Hemorrhoids :: 10 Years Of Issue Ends With Haemorrhoidectomy Successfully

Jun 19, 2012

I first had an issue with haemorrhoids 16 years ago (when I was 23). I spent a day off work with a bad stomach ache, and straining on the toilet a few times during that day. Later that night I felt a lump, which I now know to be a perianal haematoma which isn’t a haemorrhoid, but it is very very painful and causes haemorrhoids. It is basically a blood clot which the body can break down over two weeks. Pain killers and ointments etc don’t help, the only thing that did is a warm bath. After two weeks it was gone.

Fast forward 5 years to 2001, and after a heavy night on the drink I got up in the morning and fell down the stairs, I landed square flat on my back side, which hurt, but thought nothing of it. Later that day I felt a very painful lump, it was a perianal haematoma again, excruciating painful, it changes your mood and nothing at all helps but a bath, creams are useless. But again, because all it is, is a blood clot, the body breaks it down and it’s gone after 2 weeks.

After two weeks and 2 days after the perianal haematoma occurred (basically 2 days after the perianal haematoma had cleared up) I felt a pain coming on, getting stronger and stronger, but no lump or anything else I could feel or see. This was the start of internal haemorrhoids.

It was very very painful and again all the creams and ointments simply don’t do anything, the only temporary relief was a bath. It hurt all the time, whether I was sitting or standing, I tried carrying on but people must have thought I was miserable, and people simple do not understand, it’s not like you have broken arm that people can see, and you don’t want to tell people what is wrong, and those you do tell, still can’t comprehend the pain.

I gave it a chance to clear up, but it didn’t, so I went to the doctor after a month. The GP at the time referred me. I got an appointment for 2 months later at an NHS hospital (so that’s 3 months in terrible pain, having to carry on at work!) During this time I remembered I actually had private healthcare! So contacted them to hopefully get something sorted a bit quicker.

The NHS hospital banded me 3 times, it was a bit of a factory line, and a bit off putting by a female student being shown the ropes. It was a painful procedure, and as I left I nearly fainted in the car park walking back to my car. I made it, made it home and was very pleased this should be the beginning of the end. I had a follow up appointment just over a month later.

After 2 weeks I was still uncomfortable (but better), so kept my appointment with the private hospital. The consultant there couldn’t really help, he recommended a muscle relaxant.

I went back to the NHS hospital for the follow up appointment and said that I could still feel pain. The same consultant was dismissive, questioned my sexuality and said couldn’t I just ignore the pain. My opinion of him wasn’t a good one, and I didn’t want t go back there!

The relaxant from the private consultant didn’t help. I continued putting up with the discomfort (i’d no longer describe it as pain since the banding) and it eventually went away, by September it was gone completely, brilliant!

A year later I went back to the private hospital because some discomfort had returned. I work with computers so sit down for most of the day, and I was suffering with severe pins-and-needles down the backs of my legs which made sitting very uncomfortable.

He referred me to another consultant and in April 2004 that consultant gave me an injection, which seemed to solve the problem for 4 years.

4 years later I got a perianal haematoma due to a bike ride, I got it checked at the private hospital again and it cleared up by itself in 2 weeks.

A year later another bike ride brought on some pain, and I continued to manage this with off-the-shelf treatments. I was now getting a lump after a bowel movement, this lump would disappear almost immediately however.

I went back to private hospital about the pain and was referred for a endoscopy within the NHS (because I no longer had private healthcare) in Jan 2010. That came back OK, and was banded then also. Things were fine for 6 months.

Pain came back mid 2010 so I decided to go to my new GP (new doctors since moving house) and money was getting tight for the private consultations.

The GP would not refer me, and prescribed Proctosedyl. This didn’t seem to work and I started investigating privately funded options like Halo.

I kept going back to my GP saying I was trying Proctosedyl without much success, I did think it helped but it certainly isn’t a cure.

My GP referred me to hospital for a consultation. The consultant examined me and said it was a small pile mass and not much could be done. That was not good news, but he did want to check for an abscess, so that was good news in terms of progress. I was referred for an ultrasound and went for that in Oct 2010. It was not pleasant at all.

I was then referred for an MRI. A bit worried by that, and went for that in Jan 2011, again all on the NHS which has always been utterly brilliant since the first 3 bandings I had.

All results came back OK and I saw the consultant who then did some banding in Jun 2011. 24 hours later I felt really bad, faint, very cold, shivering, sickness, and slept as soon as I got home, it was like I had some bad reaction to the banding.

The pain had been relieved though, for only a month, so went back to the consultant who did some more banding on 24 Oct 2011. Again the pain cleared up and pain came back just after a month after a bowel movement.

I decided to go back to the private consultant and to ask his opinion in Dec 2011 and he just said enough is enough and it is time to be referred for an operation with the NHS. I got an appointment for February but could not take it. Got another for April and I went for that.

I went into hospital in the morning at 8am. Had an enema at 9:30am which cleared me out good and proper. 11am they came to get me for surgery, 11:50 I woke up, felt brilliant. Then rested.

Other blokes on the ward had trouble doing a wee, one wet the bed because he couldn’t feel anything. Luckily I was fine, did a wee so that meant I could go home.

I got home at 7pm, and slept slept slept. Got out of bed at about 10am the next morning, felt very uncomfortable but I wouldn’t call in painful, afterall the haemorrhoids were painful!

I went out shopping, walking slowly. There was blood, but had a pad to absorb that.

I went back to work the day after, I was getting on fine.

The next day I needed a poo in the morning, and nearly fainted, the pain was unbelievable, and had to take the day off work.

I went to my doctor and he gave me some Lactulose to loosen things up a bit. Going to the toilet became OK after 2 weeks, but successive bowel movements were never as bad as the first.

It is now almost 2 two after my operation, and I still haven’t fully healed. I forget about it sometime which is brilliant, a true test that the pain of piles has been eradicated for me. Some bowel movements can hurt sometime, and produce some blood, but it soon stops.

There has been a lump, which used to ooze puss, but that has stopped, and the lump seems to be getting smaller, very slowly over time.

The operation by the way, was a very simple removal of one haemorrhoid, they didn’t staple, just because it was one, they simply cut it out, good bloody riddance!

So after over 10 years, and creams, bandings, injections, the proper haemorrhoidectomy seems to have solved the problem, but the reluctance of doctors and consultants to refer me for the operation is a surprising one. I have heard it maybe because the cure can be as bad as the symptoms. If someone has been struck by this horrible condition in its worst form, they wouldn’t say that!

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Hemorrhoids :: My Experience Of Haemorrhoidectomy

Day 0.

Scheduled to go to the hospital at 7:30am. Booked in no problem, just thirsty from lack of water. Was no.3  on the list so went into theatre at 11:30 ish. Nice anaesthetists, no issue with the general being put in. Drifted away quickly it seems. Only bad thing was th surgical stockings they made me wear, clashed with my gown.

Woke up at 1:30 with a really sore throat and blocked nose and ears. Side effects of the general it seems. Bum was a little painful at this time. 2:00 moved to recovery room, still feeling a little sleepy. Had some water and he a nice cuppa. Had some bread and butter (they wouldn't let me leave if I didn't eat). No problems with the waterworks but did feel the need for a poo or pump. Nothing came though, no straining!!

Had an ibuprofen with the tea as felt pain. 30 minutes later it must have kicked in, as it was a dull throb then. Tried to do some puzzles in my book but kept dozing off. Nice nurse kept coming in to the my BP every so often and changed. Dressing when a bit fell out. Had a wander round the ward and got dressed. No problem walking, through balance was a bit wonky at times. Wife collected me at about 5 ready to go home.

Got in, had another pee. Opened get well box of presents, had a drink of tea, snarled some of the kids scampi and had a weetabix laced with flax seeds. Drinking lots of water,ergo peeing a lot and sitting on a hot wat bottle to relieve urge to poop. Took a codeine at 5 as well as a paracetamol and antibiotic, next set of Meds is about 10ish.

pain rating 3/10. No worse than a bad day of haemorrhoids at the moment.

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Hemorrhoids :: Post Haemorrhoidectomy BM Size?

it's been 7 days since the op. No pain to speak of, discharge is minimal. My concern is BM size. Before the op they were brown and had a sizeable girth.

Post op they are orange (probably the Fybogel drink) but a lot narrower. We are talking the cross section of a thumb. Passing them takes a lot of effort, particularly when the mantra is "don't strain". Problem I the pressure bearing down.

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Hemorrhoids :: 7 Weeks After HALO And Haemorrhoidectomy - My Experience

I am a 49-year old male and had stage 3 piles for about 5 years. They never really caused me any pain or suffering per se but were an inconvenience. I had been to my GP ages ago to make sure it wasn't anything serious. Towards the end of 2009 I decided to see what options I might have for sorting them out as I figured I wouldn't want them to get worse and despite being fit and healthy and eating well, they had not gone away of my own accord.

I went to my GP and she did a digital exam and said they were very small - didn't seem like it to me - she said she could refer me if I wanted but I declined. A few weeks later I figured I was copping out and returned to get a referral. I went to see a consultant locally who got me to come back for banding. This was very easy and though it was a bit uncomfortable I was optimistic that it would sort it all out. It didn't - even though it seemed like it would work it in fact made no difference whatsoever. I returned to him and he said he would try the sclerotherapy and another banding as they were quite big and the portable banding machine wasn't up to it. Again nothing really changed.

I read all these forums and was in two minds like so many others whether to pursue it any more. After all I was not in pain per se and clearly some people have really awful experiences, sometimes made worse by the treatment - I knew I certainly didn't want anything slicing off! I read up what I could about HALO but it seemed to be mainly sales pitch. I decided to see the consultant again and ask him about it. He said he didn't know anything about it but his next step would be banding under GA and he was confident that would do it.

For one reason or another I wasn't convinced and so I called the HALO people and found out where there was locally that did it. They also told me how much it would cost privately (?3k+) but that with a referral I could probably get it on the NHS. A few weeks later I had a session with a consultant who explained the whole thing - also diagnosing a polyp as well as piles - which would never have responded to banding so I was glad to have taken the 2nd opinion. Anyway he put me on the waiting list for a polyp excision and possible HALO.

Time came around in about 6 weeks and I went into hospital for the first time in my life to have day surgery. I was apprehensive but quite positive. The whole experience was very reassuring - the staff were great and I felt very cared for and the surgeon was friendly and explained things. I signed on the dotted line, had my pre-med and felt the curtains close

Woke up feeling fine about 30 mins later. The surgeon explained to my surprise and a bit of shock that they had had to cut a large pile off so I might have a longer recovery time than expected (he had said at least 2 weeks for HALO and up to 10 for pilectomy). That concerned me a bit, especially when the nurse brought my meds to take home - 3 types of opioid painkiller, 2 types of laxative and some antibiotics. I got the impression they were trying to tell me something. I stayed about 2 hours to satisfy them I'd had a wee, eaten and drunk some fluids etc and got my wife to pick me up.

Felt pretty OK generally even with after effects of the GA - ate and drank lightly and feared the first pooh which came 2 days after the op. Uncomfortable certainly but not especially painful. The absolute best thing after each BM was a nice warm shower spray for a few minutes which really soothed the bruised feeling. This got better over the next 7 to 10 days. I work from home so was fortunate that I didn't need to take time off per se after the first day getting my head clearer but I wouldn't have wanted to have to commute or be away from home.

There were some bad bits but not what I would have expected. The worst bit by far, and it was _horrible_ was the antibiotic (metronidazole)- I had to take it for 5 days and didn't realise what a nasty drug it is (check it out on ****)- around day 3 I was finding alternate nights of complete insomnia, nausea, sweating and a really depressing state of mind feeling like I would never get better. I googled all the meds and realised it was the AB and that these were fairly common side-effects. If I had had a longer run of them I would have asked to change but I figured I would see them out. It was awful and I did have another day off cos I just felt so damn bad from them. My advice here - don't just take what is given to you and not check it out - be aware of what has been prescribed (in fairness they did say that some of the meds could give nausea, constipation etc but I didn't expect this one to be so heavy).

The other downside was the laxative - I should have had clearer instructions. You definitely want to make sure you have soft stools etc and are acutely aware that what you eat has to come out the other end - soups, bran flakes, porridge etc are great for this. However if you just take teh laxatives as prescribed - and you are not already constipated (I am always regular)- then they will just play havoc and have you very windy (which also seems to come from the GA gases) and farting all the time with a sore anus is quite painful/uncomfortable in itself (esp if you're not too sure what might be coming down the pipes!) It kept me awake a bit.

What I should have thought with the meds from the start is - take them /if/ needed (except see below)

So I had been prescribed metronidazole as mentioned - I took that for the 5 days. I had 3 painkillers - Tramadol which I didn't bother taking, Co Dydramol, I took a couple but then didn't bother (and my wife used them all up on migraines!) and Diclofenac - this last one I should have taken all the time but didn't. It is an anti-inflammatory and because I didn't bother with it I think I put myself back a couple days with a very sore and inflamed bottom - so this one I would say take as a matter of course (and I didn't have any side effects). For laxatives I had lactulose syrup and ispagel husks - both are palatable enough but as above I realised after a coupe of days that I probably didn't need them.

All told I was not incapacitated at all. It took a good week to not be too worried about the next BM. After that it just was a process of it getting better every day. The main thing was that the prolapsing piles/polyp were gone and that was a great relief. Had a check up last week and I would say I now feel 100% down there and no concerns at all.

I am very pleased I went ahead with it - I had overcome embarrassment about it ages ago and plain speaking is all that is needed - my reticence had been around being "operated" on but that all went very smoothly. I know there are some horror stories on here where people say that the op is worse than the piles but I am sure that complications are in the minority and I would not hesitate in recommending anyone suffering and holding back, check out a good consultant and have it all sorted out. I was glad I had it sorted out when I was fit and in good shape - I think that plays a big part in making the op run smoothly and the caring for oneself that much easier. If was old, infirm or very overweight I think it would be harder. Weight wise I had lost nearly 3 stone over the last 18 months and again I think that helped keep recuperation short.

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Hemorrhoids :: Haemorrhoidectomy Advised For Grade 3 Piles

I've been to see a consultant this afternoon and he has recommended a haemorrhoidectomy and the process to that is now in motion. Apparently my piles are Grade 3.

I have to say that the thought of this operation does not really appeal, especially after I've read various reports of just how unpleasant and painful the process is.

I've read about the HALO method which doesn't seem quite as barbaric but when I mentioned this to the consultant he seemed to dismiss it.

I have just made an appointment to chat with my GP who referred me to the consultant to see if he can offer any possible alternatives.

One thing the consultant did say was that if the piles were left untreated they could become ulcerative which obviously would then make the whole situation more serious.

While I realise the clock is now ticking down to the time when I go in for an operation in the end it's my body and I have the ultimate say on whether I go ahead with it.

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Hemorrhoids :: Prolapsed Grade 4 Ulcerated Haemorrhoidectomy Two Days Ago

Prolapsed grade 4 ulcerated haemorrhoids

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Vasectomy :: Orgasm Ends In Pain

I had a vasectomy just over a year ago, my wife was 3 weeks off 45 and I was few weeks off 49. My wife made it clear she did not like condoms. I wanted to do the" right thing" when after i had a problems with a low estrogen new coil. I spoke to my doctor over the phone. My Dr told me that the NHS method would be as good as any method.

I am sorry that I had the vasectomy, the operation took 50 mins under local and yes at one point there was extreme electro pain - i understand the that the local had worn off as he did an internal cut

Since then I have suffered pain, one ball is still much larger than the other and I regularly get uncomfortable pains in my cruch. I can only go to sleep on my side with a pillow and even then there is a side pain. After orgaasm ( if you can call it that) I get pain afterwards emanating from deep inside the balls that nothing make right and I no longer get that warm feeling throughout the groin

I no longer look forward to sex -and over the past year it has dropped from 2 times to week to less than once a month.I am put off sex and it only have sex when it will distress my wife not to have sex. Orgasm almost always ends in pain that radiates out from the scrotum and testicles a little post of sex

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Pregabalin :: Successfully Stopping It

i have been on Pregablin for 6 years  now. I'm an amputee and suffer badly with phantom pains. I want to stop taking them but fear not only the phantom pains becoming unbearable but also how I may react on other levels. I take 600mg daily. My memory has been badly affected as well as my concentration levels and I feel constantly tired. Has anyone on here sucessfully come off pregablin? I feel that I am a spectator watching my life pass by and all my emotions are very flat. Hoping someone can help me out with an answer.

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Successfully Dealing With Diabetes 2?

How many people have input on successfully dealing with diabetes 2?

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Alcohol :: I Am A Blackout Drinker - Ends In Something Horrific, Embarrassing And Shameful

I am a blackout drinker. i can go months without a drink, but all it takes is that one time, that one day, and self awareness and self control are not present. it almost always ends in something horrific, embarrassing and shameful. i spend the entire day after in bed, with my face in the pillow as bits and pieces of the night before begin coming to the surface and sheer panic and anxiety sets in. the " omg, i did it again, have i not learned from last time" .. and then i go into a deeper, darker place of self hatred and deep shame and guilt. this is usually where i say" ok, that is the LAST time!". AND .. it is again, a lie. there is no end to the things i can do while drunk. i can kiss a married man in front of his wife, i can get into the bed of a stranger, i can run in traffic, i can get physical. i am scared and i need help. i'm shocked of who i am, what i am. i don't want to be a bad person anymore. 100 % of bad, is when i drink. i am so disgusted with me. today is day 2 of being sober. the next drink i have will kill me. please help point me in the direction i need to go in because i'm really scared. my children have seen and heard enough, my marriage is over. i can't live this 1 step forward when that drink throws me 2 steps back.

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Post Pregnancy Hemorrhoids For Last 2 Years

I am hoping that someone can give me some advice for this ongoing issue I've had. I have had hemorrhoids ever since I was pregnant with my daughter about 2 1/2 years ago. I had a flex sigmoidoscopy 2 weeks ago and they banded 1 internal hemorrhoid. However, I have external piles as well. I have done everything I can to get rid of them but I'm not having much luck. I have been prescribed suppositories and doing those 2x daily, taking miralax to keep my stools soft, fiber pills, water, diet change, sitz bath, and also prescribed a triamcinolone cream that I apply about 5x a day. I'm not having much luck at all. I was hoping that with the banding of the internal hemorrhoid it will help the issue but it hasn't changed anything at all. I feel okay when sitting but after standing for 15 min or longer I start to feel the swelling of the thrombosed hemorrhoids and it's painful and uncomfortable. I went back to the gastroenterologist last week and they said to continue what I was doing and that the hemorrhoid wasn't quite large enough to lance to drain it.

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Esophageal Achalasia / Spasm Successfully Treated With Cialis

I have had Achalasia for over 20 years with all the accompanying problems: regurgitation, aspiration pneumonia, spontaneous and embarrassing regurgitation in restaurants, etc.   Recently my doctor suggested that Cialis might be helpful.   Too make a long story short I now take 2.5 mg of Cialis daily and have experienced almost complete relief from my Achalasia.

 I know there is some research on Viagra relieving Achalasia, but I do not believe there is any research on Cialis.  I throw my experience out there in the hopes that someone has more information on the use of Cialis and in the hope that perhaps someone else might profit from my experience.

In the U.S. where I live Cialis is expensive, however I was able to find a Canadian company with reasonable prices.

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Hemorrhoids :: Visible Bumps - No Pain For 2 Years

I have had a case of mild hemorrhoids/piles for a year or two now. There are visible bumps and some mucous, but there is absolutely no pain or discomfort. Just bumps! They don't sting when I touch them at all, but sometimes after painful movements, there's some blood. I'm just concerned by their presence, is there any way I can get rid of them at home? I don't really have the time or money to pay for any surgery, unfortunately. However, if there's any way I can't make them go away, that'd be great. I am twenty years old.

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Hemorrhoids For 15 Years - Fybogel, Vaseline And High Fiber - Nothing Works

I have had enough. I have had these for 15 years now, which started after surgery and was pumped full of drugs for pain relief and ended up really constipated, which I am so angry about. Since then I have suffered and does not take much to set them off. I use fybogel and vaseline to aid things which is great but every now and then they flare up. It often happens after a holiday, as is the case this time. It is difficult eating a high fibre diet at friends and whilst I take fybogel with me I can get lazy taking them. This time it is very painful and am in a vicious circle of going through this a few times a year or going to see someone about it. I am dreading them saying I need surgery. I have 2 external (well, certainly one, and one internal but that is not a problem). The GP gave me diosmine the last time I went but need assurance these will clear up. I am going on a walking holiday this week which is going to be hellish as walking irritates them. I am using vaseline, germoloids cream and witch hazel so can do no more. Ibuprofen works well for the pain but says paracetamol is better as ibuprofen can create problems with bleeding?

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Hemorrhoids :: Internal Hemorrhoids Can Give A Positive FOBT?

Do you know if second degree internal hemorrhoids can give a positive FOBT test if you do not have noticeable blood.

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Hemorrhoids :: Thrombosed Internal Hemorrhoids Not Responding To Injections

My internal hems. are not responding to a doctor's injections. They (3) are not major, but I wish (almost) they would become thrombus so it/they could be cut out. I had that years ago.

The pain is not so great as to cause bleeding, toilet trouble but the pain is there every day for two months.

Putting on ointments in public toilets all the time to cool the pain. Awful. Inconvenient and interferes with daily life.

Gets worse with stress.

Getting desperate, looking online - Venapro. But online wonder-meds never seem to work so I'm sceptical.

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Men :: 15 Years Old - Small Genitals - Same Size For Last 6 Years

Im 15 and 1/2 and my penis size has been the same for like 6years and it hasn't grown at all My size is 1" plz help because this problem has overwhelmed me for years and im tired of it.

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Unable To Conceive After 9 Years Of Yasmin - 32 Years Old

I am 32 years old and I have 1 child and for awhile i have been trying to get another and i have not been able to conceive ...I should start by telling you that i have been on yasmin for 9 years and i stop taking them for awhile to get pregnant but nothing happened so because of not taking the yasmin my period became off balance and i was put back on them by my doctor. i also had a surgery couple years ago called an umbilical hernia, can this be the cause why i am unable to have another child ? I would like to have another child before I am 40 what should I do ?

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Hemorrhoids :: After Unprotected Sex?

Around my anus feels hard and lumpy and now today i noticed one lump is visible. It looks like a little bubble/sack of blood. Do hemorrhoids contain blood? I can press on it and push it in a bit it feels soft inside. Do hemorrhoids feel soft and can be pushed or are they hard and solid?

Also the only thing i can think of is having sex with a stranger 4 weeks ago. He wore a condom but i was drunk and can't remember if it came off or broke or if he took it off so i am worried could that have caused this? Does it sound like a hemorrhoid or a wart caused by stds? We didn't have anal just vaginal but i know it's all connected and close together. I'm worried because i don't know what it is if it s a hemorrhoid or not

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How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Postpartum

I slightly had them while pregnant now postpartum they're pretty bad. And gross.

How do I get rid of them? Or how long until they go away? I don't want my bf to see them the first time we have sex again.

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Pregnancy :: How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids?

Please help

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