Sexually Abused Suffering From Bulimia And Insomnia

Mar 26, 2016

I am 18 and now studying abroad.I have been abused sexually 3 times in my life. One in primary school, one in highschool and one in university..Now i am alone in a whole different country studying and starting a new life but it hasn't been as good as I though. I have no real friend and there is one really care about me. My beloved family who really love and care about me are all back in my home town which is in the other half of the Earth. I miss them so badly and in another hand, I have to try to get a part time job to support my family. Studying aboard has been our dream to change our life, but now it's bringing financial difficulties.Besides, Bulimia. I don't know when it started, I just know that now i am suffering from it and it''s terrible. I hate myself and my body so badly. I have terrible relationships with food that I don't know what to do with it.And then depression comes along as all of these problems hit me. I haven't sleep well for so long, I havn't smile or laugh or feel good for so long. I'm stuck.

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Teenage Depression Due To Bulimia? Binge Eating?

I don't know what kind of of ED I really have because apparently I show symptoms from all of them.

I first began restricting when I was 14 by having a weekly plan of how I would eat. Weekdays meant no more than 500 calories a day - the less carbs the better. Saturdays were my binge days and Sundays were when I would eat slightly less than 500 to make up for the binge.

My highest weight was around 160lb I think, but no one ever called me fat. I was always shy at certain times, not bullied, but mostly I was very confident and never worried about my appearance. But I eventually realized how much more attractive my friends and my sister were, I got so upset ad my self-esteem and confidence went straight to non-existent. This was when my life-long symptoms of social anxiety excelled to their peak and made me incredibly quiet. I also lost my menstrual cycle completely, for about 2yrs.

I started restricting because being and feeling fat literally made me so frustrated I cried. I started running and *trying* to diet, which took me to 140lb, then 127lb. Then I eventually started following this 'blood type diet' by eating only foods which Type As like my self should eat(like no dairy, wheat, meat). There's nothing wrong with this diet because I really felt it's magical benefits, but then I got so annoyed that I wasn't losing enough weight that I took it too far. This led me to 110lb and then my lowest weight of 105lb.

My mum threatened to take me to the doctors so I had to put on weight again - also because I had to move schools and I wanted to 'eat' and fit in. Moving was traumatic because for 11yrs I went to a private school with less than 200 people in it, and went from that, to a state school with 1000 people in it. My social anxiety made it really hard to make friends, and I only made one because she was the only one who started the conversation first. She is now my best friend.

After two years, I put on weight slowly, still adopting my same weekly eating routine but with some extra calories while also going to the gym. I was quite content, despite still having moments of embarrassment over probably nothing thanks to my SA. While revising for GCSE exams, my mum told me out of the blue that she'd got a job near Leeds(we were living in Carlisle at the time,) and that we were moving in the summer. I was happy for her because she didn't like where she was working anymore, but It was hard to show because I was so angry at this sudden decision which completely threw me off. I tried to negotiate with her and say "well done but could I stay and live with my dad pls I really don't want to go" but she snapped at me and kept saying that "we're moving and that's that, it's gonna be great etc etc".

After the exams all I could think about was the move, so I sat on my laptop and ate for the whole summer, and put on quite a few pounds because I couldn't go running as my hip was injured. When the day came to move, I barely helped with the unpacking and stayed in my new bedroom - which is in horrible condition - and resumed my eating and laptopping. I never wanted to move and I was suddenly away from my friends, I felt fatter, my social anxiety got worse - so I can't make new friends either, and I'm in a house which makes me feel shit and doesn't feel homely at all.

I keep alternating between days of restricting and days of bingeing, but the bingeing kind of outweighed the restricting so I've kept putting on weight and now I'm too scared to weigh myself. Last time I checked it was 138lb. I go to the gym sometimes, but I can only get there if my mum drives us, so I can only go if she wants to as well. But she hasn't, and has prioritizing other things.I've missed several days off school, jailing myself in my room purely because of feeling fat and too self conscious. I bought senna laxatives too, but I have no idea if they're working.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. It's like to be happier with myself and not feel the need to obsess about being thin, I need more self-esteem. But to have more self-esteem, I need to be thinner.

I can't tell my mum about how I feel because tbh I'm scared of her - which someone pointed out was because she's a single mum who needs to be a dominating character.

Professional Opinion? This is the worst I've ever felt and I can't tell if this is depression because I feel like all the time, yet people assume I'm "just being a teenager"?

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Eating Disorders :: Bulimia And Laxative Abuse ...

I'm a recovering anorexic, now more of a bulimic, and I need advice on how to quit laxatives... I've been using them every day for about a year, and I'm now up to 170 laxatives a day (bisacodyl 5mg)... Should I quit cold turkey, or decrease slowly? The problem is, I binge about every 3 days, so it's really hard for me to stop...

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Eating Disorders :: Battling With Anorexia And Bulimia For A Year

I have been battling with anorexia and bulimia for a year and a half now, and I just really wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about my recovery hoping some of you can relate. 

I was diagnosed about a year ago when my family finally convinced me to get help. I've been in therapy since, but still battling with my eating disorder every day. I often feel extremely guilty about it, like this is all my fault, or that I'm doing this to myself. I know deep down that having anorexia isn't something that I would ever CHOOSE, in fact some nights I pray that I will wake up and be well again. But it will never happen like that, not without hard work. I want everyone to know that YOU DIDN'T CHOOSE THE EATING DISORDER - IT CHOSE YOU.

My ED voice has been winning most of the battles recently, and I've hardly eaten anything for the last week or so. I don't want to be unwell, and I'm trying so hard to fight this but I feel so out of control. Which is strange because some may say that I'm completely in control - in terms of controlling not eating. But I feel the opposite. I feel completely hopeless.

I want to be happy but I feel awful after everything I eat. One day I will feel free to eat what I like whenever I like without regretting every bite. And I'm going to fight hard to get there.

If anyone has anything to share, please post. And if you are reading this and able to relate, then know that you are not alone!

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Eating Disorders :: Bulimia Basically Controls My Life

hi, i'm 16 years old, and i have been bulimic for over a year. And about a month ago i have started eating less and less everyday, i mostly only eat dinner but sometimes if i feel bad afterwards i will make myself sick and get rid of it. I was bullied about my weight when i was younger and also as i had grown up more. it is something that i struggled and still do struggle with almost all my life. i don't want to keep doing this anymore, but i feel like i can't stop. bulimia basically controls my life, and i so desperately want to be "normal" and not feel like i have to worry so much about what food i am putting in my body to just make myself sick again and just get rid of it. i want to be free of this, but it is so hard.

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Yeast Infection - Sexually Inactive For Years?

I haven't had a yeast infection in years, and I have not been sexually active in a number of years. Anyway, I was a little surprised when I had vaginal itching that appeared to be a yeast infection. I bought Monistat, and the itching stopped, but as the ointment came out, it came out a greenish color. There is no odor, but it just seems odd. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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Yeast Infection :: Not Sexually Active. How To Stop It??

I'm 20 years old, and i have had a lot of vaginal discharge. It looks like cottage cheese, it does not smell bad. it doesn't itches at all. I had taken medicine for it 1-2 months ago. I inserted my finger in the vagina and tried to take out of of this discharge, it was about a 50 cents point of discharge. I usually get sick a lot and take medicines and my period is irregular. I know its not an STD because I'm not sexually active.... I read in another forum that inserting a Vitamin C pill will help you balance your PH, is it true? This is the second time it happens!!! I do not know what to do!! is there a special diet or things i should it that will help me balance my Ph..... I read that eating orange helps, but I'm allergic.... Ps: I'm not allergic to vitamin C. Should i try that then?

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases :: Oral Sex - Receiving End - Chances Of STD

I had oral sex(Receiving partner-male) last week with unknown partner.I don't even cum into her mouth.Oral sex lasted only for a minute (I can say). Do I have any chances of getting STD or HIV/HPV ?? Do I have to take any medical tests ?? Please advice as I feel guilty and feeling disturbed.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases :: Red Bumps On Penis Shaft

i've recently noticed this few bumps on the shaft of my penis and i became really afraid of what it might be. i'm only sexually active with my girlfriend for the past 1 year and this few bumps has been here since a week ago. there's a little itch but nothing serious overall. no pain or whatsoever.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases :: Red Bumps On Shaft Of Penis

I woke up this morning and I took a shower, while I was in the shower I noticed Red bumps on my shaft of my penis but the thing is they don't itch or hurt, The day before they were kind of white but now their red, there's none on my head or around it, But I'm concerned because it happened last month but no burns when peeing or itchiness and nothing hurt.

I honestly haven't had sex in 2/3 months, and before that since last September of 2013. I used a condom. But she gave me oral without a condom....

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Always Suffering From Constipation

I am suffering from constipation and i cant figure out why because i drink a lot or sufficient water and fluid and eat a good fibrous meal and normal meals what my family eats then why am i constipated.Just once i loose the schedule the whole week i am constipated rather my family sleep and wake up at random time and yet they are good then why i have to follow so hard unchanged routine to not to be constipated.

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Hemorrhoids :: Anybody Suffering With Piles?

Anybody suffering with piles? Do you get pain in your tummy from this? What do you use to ease them ? Help going away 8 th not looking forward to a week of suffering.

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Suffering From Chronic Angioedema

I am suffering from chronic angioedema. They are not sure that causes it, even though they did several tests. Anyway, they suspect on food, so I cut of egg, milk, fish, shellfish, nuts and seed for now, to see what will happen. Why is so difficult to find the cause of chronic angioedema? What can you tell me about it?

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Student Suffering From Stress - Examination

I'm a student and I'm 21 years old. I'm writing here today because I'm suffering from stress problems. The exam session begins in less than a month and the more we are close of the exam session, the more I am stressed. I can't seem to fall asleep,I don't sleep well anymore, and I sometimes have insomnia.

Do you have any advice for me? I would like to do well my exams, but I have to manage my stress if I want to succeed.

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Mirtazapine :: Suffering With Dizzy Spells

I have just started taking mirtazapine 15mg to help with stress and anxiety at work. The first few days were spent feeling very tired and spaced out but then not much of a side effect. However I have tried to work out a few times to help with the stress and each time have become very dizzy, headaches and nearly to the point of passing out (I'm not exactly a gym bunny but am used to working out and running 5k relatively easily- today I could only manage 3k!)

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Depression :: Suffering From Chronic Loneliness

I have been depressed for a while and it slowly got worse, but now I feel it rapidly getting worse. I suffer from chronic loneliness as well and both are harsh. It feels like I am fighting against myself most days. I don't want to get put on antidepressants because I have a fear of the side effects and how harsh they can get and because I am alone, I have no one to support me while my life changes rapidly.

I have a lot of issues making relationships. I am single, have no friends and I clash a ton with my family. Sometimes I talk to myself to try and relieve the loneliness and it works sometimes, but sometimes it hurts even more. On top of that, I am going to college and it has been getting worse as my classes have gotten harder. I do not cut myself or harm myself, but I withdraw heavily and isolate myself from the world because I am a bit agoraphobic and I am afraid of myself as well. I truly don't know what to do because I am going downhill fast. 

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Yeast Infection :: Suffering For Years

I have been suffering for years with yeast infections. This time I have had one for 3 months!! A few days after my period BOOM here it is again!!! I've tried garlic, yogurt, acidophilus(sp) prescription meds , no sugar, low carbs, no alcohol, no sex, no panties, change out of my workout clothes immediately AND I STILL HAVE THEM! Otherwise I'm a healthy 33 year old wife and mother of a 9 yr old.

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Menopause :: Constipated Suffering And Confused

I am putting my embarrassment aside and writing in this forum in hopes of finding some help for my terrible constipation. I am a 55-year-old female. I have living through menopause for the past 6 years, and hope it will be over soon. My diet consists of meat and potatoes, and some vegetables and fruit (but not enough I am sure). I get the occasional walk in, but ever since my hip surgery about 5 years ago, exercise is something I do less and less of. In the last two years I have noticed that I am constipated more often and for longer periods. I had been using enemas and laxatives for sometime, but they started taking a toll on my body so I stopped. I am trying everything I can, but I want to find a natural or herbal remedy that really works. I have started reading about different products, but I am at a loss as to which one I should try.

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Suffering Health Anxiety Regarding My Heart

Really suffering and struggling with health anxiety regarding my heart. Is anyone going through anything similar?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Suffering From Vestibular Neuritis

Mine started with buzzing in my left ear, flickering in the left eye. I've had numerous exercises which worked at first but not any more. I feel like I'm walking on sponges and had went to see a physio and she is referring me to a specialist in Birmingham. She said it's the signals in my brain and a lot of things going on. Apparently its trying to compensate for my weak balance system. No one can give me a definite answer and its been going on for 7 years now! Anyone else out there who can relate?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Suffering With Itchy Skin

Do anybody suffering with itchy skin, i have had it for weeks but just on my stomach and back, i take lots of medication but the same for a while, taking gabapentin, tramadol and co-codamol for the pain, but stopped the tramadol has read this can cause itching, but not got any better, is it linked with fibro do anybody know.

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