Tonsil Cyst :: Flesh Coloured Raised Oval Shaped Lump?

Mar 18, 2012

9 months ago I saw a small flesh coloured raised oval shaped lump on my right tonsil, went doctors and was told nothing to worry about. Had a few sore throats since then (which I'm prone to), the dentist's last week was told bad decay in right lower molar, asked dentist to check lump as it was still there, again told nothing to worry about. Got home and felt throat a little sore, had a look and noticed the area next to the lump was also swollen a bit, freaked out, back to doctors who now referred to ENT, claiming he couldn't see lump 9 months ago while asking if I'd lost appetite/weight. Anyway then both my kids also came down with sore throat/virus thing, so I thought maybe the second swelling was just tonsillitis... then my uvula felt sore, still does a bit.. throat not that sore now but BOTH lumps still there. The second swelling goes into the bottom of tonsil crypt... I am praying it's somehow connected to tooth decay, or the first lump is maybe a cyst which is somehow draining into the tonsil via the second lump and into the crypt, but googled too much and now so anxious about cancer. Has anyone else had anything like this?

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Hemorrhoids :: Flesh Coloured Lump At The Opening Of My Anus Hole

I'm 14 i had for about 3 days now!!! I don't know what to do when i sit it hurts but only when i sit it's almost covering my whole anus hole, I'm embarrassed of telling any one, I don't wanna trouble my parents either, should I pop it, what should I put on it, can I use hydrogen peroxide. This lump I have is pea size skin colour unnoticeable even when I poop( I know don't judge) only when I sit down, what are the procedures, how can I avoid this or is it permanent......

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Penis :: Flesh Coloured Bumps/spots On Shaft - Fordyce Spots?

I have flesh coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis i haven't been sexually active so i have read that it's rare that they are genital warts but i'm still scared, i am hoping that they are just fordyce spots ...

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst - Brownish Coloured Blood

I was told I had a 2.7cm cyst on right ovary was told it had has hard particles not sure what this means....anyway I've been bleeding since Jan 1st stopped for a total of 2 weeks about 4 weeks ago since I've had like brownish coloured blood not heavy until today I had a severe sharp pain on my right side earlier and bled quite heavily after it was bright red now the bleeding calmed down now but I now have a dull constant pain on my right side unsure of what's happened!? I was told last year I had a cyst they were concerned about but was told 3 weeks later it had disappeared until March when I was told the cyst is in fact still there and it grew have gynecologist on 4th June I am 27 can anyone help in regards to if maybe my cyst has twisted or ruptured with this pain?

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Skin :: Semi-hard Painless Raised Bump / Lump Under Hair

I'm an otherwise healthy 40 year old man, non-smoker, non drinker.

For the last couple of years, I've had what seems to be a semi-hard painless raised "bump" or "lump" about the size of a nickel on the upper rear portion of my scalp below my hair.

As far as I can tell, the bump hasn't "grown" much in recent years, and it's completely painless. Additionally, if I "push" it, it seems to move back and forth under the skin and above the skull.

Since I've never had any pain from it, I sometimes forget it's there. That said, I'd love to hear what it might be. I haven't had health coverage for a little while, and I'm a tiny bit concerned if it's something very serious - hopefully not.

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Bartholin's Cyst ? Lump On My Labia

It hurts when I sit down and sometimes when I walk. I have used a hot washcloth for compresses, I have used cold water to help maybe the swelling go down, I have even put a heating pad between my legs applying pressure on it when I sleep. I only noticed it a few days ago and thought it was an ingrown hair. I haven't had any sexual activity since October. It hurts to itch and touch it. It even hurts when I wipe after using the restroom. I'm trying as many home remedies as possible before telling my doctor because at the moment we are still trying to figure out if I'm going to have a strong pregnancy or not and I don't want anything getting infected.

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Herpes, Boil Or Cyst? Lump With Pus

I found a lump that felt like a pimple but on the inside of my skin it was really hard like a boil it got to painful so so I popped it had white pus inside then I squeezed it more it started to bleed now today is starting to just be clear is this a sign for being a boil ....

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Hemorrhoids :: A Lump/cyst Looking Thing On The Opening Of My Anus

I am a 28 year old male. I have a lump/cyst looking thing on the left opening of my anus. It was red in color yesterday and very sore. Today when I got off work, I found that half of it is black. It bleeds very little ( only when wiping) and I am not sure if it leaking some clear fluid or not. It is about the size of a quarter. Is there any diagnosis you could give me. Or possible home remedies to try and fix the problem.

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Cancer :: V Shaped Mole - Melanoma?

I have noticed that I have a mole on my putter labia. I noticed it about 6 months ago. Never thought anything about it til now. I noticed that it made a V shape. It is dark brown. The size of a normal mole. It is also flat. No strange border yet. I'm just very concerned about the the V shape of it.

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Y Shaped Laceration On My Finger, Totally Numb

On Monday night I was at dog training. My dog had a leash with a latch on each end. While I was holding it, he took off jerking me and leaving a Y type laceration on my middle finger of my left hand, palm side. It is located on the middle knuckle. I went to the ER and they put five stitches in. It is Friday now and the left side of the finger from the top knuckle up is totally numb. Should I be worried?

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HIV? White Spot On Tonsil

I had an unprotected sex four months later I tested negative.... being last month.... but now I notice white spot on my left tonsil,  Am worried if it relate to HIV....

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Vagina :: Irregular Shaped Discoloration Or Sore / Spot

I have an irregular shaped discoloration or sore on my vagina that I noticed a few months ago while I was examining myself to find the source of my vaginal burning. It is a purple and red color with what appear to be darker specks near the edges. I have been referred to a gynecologist but the wait time is 7 months. I am worried about waiting that long. I do not have any bleeding as I had a full hysterectomy. Also sex with my husband is painful.

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ENT :: One Swollen Tonsil For Few Weeks - Smoking?

I have one swollen tonsil. It doesn't really hurt but it's been like this for a few weeks and I've been smoking since January. Just wanted to know if this was anything to be worried about.

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Tonsil :: Co2 Laser Tonsillectomy - Anyone? Results?

Has anyone had a co2 laser tonsillectomy? Results?

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Dental :: Swollen Tonsil With A Black Dot On It - Wisdom Tooth?

Hey, I just want to make sure that I don't freak out about this. But I have a swollen Tonsil for some months now and there is also a black dot on it.

Is this a normal reaction because my wisdom tooth is coming out?

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Penis :: Skin Bridge, Phimosis And Dark Coloured Line

not completely sure what this is but it is related to all these topics about some kind of  "skin bridge".

on the back of my penis there is a darkish line that goes all the way to the top. where the darkish line meets the end of my foreskin there is something that i think may be this skin bridge. I am 14 and going through puberty, i also have this "phimosis" thing and i cannot full pull back my foreskin yet though have tried exercising and stretching it. This is really lowering my self esteem which is the last thing i need during this time in my life with GCSE's and general development

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Breast Cancer :: Itchy Flesh Colored Bump?

I had a lump on my left breast. I had it evaluated by my doctor who said it was a sebaceous cyst. Since the appointment, the lump has gotten smaller so I put my mind at ease and left it alone. Now, out of nowhere I start itching on the same breast with the lump. I looked at where I was itching and found a perfectly round, flesh colored bump on the skin of my breast. I don't think it could be a bug bite, and no irritation from my bra since I haven't worn a bra in a while . I am scared this is breast cancer because the flesh colored bump is kind of close to where the lump is. Could this be breast cancer?

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Food Allergies :: Mouth Flesh Swollen / Bottom Lip Almost Droopy

Ate pineapple yesterday morning, noticed it was a bit tangy. By noon yesterday, my mouth was on fire, lips and mouth flesh swollen, bottom lip almost droopy. It's not better now, how long should it take to return to normal, if it is caused by pineapple? Have sore throat too, with some blistering on throat.

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3 Small Flesh Colored Penis Bumps (no Itch Or Hurt)

I am extremely worried about 3 small bumps I have noticed on the shaft of my penis. I received unprotected oral sex. Two days later I noticed three small flesh colored bumps. They do not hurt or itch. I am worried they are warts. I applied vinegar to them on 3 different occasions but they never turned white. It has been a week since I noticed them and they have not changed. Could these be genital warts or something else?

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Ovarian Cyst :: Open Surgery For Large Cyst While Pregnant

I am going for surgery on a large cyst. I am expecting a baby so I am anxious about having to have surgery during this time. Has anyone been through similar and were ok and the baby was ok? 

Also what were your experiences of the surgery pain relief and stitches etc?? Did it take you long to recover. Also if anyone has had this surgery pregnant or not I would love to hear from you but if you were what stage of pregnancy did you have surgery?

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Ovarian Cyst :: Suffered Hair Loss Due To Cyst?

I had a simple 13cm cyst removed from my broad ligament (next to ovary) at the end of June. It had been causing me issues for at least 6 months, including sharp pains, which I thought were linked to the digestive system at first. I had a laparoscopy and feel much better in myself.

The week before surgery, I began to noticeably lose hair from my head. It's now been coming out for nearly 8 weeks. Luckily I had a lot of hair to start with but I've now had to have it cut shorter as looked awful and I must have lost half my hair or more. :o(  I've had blood tests and everything seems fine, so Dr thinks it must have been the stress that the cyst was putting on my body, esp with sharp pains etc. I have found this link to PCOS but not large cysts and wondered if anyone else had suffered in the same way and if so, how long the hair loss continued?

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