Depression :: Suffering From Chronic Loneliness

Jul 19, 2015

I have been depressed for a while and it slowly got worse, but now I feel it rapidly getting worse. I suffer from chronic loneliness as well and both are harsh. It feels like I am fighting against myself most days. I don't want to get put on antidepressants because I have a fear of the side effects and how harsh they can get and because I am alone, I have no one to support me while my life changes rapidly.

I have a lot of issues making relationships. I am single, have no friends and I clash a ton with my family. Sometimes I talk to myself to try and relieve the loneliness and it works sometimes, but sometimes it hurts even more. On top of that, I am going to college and it has been getting worse as my classes have gotten harder. I do not cut myself or harm myself, but I withdraw heavily and isolate myself from the world because I am a bit agoraphobic and I am afraid of myself as well. I truly don't know what to do because I am going downhill fast. 

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Suffering From Chronic Angioedema

I am suffering from chronic angioedema. They are not sure that causes it, even though they did several tests. Anyway, they suspect on food, so I cut of egg, milk, fish, shellfish, nuts and seed for now, to see what will happen. Why is so difficult to find the cause of chronic angioedema? What can you tell me about it?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Suffering With Depression And Panic Attacks

I had the copper coil fitted about 6 months ago , and i have been suffering with depression and panic attacks also i have breast pains and cramping pains, always bloated and no sex drive i just wonder Has anyOne else felt this way i'm due to get it out tomorrow but tbh i'm feeling a Little scared of a mood crash afterwards i'm only 21 and i feel not how a 21 yr old.

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Always Suffering From Constipation

I am suffering from constipation and i cant figure out why because i drink a lot or sufficient water and fluid and eat a good fibrous meal and normal meals what my family eats then why am i constipated.Just once i loose the schedule the whole week i am constipated rather my family sleep and wake up at random time and yet they are good then why i have to follow so hard unchanged routine to not to be constipated.

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Hemorrhoids :: Anybody Suffering With Piles?

Anybody suffering with piles? Do you get pain in your tummy from this? What do you use to ease them ? Help going away 8 th not looking forward to a week of suffering.

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Student Suffering From Stress - Examination

I'm a student and I'm 21 years old. I'm writing here today because I'm suffering from stress problems. The exam session begins in less than a month and the more we are close of the exam session, the more I am stressed. I can't seem to fall asleep,I don't sleep well anymore, and I sometimes have insomnia.

Do you have any advice for me? I would like to do well my exams, but I have to manage my stress if I want to succeed.

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Mirtazapine :: Suffering With Dizzy Spells

I have just started taking mirtazapine 15mg to help with stress and anxiety at work. The first few days were spent feeling very tired and spaced out but then not much of a side effect. However I have tried to work out a few times to help with the stress and each time have become very dizzy, headaches and nearly to the point of passing out (I'm not exactly a gym bunny but am used to working out and running 5k relatively easily- today I could only manage 3k!)

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Yeast Infection :: Suffering For Years

I have been suffering for years with yeast infections. This time I have had one for 3 months!! A few days after my period BOOM here it is again!!! I've tried garlic, yogurt, acidophilus(sp) prescription meds , no sugar, low carbs, no alcohol, no sex, no panties, change out of my workout clothes immediately AND I STILL HAVE THEM! Otherwise I'm a healthy 33 year old wife and mother of a 9 yr old.

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Menopause :: Constipated Suffering And Confused

I am putting my embarrassment aside and writing in this forum in hopes of finding some help for my terrible constipation. I am a 55-year-old female. I have living through menopause for the past 6 years, and hope it will be over soon. My diet consists of meat and potatoes, and some vegetables and fruit (but not enough I am sure). I get the occasional walk in, but ever since my hip surgery about 5 years ago, exercise is something I do less and less of. In the last two years I have noticed that I am constipated more often and for longer periods. I had been using enemas and laxatives for sometime, but they started taking a toll on my body so I stopped. I am trying everything I can, but I want to find a natural or herbal remedy that really works. I have started reading about different products, but I am at a loss as to which one I should try.

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Suffering Health Anxiety Regarding My Heart

Really suffering and struggling with health anxiety regarding my heart. Is anyone going through anything similar?

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Sexually Abused Suffering From Bulimia And Insomnia

I am 18 and now studying abroad.I have been abused sexually 3 times in my life. One in primary school, one in highschool and one in university..Now i am alone in a whole different country studying and starting a new life but it hasn't been as good as I though. I have no real friend and there is one really care about me. My beloved family who really love and care about me are all back in my home town which is in the other half of the Earth. I miss them so badly and in another hand, I have to try to get a part time job to support my family. Studying aboard has been our dream to change our life, but now it's bringing financial difficulties.Besides, Bulimia. I don't know when it started, I just know that now i am suffering from it and it''s terrible. I hate myself and my body so badly. I have terrible relationships with food that I don't know what to do with it.And then depression comes along as all of these problems hit me. I haven't sleep well for so long, I havn't smile or laugh or feel good for so long. I'm stuck.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Suffering From Vestibular Neuritis

Mine started with buzzing in my left ear, flickering in the left eye. I've had numerous exercises which worked at first but not any more. I feel like I'm walking on sponges and had went to see a physio and she is referring me to a specialist in Birmingham. She said it's the signals in my brain and a lot of things going on. Apparently its trying to compensate for my weak balance system. No one can give me a definite answer and its been going on for 7 years now! Anyone else out there who can relate?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Suffering With Itchy Skin

Do anybody suffering with itchy skin, i have had it for weeks but just on my stomach and back, i take lots of medication but the same for a while, taking gabapentin, tramadol and co-codamol for the pain, but stopped the tramadol has read this can cause itching, but not got any better, is it linked with fibro do anybody know.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Suffering From Retrograde Ejaculation

I think I am suffering from retrograde ejaculation. I just thought I wasn't ready to ejaculate. But I realized something, I pee a little bit after I am done masturbating. And at first it drips out (assuming it is semen). And I am pretty sure I have been in puberty for at least 2 years 

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Recently Diagnosed Fibromyalgia Though Suffering From Years

I've recently been diagnosed with Fibro although I have suffered many years now that I have a diagnoses I suddenly feel completely overwhelmed with everything. I have 5 children and my husband is supportive where he can be. I'm really struggling with things I can no longer manage as I have always been so independent the thought of having a carer coming in to do my jobs really upsets me. Does anyone else feel this way??

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Withdrawal - No Venlafaxine For 6 Days - Suffering Like Crazy

I've got all the symptoms and feeling like death warmed up at the moment. Have been weaning off for three months now, and been on 37.5mg for a month. My philosophy had been that, once my body had levelled out on that particular dosage, I'd cut to the next ... so, here I am on nothing since last Wednesday (Tuesday today here in NZ) and suffering like crazy, but thinking one of two things. I either ride the wave, and surely, surely I'll feel better soon? Right? OR, to go back on the 37.5mg for longer!! But, if I do that, won't I just be delaying the inevitable? I  mean from what I've read, the side effects are inevitable no matter what I do ... I'm self medicating with pain killers, antihistamines, and Coconut oil. Can't take Omega 3 as that by itself used to give me brain zaps so not sure what my options are here?

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Haemochromatosis :: C282Y Heterozygote - Carrier Or Suffering?

I believe I have haemochromatosis, but my genetic test reflected that I was only C282Y heterozygote and my doctor has advised that I can only be a carrier. Is this true? Does anyone know of anyone else who is C282Y heterozygote and suffering with the disease?

I have been suffering with severe joint pains (particularly in my fingers) and general fatigue.

My initial blood tests ruled out rheumatoid arthritis and showed the following levels:

Ferritin: 2672 ng/ml

Transferrin: 139 mg/dL

Transferrin saturation: 96%

I was prescribed 4 weekly phlebotomy sessions after which my results improved to:

Ferritin: 2177 ng/ml

Transferrin: 161 mg/dL

Transferrin saturation: 82%

However I also then showed signs of anemia with my hemoglobin levels reducing from 14.8 to 12.9 g/dL.

The doctor has now decided it can't be Haemochromatosis because my levels haven't reduced sufficiently after 4 sessions and because of the anemia reading. 

I am Irish and know this is prevalent in the celtic race.

I am now to be tested for Still's disease, even though the only symptom I have is joint pain. I could be proven completely wrong, but I feel this is  complete waste of time and is delaying my correct treatment.

My doctor has admitted he has little experience with haemochromatosis so if there is anyone else out there with similar readings and the same genetic result I would love to hear more about your diagnosis.

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Hypertension :: Suffering From White Coat Syndrome

I thought I had got this bp thing sussed. Eat well, exercise daily, avoid bad things etc. Saw my GP yesterday for results of blood tests and she threw a spanner in the works. My bloods looked fine and as I suffer from white coat syndrome I took in my "little black book" of my regular readings of which I am quite proud. They show an average of mid-high 120's/mid-high 80's which compared to where I was a year ago is in my book brilliant. My GP said they are TOO LOW as they should be nearer 150/90. She has said this before and I didn't understand it then either! Apparently if you are on medication for high bp your readings should be in the 150/90 range. Has anyone heard of this before?

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Hemorrhoids :: Suffering With Piles For Almost 5yrs, Itches And Bleeds

I have been suffering with pile for almost 5yrs now and have had no treatment. Recently noticed a something strange like a seed on my itches and bleeds at times. This grows from the flesh that comes out as pile and goes back in. What can this be?

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Suffering From Diarrhea And Nausea With GERD?

I have just been told I have gerd after getting an endoscopy. My symptoms were abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea all after eating (within 20 minutes). Over the years I would get an episode of this after a meal once every two months. But as of two months ago I get it after every meal. My doctor put me on dexilant and now just switched me to Prilosec because of my insurance . When I first took dexilant I had bad diarrhea for a day, now that I am one day on Prilosec I am having bad diarrhea and nausea again. Could this be because of the switch? Also has anyone experience nausea and diarrhea with gerd? I don't get heartburn. Maybe once in a while. Also does anyone's gerd get bad and cause diarrhea when anxious or in uncomfortable situations that make you uneasy?

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Migraine - Nortriptyline :: Suffering With Severe Dizziness For 9 Months

I am taking nortriptyline which has been no help at all i feel suicidal i've lost my job because of it can anyone help?

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