Men's Health :: Slow Healing After Adult Circumcision?

Dec 28, 2015

Hi, so I am now 19 years old, and I got circumcised two years ago, when I was 17, because I had phimosis.
Though the scarred area should be long healed by now, I think mine has been very slow. It is still a little red, especially when I get erections, and there are still marks from the stitches.

I would like to change this and make it fully blended, and I was wondering how can I do this?
I did use an antiseptic cream for a while, till I later found out that this can slow the healing process. Could this be the main reason?

Also, if I use Vaseline petroleum jelly, would that be helpful at this point.

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Men's Health :: Swollen And Painful Scar/ridge After Adult Circumcision?

I have recently had a revision circumcision as the first time I had a circumcision due to tight foreskin done which was around 10 years ago it was quite a poor job, it looked messy and untidy and the scar on the top side of the penis below the glans was tender and painful. After years of just putting up with it I decided to get it done again. The surgeon was reassuring and said we can tidy it up and get rid of the painful scar etc. Anyway so I had the procedure done two weeks ago and I know it's early days and there is still swelling but I can see there is going to be yet another swollen ridge where the scar is on the top side of the shaft below glans. The rest of the circumference of the scar is healing fine, the underside and the sides are nearly all healed, swelling is going down and I can already see the scar will be level with the rest of the skin on my penis and there will not be tenderness or a ridge like there is on the top side.

What can I do about this? Why is it healing like this again? Do I just scar badly in that area? I put up with it for years before and often avoided sex because of it due to pain and embarrassment and I really hoped I could get it resolved but it looks like the same is happening again.

I see other photos of circumcisions and there is a smooth scar all the way around. The type of circumcision I have is quite loose so there is still excess skin on the shaft that can bunch up a bit behind the head, I don't know if this maybe causes the scar to roll up and heal thicker, whereas if the skin was pulled tight from head to base then maybe the scar would be flatter?

Im not sure what to do now, I thankfully was able to have this done on the NHS and can see them saying well that's it now there's nothing more we can do and I will be stuck with the painful scar. Has anyone experienced anything like this or has any advice? I would really appreciate it.

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Adult Circumcision - Partial Cuts?

I'm 22 (going on 23 in August) and I'm going in for my circumcision due to phimosis in exactly a week. After doing a ton of research and viewing the pros and cons of circumcised vs uncircumcised, I've decided to go with a partial cut if I end up going through with it since it's said to be the best of both worlds.

I spoke with my doctor and I told him that I wanted a partial cut, but it seemed like he didn't know what it was exactly, so I described it to him. I said that I only want enough foreskin taken off so I won't have phimosis and I want my frenulum untouched because to my understanding it is the most sensitive part of the penis. He then told me that he can do that and leave the frenulum; but they'd have to cut through my frenulum if I want any foreskin taken off and they'd stitch it back together. Or if I didn't want that, they can cut my foreskin open a bit so I can pull the skin back.

So I have a couple of questions.

1. For partial cuts, do they usually cut the frenulum and stitch it back together? and will I lose sensitivity if it's cut and stitched back together?

2. Has anyone heard urologists cutting the foreskin cut open just enough to pull the skin back? you're technically still uncircumcised and I don't know how it looks.

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Penis :: Burning At Urination - Adult Circumcision At 63?

I am a 63 year old male. For several years I have had burning in my penis during and after urination. Burning is not severe, just annoying and I am afraid it will turn into something more serious. Burning goes away maybe an hour after I urinate. I have seen several Urologists and none can find cause of problem. I am uncircumcised. Last Urologist I saw suggested that I might want to consider having a circumcision. I was surprised because no other Urologist had ever made this suggestion as a cure for my problem. I'm hoping someone can offer some insight into my problem.

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Men's Health :: 24 Yo Adult But No Puberty Changes

I'm 24 but there are many things that make me think the last 10 years were all a dream and I'm actually still 14.

- I never grow a single facial hair, so never used a razor on my face to this day.

- My voice didn't change too much, many people still mistake me for a female on the phone.

- My manhood hasn't grown in size, so I still have a D the size of a 12 years old (HAHAHA).

- To compensate for the previous point, fortunately I don't have any libido either. I have no desire to sleep with women, and have zero interest in what other men are obsessed with (porn, sex, etc), pretty much like most pre-puberty boys.

- I have abnormally thin arms like children's, even though I workout frequently, the muscles just don't seem to grow there.

- My face is still that of a 15 yrs old. Though maybe that's just because I have a babyface...?

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Sexual Health - Men :: Botched Circumcision

I can't find much on my problem, but I believe my penis has two abnormalities. One is a small flap of skin on top of my penis that is connecting the edge of the head to the shaft. The other is on the bottom side about 3/4 of the way up the shaft, and it is a ~1 inch to 1.5 inch stretch of skin hanging down about a 3/8 inch, and looks similar to the texture of the skin on the scrotum, and the end towards the head of my penis is connected to the bottom of the head, in a little short flap hanging straight down. I hope my explanation made it clear what I was talking about, and I'm just trying to see if it really is a botched circumcision.

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Men's Health :: Swelling Of Penis After Circumcision

I was circumcised on Friday (3 days ago) for medical reasons at the age of 23.

I have two issues that I'm looking for some advice with.

1. Below the glans, roughly at the height of the stitches, my penis is swollen. I know that some swelling is normal, but I don't know if mine is still in the normal range. It's swelling is about as thick as my pinky, maybe even ring finger. It's thicker than the actual glans area. So when I wear my pants, the swollen are is slightly pressed against my stomach and hurts quite a lot. (I was told to position my penis in an upright pose and wear skinny underpants).

Is this normal? How much swelling is acceptable and for how long? Should I be worried? I was just on the phone with the doc and I was told that swelling is normal, he didn't let me go into details.

2. I took off the bandage that was applied by the doc the day after the operation. I wasn't told to apply any bandages on my own, just to used some salve. The backside of my glans (penis upright) keeps sticking to my textil underpants. It's quite difficult to take them off and hurts a lot. I thought it was because of the salve I used, but even without it's the same. Should I still be using bandages or something?


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Men's Health :: Post Circumcision Care For Men?!

I just had my penis circumcised about 15 days ago and its been healing great. I am 21 and was suffering from tight foreskin and painful sex, which is the reason. The dried blood has slowly been coming off and today, most of it came off.. and i noticed that the corona on top of the head is kind of attached to the shaft of the penis. I have recently been applying petroleum gel since about 5 days and noticed this today.. and it does have a mild pain when i turn my head away from the shaft (downwards). Does this mean that my skin that was cut off, accidentally connected to the penis head corona itself??

The circumference of the penis head does have white stuff that looks like puss but this is suppose to be the self dissoluble sutures/stitching. Everytime i shower, the remaining white stuff washes off and new one forms. I already approved this with my doctor, multiple times.. it is only dissolving stitching that makes it look like the way it looks..

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Men's Health :: Questions And Doubts After Circumcision

I'm a 17 year old male who recently underwent a circumcision due to bad phimosis reasons. I went under full anesthesia and the operation and hospital process all went fine. I was just happy it was over with because I'd been struggling with it for so long. But now I face a new problem. When I left the hospital the same day, my doctor provided me with nothing but the bare basic information: remove the bandages after 24 hours and after that you're allowed to shower again. Nothing else. Me still stoned from anesthesia and desperate to get out of that place didn't bother with any other questions and at that time, everything felt fine.

But a couple of days after the operation I began to have my worries and doubts. First of all, I was left with a pretty nasty scar at the top of my frenulum right under my urethral opening, which has turned into a hard scab that itches like hell. It also fell off twice and regrew. It's also quite weirdly coloured, a kind of yellow white with the occasional blood colour. The surgeon never discussed with me what he exactly did to me, which quite frankly, I do blame him for. He for example never pointed out that he stitched the foreskin to the base of the penis (with water dissolvable stitches). Secondly, I have a pretty swollen ring just behind the corona to which the foreskin is stitched that itches like heck. A few stitches seem to have already gone sort of loose (and I don't know if this is already supposed to happen on the 5th or 6th day) and often I find a tiny little bit of dried up blood near these stitches. It's not much blood at all, most of the time less than a drop. Overall the whole business is very uncomfortable right now. Other than that I feel fine. No sign of fever or anything else, the wound isn't too bad either so I don't think it's infected. But I'm still kind of worried and it's really exhausting me because it's on my mind 24/7, even now I'm back to school (with jeans and bicycle which is going alright).

I'm just looking for people with experience or who can answer some of these doubts in general. Maybe I just needed to get my story on paper. Anyone with similar healing experiences? What can I expect from the future?

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Sexual Health Men :: Infection/Stitches And Circumcision

I'm 20 years old, and had a circumcision 13 days ago today which i'm quite happy with... However, I feel I have an infection on the underside as there is like white stuff all attached to it and even the skin looks kind of mouldy (not crazily but only a tiny bit)....

I'm supposed to be back at work on Monday but don't think it's possible... I feel really down right now (past few days) as my bandage came off yesterday which I was advised to keep on till it fell off (which it did yesterday) so the sensitivity is more strong now... Going to try go to the doctors later and see what's up.

I was also wondering when the stitches will fall out? I try to have 2 baths a day in salted water (quite warm) for 20-25 minutes a go.

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Men's Health :: Penis Numb 3 Days After Circumcision

I was circumcised on Friday as I had a severe case of phimosis in which the glans was completely covered. It is now Monday. I am a little concerned because my penis is quite numb. After researching for months on what to expect post-surgery, most of the stories I've read suggest that the head should be hyper-sensitive immediately following the surgery.

This has definitely not been the case for me. Last night I actually woke up and went to the bathroom just to make sure my penis was still attached. It was that numb. After reading so many stories of hyper-sensitivity, this numbness is starting to scare me. Should I be concerned?

If I touch the glans and shaft, I can feel them on my fingers, but VERY minimally. However, there is quite a bit of swelling so I'm assuming that the numbness is the result of the swelling. My urine tends to spray in three separate streams, suggesting that the urethral tract is obstructed by internal swelling...Does that sound right?

There is some bruising on the glans that I can feel as I walk around. A tingly sensation, but again it is very minimal. Overall, it is quite numb and not at all sensitive as I expected. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Hypothyroidism :: After Having The MMR Vaccine As An Adult

Anyone else develop hypothyroidism soon after having the MMR vaccine as an adult?

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Bisoprolol :: Slow Heart Rate

I have been on 1.25mg of bisoprolol for nearly a year now. I was put on it due to an irregular heartbeat. my heart would either miss a beat or totally go into overdrive. The doctor never sent me for further tests. So my question is what causes this problem.  My heart still jumps about but not as much. but sometimes when I do a little exercise I feel very odd for example can't lay on my left side because it hurts around my heart plus my chest can feel tight and today my heart rate is 52 where normally its in its 80's.

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Breastfeeding :: Oversupply After Pumping - How To Slow It Down?

I was told to start pumping to help my milk supply come in and I guess I over did it and now I have an oversupply idk how to slow it down anyone know?

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Hormonal Acne In Adult Women And Its Cures?

I’m a 35 year old Indian woman, and suffer from acne that keeps coming back.

Here’s my history. I had mild to moderate acne in my teens, but into my twenties it got worse. I went to dermatologists who put me on antibiotics and creams and it turned into a vicious cycle. I got frustrated and tried Isotretinoin. I knew the rules, got my checks didn’t get pregers, and it was fine it worked. LOW dose isotretinoin. But not even a year later it was back – it was hit and try method for years later, sometimes my skin was tolerable and sometimes bad. I got married, it was a bad marriage. The added stress and sudden unexplained weight gain did not help. I tried diane – that resulted in no improvement but more weight gain. Isotretinoin take two – it worked again – I followed the rules and no side effects. The marriage broke eventually. The stress didn’t help and the weight was high. Isotretinoin take 3 – low low dose worked magically. No side effects I felt great. The weight also just dropped without that stress in the marriage.

Now its (the acne) back again – and here’s my story. I’m attractive, I want to find love and be a mother. As the years went I didn’t focus on my body clock. Now I do not want take isotretinoin just for clear skin I don’t want to lose my chance on becoming a mother one day….because I’m on a vanity project!!!!. At the same time the acne needs to go. So here’s what I plan to do. Do the candida cleanse for three days. Apples and enema really ……I have eaten badly recently so I’m willing to give my all. I tried googling reviews etc and my head just got boggled but one thing that did pop out was that what I do get is hormonal acne. I have severe PMS and my acne almost always has been on the chin and jawline. I need serious reviews on estroblock – bottom line I cant google acne cures its mind boggling – I want to take this out from the root.

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Anxiety :: Tapering Off With Venlafaxine Slow Release / Liquid?

Started ven  weeks ago as though i may get an improvement. All its done is make me ill. Now starting to taper. Anyone cut/split etc ven slow release? The experts say not to. I am only on 37.5 but i seem to be very sensitive to it indeed. I know there is ven liquid  but seems to be diff to source + quite honestly it is easier shaving off part of a pill.

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Bisoprolol :: Excessive Sweating And Very Poor/slow Recovery From Exertion

I had AF with hyperthyroidism in 2013 and the AF was attributed to the hyperthyroidism. I was chemically cardioverted within the first 24 hours at my local hospital.  Then I had another bout of AF when I was euthyroid and I was (so far successfully) electrically cardioverted in late 2014. 

I was put on bisoprolol after the first bout of AF and since being on bisoprolol, have have been troubled by excessive sweating and very poor/slow recovery from even minor exertion.  I will spontaneously start sweating for no reason and it takes ages to stop and by then I am soaked through - head, face, chest & back.  After exertion e.g 20 mins walking on a running machine, it will take me 2-3 hours to stop sweating & being flushed.

Has anyone else had a problem with bisoprolol and excessive sweating/poor recovery from exertion?

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Adult Chickenpox - Fever, Sore Throat, Aching Leg Muscles

l am in terrible pain right now, had fever, sore throat, aching leg muscles, l have now got terrifying pimples all over my head,face,mouth,chest and back. l don't remember having chickenpox before.l have had vaccination to protect me,so what has happened?l have looked up on the internet there is very little or none mentioned on adult chickenpox. Is there anything unusual about me?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Derealization, Slow Heart Rate And Panic Attacks

So basically it all started a few months ago back when i had a terrible panic attack on weed. I smoked a blunt with a friend, i don't know whether the weed was laced or anything, but my friend seemed perfectly alright so i don't think it had anything in it. I thought i was going to die, my heart beat really fast, i felt sick and i thought i was going to be insane for the rest of my life. The next day after the panic attack i felt slightly weird and a bit paranoid when i woke up in the morning. I then went to work as usual and i realized that something was a bit off. I didn't know back than that it was probably derealization. Anyway two days after my experience everything was fine and i didn't waste to many thoughts on my experience. Until about two and a half months later...

It was pretty much a stressful time period in my life and i worked quite a bit. I didn't touch anything after that experience, but one day after work and a work out at the gym i had a bad panic attack which was sort of like a flashback to my experience as well. It hit me when i was walking in a park at nighttime and i felt very bad for an hour. Eventually it wore off and I went to sleep that night. The next day i was thinking about what i had experienced the last night, but i thought i might have been just really tired or didn't eat enough. The next days i had small attacks which were bad, but didn't concern me too much, but little did i know that i was getting a flu. During my flu which lasted a week the derealization hit me again. All the lights were really bright and i felt in a dream like state. Those feelings eventually passed with the flew after about 2 weeks. 

A few weeks back from now i had another big panic attack which also felt a bit like my first panic attack on weed, so i guess it was sorta like a flashback. At that point i didn't know what was happening to me. Why was i always getting these attacks?? Did the weed trigger something or am i psychotic now?? I was really afraid to go insane and lose my mind. I was researching about schizophrenia and how panic attacks/derealization are a common symptom of it. I felt constantly like i was drunk/high, i had long after images, objects were breathing when i looked at them, lights were always too bright, everything felt unreal like in a video game. This made me feel really anxious all the time and i think this got me deeper into the derealization. The panic attacks have passed, but until now which has been probably about 2 months with more or less derealization i don't know what to do. I don't know how it got triggered, whether i do have a ptsd from my weed panic attack which i have to think of very often these days as i see it as the point where everything started. I am constantly worrying about losing my mind and don't know what to do. Do you think i might have a psychosis or is it more a ptsd or a anxiety disorder? Please let me have your thoughts.

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Movement Disorders :: Tremors/involuntary Slow Finger And Hand Movements At Rest

I'm seeing a neurologist next week because of the above symptoms.   I'm a 68 year old woman and my GP said it's the way my body is aging!  I'm not so much worried (about for example Parkinson's) as intrigued.  I know lots of people suffer hand and finger tremors but I am a bit unnerved by my hands and fingers moving very, very slowly on their own.  As I stop typing for a moment my right little finger has raised itself from the keyboard as if it were being pulled but very very slowly.  My whole hand will slowly curl and even my arms will move on their own if I am "at rest".   It's probably something with no explanation but I wonder if anybody else who has been diagnosed with a neurological/muscular  condition has experienced this symptom.  I do feel as if I am trembling right through my body and my feet will also move independently if I keep still long enough. I don't seem to have any other Parkinson's symptoms.

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Knee TKR :: Healing Relates To Age?

just wondered if anyone feels that age contributes to the healing process. I have noticed that so many of you on the forum are pretty young. 50-60's. I am 71 and find that even though I have done well(read previous entries) I find that at 4 months, I still tire a lot.

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