Neuromuscular :: Has Anyone Got Sciatica?

Feb 12, 2014

I am really suffering from my hip down to my shins. I've been taking dilaudid and soma for some relief, but I was wondering if anyone had some info to share!

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Neuromuscular :: Pudendal Neuralgia Caused By Rectal Prolapse?

For probably three or four years, I've had an internal rectal prolapse, or at least it's seemed so. It didn't hurt or anything. Sometimes I had some constipation, but nothing major. But once in a while, I could feel the mass of tissue dropping down(never coming out), and retracting some time later.

Cut to late December of 2012. This part is extremely embarrassing for me, but it's a crucial detail, so I can't leave it out. I was masturbating that night, and just as I finished, I had the sudden sensation that someone had grabbed the muscle between my scrotum and anus, and my rectum, and twisted them with a pair of vise grips.

After a while, the muscle in my scrotum still would not let go, and the pain level was beyond 10, somewhere in the Oh My God area of the chart. I couldn't urinate. My rectum felt like one giant nerve, and it felt as though it was jittering up and down with every step I took. I've had a razor blade jammed up into my hand, and broken bones, and this pain was much worse than any of them.

It took me over two minutes just to get down the hall from my bathroom to my bedroom. My abdomen, especially my lower abdomen, felt as though my insides had broken loose from their moorings and were grating against one another. Everything else was basically numb. And by everything else, I mean my entire body, except for the areas of searing pain in my nethers, was...muted I guess the best term is.

I'll also get this burning all over my body, especially my arms. My entire sense of touch gets thrown completely out of whack. I can scarcely feel my own hand running over my head. But a cold air conditioner blowing on me feels like I'm being dipped in acid. If I got into a shower, it would feel as though freezing water was going down my legs before the water even got there.

During my flare-ups, my gut basically shuts down. My rectum will literally slam shut, and even gas rarely gets out. During the first one, I didn't have a proper bowel movement for about three weeks. Then over the course of a few months, it slowly got back to normal. Though, anything more than the most basic physical activity ran the risk of shutting me down for a few days.

Every doctor I went to dismissed my rectal issue out of hand, and insisted the problem must be in my back. Even the doctor that gave me the pudendal nerve blocks thinks it's in my back.

An MRI did show some slight bulge on the L4 and L5, but it makes no sense whatsoever. It doesn't explain Masturbation -> Instant Torturous Agony out of nowhere.

Since maybe early this year, I've had some improvement. I could at least go to the grocery store or pick my aunt up from work without killing myself in the process. I still had to file for disability, mind you, because I couldn't even physically do a job as a file clerk for more than a week in April.

Recently, I had a very difficult bowel movement, and had no choice but to push a little harder than usual. BOOM. The old symptoms came back, not as bad as the first time, but if I weren't a Christian, I'd have ended my life by now. I can't even get out of bed for more than a few minutes before I just want to collapse with the burning and pain, and the general wrongness. Every muscle in my pelvic region wants to lock up, but I'm forcing them not to, because that'll make it worse.

I haven't eaten more than a chicken leg and a peanut butter sandwich for three days because my gut isn't working. I have almost no hunger sensation at all, and when I do eat, it feels very strange and nauseating.

Is this pudendal neuralgia? I definitely have an internal prolapse right now. I reached back and pushed it back up(ewww!), and it did alleviate my symptoms slightly. Any sort of activity on my part, especially driving or sitting, and it drops right back down, and the full-body burning and hypersensitivity hits me again.

At the moment, I'm dead broke and have zero access to medical care. Great country, the United States, isn't it? I'm working on getting disability and county-assisted medical care, but it's slow going. I just need some kind of an answer, that's all.

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Sciatica Or DVT?

For just over a year now i've had pain in my left leg. It is mostly in the side of my calf but can also be from my thigh to my foot. I also have a weird feeling like slight tingly, buzzing feeling in my left foot and have noticed a slight pain in my back(not sure if related). Im only 17 so im worried of course what this could be! I have no redness, no change in temperature in my leg that i have noticed compared to the other one.

However i have heard that you can get dvt without symptoms!

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Co-codamol 30/500 For Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica yesterday morning by my doctor, he prescribed co codamol 30/500.

After taking two, the pain did subside but I felt really dizzy and sick but was just glad that the pain had lessened.

I took another two at bedtime and am still awake at 4.50am! I can't sleep for scratching! I am so itchy. Has anybody else had this terrible itching?

I remember being allergic to morphine following my hysterectomy, I came out in hives. Is it that I can't take these type of drugs, ie codeine based medicines? Tramadol has also caused itching in the past.

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Sciatica :: Pregabalin And The Diazepam

I just want to get a feel of the pain differences... from, nah it's not so bad to how I am suffering .. where I cannot sit or stand, I am just laid flat, and have been for the last week. I'm on diazepam twice a day, pregabalin twice a day, Naproxen twice a day and paracetamol, And have just come off morphine.

I'll be upping my pregabalin in 3 days and the diazepam. .. I have never felt pain like it. My husband had to dress my bottom half, he has to help me in and out of the shower, and be around to make sure I don't slip..

I've been referred to the spine clinic who are ringing on 3rd Dec for a phone assessment. . They will then get me in for a scan.

I also have a bulging disc at L4... that didn't help either!

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Pain Management Of Sciatica?

My dr. did a CT scan on my left side to see if I had sciatica as I had a lot of symptoms of it.  It showed minimum damage to the nerve. I was not told what to do next? Should I get a follow up with what kind of specialist? Would a MRI show more information then the CT scan?

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Back Pain :: What Causes Sciatica?

what causes sciatica?

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Hip Replacement :: Sciatica Pain Again

I have my second hp (right) done 2 weeks ago. I had a terrible sciatica pain till the op. Now there is a less sciatica pain though, I still feel the nerve is irritated since I still feel the stretch on my hamstring. I was wishing that it was going to go away after thr, but it seems it will come back after I bear normal weight on my leg.

Is there anybody who got rid of sciatica pain and how did you do that ?

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Sciatica After Lumbar Puncture

I had a LP done in march ever since i've had constant stabbing pain where i had it done pain in lower back(sciatica) in hip leg and foot. i cannot sleep walk far nor lift due to it it hurt to sit stand do anything basically i ve varis pain relief non of ir work its still there tried stretching little exercise just makes it worse then i can't walk.

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Bladder Weakness With Sciatica?

I have had my sciatica for 2 weeks now which started in my lower back then down my legs as a constant dull aching/ throbbing tingling type ache, I now get it in my buttocks and groin area occasionally, in bed last night I felt my legs tingling and my feet! Has anyone had slight bladder problems with sciatica? Sort of feeling like you are going to wee yourself if you don't go straightaway?

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Sciatica :: How To Regain The Communication With My Leg

Hi everyone!

I have very recently been diagnosed with sciatica and have done a lot of research and spoken to lots of people about what I should and shouldn't be doing. Trouble is everyone's experience is different and no one I've spoken to seems to be effected the same way as me.

Initially I suffered badly with pain but now appear to have that under control with the right medication and exercises.  My concern now is the weakness in my right leg as it keeps giving way under me!

I am fairly active usually and chose to play sport rather than take medication for depression so am concerned how long it might be before I am able to start training etc. again.  I play Roller Derby so until I know my leg will do as I expect it to (i.e. not give way and allow me to get up quickly when I fall) it's not safe for me or others to play.

Has anyone else had the same experience and if so can you offer any suggestion as to how I can regain the communication with my leg so it does what it's told?

As I mentioned I'm in the very early stages of dealing with my sciatica and haven't yet seen a physio or had an MRI so I know that these might impact on what I should be doing but need to know I'm doing SOMETHING in the meantime.

Thanks in advance x


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Sciatica :: Pain For Five Weeks Is There Any End?

on April 2nd I was standing in my kitchen and suddenly had lower back pain.  I thought nothing of it and had to go and drive I stuck a support belt on and carried on.  Things got progressively worse I had to initially lift my feet onto the pedals and getting in and out of the car was really really painful . Things started to ease slightly then I had to drive someone to A&E and this aggravated the problem and it settled into my buttocks and sent shooting pains down my right leg.  That's when my problems really started.  I couldn't lie down I couldn't sit down all I could do was walk or kneel for the last five weeks I have had.very little sleep, the kneeling phase didn't last long as my legs started to swell up.  I can sleep for about an hour tops two if I want to manage to move without being reduced to tears with pain.  The doctor has prescribed me naproxen which had no effect and co codamol which upset my stomach.  I had an operation at Christmas to remove my appendix and gallbladder and around the muscle group in my stomach is sore.  Paracetamol is all I can take and I have munched through over 150 tablets so far.  I can now get to bed and manage to get four hours sleep but wake up with such muscle stiffness it takes up to an hour to straighten out in the morning.

sorry for the long winded explanation but can anyone tell me if things are going to ease I went to the doctor because my osteopath told me if may be a disc problem.  He helpfully told me after having to endure a car trip which is hard as I can't sit stood around for half an hour then was told that I had a sore back was very helpful.  He is sending me to a back pain clinic which will take about eight weeks to get an appointment and I will hopefully get an MRI Scan in twelve weeks.  I have a full time job and I can't work is there any hope.

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Sciatica :: At My Wits End Due To Pain

I have had back pain problems now since 2008 I am currently taking morphine and pregabalin which help but don't eliminate the pain. I have flare ups where the pain in my back becomes unbearable for couple weeks then goes back to the pain I am used to living with daily. Two weeks ago I had another flare up but this time is completely different the pain is so intense horrific but the pain I am getting in my buttocks and down into my right leg is just to much it's disabling me more and more every day I have never sobbed my heart out as much as these past few weeks. My skin has gone numb in my lower leg and tingly pins and needles top of leg I cannot put full weight on it at all just taking a few steps is unbearable. I felt like calling ambulance this morning as the pain was horrendous. I know from mri scan I had few hrs ago that I have two discs that are no good and a tare which was giving me the pain I have been in for hrs now. But this pain I can't cope with even with the morphine. I believe that a disc has gone causing pressure on the spinal nerve which would cause the leg pain. I want surgery the fusion of the spine where the discs are no good. I would like advice from people who have had the surgery, has it helped are there any complications people have had after surgery. What is it like how long was the stay in hospital are you pain free now. Or is there anyone else with same problem that is awaiting surgery. I am 49 yrs old. 

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Sciatica :: Numbness And Pain

For the past 6 years I've been having shooting agonising pains up both backs of legs for no apparent reason.  (bending forwards can make it worse)

I lost 4 stones in weight when my dad suddenly died, the weight went from around my bum and thigh area. I've since put weight on - not as much as I lost.

I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago.

I'm told that it sounds like sciatica - from people who have the same thing and my doc said the same.

Recently it has got much worse, after walking for a few minutes both legs go numb from the foot up, I have trouble with my balance anyway (MD, Surgery etc) this makes it worse. I'm also in pain if I stand still - basically I can't, I have to sit or walk (i use a stick to help with inner ear balance trouble, which docs / specialist can do nothing about)

My doc has said "it will go away" - yes, right, when?

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Sciatica :: Hip / Butt Pain

I have been having this pain for quite a while but today when I woke up it was bad. I have never been diagnosed with anything but I don't have money to go to the doctor right now.

The pain is located in the upper left side off buttock/side of hip. This pain usually is middle of buttock and lower back it has radiated some down the leg but not as a main symptom. it mainly hurts when I am walking or lift my leg up high like I'm stepping over something. It is sudden and painful. When I sit it's a constant pain and when I stand up from sitting (without moving)it feels a little bit better. 

If if anyone could please give me any advice on what this could be i would be super happy and grateful as today I am left sitting on the couch because it is too painful to walk.

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Sciatica And Hard Exercise

I have Sciatica with a lot of bulges and other misc. sundries, and am being supervised by an orthopedist. With his blessings I am being treated by an acupuncturist with quite good results. Recently, the acupuncturist told me that I can no longer do "exercise " walks which I used to do for 35 minutes/ day at a hard pace because the disks between the lumbar vertebra are very narrow to non-existent. She says casual walking is fine, but that doesn't offer much exercise. She is suggesting that I find something else. Was wondering what else is there. I don't swim; she is thinking about a commercial health club . Any thoughts? Any possibilities she could be wrong on this? She has seen the MRI report.

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Red Feet And Legs From Sciatica?

Anyone else get red feet, or legs from sciatca?

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Can Lyme And Sciatica Be Related?

About 13 years ago I had a tick bite, then bulls eye etc, etc. Diagnoses was not good as I was living in N. Ireland where the disease was unknown at the time. For 9 months or so I was treated with antibiotic pills on and off until the symptoms went away. Over the last years I have been having more and more joint, muscle pains. Mostly in my legs, knees and hands and lower arms (maybe age: 1959). I also have back pains but they seem unrelated. Four months ago I got a pain in my back again but this time it went into my legs, mostly the right one. The doctor thinks it is sciatica and put me on medication and physiotherapy It it all helps a bit but the pain comes and goes and travels. I get a lot of tingling in my legs, the surface of my shin is completely numb and occasionally I get stabs of pain in the surface of my shin.

My questions are can Lyme and Sciatica be related and should I be tested for Lyme again.

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Sciatica :: Still Pain After L4/L5 Microdiscectomy

I had a microdiscectomy back in December 21, 2015 right before my 18th birthday ( today marks the 4 month post surgery mark ). I still have pain running down my right leg ( upper glut and sometimes in my calf muscle ). Before the surgery I have had the disc pinching on my nerve for nearly 10 months.... It ruined my summer and I couldn't do what most of my friends were doing... My parents were too scared that something would go wrong with the surgery, so we tried Physical Therapy for about 2-3 months. My pain was getting worse and worse. After a lot of convincing I got my parents to allow me to get the surgery ( No regrets at all ). I would rate my pain before my surgery as 9/10 and now after my surgery I rate it as 5-7/10. I can't even remember how it feels to have no pain... It is constant and doesn't go away ( I feel better when I lie down on my back or stomach ).. I feel better when I sleep on the ground rather than on my, what used to be comfortable, bed.... I am starting to lose hope on ever feeling better... Everytime I walk I have pain in my upper right glut ( every time I extend my right foot ) and sometimes it goes down my right leg to my calf.... I still can't bend down without a massive amount of pain running down my right leg... I can't even sit down for longer than 30 minutes because I start to have a lot of pain in my calf, which makes going to school really hard.. Are there any patients that have had this type of surgery and felt better in more than 6 months?

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Sciatica :: Numbness After L4/L5 Microdiscectomy

I am a RN and I have had years of low back pain with a history of herniated

discs from L3-S1. These symptoms would aggravate me from time to time but, being a nurse, with a

familial history of arthritis I thought it was just par for the course. Until three months ago when i

developed sciatica pain down my left leg and it was present every day, and it ruined my summer.

I couldn't walk without pain, bend without pain and basically was bedridden and depressed all

summer. I am healthy, took NO meds up to this point and I was always a pretty active person. I finally

decided to have the surgery. On Monday 09/30/13 I had a microdiscectomy and was pleasantly

surprised with how easy it was to go home the next day. My pain was minimal, honestly, I do not

think I even needed the Oxycodone, it wasn't that bad. However, I did need the Valium, I noticed

the incision was sore in the am and was happy to have the Valium. By day 3 post op, I was off all

of the narcotic meds and only taking ibuprofen and tylenol (valium at night). Day 5, I was walking, no numbness, no tingling, doing fine... Until I coughed. I literally re herniated from a cough and ended

up back in the hospital undergoing a second round of emergency surgery to remove the extruded

disc. I now have numbness in my left foot and toes that I am so sad about. I have read and read on

line and all that I have heard is that it very rarely goes away, yet the surgeon says it will? Who do I

believe? And how long does it take? I just want my life back (much like everyone here) so, any

information you can provide me with would be very much appreciated. I'm still not having any pain to speak of so, for those of you worried about post op pain, it's really really not bad at all!

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L5-S1 Sciatica :: Flare Ups And Pain Management?

I have been suffering from sciatic pain from last 9 months. The degenerative changes are at L5-S1. Had an MRI(attached as thumbnail) and one of the docs has asked me to go for surgery while other have told me it will heal on its own. I have been doing exercises in this period. But the thing is that it has not healed. There were periods of like weeks

where I was almost pain free but then again it would flare up out of nowhere and suffering would start. Another thing I have noticed is that some times with exercises the pain increases, and the days when i don't do the exercise i don't feel any pain. Sitting is the main culprit, but I can sit for like 2 hours and if my posture is good it would be normal.

My job requires me to sit for like 4-6 hours and then stand for 6-8 hours(i work in 12 hours shift). Had days off from the job, I thought it would go away with with rest and light exercises but that didn't happen. Now I am required to work otherwise I would lose my job.

My request to all of you is, does sciatica go away/heal on its own and if it does how long does it take, or do i have to live like this. I can't even sit as a passenger in car let alone drive, couple of road

bumps would trigger it right away(by the way is there a way out avoiding jerks to your body while travelling). ANd for the job I have to travel long distances in remote areas.


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