Possible Treatment To Heal Thickening Of Uterus?

Feb 20, 2015

I did hysteroscopy(camera) test,the doctor said sure uterus is thick and the fibroids are not in the cavity which he says its better and that its not cancer,

Am yet to do MRI on mid-march so they can decide which treatment is best for me (operation or medication) the polyp is not removed yet,.

Have anyone ever heard if there's possible treatment to heal thickening of uterus?i have try checking internet but can't find any.

Any help is appreciated as i feel its taking long till i do MRI,i wish to have a clue to move on.

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Thickening Of The Uterus Lining From 15 To 19mm

I've been having bleeding in between periods since July but also had it a couple of years ago for about 6 months. I had smear tests etc back In 2011 all was ok and I was told I Had an erosion too. I also had a pelvic Scan and the uterus lining was 15mm.

But I was told all was ok. Bleeding Stopped but then it started about 5 Months ago it's light and usually starts a few days after my period has Finished and lasts a few days.

I went to the doctors a couple Of weeks ago the doctor looked at my Cervix and she said that was clear then she booked me in for another pelvic Scan I had that 2 weeks ago and the Uterus lining was 19mm I've got to See a gynae tomorrow and I've been Told I'll probably have to have a hysteroscopy or d&c.

I'am 35 I have 9 children 7 normal. Births and 2 by c-section. I have been so worried and keep going Online and that's gets me even more Worried.

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Menopause :: 23mm Thickening Of Uterus Wall

I had a pelvic ultrasound and was found to be abnormal, it measured 23mm thick made appt with obgyn. I'm worried about cancer as my sister had it before. I am 53 years of age and have heavy bleeding all the time. Should I have much to worry about?

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Pregnancy 5 Weeks - Thickening Of The Uterus But Nothing Inside

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I went to the hospital last night and had a transvaginal ultrasound performed. The doctor could see the thickening of the uterus but could not yet see anything inside of the uterus, even the gestational sac. My HCG level was 1050. Is it normal to not be able to see anything yet?

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Thick Uterus Lining And Treatment Options

I was having some bleeding for about 3 weeks and it is being investigated now. I had ultrasound, biopsy (awaiting results) but I am just looking for my options. If they find something bad in the biopsy of course it looks like a hysterectomy. But if nothing shows I,m still stuck with the thick lining and bleeding. I have heard horror stories about the ablation, and I have heard its not a good idea with a previous C-section. My doctor thought I may be lacking progesterone or in fact estrogen dominant. I am currently taking progesterone to help with the bleeding for 10 days. It is working well and I feel great, and other symptoms I was having have stopped. Anyone have a D @ C with or without hormone therapy and did it help. I am 47.5 years old and if I can just coast for a few years until menopause I may be able to avoid a hysterectomy.

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Fibroid Over Uterus, Sigmoid Colon And Uterus Are Cohesive

Since last 01 year, I am suffering from acute pain around the vagina. MRI explained that Fibroid over uterus, sigmoid colon and uterus are cohesive with each other. Doctors have different opinion. Help me to diagnose the problem and find out the actual reason of pain.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Thickening Of Lower End Of Oesophagus

I have had problems with severe pain on eating and drinking for the past 7 months and have had treatment for gastritis and 2 weeks ago I had my gallbladder removed. After the operation I developed serious acid reflux which progressively got worse and alongside the difficulties eating and drinking landed me in hospital a week ago. Today I had a ct scan which revealed a thickening of the lower end of my oesophagus. I am in pain now day and night and pain killers not that effective. Pain radiates through from front to back between shoulder blades and keeps me awake at night. I now need an endoscopy to determine what the thickening is and I am really worried that it is something sinister. CT scan sword everything else to be normal. I'm on 80mg Omeprazole a day in two doses and 600 mg of Ranitidine and I feel terrible with the side effects. The acid reflux settled to some extent in about 3 days but the pain is no better and I'm losing weight because I can't eat. As I'm in hospital the endoscopy will probably take place over the next couple of days but I'm worried sick as to what they will find. Does anyone know what thickening of the oesophagus means in association with my other symptoms.

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Foot / Ankle :: MRI - Thickening Of Achilles Tendon/T2 Hyperintensity

Well MRI findings of my r/ankle 2 days ago thickening of achilles tendon/T2 hyperintensity,increased fluid in retrocalcaneal bursa,fluid is seen within tibiotalar joint, prominent venous tributaries in the tarsal tunnel. Has anyone been or heard of this,i am going on a year and a half no relief. Ortho says he can't do anything for me this is due to my Failed Back Surgery 4 yrs ago .He is referring me to a pain management ...

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Menopause :: Ultrasound Showed Thickening Of The Lining Of The Womb

I am 53 hadn't had a period for over a year then started bleeding on Monday, went straight to doctors had ultrasound the next day no cysts or fibroids discovered then had call today to go to see GP who informed me I have thickening of the lining of the womb, so have to have more tests, :-( I am so afraid it's cancer especially with the speed the tests etc have been happening, blood tests were ok, doctor said I will have a diagnosis within two weeks, I am absolutely petrified, not coping at all, I do suffer with very bad anxiety too.

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Skin :: Pimples Who Won't Heal

I have suffered from pimples since early youth, but getting less and less by the years and no big harm to the skin today. Recently I have gotten 2 pimple-like skin infections where there is a typical infection under the skin. These can hurt pretty bad, but retain a pretty small size. They grow extremely slowly, and end up almost as a small hole or gap in the skin. They are far from visible to anyone else than me and my eyes, but I get worried it might somehow be a signal of weakness to the immune system in some way.

-They first appear like small soars/pimples and do no harm.

-They get gradually more and more infected and really hurt at some point where it feels wrong not to squeeze them.

-After several months they heal, but not completely. There is almost no blood at all.

I have struggled with hairs growing inside the skin, creating infection, but as soon as the hair is removed they heal quickly. In these cases I get the pimples on the foreleg or on my arms, which has not happened ever before. When checking the pimples there no sign of hairs in it. Could this be anything else?

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How Long Tears On Clitorus Take To Heal?

Anyone know how long tears on clitorus take to heal ?

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Nexplanon Implant - How Long To Heal

How long does the implant insertion wound take to fully heal? I got mine inserted on Tuesday night and it has had a dressing on since. I took it off to change it tonight and it hadn't healed at all.

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Hepatitis C: Post Treatment :: Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir Treatment Relapse

I'm looking for advice. My 60 year old father (who has had HCV for more than 10 years; previously treated with Interferon but bad side effects) finished his 12 week Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir (considered same as Harvoni) treatment a month ago. Already first tests after 2 weeks showed virus was Undetected, but yesterday he received his most recent results and he has a relapse of the virus. He is genotype 1, fibroscan result 4 (close to final stage). He is based in Poland and I'm not sure if our doctors are fully informed of the new generation medications and HCV itself.

Is anyone able to give us any advice? We are pretty desperate and my dad is just so depressed as he thought he finally got rid of the virus (he got infected while on an operation in a public hospital) and now it is back...

Are there any specialists that you are aware of I could possibly get in contact with?

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Corneal Laceration? How Long It Takes To Heal

I am male 23 year old. I recently had a corneal laceration while playing. The ball hit directly and broke my eyeglasses. The doctor sutured the lacerated cornea with stitches and has put me on eye drops. It's been a week now and I still have blurry vision in the injured eye. I don't expect such fast recovery but how long can it take ?

Can anyone tell me if I will ever become normal or at least chances of being with normal vision again ?  The doctor says it will be recovered but can take up to 2 to 3 months.

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Molluscum Contagiosum Treatment :: Acid Treatment - Cryotherapy

A few weeks ago my bf noticed some bumps in his pubic area.  He went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, which is thankfully not that big of a deal!  He got his treated with cryotherapy.  Around this time I noticed a few bumps and because of the area they were in, went to an OBGYN for treatment so my bf and I don't keep spreading it to each other.  The OB GYN agreed that they were also MC bumps and lightly scraped each one, then applied an acid treatment.  That was a few days ago and while the bumps are mostly gone, the skin surrounding each one is dark and almost looks like a scab in color.  Is this normal post acid treatment? 

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Hepatitis C Post Treatment :: Relapse After Harvoni Treatment?

Does anyone here relapse after harvoni treatment?

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Mosquito/ant Bites Took Too Long To Heal, And Is Still Itchy After Healing

I have had this condition where when I am bit by something, may it be mosquito or ant bites, a small blister forms around it. It is extremely itchy, and when popped, the blistered area is ulcerated. Now it does not become painful at all, but becomes more itchy. when scratched, it rarely bleeds, but becomes itchier even when the skin is obviously more damaged. When I stop scratching, the area releases clear, very slightly yellowish liquid (i'm assuming it's some sort of antibody the body releases), and it takes a VERY long time to heal.Now when i do leave it alone, it heals up and becomes brown, but the scar is still very, VERY itchy, even if fully healed.I have been researching the internet to what it may be for days now, and I have not found what it is. I have used anti-bacterial creams but it does not help. I am not sure if this could be a parasite, or could be fungal.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Heal With Diet Of Unprocessed Food

I have just been diagnosed with Ls ! . Took a while but took myself to the local sexual clinic as my dr and nurse kept treating me for thrush !!! Knew it wasn't  !!. I had diagnosed myself from reading the Internet !. Was happy to know finally what was wrong ! But nhs paints a unrealistic picture of it ! From when you start reading the other , real info about it ! About how horrible , painful , disfiguring it can be ! Not to mention ruining your sex life . And the risk of skin cancer !. At first it really freaked me out !. Then I thought right you bug ( as that is how it feels ! Like a bug burying under your skin and making me itch like my hubby does at night before he goes to sleep ! Lol. It found its way in to my body and I am going to make sure I find away to get it out !!. It is all new to me so at the moment I am reading like mad !. I understand that it comes from an unbalanced system ! They say that your gut is your second brain so I am going to start with healing my gut  !. I am taking probiotics , also you need to clean out heavy metals ! That cause your body to be toxic ! So you need rose hip and then L-glutamine to heal leaky gut .  They say skin conditions are a body screaming out , I am toxic !. So heal with diet of unprocessed foods , relaxation ! Cause a big problem to flare up your Ls is stress !!. Also coconut  good for itching and moisturising  !.

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Skin :: Chronic Dermatitis? Sore/ Boil Won't Heal After A Year

I've had this sore on my inner thigh groin area that will. not. heal. I have seen 2 doctors and a dermatologist. No infection. No MRSA. It's just a sore that's about an inch 1/2 long and a 1/2 inch wide. You can feel all the scar tissue underneath and when it gets irritated it swells up. Then hurts. Then drains puss and blood. Then starts the process over. I've been on 4 different antibiotics (which I don't understand since there's no infection) they've put me on hormones (birth control) to see if that's what is causing it. It's this gross purple scar and it hurts and it won't heal. This has been going on for almost exactly a year! A whole year!!!! Doctor's have no idea what it is so my dermatologist diagnosed it as chronic dermatitis.

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Failed Humerus Heal At 88 - Profound Osteoporosis Bone Fixation?

My mom is 88. In August of 2012 she fell and broke her left humerus. Our first Dr. did an external fixation and we administered a bone stimulator conscientiously for 3 1/2 months, a half hour every night. After about six months the external fixation became progressively loose.

We obtained a new orthopedic surgeon who deemed that another surgery would be necessary. He did an internal fixation with synthetic bone graft. After about a year that has failed. Now we have total failure of the arm …. (looks like two elbows), x rays reveal floating screws, wire wrap coming undone from the plate, and most recently painful surges from the shoulder all the way to the tips of her fingers.

Her bones are obviously very osteoporotic. Our Dr. has suggested another surgery with a longer plate. I worry about another surgery (T.I.A. and clotting) and after two failures why would a third be successful?

Is there any new technology regarding 'profound osteoporosis bone fixation'?

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Pregnancy :: Tilted Uterus

When I went in for my appointment a couple weeks ago my doctor was trying to listen to my baby's heartbeat on the doppler and he couldn't find it. So he felt my uterus and told me that it was tilted backwards. He then sent me for an ultrasound and the baby was alright and they were able to hear the heartbeat. The doctor told me that my uterus wouldn't cause any problems and would not harm the baby, but I'm still kinda worried about it. Does anyone have this and is farther along having a normal pregnancy? Just wondering because I am only 10 weeks.

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