Lichen Sclerosus :: Heal With Diet Of Unprocessed Food

Dec 11, 2015

I have just been diagnosed with Ls ! . Took a while but took myself to the local sexual clinic as my dr and nurse kept treating me for thrush !!! Knew it wasn't  !!. I had diagnosed myself from reading the Internet !. Was happy to know finally what was wrong ! But nhs paints a unrealistic picture of it ! From when you start reading the other , real info about it ! About how horrible , painful , disfiguring it can be ! Not to mention ruining your sex life . And the risk of skin cancer !. At first it really freaked me out !. Then I thought right you bug ( as that is how it feels ! Like a bug burying under your skin and making me itch like my hubby does at night before he goes to sleep ! Lol. It found its way in to my body and I am going to make sure I find away to get it out !!. It is all new to me so at the moment I am reading like mad !. I understand that it comes from an unbalanced system ! They say that your gut is your second brain so I am going to start with healing my gut  !. I am taking probiotics , also you need to clean out heavy metals ! That cause your body to be toxic ! So you need rose hip and then L-glutamine to heal leaky gut .  They say skin conditions are a body screaming out , I am toxic !. So heal with diet of unprocessed foods , relaxation ! Cause a big problem to flare up your Ls is stress !!. Also coconut  good for itching and moisturising  !.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Paleo Or Stone Age Diet?

Has anybody tried either of these diets and if so can you please tell us what if any success you had in relation to the symptoms of LS?

If you had improvements , how long did you follow which diet for and were you strict about what you ate of did you make occasional lapses to "forbidden" foods?

I would like to know as I am following  the Seignalet ( stone age, similar to paleo )  diet with no great improvements and am being urged to keep it up till I have been on it for fifteen months as it can take that long to send it into remission.

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Diverticula :: Food / Diet - Do's And Dont's

Returning from a hospital session of Drips and Deprivation (food) I was handed a Low Residue diet to follow. Scant in products,and information what to do with said products, I searched the web for more information, 

only to find contradictory eat and don't eats, so I thought that WE the sufferers of food deprivation should start our own Divi Diners club and see if we can throw some light on the subject.

I Love mushrooms,but cannot find any info about them. How do we achieve our five a day if we can't eat fruit? Is it O.K. to take the skins off?

Can we have chips or roasties,or fish with batter on? Spices, do any of you use spices. and what do you put on spaghetti?

Can we blitz veggies, as stews and casseroles are forbidden?

Pastry is allowed, but no mention of which type.

So. can we help each other ,then at least when ,or if we ,dine out, we can order something from the menu.

I cannot eat boiled potatoes ,eggs (is it O.K to have a fried one?) jelly and rice pudding for ever. .

So please join in and share your doe's and dont's. mushrooms eaters.

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Diet / Nutrition :: What Kind Of Food Give B12

What kind of food give B12

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Sciatica :: Food / Diet / Nutrition Suggestions?

I would figure good nutrition (less sugar, less white flour, less processed foods, less trans fat, and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains) is a good idea. It is a good idea if there are no sciatica problems.

But if you have any cause - effect food insights or if you know of any particularly helpful foods.

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Acid Reflux - Diet / Food Advice?

I had another bad night's sleep last night even though i took my medication before i went to bed at midnight. At about 6pm I had my last meal which was Ham off the bone new potatoes and baked beans.I later had a cup of tea and later still some Wine Gums as a sweet treat. So in your experience I am i correct in assuming that it was the ham that caused my problem rather than the other things I ate. By what I have read I think I am lucky in what problems I am having compared to many of yourselves but it seems to me that as time is going on my illness is getting worse.

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Diet / Nutrition :: Chinese Food Makes Me Sleepy

I usually don't eat chinese food, mainly because my stomach HATES it. But, it does taste good, so last night I decided to get some.

My sleep schedule is a bit messed up right now, so I woke up at around 4pm, and got my Chinese at 6pm, so I literally had only been awake for about 2 hours. I got Sesame Chicken with some white rice, but ended up not really eating the rice.

After a few bites, I realized I was extremely tired. Like, I could've fallen asleep eating. I ate until I was satisfied, but really, that wasn't much, not even half of what I got. I put my chicken away, then went back to playing video games, and fell asleep while playing. It was only for about an hour, but still, It was weird.

This afternoon, I woke up, got myself my leftovers, heated them up, and again, a few bites in, and i'm practically asleep.

Is there something in Chinese food that makes people tired?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Reverse Fusion?

When I received my diagnosis a month or so ago, I spent a lot of time reading this forum and learned an overwhelming amount of information. One post that stood out was someone who had managed to somewhat reverse their fusion with a baking soda spray treatment. I can't find that post, or remember what thread it was posted on, and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. If there is anyone else who has managed to reverse their fusion.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Low Sweet Intake

just been reading some of your comments and diet was mentioned, I try to have a healthy diet , don't eat a lot of spicy foods, I always buy fresh veg and only eat fruit like bananas that don't have much acid in. I must admit to having a sweet tooth and do like sweets and I have noticed more flare ups if I have lots of sugary foods. Try to keep my sweetie intake to a minimum which is hard because I think if you suffer from LS you need the occasional treat to cheer you up.. Maybe my fairly bland diet is helping to keep the LS stable

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Pain When Urinating

My Mother suffers from Lichen Planus, which I know is not exactly the same as Lichen Sclerosus. She has recently found urinating really painful. She has today found a convenient way to make things a bit easier. She fills a sports drinks bottle with warm water, and squirts this against herself when she urinates. It is soothing and also cleanses the area each time. hope this may help some people?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: How Does LS Affect Pregnancy?

I was diagnosed last year. I also had an early menopause as a teenager so we are looking into IVF to have a baby. I am struggling to find info on how LS affects pregnancy and birth if we are successful? Also thinking that the steroid cream can't be good for pregnancy?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Clitoris Restoration?

I have questions about the clitoris being buried. My first LS breakout was about 7 months ago. Have had a couple less severe ones since. I've gotten tremendous relief and healing with the hydrogen peroxide/saline spray, and Caprylic MCT oil (derived from coconut oil) Didn't even know what the heck it was until I found this forum. Have not been to doctor but will make an appt. Noticing as I examine myself that area that my clitoris may be "disappearing" behind folds. I've been reading on this forum and wonder: does the steroid cream reverse the fusion a bit? Enough to free it again?

I had a friend who had a procedure to "free" her clitoris -- not an LS sufferer, but her architecture was such that it was covered up & couldn't climax with her husband all their married years. She finally did some research and found a doctor who specializes in this, and he said "you're 100% covered up". With a minor procedure, she is now normal down there and able to be satisfied with her partner.

I was just wondering if the steroid cream or perhaps this procedure could restore my clitoral area as well. It's been such a short time and my sex life was very satisfying just months ago! I'm 53, btw.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Anaesthetic Gel Before Biopsy

I'm going to have a biopsy done in few weeks time. I was advised by the dermatologist to get some metope (sp?) gel and apply it 1/2 hour before the procedure. However, I look at the instructions and you have to put an air tight covering over the area once you've applied the gel - something like cling film I think. But how will that work on my fanjo?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: CO2 Fractional Laser And PRP

have any ladies had the CO2 fractional laser for LS? The reason I ask is that my dermatologist has finally given me the name of the laser they have suggested for my treatment as I'm struggling with the steroids/HPV warts cycle. They have suggested having the CO2 fractional laser followed a couple of hours later by PRP treatment. The dermatologist said they see the best results with ladies who have this combination on the same day.

over this last week my left labia minor has disappeared 😟 Completely and I have struggled to keep the itch at bay. Although the white patches have diminished. in the last week I had to use the Betnovate but after a day the itch/pain was so bad and not subsiding, that I used the dermovate, this I think was the only thing that helped with the itch eventually. But as I struggle to use these creams I have to be very careful as they induce warts. 

Hence the doctor has suggested I undertake the CO2 laser and PRP combination next week.

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Lichen Sclerosus Seems To Be Autoimmune Disease?

Does that mean that we women are more susceptible to viruses, respiratory infections, etc.? Do most follow  a certain diet ?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Clitoris Tightness?

Was diagnosed a few weeks back and steroid cream helped loads but tonight I have what can only be described as a tightness to my clit ( sorry tmi) almost like it's being pulled back ...

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Lichen Sclerosus :: No Symptoms But Clitoris Going Away

I have NO symptoms and I do know how lucky I am not to suffer the way most people do. My inner lips just turned white and despite diagnosis and being given Dermovate they completely disappeared in around 2 years. And now my clitoris is going too. No itching, no fusion or adhesion. It is horrific to have nothing I can do simply watch helplessly as it goes. Has anyone else experienced anything like me? I feel quite the freak and so alone.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Feeling Failure

I feel such a failure. I'm a trained nurse I give other people advice all the time yet I cannot help myself...let alone others. This is so difficult. I thought I was healthy. I eat well and have a positive disposition...well I used to. Will I ever be the same again?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Labia Fusing

When I was diagnosed last month I had fusing toward the back of my labia minora to my labia majora. When looking today the fusing is getting worse and I almost have no labia minora. I am very upset tonight. Will it ever unfuse or is it gone forever? Freaking out!!!!

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Love And Sex - Always Single?

I wish that was so,but in the world i have been it,men want sex,you all have boyfriend commintments,i bet there isnt 1 person on this site that has had this terrible deisease was single and then found a loving man that was understanding.not likely!!!!.i have problems just like anyone else,but i cant think of what could be worse then this,oh wait yes i can,not ever being able to live in a place of my own,some man wrecked that for the rest of my life.i have about 3 problems in this life that will never ever go away,1 of them being this stupid disease.the other 2 can never be fixed either,but this one is the worst of the worst.why do we have this?i just dont get it.negetive or not,i know i am single for rest of my all have men i'm sure of it.or there is just a few of us that are on here that is single,i wonder if the ones that are single feel they will be single forever.there just has to be some answer to this.they have a so called cure now for hep c took years.well i will be long gone when they can fix this one.i wish i could be postive some how but really how?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Estrogen Cream To Use?

So I saw my PCP yesterday. Hadn't been able to get in to her for two years. She was great at listening to me. Finally after 10 years with LS she is referring me to a gyn at the hospital. 

I want to ask for an estrogen cream. So my question to you all is what do you use on your vulva and do you have it compounded in something. If so what is it compounded with.

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