Pernicious Anaemia :: Copper Deficiency - Outstanding Neurological Symptoms

Feb 2, 2013

I was diagnosed with copper deficiency a few months ago and sent for further investigations prior to treatment. As all scans, eye tests and liver functions were fine and no signs of copper storage or damage anywhere else as might explain the deficiency in my blood, so they have now decided that I am not deficient after all and I have not been treated.

These were my results which are all pretty low within the normal ranges (in brackets):

Copper 9.3 umol/L (normal is 12.0 - 20.0)

Free Copper <1% (<25%)

Ceruloplasmin 0.20 g/L (0.20 - 0.40)

I also have Pernicious Anaemia (B12 deficiency) and the two conditions often appear together and have similar symptoms. I have very regular B12 injections so I am happy that is under control but as there are still outstanding neurological symptoms, I am wondering if this is due to the low copper levels?

Has anybody else had similar results, please?

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia - Symptoms / Causes Of Anaemia

I have recently been diagnosed with fairly mild iron deficiency anaemia, which was picked up incidentally prior to an unrelated issue, and I was told it is a type that usually stems from bleeding. I was advised to speak to my GP about treating this, and on doing so he first asked me if I'd had any worrying symptoms, well I haven't noticed any obvious blood spurting from anywhere, or any blood in my bowel movements/vomit, so I said no. He then seemed to put it down to periods. I don't really have periods, and when I do they are pathetically light, so I don't think its that, but he didn't seem concerned. I am now on a 1 month course of ferrous sulphate and need to have more bloods after that to see if it's sorted it, but I am just worried about what caused it in the first place. I don't think my diet is particularly bad, so where on earth am I bleeding from!! My GP doesn't seem concerned, so I'm guessing I shouldn't be either, but just wondering what other people's experiences are of the causes of their anaemia?


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Pernicious Anaemia :: B12 Tablets In Between Injections ?

my son was diagnosed with B12 a year ago he got the 6 booster jabs last September he had been getting sore heads that were lasting up to 8 weeks his joints ache his shoulders and neck are really sore he was getting ear infections had 10 in last 6 months pins and needles in his hands and feet he is sleeping about 15 to 18 hours a day they started to give him 3 monthly jabs and after 6 month put him on monthly also done a blood test went back to get his second monthly jab but said his b12 levels were normal so put him back to 3 monthly but he could hardly get out of bed they have now put him back to monthly jabs which are only lasting a week if that asked if they could be given weekly the doctor said he would not be happy giving the jabs sooner he got his last jab on the 17 sep and its only lasted till yesterday the are treating him for chronic migraines and now telling me they think it is ME I am sick getting put of by doctors as my son has no life now and i was wondering if I could give him tablets in between jobs because when he first gets his b12 jabs the symptoms all disappear and he gets a week of feeling a lot better but they won't listen

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Pernicious Anaemia :: What Are B12 Side Effects?

I have found reading the posts about PA very helpful, i was diagnosed early last year with PA and have injections every 3 months they have helped enormously with my symptoms, please could any one tell me about the side effects of the B12 injection, i have had various syptoms which i have just put down to the whole PA thing, but would like to know....

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Pernicious Anaemia :: B12 Injections And Blood Donation Possible?

I have only recently started having the B12 injections. Does anyone know if you can still give blood? I used to be a regular donor but now I'm not sure if I can still give?

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Pernicious Anaemia :: What Size Needles For Self Inject B12 Injections?

I've decided that I have no other choice than to self-inject B12.  I am older and don't have the same muscle tone that I used to have.  I will be injecting into my thigh muscle.  What would be the best sized needle for this?  Would a one inch needle be ok?  Anything longer might be too long if my muscles aren't what they used to be.  And what guage?

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Pernicious Anaemia :: Intrinsic Factor - B12 - 6 Injections Didn't Help

I was diagnosed with low B12 levels and further tests revealed that I had intrinsic factor.

I was given the 6 injection course and was told I would have another in 12 weeks then again and then blood tested again. 6 weeks since my last injection and my symptoms are back. Feeling vague, tired, lethargic, irritated etc. How can it be that I have intrinsic factor but obviously have low B12?

is it likely something else is going on? - any ideas/suggestions?

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Pernicious Anaemia :: B12 - Low Cellular Levels, High Serum Levels After 5 Years Treatment

I found out I had a B12 deficiency 5 years ago.  My levels were very dangerously low at the cellular/functional level.  I was told I was near paralysis. Now, after 5 years, they are still low.  They have come up to almost borderline, but it still flags red on my tests.  My serum levels though are too high for the lab to measure! Its just not getting into my cells so it's not able to be used.  I do twice a week injections plus twice a month IV B12 and still it has taken my body 5 years just to go up a little bit. I feel the effects of the shot for about 15 hours barely then I just feel awful again, thankfully it's prescribed every 2 days.  But I don't want to do it every 2 days forever! 

In the beginning I was told it would take a month or two to get my body back to normal and then just a shot every few months for maintenance. My drs have not only increased my dose but also the frequency and STILL after all these years I'm deficient.  


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Iron Deficiency Anaemia - Hb 3.7

Hb 3.7 iron deficiency anaemia

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia - How To Take Pills?

I have been low iron since i was born.  Only recently has my doctor been checking my levels and trying to raise my iron from anaemia.  My doctor says that i should be getting between 800 - 1000 mg of iron a day.  That means i have to take an iron pill four times a day.  So when should i take the pills?  Do i take them right after or before meals?  I will go back in two months and they will draw blood to see if my iron has improved.  I am just wondering what to do in the meantime to improve my iron results?

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia And Its Relation To B12

I've been on ferrous fumarate for 3 months and doctor says my results are improving (hemoglobin has reached normal and ferritin has went from 1 to 12)

My symptoms were continuing so I was tested for B12 deficiency and got result today. B12 came back as 276. The doctor left a message to say continue with iron for 3 months and that was it! I am really down as I don't know whether the iron will up my B12 or not? I don't know if this means my B12 is on the up or if the iron tablet has nothing to do with it?

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia After Angina And Stent

66 year old husband who has always been fit and healthy developed unstable angina and within three days was fitted with a stent.  This was at the end of January.  Not been feeling too great since a few days after and now the doc has said he is suffering from anaemia and will have to go for a colonoscopy.

hubby cant understand this as he was never anaemic before.

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia - Uterine Polyps And Heavy Bleeding

I have recently become anaemic, I suffer from uterine polyps that have been 'quiet' for about 6 years ever since menopause, however about a week ago I started bleeding heavily, the past couple of days I am so tired, wobbly on my feet and look as white as a sheet, also heartrate is up a bit, anyone out there who has experienced the same or similar? and what happened regarding treatment were you put on iron tablets etc? I know I have to see the doc and will be ringing her tomorrow but am sitting in bed fretting about it.

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Neurological Disorders :: Progressive Symptoms Of Numbness And Muscle Weakness

For the past 3 months I have had progressive symptoms of numbness and muscle weakness all over my body. It all started with sciatic pain that radiated down my legs and prevented me from sleeping. That went away. Then about a week later my hands and feet started to have a pins and needles and loss of sensation feeling. a week after that my neck became very stiff and sore. After that my muscles became very tight and inflexible. After that I developed a tremor in my hands when I go to do something requiring hand focus like writing pointing or typing. after that the loss of sensation in my feet progressed up my leg and now I have leg weakness which prevents me from running and jumping and my balance is very unsteady. lasty my face muscles are weak I cant fully smile or use my muscles and I cant raise my eyebrows at all Every week or so since i've had a new symptom. and I am very alarmed at this point . I don't have any diseases or conditions now im 23 in good shape work out.

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Vitamin A Deficiency With Dry Mouth Symptoms?

I'm just wondering if anyone who has or has had a vitamin A deficiency has also had dry mouth as a symptom?

I know that vitamin A deficiency can cause dry eyes, and I'm reading from a few sources that a deficiency causes 'dryness of the mucosal membranes'. I've had dry mouth for quite a while now and I wanted to find out whether this particular deficiency may have contributed to it (if i have it in the first place).

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Menopause :: Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

Fatigue, weakness and pale skin may be the first signs of a vitamin B12 deficiency. You may notice cracked lips or a ringing in the ears, and you might experience a loss of appetite or an altered sense of taste that causes food to taste funny or odd. Alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation are common, and some people may become dizzy when standing up. Fever or abdominal pain may also be present.

Mental Effects

A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause an altered mental state in severe cases. Advanced stages of a severe vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a state of confusion. Mild to moderate depression is a common symptom, but severe depression can also be the result of a deficiency.

Other Symptoms

According to Harvard Medical Publications, other symptoms may include a tingling sensation in the hands or feet, a stinging or burning sensation on the tongue, a bright red tongue, significant weight loss, yellowing of the skin and a rapid heart rate. It can also cause you to feel off balance or disoriented, which may worsen in darkness. Some people may lose the ability to tell the colors yellow and blue apart. You may be unable to feel vibrations in your feet or legs. Anemia may develop ..

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome Symptoms Due To Vitamin D3 Deficiency?

Has anyone diagnosed with Vitamin D3 deficiency?

I got the results now and mine is 4! Incredibly low...

This may explain some of the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia although, certainly, not all of them. Any testimonials?

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Alternative Medicine :: Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

I've read a lot that mag is even more important than overloads of calcium, which can cause calcium deposits for just one issue....

Enough mag is needed for best calcium absorption. Then there is the Vit D deficiency......lots of deficiencies.

I don't know if any/many here are up on this mineral and how it could be related to fractures and all the hip issues many are challenged with.

I've been taking MORE mag than calcium for some years now, even though docs push calcium and don't even discuss mag....that's conventional medicine for you.

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Hemorrhoids :: Anaemia Due To Bleeding

I'm a mum of 6 and have had bleeding from the bottom on and off for years but never had it dealt with I was given suppositories for haemorrhoids but never took them I have been feeling really unwell lately and doc said I need to have a op to remove the haemorrhoids but after reading the posts on here im really scared but then im also worried that i am not running on all cylinders due to my low blood count what's worse operation or feeling this low its really hard as i have a family to take care off and not sure if i can deal with the recovery needed as per the stories on here is the operation really as bad or worse Than childbirth? i had 2 c sections and was ok after those but this sounds so much worse

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Neurological Disorders :: Am I Having Seizures?

Back when I was 15 I started fainting, it didn't happen often but it always seemed to be in the morning after a cigarette. I would feel myself going, my fingers would go all tingly, and it would work all the way up to my head and my vision would go blurry and then i would fall. Over the next few years it was happening about once a year but this time it seemed to be caused by severe period pains - it happened at work once and an ambulance was called and apparently everything was fine with me. When it was period pain related i had more the sweats that would start right before and my hearing would go all tinny.

I am now nearly 25 and like most young adults I often go out drinking with my friends. It now seems these 'faints' are happening the morning after the night before type thing. It's happened twice in the past 3 months, once at home and one last week on a bus on the way to work.

Once again, i get the tinny hearing, tunnel/blurry vision, excessive sweating and heavy breathing and then i just go, but on the past 2 occasions, i've woken up almost having a fit - but its only my head that is shaking from side to side and i can't control it for a good 30 seconds and can't figure out where i am and am so confused... On top of this, on both occasions (unlike the previous 10 years) i have lost bladder control.

As i was on the bus for the most recent one i was roughly able to work out how long i was out for judging from memory of where i lost consciousness to where i regained it and it must've been 1-2 minutes. I don't think i could've been 'fitting' that bad on the bus as my head bust rested on the chair in front and i woke up smacking it with my head (sounds funny now, terrifying at the time!) so must've just looked like a weirdo on the bus. When it happened in my kitchen, i felt myself going so sat down but woke up with my head smacking against my cupboard door.

It's a horrible feeling and i know by the sounds of it alcohol is the main cause but i have many friends that drink a lot more than me and they certainly don't have any of this.

It's worth noting that i have been on Citalopram (10mg) since August 2014  -although i don't think the dose is strong enough to make any change to my mood let alone any side effects. I'm currently undergoing tests for a lump found in my breast which has been ruled out of being a cyst so awaiting results until beginning of May.

Is this anything to be worried about do you think? I've resisted going to the dr's as when it's happened before and paramedics were called and they said it was nothing and when i fainted in oct 2013 i went to A&E and he said i had extreme low blood pressure and i just got up too quick... but other than that, all blood tests and BP checks i've had in the past 2 years have said im fit as a fiddle basically.

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Neurological Disorders :: Leg Tingling

my top half of my leg has swollen it feels like pins and needles and it feels like water is running down my leg it is very painful to touch very lightly.

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