Phimosis :: Cannot See Penis Head Without Pulling Foreskin

Dec 29, 2014

I am 12 years old and i think i have a problem with my penis. i cannot see my head unless i pull the foreskin back. i think i have phimosis and im very scared because i dont know if it hold me back in the future or i could get a problem because of it. i've been trying to pull the skin back, but i just cant, also my head is red, and i dont know what that means.

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Phimosis? Frenulum Breve?

16- i think i have a problem, during erection i can only pull my foreskin back just behind the glans and it bunches up there, but when not erected it can be pulled back but bends down when the frenulum prevents it from going any farther. Allso where what would be the tip of the foreskin when not retracted is being pulled back, it seems to almost strangle the shaft, is this a problem? possible phimosis? frenulum breve?

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Penis :: Phimosis (tight Foreskin) - Caused By Masturbation?

If you haven't got a skin disease then i think the main cause of phimosis is damage to the 3 spongy chambers of the penis. I believe this is what happened to me.

If you apply a lot of pressure in masturbation you may damage the 3 spongy chambers. You can either grip too hard on the shaft in a death grip. Or you can push down on the penis or rub the foreskin forward.

So allow the penis to repair. Do not masturbate for a while. I suggest at most once every 4 days.

Once the spongy chambers are restored to their proper position. This will push out against the skin and cause new skin to grow.

Also, with the penis/spongy chambers repaired, you will get more spontaneous erections. These long-lasting, strong and hard, spontaneous erections are what you want. They will push out against the tight skin and cause new skin to grow.

Another thing: with the 3 spongy chambers restored and inflated back to their natural position, there will be more 'give' when trying to pull the foreskin down.

In order to help with stopping masturbation and porn - take cold showers - especially before bed.

Another thing - learn your triggers. What do you do right before you look at porn or masturbate? Is it a particular website? Was it at a certain time always? So just think about it - especially when you relapse - think - "what was i doing - what website was i on?". Spend some time on this subject in your head. That way it is easier to avoid triggers.

Finally - make sure you have hobbies to fill up your time. Think of things to do besides porn and masturbation. If you know you normally masturbate and look at porn at a certain time - try doing something different at that time and have something planned about what you will do instead.

Anyone who has phimosis, please reply to this and tell me if you are willing to try this method out or whether you think your masturbation habits could have caused your phimosis.

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Penis :: Foreskin Only Goes Half Way Over The Head

I am 12, now I know that I'm quite young but when I have an erection the foreskin only goes half way over the head. It's so annoying. Is this normal?

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Balanitis? Foreskin Clinging To The Penis Head

I recently had a episode of Balanitis. Doctors prescribed Canesten cream which was extremely effective within the first 2 days, after which my symptoms had slowly returned. I've had this on-going for some time to the point where I can't determine what is normal and what isn't however I do know that I'm still having the itching sensation and soreness. The redness is there occasionally but this is hard to identify sometimes as it looks perfectly normal sometimes and other times it does not..

I have also noticed a few other things too whether its related or not I don't know but I have noticed that my foreskin (even after getting out the shower) will have this "clinging to the penis head" issue. It's not "stuck" it simply peels it was moist even though it's dry. This isn't there permanently but is there more often than not.

The only other issue i've noticed since having this balanitis is that my foreskin seems to cover the entire penis head (it never used to) it would normally sit around the top half of of the penis head with the tip visible. Now the foreskin will cover it completely and either need to be peeled back (as described above) or will simply be extending outwards of about 1 cm. Again i don't know how abnormal this is as i've seen picture on google and it is apparently normal but its just not how mine used to be so for me its abnormal.

I have been to the doctors and they seem to think im perfectly fine but will consider referring me but is there anyone here that has experienced this or knows how to treat it?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Head Is Out And It Is Very Sensitive

I am really nervous. I am 14 years old and my foreskin has gone off the head and retracted back the way. Now the head is out and it is very sensitive and hurts when anything touches it and I am finding it very comfortable

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STDs :: Little Burn Feeling On The Foreskin On My Penis Just Under The Head

I started to get this little burn feeling on the foreskin on my penis just under the head toward the left, there are no symptoms like redness, warts or burn while peeing, what could that be?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction Slightly Swells The Head

My foreskin is easily retracted when the penis is not erected, it also can retract when it is erected but the only problem is that, when erected and retracted, the foreskin is tight and slightly swells the head. Although it is not tight enough for the skin to retract (it just needs a little pushing), should i just continue stretching my foreskin ?

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Penis Disorders :: Small Red Patches Spaced Out Over Head And Foreskin

2 weeks been there someone help don't know what they are !?

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Penis :: Circumcision For Phimosis

Well I'm 23 and have had this problem for as long as I can remember. I finally went to the doctors and was forwarded to the hospital this week. Seen the doctor there and have been told the best way forward is to have an Circumcision! Now this seems the best way forward as i can't even pull my foreskin back. But since google-ing this topic I have read some really horror stories on Circumcision. I'm from the UK and it's not a very common thing to have done. I really need some advice as to go forward with this as i have the op in 4 weeks on the NHS free.

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Penis :: Phimosis Cure Without Circumcision?

I am 20, i am suffering through partial phimosis where i am able to retract my foreskin when its flaccid but cannot do so when its erect. I noticed that i might have short frenulum where the frenulum is attached to my foreskin and is attached to the tip of the penis head, right where the urethra hole is.

Although i dont suffer any pain while urinating or while erection but it pains trying to forcefully retract foreskin while erection.

I strongly dont want to go for circumcision or surgery. Please help regarding the methods. Are there any creams available in india OTC. I am losing my self confidence, will it create problem during sex even with a condom

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction, My Foreskin Is Very Hard

I am male 33 years and recently read post regarding foreskin foreskin is very hard that it cannot go back. while masturbating penis produces enough penis is hard so that foreskin cannot get back.does it seems to be any problem while having sex? 2)during erection of penis the tip of penis seems to be conchy shaped.can my penis be inserted into my partner without any problem.

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Penis :: Phimosis - Counter Steroid Creams Will Work?

Phimosis is ruining my sex life. I can't fully enjoy sex because of it. I've tried some stretches, but it only helped a little.

I've heard of over the counter steroid creams. I'm thinking of buying some. If I do how long would it have to use it for? Where could I buy some?

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Penis :: Skin Bridge, Phimosis And Dark Coloured Line

not completely sure what this is but it is related to all these topics about some kind of  "skin bridge".

on the back of my penis there is a darkish line that goes all the way to the top. where the darkish line meets the end of my foreskin there is something that i think may be this skin bridge. I am 14 and going through puberty, i also have this "phimosis" thing and i cannot full pull back my foreskin yet though have tried exercising and stretching it. This is really lowering my self esteem which is the last thing i need during this time in my life with GCSE's and general development

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STDs :: Pimple / Bumps On Head Under Foreskin

I am a 14 year old uncircumcised male and about 3 1/2 months ago i had unprotected oral and hand sex with an ex girlfriend, And last month i noticed small pimple like bumps on the head under the head and under the foreskin, they cause me no pain, I am very worried i have herpes, I have been to a doctor bt they didn't test me for anything the just said it was nothing but the pimples are really hard to see, some are flesh colour some are red, The girl got tested after the experience., and hasn't got anything, is it possible i could have one and she didn't pick it up? I am still a virgin, and i have only had what i oral and hand jobs. which was on that night.

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Penis :: Redness On The Foreskin

Preparing for the worst here really, have this rash on my penis and I'm not too happy with it. I have tight foreskin so some of the redness on the foreskin could be due to that

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Penis :: No Foreskin Retraction At All

I have never been able to pull my foreskin back at all - as in, not even over the head of my penis. Is this a problem and should I get it looked at?

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Penis :: Cannot Retract My Foreskin

I am 13 years old and I cannot retract my foreskin. At the head of my penis there is only enough room for me pee hole and around half a cm on each side of the pee hole. On the underside of my penis head (the glans I think) my foreskin attached to the head. On the back side of the head the glands or the upside down V there is skin attached to the lips of it (I guess). The skin that attaches isn't like fully attached it's like a little flap of wing coming out of the foreskin attaching. So, I am wondering if this is a common for boys and during puberty it will loosen up and detach. If not send me a link to websites or tell me some exercises I can do to loosen up and deattach the foreskin.

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Penis :: Foreskin Swollen And Red

I've been having this problem for a little over a month now . My foreskin has been swollen , red and itchy for sometime now .a couple weeks I thought it had gone away but it just came back worse. It all started when I had sex with my girlfriend when she was on her period and didn't clean myself right afterwards . The next day I felt different and really itchy. I started to see smegma all on my head of my penis so I started using antifungal cream for my penis it seemed to heal until I had sex with my girlfriend again two weeks later and it came back. But this time it's worse I went to the doctor and I feel like the had misdiagnosed me and non of the antifungal creams had worked or pills worked either. It's been a month now and it's still hasn't gotten better. My foreskin has been tightened and if I try and pull back it creates tears on my foreskin and my foreskin is swollen and really red. Is it possible that I got a yeast infection from my girlfriend and can I simply just try to use women's yeast infection products to see if it works for my foreskin problem?

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Penis :: Causes Of Swollen Foreskin?

What normally could cause the human penis foreskin to swell?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction For The First Time

I'm 17 years old and am no longer a virgin. im uncut and have been having sex for about a year. up until now, there have been no problems with sex ( no condom ). but recently, due to a ha****b gone wrong, my foreskin was fully retracted for the first time. i've done some googling and found out that i was supposed to be retracting my foreskin frequently as a child, which i didn't do. when it retracted, it was really sensitive and during sex it felt like the head of my penis was about to explode, and it was really tight behind the head. it also got stuck but i managed to get the foreskin back over. my question is, what kind of stretching methods can i do to loosen my foreskin? and about the sensitivity of the glans area, will it desensitize over time? because its making me cum really fast due to the sensitivity.

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