Ocular Migraine :: Recurring Temporary Blindness For Few Seconds

Oct 22, 2014

I have had silent migraines 24 years.. and recently had the first ocular one. With no warning, went blind for a few seconds, twice in ten minutes. The doctor confirmed it was not a stroke, ''just ocular migraine''. For most people, if the temporary blindness recurs, does the the time of the blindness usually last longer than a few seconds or for most people, does it stay at a few seconds? I am in my seventies.

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Tension Headache Or An Ocular Migraine?

In my jaw, it can sometimes be painful which seems to trigger neck pain and a headache that covers specifically the right side of my neck, the upper right-middle part of my head, and pressure on the right side of my face behind and under my right eye. My vision then goes blurry/hazy. On a side note, sometimes my jaw on the ride side makes a crackling noise when I open it slowly and focus on the area.

My symptoms started about 4 years ago when I woke up one morning to find that the vision in my right eye was blurred. The symptom would occur at random, day and night. I've seen multiple optometrists, an ophthalmologist, a general physician and a neurologist and no would has found anything wrong as of yet. I have found a few things though. (posting more below as i've run out of characters)

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Ocular Migraine? Zigzag Circles

Each day for the past three days I experienced a little disturbance in the middle of my vision which developed into a jagged zig-zaggy circle that eventually extended outwards and within 30 minutes it had disappeared.

I had something like this a couple of times in the past and the optometrist said "ocular migraine" and there was nothing to do for it but to let it pass and if I was driving just pull over.

So, for the past three days in a row I have gotten one of these all of a sudden. The visual disturbance goes away with 30 minutes, but now I get a headache afterwards. It is not a nauseating, leave work, drop everything type of headache, but it still thumps and on each time it was thumping in a different location on my head. It lasts about 3-4 hours, although last night it was longer. I still have a "heavy head" today but no flashes of light so far.

I have been researching and do you think I may have (rather than a ocular migraine), a classic migraine with aura? That may be stretching it. I am at a loss.

I can't get in to see a doctor for 5 weeks and my ophthalmologist is not available either. My only choice is the ER to hope they have an eye doctor on call. A general doctor won't even touch this here.

Please, I'm getting desperate and scared. What do you think it could be? By the way I forgot to mention , the lights I see are in both eyes, not just one.

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Ocular Migraine :: How Frequently Does It Occur?

Is anyone else experiencing ocular migraines and how frequently do they occur? My eye doctor wants me to have an MRI and my medical doctor prescribed propranolol.

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Prolonged Vision Loss After Ocular Migraine

This is just a post to ease some peoples worries as i was very worried when this happened to me. I'm male 23 and i've been having ocular migraine on and off since i was about 15. normally i just got the usual aura in my right eye which went after about an hour and then i just got a long dull headache, not that painful, just making me feel run down and tired. But my most recent migraine was different: had the aura, then the headache, but i was left with a small shimmer across my right eye which would not got away! waited a few days, then went the optician who said there was nothing visibly wrong with my eye. i then went to my gp who told be to go to eye casualty as soon as poss, which scared me a lot! went to eye casualty and was again told there was nothing wrong with my eye and they did not know what it could be but it was too early for a brain scan and they hoped it would go away or i may have to live with it! basically i was fobbed off. this was now a week in and my eye still had this annoying shimmer across it. so i decided to wait another week. after two weeks in it eventually began to fade and now after 3 weeks in my site is back to normal. So if this happens to you, don't worry, it can happen and although it is not the norm for ocular migraines it is obviously some sort of side effect. hope this helps others to ease their worries and not to think the worst all the time like me!

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Ocular Migraine - Flashing Lights And Zigzag Like Having Stroke

I am 46 and have just started having these strange migraines, the first time I had one a couple of weeks ago , I thought I was having a stroke, saw flashing lights and zigzags and things were distorted like looking through broken glass but only one eye, that lasted about 15 mins then I felt sick and then I had a bad head which lasted a few hours , I went to the opticians who checked my eyes and said they were fine and then went to the GP who didn't even examine me just said these are ocular migraines, I have had two more this week, has anyone else had these or similar.

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Ocular Migraine - Small Flashing Dot In The Center Of My Vision

Last week I had my first ocular migraine. I was sitting on my phone and noticed a small flashing dot in the center of my vision. It was like when you look at something bright then look away. I thought it was from starring at my phone to long. So I got up, and tried calming down. I tried texting my husband and noticed there were missing letters that I could not see. I also had these blurry lines running across my vision. I called 911 and had a massive panic attack thinking I was having a stroke or going blind. By the time they got to my house they had gone away. I also went outside to get air, and came back inside and that made it 100x worse. My entire peripheral vision was flashing. Anyways they ran blood work, ekg and monitored my heart for two hours. Diagnosed ocular migraine and he told me the first one is always scary and nothing to worry about. ( I see my regular dr tomorrow) Now I am having insane anxiety thinking something is really wrong like I am gonna go blind, have another attack or I have a brain tumor. I am terrified of getting another one of these. I don't even want to leave my house in case it happens and I am alone. Can anyone help alleviate some of this fear for me? I am going mad concentrating on my vision 24.7

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Ocular Migraine - Visual Disturbances And Bright Zigzag Lines

I've had migraines throughout my life. Mine really peeked in my early 40s going through peri menopause they would be 3 days long. Now the painful migraines have gotten so much better and shorter. I also use Imitrex as needed.

I would also get an Ocular Migraine (visual disturbances such a bright zig zag lines, vibrating bright lines in vision) about every 4-5 years. They were checked out the first time and the doc said they were not harmful.

Recently my dog decided to put me on Atenolol to prevent migraines. After 3 days of being on them I started to have the Ocular Migraines every single day now! I've never had that happen. The Atenolol has stopped the painful migraines completely but I don't think I can handle something like an LSD trip every single day. This doesn't seem right. My doc doesn't think it's causing it but suggested I go off of it to see.

Anyone else with Ocular migraines?

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Ocular Migraine - Vision Shimmering, Zigzag And Blank Bits

I'm wondering if anyone has this condition if they have found vit b12 injections have helped their symptoms of ocular migraine

I was getting shimmering most mornings when I woke and sometimes going from light to dark or dark to light and occasionally zigzags and even blank bits! Dr said it was probably ocular migraines.

I have just finished my loading dose and they have improved significantly.

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Ocular Migraine? Trouble Focusing, Blind Spot And Zigzag Circles

This has happened a few times and usually it comes and goes. I can have a few in the matter of a couple weeks and then not have it happen for a couple of months and then it rarely appear again. The first time it happened was after a big exam and I started having trouble focusing in class and then gradually a blind spot appeared in my central vision. It then became bright a multi-colored zig zag half circle in my peripheral vision and lasted about twenty minutes before floating out of my peripheral. There was no pain and no other symptoms rather than the visual distortion and I was completely panicked by the whole thing. I have noticed that it comes on during stressful times..and sometimes it will be just random. Because there is no pain I'm wondering if this is possibly an ocular migraine?... as opposed to a migraine aura. The weird thing is, is that I've never had an actual migraine with pain but my mom gets them so maybe family history could come into play. I've seen a NP about this but she was confused by it and just referred me to a neuro and said I would probably need a CT or MRI. She told me that ocular migraines always occur with pain but from what I have researched this isn't true. I currently don't have insurance so I probably won't be going to the neuro. I also take birth control so now I'm freaked out about the whole stroke thing but she assured me that I should continue (young age no other health issues). I was just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this without the pain? and from experience is it dangerous or something to seriously be worried about?

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Blindness After Use Of Viagra Or Cialis?

I was thinking about Viagra or Cialis but afraid to try. Heard that Viagra and Cialis cause blindness? Is the possible? Or is it just an urban myth? Any info?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Developing Blindness In Eye (prednisone Treatment)

Desperately need help as he now has blindness in one eye. 

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Anxiety :: Temporary Hearing Loss.

So, I'm back on Mirtazapine 15MG but these past few months I have halved the pill as I discovered 15MG was causing my panic attacks and high anxiety. I also tried to stop Mirtazapine completely and it was the worst time of my life, never want to experience that again but I know I did it all wrong (stopping suddenly). 

Anyway, these past few months I have been doing much better. No panic attacks. Still some anxiety there but not as bad as before. However, I have found new symptoms I have been experiencing  and I am unsure if it is anxiety-related. For the two months I have been experiencing this sudden loss of hearing in one ear which lasts a few seconds and then comes back. I went to the hospital about this, had my ears checked and he said everything was fine and it could just be a sinus problem where I have congestion and it can affect my hearing sometimes as the tube in my ear opens/closes , if that makes sense? I don't know the correct medical terms so that's as best as I can describe it. He prescribed me Beacons and told me to take it for 4 weeks. Also, he told me because it only lasts a few seconds and comes and goes it's nothing to worry about. Phew.

However, my anxiety has me convinced I have a brain tumor. I had headaches for a while but then they stopped completely and I haven't had one in a few weeks. Then I had this hearing problem and my anxiety told me again, "brain tumor". I went and got an eye test done because I have one or two floaters I've recently noticed and my eyes were perfect, she said. Of course, my anxiety made me ask her about if they could tell if someone has a brain tumor and she said she's only had to do that twice in her career and if there was something wrong she would definitely be able to tell.

My symptoms have definitely improved, but why am I always worrying? Why is my anxiety making me tell myself I have a brain tumor when I have no symptoms of a brain tumor? Such as seizures, constant headaches, nausea, etc? It's so annoying. 

Does anyone else suffer from this problem? Or do you suffer from the same symptoms like a sudden temporary loss of hearing?

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Gallbladder :: Showed Temporary Inflammation And Sludge?

Had ultrasound on gall bladder and showed inflammation and sludge..had a second ultrasound a week later and found no inflammation or so called sludge. What can cause this?

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Migraine :: Migraine Attacks Are Back / Menopause

I never suffered from migraine attacks until I was in my mid-40's.

They seemed to be linked to the beginning of hormonal changes related to the start of menopause. I would get a pain over my left eye (usually, though right occasionally), with a feeling of nausea and sometimes slight numb feeling on the side of my face. I would turn quite a pale white colour, and also feel very tired, yawning a lot. I would take medication, migraleve tablets and lay down in a darkened room. Usually, I would recover within 24 hours, though I would feel 'worn out' for a few days after the attack.

Since I have discovered by self analysis, that citrus fruits, especially orange juice (which I no longer drink), chocolate and strong coffee all seem to be triggers, which I try to avoid.

For the last five years, I have been clear of migraines, but have now started to get them again. I have passed the menopause but have had a lot of stress in my life recently, so I wonder if this is the cause of the recurrence? My last attack was quite different from the others I have experienced, in that I was feeling fine (though had been really tired the day before for no apparent reason) when I suddenly developed black zigzag lines across my left eye (very frightening at first). These went on for about 10 minutes and then slowly I developed a severe migraine, though this was not over one particular eye, but both. I had feelings of nausea and also felt cold at times. I took Migraleve pink and yellow but the headache is still persisting the next day. I wonder why I developed these other symptoms of visual disturbance. Can stress really do this to your body?!

PS I know there is a family history of migraine.

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Classic Migraine Changed To Silent Migraine In 30's

I had classic migraines through my teenage years which stopped for a couple of years before continuing at on average one every couple of months with the odd instance of a back to back cluster of 3-10 at once. They were always the same 20 minute aura then axe in the head pain and repeated vomiting for 6 hours followed by a 24hr hangover.  Over the years I have tried all preventers with only Epilim and Topiramate working for 18 months. I built up tolerance to Epilim and Topiramate gave me side effects that ended in a blood disorder so cannot take either any more. Beta blockers and antidepressants never worked and Lisinopril was also a short lived waste of time. The only triptan that ever worked was Maxalt rizatriptan but again it lost its effect after 6 months. Something weird has now happened and I wonder if others have had this? I am now 36 and in the last 6 months my migraines have totally changed. I still get the aura but if I take Express Nurofen and an anti sickness tablet straight away or use a heat pack on the back of the neck no pain or sickness comes just 6 hours of extreme tiredness. I always used to throw up any tablets so this is a miracle however the frequency has stepped up to between 5 and 20 a month so it is really impacting on my life. I have had an MRI and all is normal. I have also tried supplements and alternative therapies with no success. Botox and nerve blockers are the next suggestion but will they treat this scenario if there is no pain? Will it stop the aura too and prevent the whole episode? Help!

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Dental Health :: Gum Is White - Temporary Crown And Build Up Work

I had an old filling that the tooth brook wednesday. No pain. so friday went to dentist. He said it hadn't reached the nerve so he could build it up and put a crown on it. Went yesterday to have the build up work and the temporary crown. as soon as the anesthetic wore off i started hurting. i have been taking 400 mg of ibuprofen all day. I just took a picture of the inside of my tooth where it hurts the most and the gum is white around the tooth. is the throbbing pain and the white gums normal? will this go away?

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Pregnancy :: (20 Weeks) Temporary Loss Of Vision / Hearing Flashes Of Light

I am pregnant with my second child and 20 weeks into the pregnancy.  I have had some really bad headaches this entire pregnancy so far but the dr told me that's typical as I had some severe headaches before pregnancy.  Now the headaches have gotten worse, about a week ago I started suffering from blind spots in my right eye and every time I would close my eyes I would see this bright ring flash in both eyes.  After about two days of this I went to my eye dr who said my actual eye is fine but it may be a neuro issue.  Well it has continued but I don't have insurance nor a lot of money so I have been to another dr yet and last night and today I am also suffering from temporary hearing loss when my headaches get bad and my vision starts leaving me (now in both eyes) .  I am scared out of my mind and just trying to figure out some type of explanation as to what might be going on.

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Menopause :: Hormone Therapy Weight Gain Temporary? Bioidentical Estrogen (estriol)

My ND recently put me on bio-identical estrogen (estriol) cream and progesterone capsules because I have severe chronic insomnia.

My sleeping has improved a bit, but I immediately gained about 15 pounds (I mean, within a couple of weeks) and I can't get it to budge. Most of it is on my chest and back, which is truly awful, since I have a tiny frame and was busty to begin with.

I keep reading about how the weight gain is temporary, but it's been three months now, and nothing has changed. I eat a low carb diet anyway, and I've always been on the slender side. As I just retired, I'm not in a position to just accept it and buy a whole new wardrobe.

Is this really temporary?

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My Boyfriend Only Lasts A Few Seconds In Bed / Sex

I recently started dating this guy about a month ago. We did oral sex for the first time last weekend and he literally only lasted probably 30 seconds. I gave him oral a couple more times the next few days and the same thing happened. He told me he usually lasts 15-20 minutes when someone's giving him oral. Then, earlier this week we had sex for the first time. The same problem arose and he came within 30-40 seconds. He was really embarrassed and said he never really has that problem. I was with him last night and he didn't try to initiate sex or anything after we went to bed. In the morning, I really wanted to do it, but he wasn't taking any of my hints and didn't seem like he wanted to. I guess he realized that I really wanted to do it this morning so he gave in and only lasted no more than 40 seconds again. He was very upset and embarrassed. While we were doing it he was actually shaking. It doesn't bother me that he can't last very long, it just bothers me that it really bothers him. I don't want to keep embarrassing him and make him feel bad when we have sex, but I feel like us having sex more often is the only way it can really get better. Can anyone tell me why he does this or what I can do to make him not feel bad when it happens.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Dizzy Spells (15 Seconds) - 4x Per Day

Out of the blue, my friend has had dizzy spells roughly 4x per day for the last 4 weeks. Each of these last about 15 seconds and occur randomly. She is in her late 20s and otherwise does not have symptoms and healthy. Is this a possible early symptom of MS? (Or would dizziness be expected to be continual if it was MS-related.)

About 2 years ago she had an MRI for an unrelated event and the doctor told her the MRI was not normal and possibly consistent with MS (1 lesion). At that time she had no symptoms. However, as a result, her doctor recommended she get an MRI every 4-6 months. Her MRIs were unchanged until recently, there was another abnormality. (I do not know how significant the MRI change was, but i have the impression 1 potential new lesion that possibly coincided with the dizzy spells.)

From my perspective (with limited knowledge), i would think the dizziness could be caused by many things and it would be hard to say this is MS. I would also think that multiple MRIs should not have been given (?). However, regardless of these past things, her doctor wants to put her on MS medicine to prevent "future" attacks.

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