Stroke And TIA :: Slurred Speech / Lack Of Coordination And Falling Over

Jul 22, 2014

My dad has been struggling with on and off slurring speech, lack of coordination (which is getting worse) he falls over if he gets up too fast or turns too quickly and feel dizzy. And his speech is slurred. 

Some days his speech can be fine, one day for an hour it will be ok, the next terrible, where you can't understand him, then in the next couple of hour it can go back to normal.

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Alcohol - Tipsy With Slurred Speech A Day Later

After drinking alcohol, usually the next day I wale up fine, then in the after noon I start feeling a bit weird. I feel like I'm not with it and I have a constant feeling of being tipsy and feeling that I am not completely 'there'. And I have slightly slurred speech

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Cold That Makes Slurred Speech And Bad Vision

Heat intolerance is one of the symptoms of MS but does anyone find it's the cold that makes slurred speech,bad vision & slow movement worse?

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Lansoprazole :: Dizzy, Lack Of Coordination And Sometimes Sleepy Feeling

I've been light-headed, dizzy, lack of coordination & sometimes sleepy feeling. I don't know if it's the Lansoprazole or my low BP. I take one 30 mg. in the a.m., but I feel like this all day long.

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My Speech Is Coming Through Ear And Hearing Is Sort Of Blurred

When I am talking I feel my speech is coming through my ear and my hearing is sort of blurred, not normal. i don't really know how to explain it but I hope someone understood it.

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Speech Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis For Swallowing Or Breathing?

Does anyone have speech therapy for multiple sclerosis for swallowing or breathing?

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Heel Pain After Falling From Bike

Four weeks back I fell with my bike and seemed to hit my heel to the ground. I stil cant put much pressure on it, I can walk on my heel but I can feel the pain. It's better than 4 weeks back but not all good. Is there maybe something I can do to speed up recovery? When I press on my heel from the bottom there is not pain but on the sides an back of the calcaneus there is a lot of pain when I press, it's all around the edges of the calcaneus.

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Bell's Palsy Or A Stroke?

My mother was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on Sept 2nd, 1 week ago. She has left sided facial paralysis, but she also has COMPLETE left sided weakness. The left sided weakness started about 2 days after her face. The doctors have done CTs and MRIs with contrast and ruled out a stroke, but they do not know why she has left sided weakness. Has anyone else had complete left/right weakness with Bell's Palsy? Also since the diagnosis of Bell's Palsy my mother has been confused at times, her memory is horrible (can't remember her SSN now), has trouble saying what she is thinking at times, and is just NOT the same. Anyone with similar symptoms please help! The doctors are saying possible early onset of dementia??? My mother is 49. I have just never heard of all these symptoms with Bell's Palsy

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Cannabis :: Having Marijuana With Stroke

My spouse was (is) an alcoholic who quit drinking after 12 years but continued smoking pot, three times a day, everyday for  now going on 40 years.  He had a stroke one year ago, a growth on his thyroid which has expanded into his chest cavity.  The stroke caused minor cognitive impairment, forgetfulness, inability to recall numbers, words and names.  Perhaps anger management issues too.

The expanded portion of the growth measures 5 X 7 X 8 cm, long, wide and front to back.  Dental infections also flair up regularly.  Dental Hygiene is an issue.  Surgery is eminent for the growths.  With the news of the needed surgery, the regular, daily pot smoking has started up again.  He stops smoking for weeks at a time, proof, he believes, that he is not addicted.  

There have been other health issues, blood clots in lungs, chronic cough/ throat clearing, acid reflux, shortness of breath, overweight, high carb and high fat diet.

As I list these issues, I am not sure what the question is except, am I unreasonable to think this person could turn their health around if they stop smoking weed and eat healthier? It is hard to watch this behavior.

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Pregnancy :: Arm / Hand Cramps - Leg Falling Asleep?

Is it normal? Im currently 16 weeks and 4 days. My arm and hand is cramping up n my leg is falling asleep. I ate a banana to see if it helps

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Hard Knot In Joint Of Finger After Falling

About two days ago I had a pretty hard fall where I caught myself with my hands. My hands were completely fine with the exception of my middle finger. The tip felt very sensitive almost like it was raw. Even the most gentle touch bothered it. I thought maybe there was a splinter in it, but no. The skin wasn't broken. Today the fingertip pain is gone, but is replaced by a tender bump that is in the dead center of the top joint right beneath my finger tip. It is very faintly blue also where the knot it. Never experienced this before. Anyone have an idea what it is?

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Sleep Disorders :: Feel Myself Falling In Dreams

I am not pregnant and I am still single. I am going to be 22 years old this year. I have some nightmare dreams. I am going to tell you one. In this dream I was climbing on a building at first. Then a guy pushed me from behind and I started to fall. I can feel myself falling even though I am on my own bed. Most of the time I am dreaming of me singing on the stage. Other times I become one of the characters in my dream and at the end I get killed. Or I dream nothing at all. What does this mean? Am I seeing the future or Is it just my dreams have gone wild?

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Acute Urinary Retention After Stroke

Friend had stroke end of jan. He's now having serious retention problems. Drs not sure if it is neurological or physical. He's trying to urinate every 10 mins with acute pain. If it's neurological I wouldn't have thought he was trying to void. He's had a urethral catheter in since stroke till a few weeks ago and now got a convince catheter. Problem has got increasingly worse over last few months and last week extremely worse. He's due to go into hospital on Monday if bed available for other treatment. Today though I may insist on him going down to a&e as the pain is now getting much worse. He's even on morphine for other issues and pain goes beyond this. Any thoughts?

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Heart Attack Or Stroke With Cataflam?

I have to start with Cataflam therapy in a day or two and I have to say that I am not thrilled with the idea of using strong medications. I guess I am afraid of side effects, I have heard that Cataflam can cause heart attack and stroke, is that true?

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia- Very Hard Time Falling Asleep

I am 7 weeks along and experiencing insomnia, I'm having a very hard time falling asleep and when I do rest I wake up about once an hour, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Sleep Disorders :: Forget To Breathe Just As I'm Falling Asleep

I'm curious if anyone else experiences this. Just as I cross the line from being awake to falling asleep, it seems like my body just forgets to breathe. I jolt myself awake and just get right back to sleeping. I don't notice it every night but sometimes it happens a few times before I'm fully asleep.

I'm otherwise a healthy 32 year old male. I go to the gym multiple times a week and don't have any other major health issues other than occasional teeth-grinding at night. I don't snore heavily and I typically wake up rested when I do get to sleep early enough.

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Strange Feelings After Falling Asleep - Possessed? Or Hallucination?

I am a 14 year old male and for the past 1-2 weeks, i have been experiencing strange feelings suddenly after falling asleep. Most of the time (In regards to religion) devilish. It started one night when I suddenly go to sleep and feel a rush go up my body, then a tap on my left knee. I disregarded it thinking i was just about to have a nightmare. About 5 minutes after that, i go to sleep again and feel another sudden rush up my body and a tap on my right bicep. This time i heard a slurred voice (I cannot recall what it said but i do believe there was laughing.) I finally got sleep and told my mom the next morning. These things had not happened again until 4-5 days later when I went to sleep and i get a sudden rush up my body but instead of a tap, I have no control over my body. After 30 seconds of not being able to move myself (Note, this was not sleep paralysis because I gained control over my body.) I regain control but then I feel another sudden rush through my body and a tap on my left leg again with another slurred voice. I want to know what is going on with me, am I being possessed? Or am I just hallucinating? I want to know your guys's thoughts and what I should do.

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Amitriptyline :: Showed The Symptoms Of A Mini Stroke?

Hallo - my husband was taken into hospital a few days ago with a ?heart attack - but that (thank God) was not proven. They said it could be angina. But the next day after having been given Amitriptyline he showed the symptoms of a mini stroke and I couldn't understand what he was saying because of slurred speech. The GP (when he was discharged) said it was highly unlikely to be a stroke and he blamed this drug - as did all the hospital doctors.

This is very odd to me and can I ask whether it could be true? He hadn't been on the drug prior to admission, so I don't know why on earth they gave it to him in hospital.

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Stroke And TIA :: Headaches - Ramipril, Atorvastatin And Clopidogrel

I had a TIA last June and was started on ramipril, atorvastatin and clopidogrel. I have had constant headaches since then which are debilitating. anyone else had this experience or is it side effects of medication?

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Stroke :: Blood Thinners After Blockage Is Clear?

Ok my b/f has now had a duplex ultrasound of his carotid arteries, and they are completely 100% clear. He also had an ultrasound scan of his heart and it is fine.

He had a stroke in June 2012 because he had a 100% blockage in a carotid artery. He's been on Coumadin since then.

Would it not be reasonable to ask the doctor to take him off the Coumadin? Do most doctors try to get patients to stay on it even though there is no longer any blockage?

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Cyclizine Reaction :: Arm Blush Red And Stroke Like Feeling

It was administered intravenously . After less than 10 minutes, he experienced a frightening and vivid brightening of all the veins and capillaries in his arm which then caused the whole arm to blush red.

At the same time, he completely lost his ability to speak. He was unable to call for help or answer any questions when assistance arrived. He was distressed, very anxious and thought he had suffered a stroke.

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