Pregnancy :: Breathing .. Gasping For Air

Oct 5, 2014

Ok ladies I just woke up from a nap, and i couldn't breath i was gasping for air for almost a good minuet.. It's happened ever since my little girl started getting bigger, so I'm sure it's normal. But does anyone else deal with this?

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Anxiety :: Bad Bouts And Gasping For Air Can Be Fatal?

Waking up at 4am most mornings with really bad bouts of anxiety & gasping for air, can these symptoms be fatal, please give advice as it really is worrying me &;making my anxiety worse ?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Stop Breathing

I always get the feeling I can't breath properly...I can but I get that feeling and it's getting worse as I get bigger....when in Labour with my first daughter I freaked out and couldn't breath 3 times. They called it a panic attack...? I'm starting to get really worried it will happen with this birth,but worse! And it's already happening . I calm down and take deep breaths but it is extremely scary!

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Anxiety :: Manual Breathing. OCD Breathing Obsession

Anyone out there have to deal with this?

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Pregnancy :: 32 Weeks Breathing Trouble

Anybody else feel like at times you have trouble breathing? Im almost 32 weeks. Im guessing its just the baby getting big making me feel this way.

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Pregnancy :: Hard Breathing At Times

I'll be 20 weeks on Wed. I've been finding it hard to breathe at times. Is that normal?

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Pregnancy :: Breathing - Shortness Of Breath

I'm 30+6 & I'm Experiencing Shortness Of Breath .. Has This Happened To Anyone Else & Is There Anything I Can Do To Fix It .. Getting Rest Isn't A Problem For Me My Doctor Wants Me On Bedrest So I'm Off My Feet As Much As Possible

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Pregnancy :: Trouble Breathing Just Laying Around

Hi ladies lately i have been having a lot of breathing problems I am always shortness of breath even when just laying around. I am 16 weeks and not even really showing is this something normal or should I be worried

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Pregnancy :: Trouble Breathing Going To Sleep

Anyone having trouble breathing?. Every Night when I get into bed I began to have trouble breathing even with pillows under my head or body , I just can't seem to position right and have a hard time breathing.

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Pregnancy :: Trouble Breathing And Sleeping

I'm 33 weeks and I'm having so much trouble breathing and sleeping is anyone having this problem or had this problem ??

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Pregnancy :: Trouble Breathing And Stone On Chest

Any other ladies feel like they have a stone on your chest and you cant breath?

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Special Needs :: Difficulty In Breathing And Having BP

my mom age 57 is facing a difficulty in breath taking. we shown her so many doctors (nuemeralogist,cardiologist,physician etc) but no body can understand why it happens. she is having BP also.

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Trimethoprim :: Affect My Breathing

I had a very bad experience with Trimethoprim and I only took it for 3 days It affected my breathing has anyone else had this side affect?

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Asthma :: Trouble Breathing

I've been diagnosed by my doctor three weeks ago. going to a specialist on the 22nd of this month. Just want to know what happens now? It's going on three years having trouble breathing. They said i had asthma.

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Ramipril :: Palpitations, Difficulty Breathing

My wife was prescribed 10 milligrams/day dose of ramipril and nearly passed out in town, palpitations, difficulty breathing and pain in the chest. She was admitted to hospital with a view that she might have had a heart attack. They put a camera up her femoral artery but her heart was clear, no problems.

her blood pressure was 90 over 45. we stopped her taking the Ramipril and all her symptoms disappeared. It was as if the tablets were producing the palpitations and the chest pains which she was taking more and more tablets for.

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Anxiety :: How To Control Breathing During An Attack

How does everyone control there breathing when they have anxiety? Sometime I can't even feel myself breathing out my nose and can just hear me firing my breath in and out like an out of body experience or when I do it feels like my stomach is full of air

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Health Anxiety :: Breathing Hard

I suffer with health anxiety and i never accept any symptoms are anxiety. I have diagnosed myself with every cancer going with dr google. I have had a back ache on my right for a few weeks, sickness and night sweats. I had loads of bloods took last week, blood pressure took and she listened to my chest and all were fine. I keep feeling like i can't breath properly and i am conscious of taking every breath, it feels like breathing through sludge. I have a feeling in the back of my throat as if i have been exercising hard or breathing hard. I am convincing myself that the breathlessness and back ache is lung cancer now.

I am not actually out of breath as in i am struggling to breath it's the feeling that i can't. The feeling has been here most of the day. Anyone else know this feeling?

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Recovering From GERD With Breathing Issues

I've been diagnosed with GERD. Going for endoscopy this week. Feeling better since it started back in January. But now I am extremely weak. I am tired all the time. I do have a lot of responsibilities, but just cannot seem to get enough rest. Been taking vitamin B12 complex, everyday. That helps but wears off. Had a sore throat that came and went within 4 days after I attacked it vigorously as soon as I felt it. I changed my diet. Sometimes it feels like I am struggling to take in breaths.

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Kidney :: Breathing Problem While On Dialysis?

My mother is taking dialysis on a regular basis but off late she is having breathing problem even after dialysis. Not sure what is the cause of this

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Breathing Problems With Smoking Weed?

Can you have breathing problems from smoking weed?

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I Forget And Stop Breathing Through The Night?

for the past several months my wife tells me that i continually stop breathing through the night, after a while of not believing her i have noticed i sometimes  realize i stop breathing during the day and then take a gasp of air. i don't know whether i have done this my whole life and not realised i am now only 35. last week i have had some really irregular and pounding heart beats and for the past several days have felt light headed.i am looking for some answers in layman's terms or if any one else has had the same sort of thing happen as maybe it may all be in my head.

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