a half on prozac 20mg i felt agitated and really really anxious...panicky often...racing thoughts, felt like i was going crazy.

But this morning just woke up totally depressed..cried all day pretty much, no motivation, huge brainfog, extremely tired, low concentration, not interested in doing anything- not enough concentration to do anything. Don't feel like eating.

I am wondering if it is too low dose after coming off Lexapro 40 mg...or maybe it just hasn't kicked in yet all....can anyone, from their own experience, shed some light on this....i am feeling completely lost!

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Omeprazole :: Bit Of Diarrhea?

I have just finished taking Omeprazole and have never felt better.I took the tablets every day around late afternoon,and from the first tablet got instant relief.

If you go on Google there are some references to side effects which may apply to you.

I only got a bit of diarrhea ,but this may have been relevant to food.

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Omeprazole And Oxytetracycline Can Be Taken Together?

Can both of these be taken at the same time??It says about not taking oxy with indigestion remedies.

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Omeprazole With Domperidone Can Be Taken Together?

The dr told me to increase my 20 mg of omeprazole to 40 mg daily. He also gave me a prescription for domperidone to be take half an hour before meals 3 times a day. I usually take the omeprazole an hour before I eat breakfast. Can I take both these pills together or is that dangerous?

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Omeprazole And PPI Bad For Kidneys?

I know everyone bad mouths omeprazole and PPI but I really feel like they saved my life. For two yrs I was against taking them and had constant chest pains, reflux, and lost 30 pounds because all I ate was chicken and rice. Now, after taking the meds I feel like I got my life back. I go out again with my husband and friends, I can eat again (still no chocolate or coffee) and am chest pain free. However, now I see reports of these meds damaging kidneys and I feel trapped. I can't go off the meds cuz the chest pains come right back. Any advice?

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Omeprazole :: Taking It For Last 3 Years

In 2010 I was rushed in hospital with Projectile vomiting and my GP put me on Omeprazole which I have been taking ever since. Should I ask my doctor if I can be taken off them now as I've been alright since then.

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Omeprazole Vs. Lansoprazole - Which Is More Effective

I have the option to use either for triple therapy to treat a stomach infection (h.pylori)

Omeprazole 20mg 1 tab twice daily
Lansoprazole 15mg 2 tab once daily before dinner

Which one would be more effective? If I have to suffer more so be it. I want this thing gone.

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Omeprazole Contributing To Osteoporosis?

Anybody heard anything about the use of omeprazole contributing to osteoporosis? I am considering stopping the use as I now have osteoporosis. Reading the suggestions to taper off is helpful and I will use them. Have a hiatal hernia and acid reflux but think that it may impede calcium intake.

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How Long To Continue With Omeprazole?

I will have been taking Omprazole for a year a at the end of this December and although I realise that many people have been taking it longer, I wonder how long I will be taking this drug. Has anyone any thoughts on the operation that you can have to cure Hiatus Hernia, as this is what my Doc suspects I have. He has mentioned it as a thought for later, and although I am not keen on the idea of operations, I find it a sobering thought that I if I don't have the operation, will I be on this drug for life!?

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Omeprazole And Sensitivity To Sunlight

I took omeprazole along with naproxen and after eating my lunch outside in the sunshine (May2009) I developed very red itchy skin something like prickly heat. My GP and pharmacist told me that it was a side effect of the naproxen.

I am no longer taking naproxen but started taking omeprazole again for indigestion. I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Greece that was ruined from day two by the same red , itchy skin problem that prevented me from spending any time in the sun.

Is this a coincidence....I think not.

Have discontinued this medication.

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Omeprazole :: Dry Mouth And Lips

I started these three weeks ago. Within three days I had the most horrendous dry mouth, sore lips and had trouble swallowing. I also got a vile taste in my mouth. Stopped them and within a few days that got better. Started them again two days and ago and the horrid symptoms have all come back again. Anyone else had problems like this with it?

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Interaction Between Losartan And Omeprazole?

I am on Losartan 50 mg and I'm thinking about switching over to Omeprazole. I understand that there could be some type of interaction between the two drugs. Is anyone taking Losartan? If so, did you or do you notice Losartan becoming more or less effective with Omeprazole? I'm curious before I make the switch.

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Omeprazole :: Excessive Burping

i think this may be caused by the omeprazole.

flatulence is mentioned in the side effects but i do not know if this include the burping. it is awful! for at least a half an hour burping keeps annoying me, again and again after i take omeprazole.

i must take it with diclofenac. last time i was on diclofenac i got gastritis. now i have to take these two together.

other people take the omeprazole on empty stomach.

but if i have to take these two medicines together, i must take them with the food. i cannot take diclofenac on empty stomach, can i?

which way would be the best?

do i have to take them together? should i not use omeprazole straight in the morning on empty stomach and then diclofenac later on with a meal?

generally, i do not have strong acid or reflux. i only take omeprazole because i have to take diclofenac.

how would the omeprazole react with contraception, which i also take straight in the morning?

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Omeprazole :: 1 Hour Before Breakfast And It Works Much Better

The doctor told me I could take it anytime but it wasn't working. It was only after being admitted to hospital for Hypertension that the nurse told me I should take Omeprazole 2 hours before breakfast. I now make sure I take it at least 1 hour before breakfast and it works much better .

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Omeprazole To Lansoprazole :: Musculoskeletal Fatigue

has anyone changed from Omeprazole to Lansoprazole and suffered Increased health issues, most notably MSK (musculoskeletal skeletal), fatigue, less able etc?

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