How Long Tears On Clitorus Take To Heal?

Dec 4, 2014

Anyone know how long tears on clitorus take to heal ?

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Nexplanon Implant - How Long To Heal

How long does the implant insertion wound take to fully heal? I got mine inserted on Tuesday night and it has had a dressing on since. I took it off to change it tonight and it hadn't healed at all.

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Corneal Laceration? How Long It Takes To Heal

I am male 23 year old. I recently had a corneal laceration while playing. The ball hit directly and broke my eyeglasses. The doctor sutured the lacerated cornea with stitches and has put me on eye drops. It's been a week now and I still have blurry vision in the injured eye. I don't expect such fast recovery but how long can it take ?

Can anyone tell me if I will ever become normal or at least chances of being with normal vision again ?  The doctor says it will be recovered but can take up to 2 to 3 months.

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Mosquito/ant Bites Took Too Long To Heal, And Is Still Itchy After Healing

I have had this condition where when I am bit by something, may it be mosquito or ant bites, a small blister forms around it. It is extremely itchy, and when popped, the blistered area is ulcerated. Now it does not become painful at all, but becomes more itchy. when scratched, it rarely bleeds, but becomes itchier even when the skin is obviously more damaged. When I stop scratching, the area releases clear, very slightly yellowish liquid (i'm assuming it's some sort of antibody the body releases), and it takes a VERY long time to heal.Now when i do leave it alone, it heals up and becomes brown, but the scar is still very, VERY itchy, even if fully healed.I have been researching the internet to what it may be for days now, and I have not found what it is. I have used anti-bacterial creams but it does not help. I am not sure if this could be a parasite, or could be fungal.

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Dry Eyes :: Tears Do Not Flow

There's a condition where tears do not flow even when you feel like crying, isn't there? What is it called? Is there a cure for this? Aside for drops used for 'dry eyes' what else can help this situation? Tnx.

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Sciatica :: Severe Pain Has Me In Tears

Typically, I am up at gone three in the morning, unable to sleep because of the discomfort I am in. OK, who am I kidding with "discomfort" here? I am in agony as usual and I feel completely alone and unsupported.

I am lying on the sofa, on my left side because I cannot bear for anything to touch my right side. My long-suffering partner is asleep in our bed – the bed I have not been able to rest in for almost six months. Every night I lie here, biting on one of my many pillows to try and stifle the screams (yes – screams; I do not exaggerate here) so that I don’t disturb him. There’s nothing he can do and he has to go to work, especially since I cannot and someone has to pay the bills.

I have lost my job, I have not been outside for four months, other than to go to see my doctor and then it’s a cab each way. I’m alone, almost every day, all day. I feel like nobody understands and I am trapped in this situation with no hope for escape and a lifetime of torment in front of me – I cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel of misery.

This pain has been going on for two years now and has built up from a nagging ache in my lower back to this indescribably intense suffering that has become unbearable.

I don’t think anyone is ‘getting’ how bad this is for me. It took months to get a diagnosis and any kind of treatment despite repeated trips to the surgery (I have only been receiving prescribed medication for two months).

I am seeing a physiotherapist and I am trying to do the gentle exercises she has given me but honestly, it’s hard. I am waiting for a MRI scan and two months in, I’m beginning to lose hope I will get one any time soon. I am on 100mg of Tramadol four times a day, 400mg of Ibuprofen four times a day between the Tramadol and 600mg of Gabapentin three times a day.

I am still in utter torture with pain running from my right buttock all the way down my leg to my big toe. I cannot sit down and, as mentioned previously, I have to lie on one side to even get a small shot at comfort. At least the excruciating calf and thigh cramps have stopped (I think the Gabapentin helped there).

But even with medication, the pain has me in tears, screaming and blinded by sweat for hours at a time. Brief moments of respite come maybe for an hour here and there but I am still acutely aware of the pain running down my lower right side all the while.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow. I want to tell him that my pain is so bad I would rather be dead and to please, please, please hurry up and find out why this is happening to me but, I’m not sure how to approach this without seeming hysterical.

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Sjogren's? Eyes Don't Produce Tears Anymore

my eyes don't produce tears anymore (haven't cried in years, don't cry when i cut an onion). my mouth is dry. i seem 2 get oral thrush when i go down on this one girl who has problems with yeast infections but as far as i know i am not HIV+. my penis is usually dry too and i need lots of lubrication or lubricated condoms for sex to be good. my knees and ankles and sometimes hips are often sore, especially in the winter, even tho i am only 25 yrs old. could i have sjogren's or some other autoimmune disorder? how could i find out or get tested or treat it?

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Tight Foreskin When Fully Pulled Back And Tears

I have a bit of a problem with my foreskin as it gets tight when it have an erection and during sex sometimes splits. I never used to have this problem as it has only happened within the last year or so. I have been sexually active for about 10 years and the problem has only arisen over the last year or a bit longer. I think it was when I split it the first time during sex and then it sort of lost its ability to stretch as much as it used to. Sometimes it's fine once it heals but then after a long sex session it just starts getting weak and tearing again. I can see it might just be the ring that needs a bit of stretching but I'm not sure. 

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Skin :: Pimples Who Won't Heal

I have suffered from pimples since early youth, but getting less and less by the years and no big harm to the skin today. Recently I have gotten 2 pimple-like skin infections where there is a typical infection under the skin. These can hurt pretty bad, but retain a pretty small size. They grow extremely slowly, and end up almost as a small hole or gap in the skin. They are far from visible to anyone else than me and my eyes, but I get worried it might somehow be a signal of weakness to the immune system in some way.

-They first appear like small soars/pimples and do no harm.

-They get gradually more and more infected and really hurt at some point where it feels wrong not to squeeze them.

-After several months they heal, but not completely. There is almost no blood at all.

I have struggled with hairs growing inside the skin, creating infection, but as soon as the hair is removed they heal quickly. In these cases I get the pimples on the foreleg or on my arms, which has not happened ever before. When checking the pimples there no sign of hairs in it. Could this be anything else?

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Possible Treatment To Heal Thickening Of Uterus?

I did hysteroscopy(camera) test,the doctor said sure uterus is thick and the fibroids are not in the cavity which he says its better and that its not cancer,

Am yet to do MRI on mid-march so they can decide which treatment is best for me (operation or medication) the polyp is not removed yet,.

Have anyone ever heard if there's possible treatment to heal thickening of uterus?i have try checking internet but can't find any.

Any help is appreciated as i feel its taking long till i do MRI,i wish to have a clue to move on.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Heal With Diet Of Unprocessed Food

I have just been diagnosed with Ls ! . Took a while but took myself to the local sexual clinic as my dr and nurse kept treating me for thrush !!! Knew it wasn't  !!. I had diagnosed myself from reading the Internet !. Was happy to know finally what was wrong ! But nhs paints a unrealistic picture of it ! From when you start reading the other , real info about it ! About how horrible , painful , disfiguring it can be ! Not to mention ruining your sex life . And the risk of skin cancer !. At first it really freaked me out !. Then I thought right you bug ( as that is how it feels ! Like a bug burying under your skin and making me itch like my hubby does at night before he goes to sleep ! Lol. It found its way in to my body and I am going to make sure I find away to get it out !!. It is all new to me so at the moment I am reading like mad !. I understand that it comes from an unbalanced system ! They say that your gut is your second brain so I am going to start with healing my gut  !. I am taking probiotics , also you need to clean out heavy metals ! That cause your body to be toxic ! So you need rose hip and then L-glutamine to heal leaky gut .  They say skin conditions are a body screaming out , I am toxic !. So heal with diet of unprocessed foods , relaxation ! Cause a big problem to flare up your Ls is stress !!. Also coconut  good for itching and moisturising  !.

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Skin :: Chronic Dermatitis? Sore/ Boil Won't Heal After A Year

I've had this sore on my inner thigh groin area that will. not. heal. I have seen 2 doctors and a dermatologist. No infection. No MRSA. It's just a sore that's about an inch 1/2 long and a 1/2 inch wide. You can feel all the scar tissue underneath and when it gets irritated it swells up. Then hurts. Then drains puss and blood. Then starts the process over. I've been on 4 different antibiotics (which I don't understand since there's no infection) they've put me on hormones (birth control) to see if that's what is causing it. It's this gross purple scar and it hurts and it won't heal. This has been going on for almost exactly a year! A whole year!!!! Doctor's have no idea what it is so my dermatologist diagnosed it as chronic dermatitis.

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Failed Humerus Heal At 88 - Profound Osteoporosis Bone Fixation?

My mom is 88. In August of 2012 she fell and broke her left humerus. Our first Dr. did an external fixation and we administered a bone stimulator conscientiously for 3 1/2 months, a half hour every night. After about six months the external fixation became progressively loose.

We obtained a new orthopedic surgeon who deemed that another surgery would be necessary. He did an internal fixation with synthetic bone graft. After about a year that has failed. Now we have total failure of the arm …. (looks like two elbows), x rays reveal floating screws, wire wrap coming undone from the plate, and most recently painful surges from the shoulder all the way to the tips of her fingers.

Her bones are obviously very osteoporotic. Our Dr. has suggested another surgery with a longer plate. I worry about another surgery (T.I.A. and clotting) and after two failures why would a third be successful?

Is there any new technology regarding 'profound osteoporosis bone fixation'?

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How Long Does Pleurisy Last?

I'm 19 years old and every summer for 4 years i've been working with my brother in law painting houses (for the most I wore a mask while painting) a year ago I graduated from high school and decided to keep working in the painting business also on december I started smoking, I wasn't a heavy smoker maybe 12 cigarettes a week on may I reduced the amount to 6 a week then 3 on may 27 I smoked my last cigarette and 3 days later I went to the ER because I had pressure on my chest ,back pain, and I was coughing,(I also experience night sweats) they took some xrays and everything was clear and I was diagnosed with pleurisy well it's been a month now and I'm still experiencing the same symptoms.

How long does pleurisy last?

Could it be lung cancer? Or is it just the nicotine withdrawals combine with the infection that's causing all this symptoms.

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Chlamydia :: How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of It?

i have recently found out that i'm infected with chlamydia and i'm so embarrassed and i feel so disgusting. im so mad just the fact that i might have had gotten it from my ex.because i have just been with him and one more person and i barely started being sexually active.

i hate him because when i found out which was today i called him i just told him to get checked he just replied that it wasn't from him it might of been from the other guy. he was being ignorant. i was telling him because his dirty he has sex with any stranger and plus i had sex with both guys almost around the same time so he should have it .

i just recently find out i was infected why is that they told me i had to get an ultrasound even if i know im not prego.

how long does it take to get rid of it? should i tell my mom? how would you know if u got the bacteria in your mouth?

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How Long To Continue With Omeprazole?

I will have been taking Omprazole for a year a at the end of this December and although I realise that many people have been taking it longer, I wonder how long I will be taking this drug. Has anyone any thoughts on the operation that you can have to cure Hiatus Hernia, as this is what my Doc suspects I have. He has mentioned it as a thought for later, and although I am not keen on the idea of operations, I find it a sobering thought that I if I don't have the operation, will I be on this drug for life!?

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Fluoxetine :: How Long To Kick In?

Oh please. How long does it take to feel a bit better?

Am now on day 7 of the medication. Very bad palpitations and numbness.

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Schizophrenia And Derealisation - How Long It's Going To Last?

I'm 23 and I've had schizophrenia and derealisation for at least 7 years but only recently diagnosed of having the disease. Can anyone tell me how long it's going to last? Has anyone recovered from the disease and what is the best treatment for it?

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How Long Does Trimethoprim Take To Work?

I'm currently suffering from a Uti that causes me to Urinate litres of water and I was given a seven day course of Trimethoprim when the doctor found bacteria and blood in my urine. It been 48 hours since I started and I have had 5 of the tablets. There has been no difference, should it have already started? I'm male, which may mean that it takes longer to work than say a women in this situation.

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How Long Does Nortriptyline Take To See Results?

I’ve been dizzy for almost 6 months now. Vestibular dysfunction, tried VRT with no real improvement and my neurologist put me on Nortriptyline. He said it would take about a month to really start working and he’d see me back in two months.

About two weeks into it, I found my limbs were feeling weak and shaky, making walking even more difficult and anything requiring a lot of standing or balancing on one leg very hard. I called to let him know, and he said to keep going since I wouldn’t know yet, I was still adjusting and he’d see me at the end of two months.

Well, it’s over a month (this is my 32nd day) and things keep getting worse. The dizziness is stronger and more persistent, the shaking hasn’t gone away, my eyesight is worse, I sometimes feel like I’m plain going to pass out and all this has given me chronic headaches for the past two weeks straight – I feel like I live on pain relievers. But I’m scared to call the doctor – he’s made it clear, two months.

So… has anyone else taken Nortriptyline for the dizzies? Is one month just when getting better might start and you need to leave it longer to see real effects?

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Headaches / Migraines :: How Long Do They Last For?

When you get headaches, how long do they last for? I've had a pretty constant one for about a month! Sometimes it goes away at parts during the day, but it has been pretty constant. Its very dull and always in the same spot at the back of my head. Like me thinking about them constantly probably doesn't allow them to go away either.

I just fear a brain tumor! Can tension headaches last a very long time and be constant?

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