Herpes :: Developed Watery Pimples On Penis

Jul 7, 2014

I had Developed watery pimples on my Penis and its itchy could that be herps? on other STD?

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Chickenpox :: Watery Bubbles Look Like Pimples

My chicken pox the watery bubbles became to look like pimples on the 3rd day! is this normal? when will the pimple lookalike bubbles totally disappear?

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Dermatology :: Pimples On Vagina - Herpes?

I first noticed a small hard bump on vagina like near the clit when i was younger (maybe 11-12) i have never had any sexual contact before. Sometime later i got another one and i scratched and it caused a bump like rash that was really itchy all over my vagina. It's been awhile since i've got them again but lately it has started up again. I have started to worry about it being herpes because i have become sexually active. They are single bumps (do not show up in clusters) that may be itchy or tender if i touch them but they have not formed blisters. I have gotten them about 4 times now in the past couple of months. Also i have started to get sores spots on the inside of my mouth

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Herpes :: Difference Between Pimples And Warts

I am a 25 year old sexually active male. Yesterday i noticed small white bumps around my penis head. they looked like small pimples. they do not itch are not dry and are not painful.

the white bumps where less visible today after a shower. harder to find unless i look hard under good light

My questions are:

1: does this mean i have hpv ?

2: are these pimples or warts and how can i tell the difference ?

3: if these white bumps are gone after 3 days does this mean i am not infected ?

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Herpes? Small Little Pimples (yellowish Pus) Around Vagina

About a week ago i started having pain i thought it was just from having too much sex (being to dry) but when i looked in a mirror i had small places around my vagina it looks like small little pimples i squeezed one and it is a hard yellowish pus almost like a pimple an after it came out it was a small hole left and it is still sore all the research i have done says that the drainage from herpes is clear i do shave all areas of my vagina and had sex right after. someone please give me some input and let me know if you think this could be herpes or what it could be

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Allergy :: Red Pimples On My Penis (due To Masturbation)

I'm having some red dot of pimples on my penis that lasts for months which will replaced by new ones for all the year I go for doctor he made all the tests but seems nothing wrong. And honestly I never had sex . I hope its all due to my musterbation.

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Orgasm :: Watery Thing Came Out From His Penis After Ejaculation?

So recently, my boyfriend and i making out. its not really a sexual intercourse. it's just some sort of making out. after he "fingered" me, he place his penis around my vagina, as in the entrance of the vagina. and he claimed that there's a watery thing that came out of his penis, but did not go into my vagina. so, could i still get pregnant? and by the way, what's that watery thing that came out of his penis? is it still a sperm?

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Penis :: Dots That Resemble Pimples, Also On Scrotum

There have been dots that resemble pimples on my penis showing up. Even though when popped either blood or minor amounts of pus surface. What should I do? These small dots also cover part of my scrotum. Same question applies of what I should do?

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Small White Pimples On Penis Base And Shaft Like Huge Hair Follicles

August first I had sex with a random girl,but I used a condom. During the intercourse the condom broke,it didn't take me more then 15-20 seconds the most to realise it and I stopped right there.  A week or two later I shaved,but it was my first time using a buzzer,usually I trim it with scissors.  Id say 2-3 weeks after the shaving(40 days after the sexual intercourse) I saw that small little white bubbles in a ring shape had occurred at the base of my pennis,and in a straight up line on the left side of the pennis.  they're not painfull at all, they would get a little itchy when pressure is put on them like the laptop,the belt or skinny pants. Its almost new years eve now, I popped most of them out,and they seem to crust and disappear after I pop them,some disappeared itself but new ones keep coming out,especially after my second shave with a buzzer again. When I look at them, they're like huge hair follicles that just pop out ,and hair comes out of almost all of em. They've reduced in numbers but never disappeared. I don't remember me getting sick after the sexual intercourse,don't remember any fevers or stomach pain,except for 2-3 days ago,i had a slight stomach pain but probably it was cuz of too much drinking,now its gone. it still feels ticklish a little bit down there.what could it be guys?any ideas? please tell me its not herpes....

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Herpes :: HSV 1 Cause Break Out On The Penis Or Around The Penis?

Can HSV 1 cause break out on the penis or around the penis?

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Herpes :: Get Redness On Tip Of My Penis

I got tested for std over a year ago when i had similar concerns. I worry i have herpes. At times i get red patches on my foreskin. Skin looks irritated. I have a photo i wish i could attach. I also get redness on tip of my penis and sometimes it gets a bit sore and stings through the night but very rarely hurts when peeing

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Herpes :: Penis In Between Breast?

I have visited a massage center for body to body massage and during the process, the lady started massaging my naked penis in between her breast for 10-15 mins and it was kind of rough. I have noticed a skin lesions near her breast. What are the chances for HSV getting transmitted this way?

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Herpes And STDs With Licking On Penis ?

This stripper licked my penis briefly a couple of times, from the bottom to the top. She did not put my penis into her mouth and she did not suck me. Total exposure was probably 5-10 seconds.

After this occurred i told her to stop, left the room and masturbated without washing my penis first.

I could not see an active cold sore, but it was dark.

I had a type specific IGG blood test about 2 years ago and i was negative for both HSV1 and HSV2 at that time.

I am currently 7 days post exposure and i have had no symptoms other than the post-exposure regret amplifying normal skin sensations.

1. How much of a concern is this exposure for HSV?

2. I know that the virus needs to be 'massaged' in, but i am concerned with the act of masturbation afterwards this may have been a possibility.

3. I know that a primary outbreak can take up to 14 days, but is more common in 2-5 days. Would you say that this exposure, coupled with 7 days and no outbreak mean that i am likely home free?

4. Can I engage in regular sexual relations with my wife?

5. Am i at risk for any other STD's?

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Herpes :: Unprotected Oral - Tingling Of Penis

I am a man and have been married and monogamous for many years but 8 days ago I foolishly engaged in receiving oral by two men and giving oral to one of them in a men only group sex meeting. I saw no visible signs of anything on their penises.  About two days after the encounter I had on and off tingling of the inside of my penis. After eight days I still have what is more like a burning and pain in my urethra and an occasional mild itching at the tip of the penis and some slight pain upon movement in my testicles.  I have no pain while urinating and my urine is clear. I have no visible spots or lesions anywhere. I am constantly worried about herpes and at a loss of what to think or do. Thank you for your advise.  

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Herpes :: Pinching Pain At Tip Of Penis (massage And Oral Sex)

About 9 weeks ago I went to a massage parlour and received oral sex.

Maybe about 1 minute without a condom. She then put the condom on and started. I showered and went home. 2 days later I woke up to painful pinching Feelings in my penis. The head of my penis looked bright red and kind of flakey. No visible sores. I had the usual std tests about a week later. All negative. The pinching lasted for about 5-6 weeks. I went for another round of std tests. All negative.  My doctor gave me an anti fungal creams but it just seemed to irritate it..I ended up taking fluconazole antifungal pill. Maybe it helped? I've been going through extreme anxiety since this encounter.

I took the igg herpes blood test at 8 weeks. Negative. Going to my doctor tomorrow to see the numbers.  

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Herpes , Prostatitis Or Fungal Infection? Tingly Penis

im a 25 year old male and for nearly a year now I've had itchy tingly genitals ranging from the tip of my penis, foreskin, penis shaft, scrotum, perineum, anus, down my urethra and deep inside my anus. I've been treated for fungal infection which didn't do anything and now my doctor is treating me for prostration. vie checked the symptoms of this condition on the internet and itchy tingly genitals isn't a listed symptom. my symptoms seem to match those of genital herpes - only thing is I've never had any kind of rash at all! these symptoms first started when i had a cold sore on my nose and think i may have somehow spread it to my genitals. am i just being very paranoid? I've been on sites which says that herpes doesn't always produce outward signs - should i be asking my doctor to treat me for herpes instead?

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Genital Herpes :: White Dots On The Shaft Of My Penis

So about a month ago I noticed these white dots that appears on the shaft of my penis that were flush with the skin (not bumps). About a week ago, I noticed that they have risen and turned into a cluster of little bumps and I'm afraid of it being herpes or maybe some other STI. I am very sexually active but with only one partner and I know that I am her only partner too. We use condoms about 80% of the time (she is also on the pill but can never be too safe). I would like to think of us two as very clean and hygienic people which is why I'm confused about what these small bumps are. They have given me no pain at all, in fact, I forget they're even there until I look at them.

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Herpes :: Sore On Lips / Penis - Cheating Husband?

My husband has a cold sore on his lip and now on private he says he thinks he touched his lip and then went to the bathroom and didn't wash hands.is it possible to give himself herpes on private.weve been married for 25 yrs and I don't know if I should think he cheated. This is his second outbreak on lip within 6 month period.

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Tingling And Constant Itching, Ball Ache, Sore Penis

My partner has been diagnosed with HSV2 in the genitals. He has never had an external break out with sores but ever since he has been diagnosed 7 weeks ago he has constant itching around is anus and all down the insides of the inner legs (especially where the underwear line is), ball aches (just one ball at a time), tingling pains like shards of glass under his skin all throughout his anus, balls, penis and inner thighs. Some days are better than others and he can get thru the day. Other days he can't even bear to sit or walk. Its gotten so bad now he cant even touch his penis! some days the inside of his penis burns and it feels like there is still urin left inside. other days his ball aches so bad that a stabbing pain goes up into his stomach, it is debilitating he cant even concentrate at work. a minute can't pass without something hurting.

He has tried  a full course of valtrex for 10 days and nothing helped. he tried no meds and it seemed to get a bit worse. he tried a double dose of valtrex for a week and no change.

He is so depressed and worried about it because nothing changes and he hurts badly every day. he has changed as a person and i am reaching out for any leads or help. I have suggested to him to be in valtrex for a much longer term period but he doesn't think it will help as he felt nothing before when he was on a double dose...

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Developed Lactose Intolerance

Has anyone developed lactose intolerance while pregnant? And did your baby have it after being born? My husband has always been lactose intolerant and just recently I've become the same way and wondered if it was actually the baby's way of making me avoid it..

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Frozen Shoulder :: Anyone Developed Migraines?

Ok, has anyone developed migraines with FS?  After my cortisone shot fiasco a few weeks ago, I have been having awful headaches. I have never  had migraines before, and had one yesterday.  Called the doc and she wanted me to go to ER, but I frankly could not drive and no one was home. Finally just fell asleep (somehow). I feel so off today. Will call doc in a bit, but wow, really do we need to add more to FS? At least it took the focus off the pain in my shoulder and arm! LOL

I have never had a headache that bad in my life.  Maybe it was something from the Kelalog 40 they injected in my joint, I did have an allergic reaction to the iodine or something and ended up in ER same day as the injection a few weeks ago. Is this a normal thing the, the nasty headaches.. that rest of you have experienced?

Mind you, I have no curve in my neck right now (doc said due to the severe pain I am in) and the headache  yesterday was from my shoulder, up my neck to the back of my head. 

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